Captured and Examined by Kallista Dane – Gripping Sci Fi Spanking Read



When her father tries to force her to marry fat, old, drunken Owen Leary to preserve the family lands, Tess O’Rourke runs away from home. She gets lost on the heath in the midst of a ferocious storm and loses consciousness, only to awaken in a cave, naked and shivering, staring into the eyes of a handsome stranger. To her dismay, the man questions her in an unfamiliar language and then spanks her bare bottom when she tries to run away.

After computers all over Europe are hit with a crippling attack, Quinn, an ex-Navy SEAL now working for NATO’s cyber-terrorism squad, is dispatched to the Irish coastline in search of the problem’s source. It is there that he discovers a naked Irish lass hiding in a cave near an ancient stone outcropping. After she attacks him and attempts to flee, he brings the defiant girl back to his headquarters with a well-spanked bottom. Once there, his medical team conducts a thorough examination, leaving his captive deeply humiliated and even more determined to escape.

Quinn has no intention of letting her go until he gets the truth, but Tess speaks only Gaelic and seems to know nothing of modern day life, and hard as it is for him to believe, over time Quinn becomes convinced that she has somehow been transported from the past. With each passing day his feelings for the feisty redhead grow stronger, and when he discovers that his superiors plan to lock her up indefinitely and study her like a lab rat, Quinn risks everything to rescue her. But can he keep her safe long enough to unravel the mystery that brought her into his life?

Publisher’s Note: Captured and Examined is an adventure and erotic romance novel that includes spanking, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Review by Morganna Williams

Another great read from Kallista Dane. She made the science of time travel plausible and perfectly captured Tess’ bewilderment and finding herself in modern times surrounded by men.

Great examination scene and lots of lovely spankings as Quinn tames the lovely Tess to his hand. Add in intrigue, running for their lives, romance and hot sex and you’ve got a gripping read that captures your attention from the first page.


Mastering Meg by Jaye Peaches – hot spanking action



When Megan is rude to a troublesome patient at the dental clinic where she works, the man who catches her in the act is none other than the tall, dark, and handsome Dr. Jeremy Rawlings. After informing Megan that it is clear from her behaviour that she is in desperate need of discipline, Jeremy instructs her to remain at the office after work for a sound spanking.

Despite her embarrassment at the prospect of such a humiliating punishment, Megan finds herself doing as she is told. Once her panties are down and her bottom is properly bared, her spanking turns out to be firm, unyielding, and painfully thorough. But Jeremy’s manner during her chastisement is sincere and kind, and before she knows it she has promised to apologize sincerely for her rudeness.

Though his standards for her are exacting, Megan finds herself more aroused by Jeremy than she has been by any man before, and she doesn’t hesitate to agree when he asks her to be his submissive. But will her penchant for mischief and defiance mean that she spends most of her time with a red bottom?

Publisher’s Note: Mastering Meg is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Review by Morganna Williams

I really enjoyed this story and it will join a handful of others that I will read again and again. I tend to do this with my favorites because to me reading about characters I loved again is a little like visiting old friends.

Meg’s journey was beautiful to behold, her moments of uncertainty and feeling a little lost were something I think most of us can identity with on some level. Jeremy’s loving patience, firm guidance and stern discipline were exactly what she needed to fully embrace her submission. Add in lots of hot spanking action and steamy sex and it’s a winner for me.

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His Girl, His Rules by Morganna Williams


Review by Casey Mckay

Glory gets herself into a BDSM club so she can do some research for an erotic romance she is writing. Although she writes about all things kinky, she’s actually a virgin and has no real life experience of any of the situations she has penned. In comes Master Gabriel, a sexy SWAT team member who also plays as a Dom at the club. Even though they both feel an instant attraction, both of them find their own reasons to be resistant to the new relationship.

A very hot read! I loved Glory in this book, she was so funny and relatable. Gabriel is like sex on a stick, and I love how hard he fell for Glory. Ms. Williams does a great job of mixing real life issues and comedy into her story. The story touched on some heavy subject matter but never got to the point where it eclipsed the main love story. I thought it was very well balanced and I look forward to reading more of her books in the feature. Overall, this was a very enjoyable read with real characters and an interesting story.

FREE SPANKING BOOK! Taming His Queen by Casey McKay


Lyra tried to calm her breathing as she stood in the massive shower. The jets sprayed her body and hair, washing away the dust and dirt of her adventure. If only they could wash away her deception and guilt as easily.

What had Astor meant that she would thrive on discipline? She thought she knew, but she didn’t want to let herself believe it. Cassian men still firmly believed in a patriarchal society. It wasn’t the way they did things back on Earth, she had told him this and he seemed to respect her wishes, but now—

What if she refused? Would he send her back? Or would they just keep living the way they had been living like two tenants of the same building who could barely stand to look at one another? She didn’t want to live this way. The look in his eyes when she fought him in the pod, he had looked positively feral and dammit if it didn’t turn her on.

The shower finished its rinsing cycle and she stepped out and onto the drying platform. Closing her eyes, she let the warm air envelope her body. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to let down her defenses a bit. She appreciated that he was giving her space, but the result was that she felt entirely alone. If she accepted this—his need to take control of the situation, his need to discipline her—it would be an olive branch of sorts. She agreed, her decisions today had been rash and the consequences could have been dire. Coming to terms with her actions today might assuage her guilt a little. Right, she was doing this for her own reasons and not because some man was forcing her into it.

She gave herself a little nod feeling better with her decision. Wrapping a silky robe around her that did nothing for warmth but gave her a sense of modesty, she went back to the bedroom. She came up short when she realized Astor wasn’t alone anymore. Two members of the palace’s extensive staff had her closet open, pulling clothes out, sifting through drawers.

“What’s going on?”

Astor turned to her from where he stood supervising, his arms folded across his chest. He quirked an eyebrow at her, “You have no need for these garments anymore. Why are you holding on to them?”

Violated. She felt violated. How dare he invade her personal space, shuffle through her private things and decide what she should be allowed to have in her possession. Suddenly, the decision she came to while bathing fled from her mind, she could not stand one second under this man’s authority.

“Get out!” she shrieked. The two staff members turned abruptly, looking to Astor for further instruction. They only left when he gave a nod, further infuriating her that no one around here would listen to her.

The door shut quietly as they exited and she looked from the pile of discarded clothes—everything that looked decidedly un-Royal, everything she could have worn to blend in like a normal citizen—back to the infuriating man who refused to move. “You too, get out,” she hissed.

“I don’t take orders from you,” he replied.

His calm tone in the face of her temper made her want to stomp her feet. “You had no right,” she started as she bent down to scoop up the clothes that had been thrown to the floor.

“I have every right,” he said, grasping her wrist, startling her, she hadn’t heard him come up behind her. “Why do you need these things? So you can take more illegal time traveling trips? So you can blend in while you take unapproved forays into town?”

She straightened up and tried to pull away from him, but he only caught her other arm and hauled her forward. Searching for a response, she came up short, what could she say? She wanted these things for the reasons he had listed, but he made them sound so wrong when they had seemed perfectly acceptable in her head.

“You aren’t going out anymore without my permission anyway, correct?” He gave her a slight shake, his hands wrapped around her forearms.

She twisted and tried to shrug away from him. “Let go of me,” she insisted but found herself hoisted up.

Astor had propped his foot on the bench at the end of her bed and then as if she weighed nothing, thrown her over his knee. She kicked, her feet dangling above the floor as she tried to balance herself with a hand on the bench. His hand cracked down against her backside and she cursed, her thin robe did nothing to protect against his hard hand. “Settle down, I told you we’d be having a discussion.”

Was this his idea of a discussion? She was under the assumption they spoke the same language, but maybe she should be clear on what they both meant in regards to some words. His hand rested on her ass, holding her in place. She glanced over her shoulder at him and he looked down at her as if he were waiting to see what her response would be. “Please, put me down?” she asked, hoping that saying please and asking nicely would get her somewhere.

“Not yet,” he said, smirking at her. “Mind your hands, I promise not to drop you.”

Taming His Queen is free through Sunday!

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Taming His Queen Blurb:
Time traveling is outlawed on the planet of Dendera. Even though Lyra is a queen, she is finding it hard to live within the confines of the law. She takes one last trip—to rescue her sister. A noble cause, one she hopes her new husband, Astor, will understand.

When Astor finds his wife arriving back from a time traveling mission he is equal parts relieved and livid. Time traveling has become riskier than ever, and it is never a guarantee that the traveler will make it back alive. He decides he needs to put his foot down and let Lyra know that there are certain rules that cannot be broken.

The characters from Casey McKay’s new sci fi novel His Rebellious Queen are featured in this short story.

Irresistible Attractions: Cara Bristol at her Best


Review by Renee Rose

What happens when a college student working nights for a cleaning service gets caught spanking herself in the disciplinary chamber at the Rod & Cane Society mansion when she should be cleaning?  You guessed it:  one very hot spanking scene.  Irresistible Attractions starts with this perfect setup and continues with delicious scene after scene of hot spankings and anal play/punishment.

The hero, Jordan Bevy, a multi-millionaire, is a wonderful dom: attentive, experienced, and hopelessly taken by Hannah.  I loved that about him–the descriptions from his point of view of his attraction for her were juicy and satisfying.  Hannah, for her part, struggles with insecurities about meshing into his world. Shame over her income bracket and job lead to some anxiety-producing scenes that had me on edge, turning the pages with sweaty palms to see how it would all be resolved.

I loved this book from start to finish. It had everything Cara Bristol is known for: vivid descriptions, steamy sex/spanking scenes and a tight plot. It is my favorite of the Rod & Cane books, and I love them all!

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Trained at the Castle by Emily Tilton – Gripping and Fascinating fantasy


Review by Rachel de Vine

Hala was told that she would end up being taken to the castle because of her lustful ways, and the Sages, who visited her in her dreams, and told her that she would go in the covered wagon to be punished and mastered, confirmed this.

The Sages taught that young women who give in to the their shameful lusts, must go to the castle, so that regular discipline and chastisement would prevent their foe from becoming strong and destroying the high thornwall that grows around the village and protects the inhabitants.

While riding the Lord’s Horse, it is found that not only is Hala lustful, but she sends out a powerful corona which causes the ground to shake, and all men in the vicinity to feel powerful sexual urges towards her.  She is taken to the castle to be trained and mastered by the handsome knight Sir Wake.

I love Emily Tilton’s vivid imagination, which translated into my compulsive reading of this book.  It is a gripping and fascinating fantasy, with plenty of spanking and sexual training to make it so hot you might want to fan yourself down from time to time.  I highly recommend it.

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Tell Me by Ashe Barker – Hot Spanking that Sizzles


Review by Rachel de Vine

Thea likes to keep her life as a sub separate from the rest of her life, and her Dom, Tony, respects her wishes. He is the perfect Dom for Thea, giving her everything she needs, even though he wishes he could find out more about his perfect sub. One day, however, when she goes to the offices of Tony diMarco, she is shocked to find that her new employer is in fact her Dom, and the two halves of her life come crashing together in ways neither of them envisaged.

I loved this book. It is well written with characters you can warm to, and contains some hot spanking that sizzles. It is intelligently written, with a storyline that holds your attention all the way through, and I didn’t want to put it down once I had started reading. I particularly liked the fact that, although Thea is a good submissive, she is talented and skilled in her career too, and her Dom recognizes and encourages her business ambitions. I recommend it highly – but then I haven’t yet read a book by Ashe Barker that I did not like.

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