Treasure of the Forest Nymphs by Devlin O’Neill


Review by Ashlynn Kenzie

Have you ever gone to a concert or watched a video or moved up close to the band at a dance — just close enough to watch his eyes and follow his hands, his strong fingers, as they caress the keys or masterfully strum the strings or grip the sticks and tap?

And have you wondered, then, with that delicious little private tickle in private places, what it would be like if those hands did something outrageous? Something like taking someone — maybe even you — in hand with those hands?

Girls do wonder, you know. At least, this girl does.

And Devlin O’Neill knows it.

But, then, that is hardly surprising. He knows so much about what girls need and want and dream of having, and he’s so very, very good at weaving it all into stories that entertain a girl’s mind and flood her heart with passion and make her smile that tiny smile just below half closed eyes while she breathes ever so lightly, lest the image of her own starring role in his stories should be disturbed before she is sufficiently warmed and pleasantly sated.

Perhaps that is why this prolific and talented spanking romance author opens “Treasure of the Forest Nymphs” with a musician; a guitar player who is a man capable of bending both strings for tickling senses and, also, girls for tending to. The ladies in his audience are drawn to Harlan the Guitar Player, and he draws on that knowledge and selects one of them in a random drawing for special attention at the close of each evening’s onstage performance.

Readers get to follow the couple off stage and down the hall to a private room where Harlan of guitar fame employs his second talent and sends ladies on their way out the back door humming the bits he has played and rubbing the bits he has played upon throughout the evening.

Wondering how the forest nymphs fit in to this scenario? Well, it’s magical, you see, the way the story all comes together beyond the confines of a real world bar where the most sought-after entertainer in town is in residence each evening.

Funny how men who like to spank and women who like to be spanked have a way of crossing those barriers between “real” and “just might happen” and getting down to business, isn’t it? And in O’Neill’s newest Neverwasnian romance, it’s even funnier how spritely nymphs with similar predilections mesh perfectly into the story line.

It all happens when a Very Pretty Someone spots something — well, actually, a couple of somethings — unusual in Harlan the Guitar Player and decides he is just the person she needs to help her claim the treasure she really, really has to have. Somewhere along the way, as the duo move from the familiar and into the mystical, Very Pretty Someone and Harlan the Guitar Player discover not only the treasure they went searching for with their senses, but also the one they’ve secretly been searching for with their hearts.

It’s a magical fantasy. Of course.

It’s a spanking story. Of course.

It’s a romantic tale. Of course.

It’s another of O’Neill’s finest. Of course.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be recommending it, because I am drawn to the finer things in life and think you should be, as well.

Happy reading.

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Call for Nominations! Best Spanking Romance of 2016


Nominations are now open for the Best Spanking Romance of 2016.  Nominations close Jan. 16th.

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The Viking’s Conquest by Felicity Brandon


Review by Jane Henry

Blurb: When she is left all but alone to defend her family’s castle against an army of battle-hardened Viking raiders, nineteen-year-old Princess Aurelie of Donrose fights valiantly but is soon overcome. After her capture by the tall, handsome leader of the northmen, Prince Anders, she is carried away along with the rest of the spoils of conquest.

Anders makes it clear to the princess that she is now his property, to do with as he likes, and he takes pleasure in stripping her bare and putting her on display. When she defies her new master, Aurelie quickly discovers that Anders will not hesitate to spank her soundly, but to her shame the painful, humiliating punishment leaves her deeply aroused.

Bound and helpless yet burning with desire, the princess finds herself longing for the bold, dominant warrior to take her hard and thoroughly, and when she surrenders to his mastery of her body the pleasure is more intense than she would have ever thought possible. Aurelie’s submission to Anders grows more complete with each passing day, but when her brothers arrive with an army to seek vengeance against their old enemy she must make a fateful choice. Will she remain loyal to her family and her people, or come to the aid of her Viking prince?

Publisher’s Note: The Viking’s Conquest includes spankings, sexual scenes and sexual humiliation, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Intrigued by the premise and excerpts, I recently picked up a copy of Felicity Brandon’s latest release, The Viking’s Conquest.

Just look at that cover. Fan. Me.

I’m a fairly slow reader, and it usually takes me a few weeks to finish a full-length novel. I finished this one in record time, because it was absolutely riveting. When I read a romance, I have three main criteria: excellent writing, a well-developed plot, and hot as hell sex scenes. Ms. Brandon hit every one of those points expertly.

I love books that explore various aspects of the power exchange. On the grand “spectrum” of the power exchange, I would put this book at the highest end of the spectrum, veering toward master/slave with hardcore BDSM elements. But make no mistake –The Viking’s Conquest is not just about sex and spanking. At the core, The Viking’s Conquest is a well-written historical romance, complete with well-rounded characters, and a fast-paced,  engaging plot line. The emotional pull was magnetic.

The book begins with Aurelie, princess of Donrose, defying tradition and entering into battle, an attempt to defend her kingdom against a nearly hopeless invasion from the North. She is fearless, and fights well until she is captured and taken prisoner. Immediately, the plot advances as she is taken to the Prince, who has saved her life in favor of choosing her to be his captive.

Handsome Prince Anders takes her to his chambers and has her wounds treated; he is surprisingly gentle with the woman who has become little more than his property. However, he insists on absolute obedience from the very first encounter.

“My lady of Donrose, although you are my prisoner, I am not a savage. I would like to treat you well and with respect, but – let me be clear – if you choose to disobey me, I will not be kind or respectful. You will be punished,” his eyes swell with emotion as he speaks slowly and clearly to me. “Do you understand me?”

He insists she refer to him properly and address him as Prince in his native tongue. She balks, unable to humble herself and refer to her enemy in such a way, and thus earns her first punishment. But when he spanks her, she finds, to her shock and dismay, she cannot help but be drawn to his authority, her sexuality immediately awakened at his discipline. The captivating sessions with the Prince held me spellbound, the lead up and flawless execution of the power exchange absolutely compelling.

From the onset, Aurelie is stripped of her pride, and she fears she will be taken against her will. The Prince makes it very clear he will never violate her in this way; however, he insists he has other means of ensuring her obedience…and does he ever. Anders insists on her public humiliation, but does so in such a way that slowly, her desire for him is stoked, and by the time they are once again alone, she is craving his sexual attention.

Typically, I’m not one that enjoys humiliation scenes, and humiliation is a heavy focus in Anders’ training methods. However, what I appreciated about these scenes was that they were so well written, that I understood not only the purpose, but ultimately the sexual appeal. I found myself as a reader forgiving Anders’ methods, because of Aurelie’s response: she is left aching for the Prince, aroused by the objectification, and near begging him for release.

“With my head, neck and chest forced up, my legs still spread apart and my ass punished over and over again, that strange feeling is beginning to come over me again. I begin to feel little more than a thing – his thing – a thing to be used, fingered and punished as and when he chooses. A thing with no will of its own – existing only to serve his desires. This acknowledgment of my objectification fills my mind, sending me into some sort of dream-like reality.”

When he is finished with her, she is ratcheted up to a near-desperate desire for him, and his lovemaking in response is tender and attentive, though utterly dominant.

These are not merely gratuitous sex, punishment, and humiliation scenes. Every one of these exquisitely-executed scenes advances the central plot. Aurelie is sexually aroused and hopelessly attracted to her sadistic captor, but his methods ignite her own deep-seated masochistic desires. When she finally succumbs to his will, she is rewarded with his devotion, and the two find their needs met in one another. No longer is she merely his plaything, but instead, a woman he now claims above all others, the crux of their relationship summed up in Anders’ proclamation: “You are mine after all – mine to use, mine to punish, and mine to adore.”

She realizes she is now a changed woman, stripped of her pride and brought to the most basic needs, yearning for his dominance and power.

“Your punishment, though harsh, cleansed me – and brought us together again…”

And later she realizes, “For every nuance of his manner which frustrates me, there is a gracious and giving master, dedicated to my needs and desires.”

But what will become of them when Donrose comes to rescue Aurelie from captivity? Can Aurelie return to life without her captor?

Absolutely riveting from page one, The Viking’s Conquest explores the appeal of the power exchange in the most expertly written prose, a flawlessly executed historical romance. Highly recommended.

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An interview with Brent Gibb, HoH, of Domestic Discipline


By Cara Bristol

Cara Bristol: How are you doing today?

Brent: Truthfully? I’m pretty steamed. I can’t believe my wife pulled a stunt this like this!

Cara Bristol: Like what?

Brent: Running off. It’s our anniversary. It’s hard to surprise her, so when she hinted  she wanted to take a luxury vacation for our anniversary, I pretended I had to work—and then I secretly booked the vacation she wanted. But then she got pissed and ran away! She left a casserole and a note on the fridge that said she was going to take the vacation without me! I had the trip booked, the tickets were in my briefcase, and our bags were packed and in the trunk of my car.

Cara Bristol: What are you going to do now?

Brent: I’m going after her, of course. But first I’m going to teach her a little lesson…

An excerpt from Wife on the Lam, Domestic Discipline

What the hell was Janelle wearing? His normally modest wife had paraded about in a tiny bra and butt floss! She didn’t own a suit like that. He knew because he’d packed both of them. They were in her bag in his tiny room with the garden view. She may not have noticed the men checking her out, but he did.

Hotter than a sunny, humid day in paradise, the scrap of nothing was more appropriate for a private show than a public one. He could envision spanking her in it.

He grinned. Now, that was an idea.

From behind a beach umbrella rental cabana, he watched her splash in the water. She squealed when a small wave crashed over her, and she popped up laughing, wiping her face. He loved her enjoyment of the moment, such a contrast to her forlorn expression in the restaurant where she’d had lunch. He’d almost caved and revealed himself then, but she needed to learn that she couldn’t run off half-cocked because she assumed he’d neglected her.

Didn’t she trust him? He’d never missed an anniversary.

He loved Janelle’s spontaneity. She brought sparkle to his life where otherwise it would have been bland and colorless. She inspired him, brought out his lighter side. He stroked the hair alongside his mouth. Look at the get-up she’d gotten him to wear.

On the flip side, she sometimes acted without considering the ramifications, and this latest stunt counted as the biggest. She so deserved a good, hard spanking.

He’d allow her a few minutes more before he hauled her out of the water. If she didn’t take care, her pretty, naked ass would be burned by more than the palm of his hand. He glanced at the sun, still high in the sky. She hadn’t applied any sunscreen that he’d noticed. Perhaps she’d put it on in the room, but maybe not.

Janelle stood and squeezed the water out of her hair, then sashayed to her lounger. Beaded nipples poked through the fabric of two tiny triangles that comprised the bikini top. A third tiny remnant pretended to cover her lady parts. The entire suit consisted of fabric scraps connected by strings. And on his forty-four-year-old wife and mother of his two college-aged children, it was sexy as all get-out. He glanced down at himself. Thank goodness for baggy shorts.

She reached her chaise and patted her face with her towel, turning her back to him, giving him a view of her pert, sexy ass. Yep, a spanking in that suit was definitely in order, and the fact that she wouldn’t be able to wear it in public afterwards counted as a bonus.

He expected her to shove her towel in her ginormous beach bag, but after drying herself, she flopped onto her stomach. Little fool! Didn’t she have any sense?

Brent dug his wallet from his back pocket. “How much are the beach umbrellas?” he asked the resort staff member manning the booth.

“They’re complimentary to guests of the Cabana Resort, sir.”

“Thank you.” Brent grabbed a pink one — the color her ass would be when he finished with her — slapped his Stetson on his head and tromped toward his wife.


Domestic Discipline Blurb:

Love, desire, domination, and submission. Two domestic discipline romances by USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol in one volume.

Wife on the Lam

Janelle wants to take a luxury vacation for her wedding anniversary. Despite numerous hints, husband Brent misses all the clues and plans a business trip! Miffed, she flies off alone to a luxury resort. She’s going to celebrate—with or without him.

Brent didn’t have to work. He’d planned a second honeymoon to the luxury Cabana Resort. Janelle might have ruined his surprise, but he’s not going to let her ruin their anniversary, too. He has a little trick up his sleeve to take his errant wife in hand and get their marriage back on track.

Rahm’s Way

Before her military husband left for his tour of duty, Cadence Simmons relied on Rahm’s love, direction, and protection. His absence forced her to become more independent and make decisions for herself. After serving his country, he’s home for good and eager to resume their marriage as it was before. Only Cadence isn’t quite sure she wants things exactly as they were. Can domestic discipline guide this couple through some major changes?

Buy Links:

ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-domesticdiscipline-2090428-354.html

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1146670410

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/domestic-discipline

BN: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/domestic-discipline-cara-bristol/1124439142

Amazon: http://hyperurl.co/DDAmz


Author Bio

USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes “nice and naughty” stories of love, romance, and humor featuring strong alpha heroes. She is a no. 1 bestseller in BDSM erotica, science fiction romance, and holiday fiction on Amazon. She is best known for her Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series and her Breeder D/s sci-fi romance series. She lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.

Connect with Cara

Author Newsletter  |Website | Facebook Author Page | Amazon Author page

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Two Spanking Romances from Renee Rose on Deep Discount!


From USA Today bestselling author Renee Rose

The Mayor’s Discipline: Two Domestic Discipline Stories

He’s a sexy small-town mayor. She has a thing for authority. 
“Spank and Run” One moment Claire’s life was perfectly normal, in a living alone, vanilla sort of way. In the next, her casita was torn apart in a burglary, her client (the mayor of her small town) discovered her spanking implements, and she was over his knee for a bare-bottomed hair brushing! But despite her overwhelming attraction to Luis Valdez, the tall, handsome politician who had taken an interest in her backside, Claire doesn’t roll that way. She wants a serious, domestic discipline relationship — not just erotic spanky fun. Can she and the mayor come to terms?

“Bootcamp”  Watching his wife unravel as she faces infertility is as heartbreaking for Luis as it is for Claire, but the more he compassion he shows, the more she drifts away. Deciding to take a firm hand, he whisks her away to their mountain condo for a weekend boot camp to reaffirm their roles and reignite their passion for one another.

Publisher’s Note: These stories were previously published in the domestic discipline anthologies Coming to Terms and Milestones.


The Hand of Vengeance


Dr. Lara Simmons can handle difficult surgeries on the battlefield of a war-torn planet. She can even handle her capture by rebels who need her skills to save the life of an important figure-head. But she wasn’t prepared for being stuck out in the wilderness with Blade Vengeance, the fierce tattooed rebel warrior with antiquated views of gender roles and corporal punishment.

“If you enjoy off-world type stories with a great pair of leads, strong attraction, scintillating sex scenes and some delicious spanking, then look no further. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll want to read it again. And again. And again.” –The Romance Reviews [TOP PICK, Reader’s Choice Award Winner]

Loving His China Doll by Leigh Smith


Review by Laurel Lasky

This was an amazing story about a young woman diagnosed with hysterical blindness due to a past traumatic event. She has learned to be self sufficient with the help of her St. Bernard, Benji. A young man asked if she would allow him to lease some of her land for organic farming. A relationship develops.

The insights into her character are awesome and her young man shows growth and maturity. There are some unexpected twists and turns. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it for readers who enjoy romance with mild spanking–both erotic and punishment–and sweet sex.


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His City Girl by Emily Tilton – extremely HOT!


Review by Rachel de Vine

I am a big fan of Ms Tilton’s writing, and this book did not disappoint. Set in the Sixties in New York, Zoe Brown is a shy and innocent country girl who moves to the city to stay with her ‘Tantie’ Anne-Marie, expecting to learn about sophisticated city ways. Led by Anne-Marie, Zoe learns ways far beyond her expectation.

She is introduced to Victor, a businessman, who wishes to take young Zoe in hand, and introduce her to a submissive lifestyle. He shows the shy young woman the ecstasy of being controlled and spanked by him, and is so taken with her that he delays his decision to leave the city and live in the countryside.

The erotic scenes are well up to the standard we have come to expect from this author – in other words, extremely HOT!  The page fairly sizzles at times. It does not have a complicated plot, but is a very enjoyable story of a young woman’s sexual awakening and her introduction to a BDSM lifestyle, and is hard to put down once started.  Highly recommended.

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