Learning to be Little Again by Meredith O’Reilly – A Sweet Ageplay Story


Review by Renee Rose

Meredith O’Reilly is one of the many wonderful spanking romance authors to debut this year, arriving on the scene with her first ageplay novel, Little Samantha’s Choice.

Her second book, Learning to be Little Again, is a tender story about Juliana, a young woman just out of an abusive ageplay relationship. Taken under the wing of the policeman who found her handcuffed and in diapers, she is introduced to Robert, a doctor who is part of the ageplay community. Robert immediately wants to take care of little Juliana, and under his ministrations, she begins to sleep, eat and laugh again. There is so much sweetness here–Robert is definitely a nurturer, and he loves for Juliana to let go and be a child, but after her first terrible experience, it takes her some time to trust. Meredith keeps this conflict in the forefront, with the added tension and suspense of the ex-boyfriend out on the loose and threatening Juliana.

I enjoyed both characters and I’m always a fan of the Daddy/Dom who minimizes his little’s insecurities so she can move forward with greater confidence and joy. Meredith kept me turning the pages to find out whether the ex would show back up all the while entertaining me with Juliana’s child-like delights.

I recommend this book to fans of ageplay who like it on the sweet side. There is sex and some graphic play (including butt plugs, an enema and a hot medical exam) but it is all very tastefully portrayed. I look forward to reading more books from Meredith in the future!




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Round Table Discussion – A Spanking Christmas! (win a prize :) )





Who’s up for a little Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Spanko style?


This month’s round table is all about Christmas.

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The Thief and His Master by Louisa Bacio


By Meredith O’Reilly

The Thief and His Master by Louisa Bacio, was an interesting tale. When Sven reads a help wanted ad for an apprentice from the mysterious Madame Madeline, he cannot help, but apply for the job. He soon receives the job and his world is turned upside down. Sven has found himself a mistress and a job that is very magical.

Ms. Bacio did an excellent job at giving her storyline a mysterious feel to it. Readers never know what will happen next and that keeps their attention. The story starts out with Sven taking a job and at first, it sounded like it was going to be an apprenticeship to become Madame Madaline’s submissive, but that wasn’t the entire case.

One thing that I was looking forward to in Ms. Bacio’s book was Madame Madeline’s domination of Sven. The first scene that they do together, Ms. Bacio did not disappoint. It was SO hot! As a reader, I loved the scene. However, as the story went on, readers soon found out that Sven was a switch and soon it was Madame Madeline being dominated by Sven.

This book was a short enjoyable read. Ms. Bacio’s plot was easy to follow and though I was disappointed that there wasn’t more domination scenes with Sven as the submissive, I thought that the story was still great.

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Risky Chance by Tabitha Marks – Relatable characters, fascinating plot and #spankings!


By Meredith O’Reilly

Risky Chance is the fourth book in the Chances of Discipline series written by Tabitha Marks. Ms. Marks has done an outstanding job at creating a story with relatable characters, a fascinating plot, and a few spankings that will make your panties melt!

The main character Keith, was left with an infant son, Carter when the mother of the infant, Molly ran off to party. Keith a 25 year old bachelor had to quickly change his ways in order to properly take care of his son. He was faced with one of the challenges of finding a nanny for Carter when his old neighbor, Ms. Thompson was slowly starting to not be able to take care of Carter. Sara, Molly’s cousin, volunteers for the job because she needs a job and what better one than to baby sit for her little cousin. After a few tense meetings, sparks start to fly between Keith and Sara and before they know it, Sara is over Keith’s lap.

I really liked this book because the main character Sara, was very relatable to me. Sara follows her heart before she thinks about things at times, which has landed her in some rough spots. I’m the same way. By writing the character Sara this way, Ms. Marks, loses the feel that some stories get where it seems that characters can’t make a mistake at all. This story felt as if the characters could have been actual people.

Additionally, the spanking scenes in this book were delectable. Though there were only a couple, each one was better than the last! Ms. Marks had the perfect combination of what the character was thinking, feeling, and sound effects to make any reader have to put down this story for a few moments to fan themselves.

Risky Chance was amazing. I’m very glad that I got the chance to review it because now I’m going to buy the first three books in this series and read them too! Ms. Marks did an excellent job on writing this book!

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Lord Westbrook’s Muse by Etta Stark – A Spanked Feminist


by Renee Rose

Lord Westbrook’s Muse is Etta Stark’s third Victorian spanking romance and a stand-alone follow up to Lady Westbrook’s Discovery, which features the romance between Lady Westbrook and a younger man. In this novella, her grown son, Lord Westbrook, finds his own romance with  a beautiful Suffragette who wears her long red hair completely unpinned, refuses to wear a corset or hoops to govern her shape and introduces herself as “just Cass.”  When Cass embarrasses the socially-awkward lord in a social situation, she suggests he punish her to make things right.

Well, you can imagine what happens when a beautiful lady’s bottom is bared in private for a spanking, especially when she’s as unconventional as Cass. What follows is a beautifully written sex scene. Etta has perfected the art of writing rich, evocative sex scenes that build plenty of heat without ever losing the tasteful, historical feel of the book. Here’s an example:

She felt like a tethered kite being pulled by the wind and straining for release.  Lord Westbrook, lying beside her, sweaty, dishevelled and breathing heavily ran his hand through her auburn hair. “You are so beautiful,” he said softly, in a voice that Cass had not heard him use before. He sounded almost awestruck. He moved his hand further down her body and lightly stroked her mons pubis.  Cass instinctively moaned and pushed that part of her body upwards to meet his touch as though offering herself to him. So close.

Lord Westbrook made a sound like that almost sounded like a chuckle and pushed the heel of his hand against her womanhood. She bucked and he swiftly inserted two fingers inside of her, pushing his fingers against the hard nub of her clitoris and stroking her there in a firm circular motion.

She was almost there. Poised above a precipice, needing only one small push to send her hurtling to the ground. The pleasure that had been building up slowly, suddenly exploded inside her. It was overwhelming. She had gone over the precipice but she wasn’t falling. Rather, she had grown wings and taken flight.

Cass and Robert are wonderful characters, thoroughly likable yet each with their flaws. As they traipse through politics, sex, spanking, and some major gaps in communication, we are shown a world in which a woman can be an independent, politically-minded feminist who nevertheless submits quite naturally and easily to her lover’s dominance.  I loved Cass and I loved Etta for writing her!  I loved that despite her political ideals, she was not rigid, nor frigid, nor unfeminine in any way. In fact, she has a distinctly feminine softness, a yielding in her personality that makes her a perfect submissive.

Bravo to Etta Stark for adeptly handling the spanked feminist!

Lord Westbrook’s Muse is a wonderful book–fabulous characters, racy sex and hot spanking, and an entertaining plot set against the rich backdrop of Victorian England. I highly recommend this book to anyone who doubts a feminist can maintain her politics and still find submission, lovers of historical romance, and spankos far and wide. Etta Stark in an author to be watched–her intelligent portrayal of characters and plot are beyond compare in the spanking genre.

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Warrior by Cara Bristol — A Thrilling Sci Fi Romance!


CB WarriorReview by Sue Lyndon

Cara Bristol’s Warrior, the third book in her Breeder series, was an action-packed science fiction romance novel that kept me on the edge of my seat. I was drawn in immediately by Anika’s plight when she learns she’s to become Commander Illian’s breeder. Though she’s a female and has no rights under Parseon law, she wants the freedom to carve her own path in life, and her feelings for her Alpha’s beta, Urazi, only complicate her situation. I really admired Anika’s determination and strength throughout the book, and how her feelings for Urazi evolve as they fight side by side.

Urazi knows what he wants—Anika—but he cannot violate Protocol or disobey his Alpha, so he initially accepts Anika’s fate as Commander Illian’s breeder. However when Anika flees Marlix’s abode and her life is in peril, Urazi runs after her, the consequences be damned. He gradually starts treating Anika as more his equal, and though he does try to bend her to his will and spanks her for disobedience, he’s never cruel to her and he shows her affection during their weeks together in the middle of war-torn Parseon. Through circumstances and his own questioning of Protocol, he transforms from beta to alpha, and these changes aren’t lost on Anika.

The odds seemed to be stacked not only against Anika and Urazi’s future together, but also the future of Parseon because of the ruthless Commander Qalin’s determination to rule over all five provinces of the planet. The last few chapters of this book are especially tense and I couldn’t put the book down! It was also a nice treat to find out what Omra and Dak (from Breeder) and Tara and Marlix (from Terran) were up to, especially at the end of the novel. Warrior was a highly enjoyable, thrilling sci fi romance that was a great conclusion to the Breeder series.

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The Strict British Barrister by Maggie Carpenter


Review by Etta Stark

Maggie Carpenter’s The Strict British Barrister tells the story of slightly spoilt Southern Belle, Brittany, who meets the man of her dreams on board a cruise across the Pacific. Not only is our hero, Duncan Rhys-Davies a barrister, he’s also an erotic fiction writer. Interestingly, he plays his barrister card pretty close to his chest for the most part, choosing just to tell Brittany about his writing instead. It’s an unusual strategy but one that totally pays off in his case.

This is the second Maggie Carpenter book I’ve read – the other being Three Dark Hours which was part of the School’s In Session box set. That one had erotic authors as characters too.

Maggie Carpenter clearly has a thing about British boys as she’s written three volumes of “The British Billionaire Bachelor” as well. Being a Brit myself, I’m afraid that the appeal of a British accent may be lost on me. I can see the appeal of a British billionaire though. If you were planning to snag a billionaire, a Brit would be the best way to go. Not only are pounds worth more than dollars, but a British billion is bigger too – a million million rather than a thousand million. (Actually, I just looked that up and apparently we use the thousand million version here too, these days. It’s a good thing I checked. How disappointed would I be if I started dating a billionaire assuming that he was worth a tidy thirteen figures only to find out later that his bank balance only ran into a meagre ten digits?)

All of which is slightly off the point, Duncan isn’t actually a billionaire as far as we know. Although he’s clearly not short of a bob or two. Brittany’s rich too. The pair of them meet when they’re taken to their exclusive First Class staterooms on board the cruise.

A cruise ship is a great place for a romance novel to take place. Everyone is confined together in the same place. If, like Brittany, you are determined to better acquaint yourself with someone that you met on the first day, well you know they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Plus no-one needs to make any complicated arrangements for getting home after a night out. Everyone’s bedrooms are right there. It’s practically impossible not to have a steamy affair to be honest.

Brittany and Duncan’s steamy love affair gets off to a very robust start when Duncan finds Brittany snooping in his cabin and decides she needs to be firmly disciplined. They’d already agreed to a date that evening but Brittany’s bad behaviour shifts the tone of the relationship. Duncan tells her “If you had simply waited for tonight I would have given you a pleasant, smart spanking, one that would have made your toes curl. Now, however, you must be disciplined and that, Brittany, is a very different matter.”

The discipline sessions are wonderfully described. Duncan is a man who clearly relishes being in control and who enjoys Brittany’s rebellious impulses. As well as spankings with a variety of implements including quintessential British favourite, the slipper – there are a bunch of other inventive punishments that Duncan employs to enable Brittany to fully discover her submissive side.

The pair end up having stronger feelings for one another than they anticipate and realise that the few days they have on board together are not going to be enough. They do seem to get unreasonably agitated about it though. Things turn a bit sour between them for no real reason at all.

It’s as though they’re looking for trouble. Yes, you’re going to have to figure out whether you have a future together, yes, there are other guys on the boat who might want to get into Brittany’s pants, yes long distance relationships can be awkward. But you know, it’s fine guys. Chill the hell out.

Happily Brittany and Duncan manage to overcome their difficulties. Such as they are. The fact that the book is called The Strict British Barrister Part One does rather suggest that we haven’t seen the last of our two heroes. This is a really enjoyable book. The sex scenes are incredibly hot and the way in which the heroes fit into their dominant and submissive roles is wonderfully believable and rather touching.

I must say I am impressed with the adventurously sexy lives that Maggie Carpenters fictional erotic authors seem to lead. Both here and in Three Dark Hours, letting someone read one’s erotic novel seems to be quite the springboard into all manner of sexy shenanigans. It makes me feel like I am doing erotic authoring all wrong. Maybe should book myself a cruise.

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