The Rancher’s Little Girl by Emily Tilton


Review by Meredith O’Reilly

When Victoria gets herself in to the bind, she is lead by her friend to big, strong, dominant Ross. Ross recognizes that Victoria needs guidances, a firm bare bottom spankings, and lots of cuddles. With trouble following her, Valerie is forced to submit to Ross and soon realizes that despite the occasional bottom or blushed cheeks, she has found the one for her.

This story was a combination of hot scenes and scenes that made me go “awww” rolled up in to one. I enjoyed watching Victoria accept Ross’ rules and finally submitting fully to his care. This was a great story and I can’t wait to see what Emily has in store for us next.

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Her Hollywood Daddy by Renee Rose – Impressive Ageplay


Review by Meredith O’Reilly

When Marissa Sparks’ career is a breath away from being destroyed by her mother and sister, Joel Sutherland one of her co-star’s comes to her rescues. With a firm hand and loving guidance, Marissa blossoms in his care and takes control of her life.

This was Ms. Rose first time at writing an age play story and I have to say, I was impressed. The story flowed so well, that I read the book in one sitting! Her characters just sucked me in to the story. I loved the rules that Joel sets down for Marissa and how he guided her towards the right decisions. He is fair, but strict when needed. As a reader, I could absolutely feel the love that he had towards Marissa.

I really liked the character of Marissa as well because she was such a fun loving character. She made many mistakes in the past, but she was able to own up to them and with the help of Joel, she is able to take better control of her life.

I cannot wait to read the next book that Ms. Rose writes next!

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FREE Spanking Book from Renee Rose for 5 days only!


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It started with a little lie. Just one.

Her alpha wolf, Ben, had had her wrists pinned over her head as he drove forcefully into her and he said something like, “Your body belongs to me, doesn’t it?”

She had moaned, “Yes, sir,” her eyes rolling back in her head with pleasure at being taken roughly.

“I’m going to come inside you today, Ash,” he’d said.

“Yes, sir.”

It hadn’t mattered. She was on the pill—which he knew—but Ben Stone was a dom through and through and understood she liked to feel as though she had no choice. She had come with a scream, arching and shuddering beneath him and after he’d found his release, he laid down beside her, stroking a hand over her hip.

“I think we should make pups,” he’d said, his breath warm against her ear. “Don’t you?”

“Yes,” she’d breathed. She would’ve said yes to anything he’d said at that moment. Post-coital murmurings probably shouldn’t be counted as declarations of intent. And she hadn’t realized he meant soon, as in let’s start now. They weren’t even married yet. Not that human contracts meant much to him. As far as her shifter was concerned, he’d marked her and she was his. Forever.

The discussion about babies had been five months ago.

“I can’t figure out how to talk to him about it,” she confessed to her twin sister, Melissa, on the phone in her office. She lowered her voice because even though a couple walls separated her glass-windowed high-rise corporate office from Ben’s, she never knew what he could hear with his superhuman senses.

“Just tell him! This is getting stupid, Ash. If he thinks you guys are trying to get pregnant, and you’re still taking the pill, it’s dishonest. Is that the kind of marriage you want to have?”

“No,” she said, resting her chin in her hand. “But he’s going to be mad.”

“Mad that you’re not ready to have kids?”

“No…well, I don’t know about that. Disappointed, probably. But definitely mad about the fact that I’m taking the pill.” Her stomach knotted up thinking about it. There was no way out of the situation that she could see. If she talked to Ben, she risked his disappointment, or worse—anger. And he probably would decide she deserved punishment for her deceit. But she wasn’t ready to have children. She was only twenty-five and Ben, the multi-millionaire CEO of Stone Technologies, had just given her a job as his personal assistant, which came with intoxicating power and excitement. So going off the pill was out of the question. She’d been around and around this circle of thoughts for the past five months without arriving at a solution.

“Ashley,” Melissa said, affecting a stern tone. “You’re being a coward.”

She slumped in her chair. “I know.”

“Go tell him right now.”

Her insides twisted. “I can’t.”

“Now, Ashley. I’m serious. This is just stupid.”

She exhaled. “Okay. You’re right.” She stood up. “I’m going.”

“It will be fine.”

“I don’t think so.”

“It will be. Call me and let me know how it goes.”

“Okay-bye,” she said all in one breath. She put the phone down and walked toward the door before she could chicken out.

The top floor of the building was busy, with upper level management holding meetings in their offices or talking on their phones. When she’d first come to this floor to interview, it had been dead silent, with just Ben and his secretary, Karen, occupying the space. He had kicked everyone else off the floor, preferring solitude in his grief over his brother’s death.

She walked past Karen’s desk. “Is he busy?” she asked.

“He’s alone.”

She tapped on the door and swung it open.

“Miss Bell,” he said coolly, using the stern employer tone that made her panties wet. The green eyes that turned gold in wolf form surveyed her critically.

She walked in and shut the door. “Mr. Stone.”

He leaned back in his chair, shoving his laptop back on his desk. His dark hair fell across his forehead, and he looked every bit the powerful Latin American millionaire, both in demeanor and stature. “You’re late.”

“I am?”

“Yes. I got hard for you an hour ago. Lock the door.”

Her belly fluttered. She turned the lock on the handle. “I, um, wanted to talk to you about something.”

He gave his head one decisive shake and she shut her mouth. “Not now.” He pointed at the floor at his feet. “Come over here.”

Her nipples hardened in anticipation of whatever game he had in mind. But she needed to talk to him now, before she lost her nerve. “Ben?”

He arched a brow as if to ask whether she dared defy him.

She licked her lips and walked forward to the place he’d indicated.

“On your hands and knees. Facing away from me.”

Okay…maybe she would tell him later. She lowered into position, her fitted work skirt and blouse making the stance seem all the more degrading.

Ben lifted the hem of her skirt, pulling it up to her waist.

She shivered.

He pulled her panties down to mid-thigh.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Quiet,” he snapped, delivering a loud smack to the back of her right thigh. He knew she hated when he made noise like that, the idea of Karen or anyone else hearing their exploits too humiliating to contemplate. Everyone already assumed she’d slept her way to the top, and she’d be fighting that perception for years. “Do not speak unless you’re spoken to.”

Her pussy clenched. Yes, sir rose to her lips and she bit it back. She imagined what it would look like if someone walked in, and reminded herself she had locked the door. But what if she hadn’t turned the knob the entire way? Or what if someone tried it and found it locked—they would know instantly what had been going on. Not that everyone didn’t whisper about her anyway. That was part of why she didn’t want to start a family yet. She had to prove herself here—prove she was more than Ben’s eye candy, that she had a brain and could make good decisions.

But she lost all thought of anything work-related when the bulbous tip of something hard and plastic pushed against her sopping entrance. She jerked in surprise, then stilled, panting as Ben parted her inner lips with the toy and thrust it forward. He pushed it in, stretching her wide, then pulling it back out.

She gasped at the loss of sensation.

He repeated the action, fucking her with the toy.

She craned her neck to see over her shoulder, winning another sharp slap.

“Eyes on the floor.”

“Yes, s—” Damn. She’d failed again.

He made a tsking sound. “Disobedience will always be punished, Ashley. You know that.”

She whimpered.

He ran a warm hand over her bottom. “Tonight I’ll give you a bare-bottomed spanking to teach you to mind,” he said, relieving her fear that he would do it then and there, where others would hear. He rubbed the smooth plastic tip of the toy around the seam of her entrance, then thrust it inside her. It disappeared, small enough to fit in her greedy channel.

She heard the flick of a button and then her insides began to vibrate. She wobbled, her knees no longer holding her up, and she dropped her bottom toward her heels.

Ben’s hand caught her ass before it reached its destination, sending her flying back into position with a yelp.

“Oh God,” she moaned, forgetting again not to speak.


“I know,” she moaned. “I’m sorry.”

He chuckled. “You will be.”

She shifted from one knee to the other, essentially wagging her tail in a growing desperation. The vibrator was too much—sensations overwhelming her and sending her over the edge, ready to orgasm at a moment’s notice.

“Please, sir?” she whimpered.

“Put your chest and head down on the floor,” he ordered.

She hesitated, the position so degrading she thought she ought to protest.


She dropped into the described position before he reached two.



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The Alpha’s Punishment

FREE for 5 days only

It started with a small deception… Now, five long months later, Ashley’s alpha shifter fiancé still thinks they’ve been trying to conceive a baby when she’s secretly been taking the pill the whole time. When he finds out, there’s going to be hell to pay, and that means a thorough, humiliating punishment and a bottom which will soon be sore both inside and out.

The characters from Renee Rose’s hot new erotic romance The Alpha’s Hunger return in a short story full of sex, spankings, and hard, dominant lovemaking.

Publisher’s Note: The Alpha’s Punishment contains spankings, figging, sexual scenes, anal play and punishment, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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June Challenge: Spanking A to Z #SpankA2Z


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Spanking A to Z Blog Challenge

Spanking Romance Reviews is thrilled to once again sponsor the June Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge, brought to you by Celeste Jones.  Here’s the scoop:

What is the Spanking From A to Z Blog Challenge?

The Spanking from A to Z Blog Challenge is a group event for any spanking blogger who would like to participate. The challenge is to blog for 26 days in June, 2015 using a different letter of the alphabet as a theme for your blog posts.

Can you explain that a bit more?

Sure. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a day of the month. On June 1, your blog should have A as the theme. B on June 2 etc.

Does each post have to be about spanking?

No! This is an opportunity to share all sorts of things. Got a great recipe for Apple Pie? You could post it on June 1 with A or on the 16th for P or the 4th (D is for dessert) or 25th (Y for Yummy). Use your imagination!

Do I have to post every day?

It’s not required to participate, but it is encouraged. We are more interested in participation than in making a bunch of rules.

There are 30 days in June and only 26 letters in the alphabet.

Excellent point. One option would be to post June 1-26. Another option would be to take the 4 Saturdays in June off from the alphabet challenge, thus leaving 26 days for blogging. If you do that, then instead of blogging the letter that corresponds to the day of the month, just continue on from where you left off.

Can I still participate in Saturday Spankings or other weekly events?

Sure. You can either skip Saturdays (see the question right above this) or incorporate the letter for the day into your post. For example, the letter for Saturday June 7 would be G. Just think of the possibilities—giggle, gasp, grab, grip, goose, girl. Get the idea? If you want to participate in another weekly event or you have a weekly event on your blog, please don’t let that keep you from participating in the alphabet challenge when you can or, incorporate it into the post.
For example—On June 13 Spanking Stories Book Club will be discussing Terran by Cara Bristol. M is the 13th letter of the alphabet…and coincidentally the hero of the book is named Marlix. Ta-da! Easy peasy.
This is meant to be a fun community event, not a homework assignment that gives you headaches.

Is this a blog hop? Do I have to offer a prize?

No, this is not a blog hop. It’s more of a community event and a way to challenge ourselves as bloggers to post more often and maybe a bit more creatively. (Not that there aren’t plenty of creative bloggers out there.)

Do I have to visit all the other blogs?

No. That would be quite a burden (we are hoping for big participation, after all). But, we do suggest that you take this opportunity to visit some blogs that you don’t usually visit. Maybe you could visit one new blog each day, though that is not a requirement.

Do I have to be a writer to participate?

No! This event is open to all spanking bloggers. There’re no criteria other than that you have a blog (or maybe this will inspire you to start one) and that you consider yourself to be a part of the spanking blogger community.

How do I sign up?

Spanking Romance Reviews is hosting this event. The linky list for signing up is below.

Other than using letters of the alphabet for the theme, are there any other requirements for my posts?

Yes, if possible please include either the linky list or a link to the list of participating blogs on Spanking Romance Reviews to encourage visitors to your blog to stop by other blogs. We’d also like you to include the logo in your posts and if possible post the logo on your blog with a link to the sign up at Spanking Romance Reviews.

Is there a deadline for signing up?

June 30th would probably be too late to participate.

I’m sort of new to blogging and I have some technical questions. Can someone help me?

If you use Blogger, please feel free to email Celeste Jones at celestejones215 at rocketmail.com Please write “Blogger question” or something similar in the subject line of your email.

To sign up, please:
1. Add your name to the linky list below
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4.  Use the hashtag #SpankA2Z

Her Hollywood Daddy by Renee Rose – #ageplay


Review by Meredith O’Reilly

When Marissa Sparks’ career is a breath away from being destroyed by her mother and sister, Joel Sutherland, one of her co-stars, comes to her rescue. With a firm hand and loving guidance, Marissa blossoms in his care and takes control of her life.

This was Ms. Rose’s first time at writing an ageplay story and I have to say, I was impressed. The story flowed so well, that I read the book in one sitting! Her characters just sucked me in to the story. I loved the rules that Joel sets down for Marissa and how he guided her towards the right decisions. He is fair, but strict when needed. As a reader, I could absolutely feel the love that he had towards Marissa.

I really liked the character of Marissa as well because she was such a fun loving character. She made many mistakes in the past, but she was able to own up to them and with the help of Joel, she is able to take better control of her life.

I cannot wait to read the next book that Ms. Rose writes!

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The Willful Miss Winchester by Celeste Jones


Review by Renee Rose

I love Celeste Jones’ stories for the humor and intelligence.  Her latest Victorian novella, The Willful Miss Winchester did not disappoint. The third book in her Lady Katherine series (easily read as a stand-alone), features the extremely headstrong Miss Charlotte Winchester, the sister of Lord Thomas Winchester.  Extremely independent and proud, she saved her own money to travel across the sea to visit her brother in London and chose to surprise him.  Unfortunately, her brother and Lady Katherine picked the same time to sail to America to visit her!

When Miss Winchester arrives, she finds Lord Lucas Tanner in residence at her brother’s townhouse and she looks so little like a lady, he attempts to turn her away like a beggar. She does manage to prove her relationship to Lord Winchester and he of course, must allow her to stay, but she exaggerates her bad behavior just to annoy the man, and you can imagine, some spankings and sparks fly.

This is a quick read, well-written and highly entertaining.  I read it all in one gulp, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Celeste’s mastery of wordplay is a delight.  You can get the flavor of it just from the blurb:


Rash, brash and low on cash. Miss Charlotte Winchester sailed across the Atlantic ready to partake of all London had to offer the favorite sister of Lord Thomas Winchester. What a shock for our impulsive adventurer when she arrives at her brother’s London townhouse to find he and his wife sailed for America weeks before.

Reclusive widower Lord Lucas Tanner wanted nothing more than to live in obscurity while continuing to mourn the loss of his wife and infant son. When his house burns to the ground, he accepts the invitation of his friend, Lord Thomas Winchester, to reside at his home while Thomas and Lady Katherine visit America. All goes well for him until Charlotte shows up on his door.

Cultures and passions clash when these two unlikely roommates are forced to share a home. Will they draw a chalk line through the center of the parlor, or will their acrimony turn to matrimony?

Like the blurb, there’s a light-hearted humor to the book. I loved passages like this:

Strangely, the thought of his mother, or anyone, criticizing the little heathen with whom he dined brought up a feeling of protectiveness.  Or maybe it was indigestion.

I loved Charlotte’s boldness and Lord Tanner (ha!) is quite a tanner, indeed.  The spankings are frequent and deserved but never over the top.  I recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical spanking romance.

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Immerse Yourself This Mother’s Day


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This Mother’s Day Immerse Yourself in a Steaming Hot Romance

May 8th -11th

Brought to you by:

Blushing Books Publications, Lazy Day Publishing, Bethany’s Woodshed,

Spanking Romance Reviews & The Saturday Spankings Blog!!


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To be entered for the Grand Prize Drawings, you must use Rafflecopter. You may enter everyday from now until the drawing closes, and every entry gives you a greater chance of winning the grand prizes.

Please follow the instructions given by each individual blogger/author to be eligible for their prize offering.


Each participating blogger/author needs to create a post based on mothers, females, relaxing, or romance.  This can include a short story, poem, graphics/artwork, or any other creative avenue that you specialize in. No explicit nudity or X-rated material, please.

If blogger/authors wish to be listed as an entry on Rafflecopter, they should send their FB Fan page link, Twitter name, and a tweet to Patty at askpookyanything@gmail.com.

(Due to size limitations in Rafflecopter, we may not be able to use all the tweets we receive).

Please Note: All participating authors/bloggers will be eligible for the smaller individual drawings

but will not be eligible to win grand prizes.

Each participating blogger/author must offer a small giveaway on their own blog(s). The prize will be solely up to the individual blogger. No participating blogger/authors will have to report or count their commenters, outside of their individual requirements for their own offered prize..

Listing Prize Winners: We will devote one thread in the SRR, SatSpanks bloghop (provide link to group) for individual prize winners in order for the hosts to maintain a complete list of winners. Please do not comment in this thread with anything (like questions) except the winners name and his/her prize. Questions should be posted in their own thread.

Bloggers must post the Rafflecopter and the Linky List codes on their page. (or at minimum provide a link back to them to make it easier for participating readers)

Instructions for using Linky List are posted below. Instructions for using Rafflecopter are available on the Rafflecopter site. Use the link above to access it.


Sign-up will be open from now until 11:30 p.m. EST May 7th.

Bloggers please have your post up by 12:01 am EST on May 8th

All contest winners should be announced on Wednesday, May 11th

The Drawing will close at midnight Sunday May 10th. Prizes will be drawn on Monday and winners will be notified by Wednesday May 13th. Electronic prizes (ebooks, gift certificates) should be awarded or sent by Friday, May 15th. Blushing staff will contact the winners of the grand prizes by Friday to set up delivery.


To sign up, enter your blog or author name along with its rating (if it isn’t G) and the URL/permalink of your draft post in the linky list by clicking the words “Click Here to Enter” listed below the sign-up list in blue. Note: we are requiring your name and a valid e-mail address in case we need to contact you.
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We want visitors to be comfortable, so if your blog isn’t G, please indicate its rating next to your blog or author name as PG, R, or PG-17. No X-rated blogs, please.

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