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Celebrate with this Steal of a Deal! School’s in Session Box Set


Review by Rayanna Jamison 3dboxset

The kids are back in school! The kids are back in school! This is something mothers all over the world look forward to each year, and Blushing Books realizing that this indeed called for a celebration has released the smoking hot box set School’s in Session  to help us celebrate.

Picture this- The school bus pulls away from the curb, you close the door behind them, and…..silence! The house is empty for the first time in months! What will you do with yourself? Pour the coffee, get out the chocolate stash, and curl up with this smoking hot anthology from some of your favorite authors. The housework can wait!

Of course, my kids have been in school for almost a month, and I got the pleasure of being among the first to read these books before their release. So, I have the scoop you’re all waiting for! Pull up a seat on the couch, pour a glass of wine, and let me give you the down-low on five amazing books from authors Celeste Jones, Dinah McLeod, Maggie Ryan, Kate Richards, and Renee Rose. (I know, I know, what a combo, right?)

lawnew500x755First up, we have Laying Down The Law by Celeste Jones.

Laying Down the Law is the story of Ali Stewart, a forty-five year old brand new divorcee who has gone back to the same law school she left when her twins were born twelve weeks early preventing her from taking the final on the last day of class, leaving her just one requirement shy of being able to take the bar exam. Her ex-husband Dirk, is also a lawyer, she had spent her life playing the dutiful wife while he went through law school, and she took care of the home and children, always telling herself that someday, she would go back and finish that last requirement. Twenty years later, someday has finally come. Times have changed, and Ali feels lost and out of place in a school full of people twenty years her junior.

At Twenty- two, Griff has a bit more life experience behind him than he does time in a classroom. His college career had been postponed years ago by a motorcycle accident. He is intrigued by Ali, and enjoys teaching her a few things, both in and out of the bedroom.

This was a great short story. It fit the theme without being too predictable, and the May/December romance was something you don’t see a lot in spanking fiction. Ali was a very sympathetic character, and even though I didn’t have a lot in common with her, I could still find her relatable. Griff was, incorrigible. Cute, and sweet, and very in tune with Ali’s needs he still came across as young in attitude. He enjoyed being playful just as much as he enjoyed being the dominant. There was lots of good and believable conflicts both in and out of the courtroom, and the sex scenes were hot without being too over the top. My only complaint would be that there was a scene involving the ex-husband where I went right to the brink of my comfort zone, but isn’t that the mark of a good writer? If they can bring you through a whole gamut of emotions? Celeste Jones is an experienced writer who is excellent at her craft, and that’s all I am going to say about that.

I’m told that if I am going in order of appearance in the box set- the next book up would be

Detention with Professor Black By Dinah professorblack500x755McLeod.

As you might know, I’m a big Dinah fan, and this story was everything I hoped for. She drew me in right from the very beginning with these characters.

Joshua Black has always known he was a dominant, but he’s never found a girlfriend who was okay with it. He’s content to stay in his hometown, eventually becoming principal at their elementary school, and he occasionally goes to out of town spanking parties.

Michelle Johnson is coming off what is hands down the worst year of her entire life. After beating cancer, she loses her job and her boyfriend, and finds herself without a place to live. She is left with no other choice than to go back to her hometown and stay with her estranged father, whom she holds responsible for her mother’s death.

Soon after arriving home, she is hired for the one job she really didn’t want-kindergarten teacher- even after she completely blew the interview.

With all her issues, the job is an ill fit for her, and she probably should have been fired in the first week- but, sensing a kindred spirit, or maybe just hoping for one- Joshua offers her another option. And Michelle finds herself getting the one thing she never knew she always wanted.

I loved this story- from start to finish, I adored the main characters, and the heroine Michelle, was a classic contender for someone needing a spanking relationship. Joshua is one of my all-time favorite names for starters, and without giving too much away, Michelle and Joshua did know each other prior to her working at the school. I live for happy endings like that. Another winner from Dinah McLeod, for sure!

marguerite500x755Then we have Educating Marguerite by Kate Richards

Marguerite Stokes has just finished her education at an exclusive finishing school. After being raised in high society fashion for many years, she is forced to join her father in Virginia City, Nevada. She is none too happy about it, and she makes it abundantly clear every chance she gets. For reasons I can’t quite understand, her father also intends to send her to a finishing school out there, a fact she is none too happy about. When she behaves uncontrollably at school, and earns herself a punishment carried out by stern schoolmaster William Melton, who is the son of a deceased colleague of her father- her father gives up and ends up arranging a marriage between her and Mr. Melton. Having to give up her high society ways and live at the school is almost more than she can handle, and she is forced to choose between braving the Wild West on her own, or submitting to Mr. Melton’s firm hand.

For her first historical, the author did a good job capturing the details of the era and clothing. The heroine was a little hard to like as she was hell bound determined to cling to her snotty ways, but there were a few places throughout the book where she made me smile. One in particular was a scene on a train on the way to Nevada-where she witnessed a man spanking his wife- not to give anything away, but it was a cute scene. To be honest, other than that, this one fell a little short for me. It could be that I’m not a huge fan of historical, or it could be that this was Mrs. Richards first ever historical. I think the potential was there, but it was too short for its story line, and there seemed to be a few questions that were never truly answered. A few thousand extra words would have helped clear up a few things. But, this book was great in that it was the only historical in the set, which made it a nice change to break things up a bit.

The fourth book in the set is  Three Dark Hours by Maggie Carpenterthreedarkhours500x755

This story focuses around Isobel Parker, a young woman who has always wanted to be a writer but never believed that she had the talent to do so. So, instead of going after her dreams, she gets a job at a publishing company and enrolls in an after-hours creative writing class.

Walking into the class, she comes face to face with a real life version of her perfect book hero. This man looks exactly like every hero Isobel has ever written. Mr. Doyle, the teacher, who fancies himself a dominant gives her the chance to live her biggest fantasy out and spanks her. Problem is, the guys kind of a creep, and Isobel following her gut tunes into that right away. When he gives the assignment to write a short story with the title Three Dark Hours, Isobel toys with the idea that a title like that would be perfect for the kind of hot BDSM erotica she enjoys reading and writing.

Meanwhile at work, Isobel’s boss, gives her some reading material to look over for him, and asks for her opinion. He really wants their company to branch into a line that publishes erotica, but he doesn’t really have the support of the higher ups.

After reading a sample chapter of an erotic book, Isobel is inspired to write a short story in response to what she read. She titles it Three Dark Hours and turns it in, but, after a conversation with her boss, Brad Sanders, she also gives it to him to read, claiming that it was written by a friend.

He loves it, and what happens from there on out is nothing short of a dream come true for Isobel.

This was actually my first Maggie Carpenter book, and after the first two chapters, I wasn’t hooked. I had a bit of trouble seeing where it was going and discerning what was really happening, and what was happening in the story the mc was writing. However, By Chapter Three, Bradley is introduced, and the plot becomes a bit clearer- and I was hooked! I ended up very glad I stuck around to see what would happen, and very glad the hero in this book wasn’t who I initially thought it would be. I loved Isobel and Bradley both, and I loved to hate Mr. Doyle. I’m a big ol sucker when it comes to happy endings, and this didn’t disappoint in that department!

Last, but, not least, The Professors Girl by Renee Rose

professorsgirl1By day, graduate student Lucy Larson is all business. Working as a lab assistant while she writes her thesis, she is known to her colleagues as “The Sexy Scientist.” Needing a break, she joins a friend at a spanking party, and then spends the night hiding out after running into Dr. Todd Daniels, who is her professor, thesis advisor, and boss. They miss their chance at the party, and Lucy later regrets being a coward. Now she can’t stop thinking about being spanked by her hot professor and she vows to make it happen. She sets out on a mission full of hilarious antics, but Dr. Todd is determined to ignore her, until she accidentally ruins his research experiment.

Her punishment caning is the beginning of a hot and secret love affair, and this book is classic Renee. Lucy was a total riot, all buttoned up and proper with this secret naughty streak. When she finally lets loose, boy, does she let loose. Dr. Todd is the professor everyone wants to fantasize about, and I could not have dreamed up a better professor/student spanking romance than this one. He goes head to head with Lucy, and gets her tit for tat, and is there for her when it matters. Their care and admiration for each other is evident is all areas, even with some major differences and obstacles to overcome. The happy ending has an unexpected twist that made me shriek in happiness- Have I mentioned how much I love Happy Endings? And I can’t review this book without mentioning the butt plug scene- I mean it is a Renee Rose book, so you know it’s coming. It was a really good one. That’s all I’m going to say. It would be hard to pick a favorite Renee book, but this is definitely a contender.

Each of these books are priced at 3.99 each, but you can get the whole set for just $9.99. It’s a steal folks, A STEAL! You’re going to want to grab this up immediately. I highly recommend each of these books.

Buy now on Amazon:

School’s in Session Box Set $9.99 (50% individual titles)

Wanting it All by Livia Grant – a Courageous and gripping debut novel


Wanting It All cover 500x755Review by Cara Bristol

Brianna Lambert’s husband Markus is gentle, loving and is crazy about her–and she loves him. Yet she can’t stop herself from cheating on him with her abusive pseudo Dom ex-boyfriend. When Markus find out, he is so hurt and angered that he drops her off at The Punishment Pit—a BDSM club where Doms take their wayward subs to be punished by the master of all Masters. There, Brianna is a given the choice to either sign divorce papers or submit to severe, humiliating punishments. Desperate to save her marriage, Brianna chooses the latter. Markus’s friend Lukas proceeds to put her through the paces in an attempt to break her down and get her to sign the papers. In the process, Lukas learns why Brianna cheated, and he begins to have sympathy for her. But will the information be enough to convince Markus to give her another chance?

I was blown away by this debut novel by author Livia Grant. First, it is very well written and the story was so gripping it wouldn’t let me go until I finished it. I lost sleep over this book. Second, Livia Grant did something that many other authors don’t do—she took risks by tackling a taboo head on. No, not BDSM. Infidelity. I read a lot of domestic discipline novels and a fair amount of BDSM and when punishment occurs it is usually for something insignificant—the hero tells the heroine to stay put—she disobeys. She does something a little reckless that he feels isn’t safe, or she talks back. I wondered why no one wrote a story in which the heroine did something truly bad, something that was unquestionably wrong.

Brianna Lambert does that when she cheats her husband. And Markus does that when, knowing of the physical abuse in her past, he washes his hands of her and abandons her to be caned, whipped and God- only-knows-what else until she signs divorce papers. Yet the reader has sympathy for both of them. The emotions are raw, honest, and real.

This is not a typical erotic romance (I would call it erotica, but even then it’s not typical). For a good part of the book, “hero” Markus isn’t even in the picture—the story shifts to his friend Lukas who administers the punishments. And then it shifts again to Tiffany, Brianna’s BFF, who goes in search of Brianna when she turns up missing.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a gritty, edgy novel that lays it on line. For BDSM and spanking fiction fans, Wanting it All is must read.

  Buy now on Amazon

Call Me Yours by @MsCaseyMcKay – Character-driven #spanky romantic fiction


Review by Etta Stark

Casey McKay has a knack for coming up with great characters. She writes believable people that you would happily spend time with in the real world. Especially her heroes who manage to combine charm with gleeful dominance and a preponderance to spank. Leo from Emmaline’s Groom, Wesley from Loving Lena, Trevor from Cursed Waters… all just lovely. You know if I had to arrange some kind of sexy foursome with a bunch of fictional characters, those boys would be top of my list. I may have to go away and consider that sexy foursome scenario for a moment or two. Be right back.

So it was a bit of surprise therefore to find that in Casey’s fabulous new book, Call Me Yours, for a while I really didn’t think I was going to like the hero, Simon Westin at all. I mean sure he is kind and good-looking and liable to bring up spanking in his first proper conversation with a girl – something I applaud wholeheartedly – but boy, ‘sensible Simon’ has some serious bossiness issues.

The books heroine Caitlin – a former spoilt rich kid – needs to make her own way in the world now that she no longer has Daddy’s money to support her and takes a job as a phone sex operator. (When it’s first mentioned as an idea by her friend she asks exactly what I was thinking: “Do people even do that anymore?”)

Simon isn’t having any of it though and immediately lays down the law. “I said no,” he tells her simply. “You aren’t doing that.”

Hold on just a minute there. I mean, sure, I get that maybe most guys wouldn’t be thrilled to have their girlfriends work in the sex business but at this stage in the story, Caitlin and Simon have been dating for less than 24 hours. What gives, Simon? You give a girl oral sex one time and now you think you get to dictate how she lives her life? Well, that’s not how things work in the real world, matey.

And you know what? I needn’t have worried. That’s not how it works in the real world and that’s not how it works here either. Like I said, Casey McKay writes great, believable characters.

Simon may not be happy about it but he learns to accept has to accept Caitlin’s decision. They negotiate, they make compromises and they deal with stuff. Just like real people.

And happily, when Simon gets to lay down the law about things he’s entitled to get shirty about (Caitlin almost accidentally burning the house down or getting wasted and trying to drive home for example), he’s as sexy as hell doing it.

So it turns out that I really like Simon after all. Phew. Simon can join in my fictional character orgy too if he likes.

Call Me Yours is a delightfully straightforward, engaging story about a girl getting it together with (literally) the boy-next-door. Their relationship is just adorable. Caitlin and Simon are just so perfect for one another. She needs some stability and order in her life. He needs a bit of chaotic fun.

They meet for the first time when Simon rescues a far too drunk Caitlin from the unwanted sexual advances of a fellow partygoer. He takes her back to his house where she can sleep it off. Caitlin

then spends the next three months avoiding the guy who washed puke out of her hair and threatened her with a spanking if she didn’t behave herself in future.

Caitlin really shouldn’t have avoided her cute, but dominating, neighbour for quite so long. She was missing out on lots of sexy sex and some pretty inventive punishments. Happily, once they get together, the pair seemed determined to make up for lost time.

This is an utterly charming and sweetly funny story about a couple of people coming together and getting to know one another better – often through sex and discipline. Casey has proven once again that in the world of character-driven spanky romantic fiction, she’s a tough act to beat.

Buy now on Amazon

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Natasha Knight’s Given to the Savage or His to Breed will leave you breathless

Natasha Knight’s Given to the Savage or His to Breed will leave you breathless



Review by Adaline Raine

At the time of this post, Given to the Savage by Natasha Knight is sitting at number one in the Sci-Fi category for Erotica. It is easy to see why with 12 five star ratings at Amazon in less than two weeks.

This book is not the warm and fuzzy you are used to and it is not a sweet romance, it is so much more. It is real, and it is gripping, and you will not be able to put it down.

I have to start out by saying I never give Breeder books a chance. Ever. The snippets I’ve read in the past from other authors seemed harsh and cold and the women showed little to no emotion but when Natasha Knight shared her excerpt during the Sci Spanks hop something strange happened.  I HAD to know about Rowan. Why was she being punished so harshly? How could she stand to be publically humiliated? What made her tick? Who was this girl? Along with many other questions and a surprising, “Hey I have to read this…”

In the world that has been set up Rowan is one of the few women who are able to make babies to carry on existence but is treated worse than a slave. Her only responsibility once she comes of age is to get pregnant and deliver more breeders. Don’t think on the heart wrenching trauma of having your baby ripped out of your arms in eight weeks because breeders don’t have feelings. They are not real. They don’t have emotions. At least that is what the other inhabitants are taught.

Enter Silas. Gruff. Mean. HUGE.  He also shows a little bit of a sweet side but shhhh! You have to scratch that top layer of grime off the top to see the polish below.  I admit I played the, do I like you this chapter game with him but he won me over. Yes, he confused Rowan for most of the book but we find out it’s because he is very conflicted about his sense of duty to protect his village versus his need to protect Rowan as his. Once you start to see his motivations you side with him even more unless you can’t get past his exterior and a few harsh punishments. One of my favorite scenes  is in the very beginning when you see him wrestling in his mind with how Rowan is being examined and treated with the stories and information he has been told about breeders. This is the start of it all. He locks his eyes on hers and knows there is more to her.

I also enjoyed waterfall scene because it showed an emotion that neither character seemed to have experienced before…playfulness. It absolutely warmed my conflicted heart especially after all of the cold treatments Rowan already endured early on.

Rowan is an incredible character and I don’t have enough words to explain her depth. I love the descriptions of her physical self including her eyes as well as her resolve. She has a sense to do the right thing even if it places her life in danger or goes against an order. She constantly tests Silas but in a more curious type of fashion as she has never had positive attention except for very early in her life. I draw this only from the brief descriptions of the time with her mother and special moments with her friends (other breeders) Her sense of values, morals, the way she plans, paired with her vast knowledge of herbs and such make her very well rounded even with the unfortunate situations she gets caught in.

I wish to see her again as I truly felt like I was with her every step of the way, letting her know things would be okay, and she would get through it. The environment is drawn perfectly for you and draws you in so you can’t help but feel everything going on. This is the good (eating fruit, intimacy, sexual moments, ect) as well as the bad (punishments, exams, and so on)

If you have ever considered reading about a world where breeders are the norm but have been turned off in the past this is the book for you. Natasha paints a view through Rowan’s eyes that captures you all the way until the very end. I also loved the HEA that balances out the terrible struggles and challenges both Rowan and Silas endured. (Amazon pulled that line to advertise so it must be true!)

I hope we see a similar theme very soon from Ms. Knight because she can absolutely portray darkness with a beautiful flair and a happy ending. Brilliant and highly recommended.

Buy now at: Amazon; Blushing Books; Barnes and Noble; Amazon UK










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