Taken by the Beast by Natasha Knight – Holy Hotness Batman!


Taken by the Beast is a juicy shifter book by Natasha Knight. This book had me creaming my panties from the first spank scene.  First of all, who doesn”t just melt over the abduction/seduction scenario?  It”s one of my favorites. And pairing it with spanking romance  is a shoe-in for hotness.

Elijah is the last shifter of his clan after they were wiped out by a group of humans trying to study them. He  is laying low, watching over Kayla, the hot blond who lives in his apartment complex.  When Kayla”s ex-boyfriend (who is still her roommate) gets abusive while he”s all coked up, our hero tears in (in wolf form) to rescue her, killing her ex and his buddies, who very well might have gang raped her.

Knowing that the killings will alert the scientists who are interested in studying him, and fearing they will go after Kayla as well, he grabs Kayla and makes a run for it. She puts up a spunky fight, and of course, there is good reason to apply a little discipline to keep her in hand.

Let me just www.atoledo.com tell you– the discipline is wet-panty HOT. Natasha perfected the art form in this book. Elijah spanks Kayla, ties her up with her panties down, makes her count strokes, applies anal punishment and pretty much cranks me up every time he decides Kayla needs a little correction. When he”s not correcting her, he is deliciously gentle, kind, heroic and considerate.

Here”s a tiny example of what happens to Kayla when she refuses to remove her panties for a punishment. Elijah has her strung up, her wrists tied above her:

He walked behind her. “One more thing,” he said, taking her panties down to mid-thigh. “When I tell you to strip naked, you strip naked.”

She made a sound of protest.

“Feels even more exposed, doesn’t it?” he asked, coming around to meet her eyes, which filled with tears.

“If you drop them, you’ll get additional strokes added to your spanking,” he said. He then leaned against the wall, folded his arms across his chest and waited, his eyes never leaving hers.

Apart from the drool-worthy spank scenes, the action in the book is excellent, with the danger from the evil scientists scenario running, complete with explosions, daring rescues and double-crosses.

I highly recommend this book to all spankos here, there and everywhere.


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Bella Rosa by Jade Cary – Kept me on the Edge of my Seat!


By Renee Rose

Wow! I just finished Jade Cary”s Bella Rosa– a suspense & spanking (S&S – it”s a new genre! :) ) and it was a wild ride!  I was sucked right in from the beginning and swept into the intrigue of Rowan, a smart and sexy doctor, her drug cartel running ex-husband, an FBI agent out for personal vengeance, and Vince, the lieutenant who tries to keep our heroine safe.

The sexual tension between Rowan and Vince drives the pacing as much as the suspense thread, which is very well done. Vince is all alpha– bordering on macho, and the first spanking is non-consensual– Jade”s favorite thing.  I think non-consensual is hot, but I do get itchy with non-con in modern day settings. In this case, Rowan had just disobeyed Vince and taken a huge security risk, and the cop took her over his knee in anger. Jade is an incredible writer, so I had already fully identified with Rowan, and Jade made the situation about as real as it could be– Rowan”s pride was stung by the spanking, and she was hurt and offended. She slinks into her room and starts packing her bag and I was cheering for her to leave.  Of course, if she”d left, there would be no more book, and Vince wouldn”t have had a chance to redeem himself, which he did do, although it took me longer to forgive him than it took Rowan.

Jade doesn”t write spanking fiction per se, it”s more a suspense/romance that happens to have spanking in it.  You don”t get that feeling of the nod and the wink between author and spanko that says, “I”m writing this to turn you on.” Rather, she offers a top notch main-stream feeling plot with a dominant male who happens to believe in spanking his woman. For me, it made the spankings more squirm-worthy, more embarrassing as I empathized with the heroine and witnessed the characters having real-life discussions about whether they were acceptable.  Still, it was clear that Rowan was turned on by Vince”s dominance and the D/s sex they had together was smoking hot.  There”s a scene with a blow job and a crop that still has me drooling…

Ultimately, though, it was the development of the full-on suspense plot that had me hanging on the edge of my seat, unable to put the book down until it was over, and not even caring whether I got off.  Five stars for Bella Rosa!

Check out Jade”s Spanking Romance page



Spankee Doodle Dandy

For those in the northern hemisphere, summer is here! What better way to celebrate summer vacations than to give (or receive) a sizzling hot spanking? After the rousing success of Love Spanks and Spank or Treat, Anastasia Vitsky and her team of spanking fiction authors have returned to bring you a collective Spankee Doodle Dandy story extravaganza.  It’s love and kisses for adults, and we do mean adults!
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Many authors will also be offering a contest on their individual blogs.  Your comment on their blogs automatically enters you in both the main contest and the individual contests!
What’s the catch?  Absolutely nothing!  We love writing for you and want to thank you for your readership.  Perhaps someone might get a spanking or two, but that’s a reward rather than a catch, right?  ;)
Here are the rules:
  1. Visit each blog between the Thursday, June 20th and Sunday, June 23rd to read the posted stories and excerpts.
  2. Leave a comment answering the story question on each blog.  You will receive one entry per blog for the grand prize drawing.  You will also be automatically entered in that author’s individual contest, if he or she has one.
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    Deadline is midnight EDT (UTC -4) on June 23rd!!
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  5. Visit any of the participating blogs on Thursday, June 27th to find out the lucky winners.  Will it be you?
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The Knight's Prisoner – A prostitute and a knight: one with a scarred heart, the other with a scarred face–both with the strength to take on a King.


knightsprisoner_fullBy Katherine Deane

A fantastic story, with adventure, romance, growth beyond imperfections, eroticism and lots of spankings.  Danewyn and Sir Ferrum, a village prostitute, and a Knight.  One with a scarred heart, another with a scarred face.  Both with the strength to take on a King.

Set in medieval times, Danewyn, a tavern prostitute with a special gift of “Sight”, suddenly finds herself held captive by a large, battle scarred Knight, Sir Ferrum, commander of the Army of the Red Fox, the rightful King of Britain.  She had angrily blurted out her “vision” about the Red Fox to one of the King’s soldiers, and Sir Ferrum had overheard.

Ferrum promises not to hurt Dani, if she cooperates, and proves his compassion by protecting and caring for her, eventually falling in love with her.  He takes her to the Red Fox, the rightful King of Britain, who offers to make her his official “seer”. Dani really has no choice but to accept the position. It’s either “royal seer” or camp whore.

Ferrum is battled hardened, strong, fierce, and loyal to his leader, Prince Phillip – the Red Fox.  He is a huge man, a fighter, considered less desirable because of the scarring on his face.  He is aggressive, intelligent, a warrior through and through.  But he is also kind, caring, and gentle, as evidenced in his treatment of Dani.  In her first punishment, for lying, Dani is given a very sound spanking by Ferrum, where he sets the ground rules for lying and escape attempts. He thrashes her hard, but also makes sure he doesn’t hurt her.  His goal is one of teaching, not of demeaning or breaking. This sets the tone for him as her protector.

Dani is a strong, beautiful, intelligent young woman, who has “senses” or “sights” of events to come.  She had always had to hide her special talent.  It had been judged as devilry by the church, and she had been beaten and shunned the few times she had shown herself.  She had entered a life of prostitution when other avenues were taken from her early on .Even though she hates this life, she doesn’t let it bring her down.  She is a fighter, she is resilient, and she is “street smart”.  And she uses all of these assets to her advantage.  But she finally meets her match in Ferrum.  Dani accepts her first punishment well, even thanking Ferrum for not going too hard on her, showing him how hard life has been for her.

Ferrum becomes Dani’s protector and lover.  But it takes a while for them to both trust their own feelings, and each other.  Both coming from harsh pasts, it is easy to see how their “scars” affect their lives.  But it was quite enjoyable to watch them grow.  Ferrum, does not do well when speaking to ladies, and accidentally puts his foot in his mouth several times with Dani.  This was a great way to see some of Ferrum’s imperfections in a lighter note.  I loved seeing Dani’s chin thrust out, her eyes darkened and angry, while he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration, saying “Oh crap, did I say that?” (He did not actually use those words. This is medieval times, remember. ) But he also has the ability to build her up with his words. Several times, he explains to her that her sight makes her special, better than what she is doing to herself. He does not see her as a whore.  And he expects her to start seeing her worth also. This is the point where I officially fell in love with Ferrum.

Little things like this helped solidify their building relationship.  Their sex was already hot, volatile, and explosive.  The spankings were commanding, hard, and boundary setting; while some were erotic and sexy as hell.  The relationship between them – Ferrum, the Dominant, and Dani, the strong willed, submitting only because she had to, was very interesting.  While Dani was attracted to Ferrum, and was finally enjoying the sex that had once been so robotic and meaningless, she also couldn’t fully accept that he was commanding her to stay with the Red Fox Army.  She hated not having a choice in the matter. She despised her submission to Ferrum’s punishments.  It went against everything she had ever known. Her strength and unyielding had been what had kept her alive for so long. And now this huge, handsome, scarred man, whom she was attracted to in every way, was commanding that she yield, and lose that part that had most protected her.

One of my favorite scenes is a role reversal scene.  After some bitter arguments over Ferrum’s leadership, Ferrum offers to let Dani be in charge of him.  He agrees to obey her, and accept whatever she doles out, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the Prince’s orders.  Since Dani is sick of obeying, and even more so sick of being punished, she accepts his idea.  She thinks she will do a better job in charge, and thinks the power will make her happy.  She also thinks that Ferrum is too proud of a man to completely yield, and this will give her new power when he fails at his task.  She pushes him hard, calling him “slave”, commanding him, demanding his sex and submission. She thrashes him a few times, and even tries to embarrass him by sending him on a task, naked.  But he still allows it.  Ferrum knows that she will finally understand the difference between power and leadership. It’s just a matter of time. This is one of the sexiest scenes I have ever read in any story.  This scene made him even more masculine than he had already been.  His submission to her for this brief moment, was based on his own power and his willingness to let her see for herself, instead of forcing a teaching point on her.  He could have been a jerk that always forced himself, and his authority on her; or he could have yielded to her strength, and let her emasculate him. He did neither. He gave her exactly what she thought she wanted, and let her figure out for herself that dominance wasn’t about forcing someone to bend to your will.  The rest of the scene was so well done. I won’t give it away. But it was fantastic. And it made me see Ferrum, as an even greater man.  It also helped Dani to grow, and she became even more likable as a strong heroine, who finally understood their struggle for power.

They finally accepted their love for each other, though they still had to work on some trust issues. But love was definitely, no longer an issue.

There was also a great amount of action, plotting, scheming, fighting- all the things that make for a great action romance. Actually, this would make a great movie.  It had everything in it. Action, fighting, a dominant main character, a strong female main character, flaws that are overcome, love, some lighter, humorous scenes, personal growth, hot sex, non-consensual and consensual spankings, erotic spankings and sex.  This story was amazing, and I loved every bit of it!

The only thing that threw me for a loop was the cover.  It did not really show the characters how they are portrayed in the book. I know this is not the author’s fault, but I just wanted to make a small note of it.

5 stars for a fantastic book. Great writing, very likable characters, a fast paced, and very enjoyable read.

Purchase now on Amazon or Amazon UKBarnes & Noble, or Blushing Books



My Wicked Devil, (Club Wicked #3) by Ann Mayburn – I leaked all over my chair!


By La Crimson Femme

Get a towel for clean up in aisle four!  Good lord almighty.  I leaked all over my chair when reading the hot scenes from the middle to last half of this book.  Ms. Mayburn is turning up the BDSM heat and playing to all my favourite kinks.  For this, I am rating it a four star.

In the third of this series, the BDSM is focused on a sadist and a SAM (smart ass masochist).  Kira Harmony is a daredevil who dared one too many times.  Recovering from a horrific motorcycle accident, she's looking to take back her sexuality.  Not sure if it is purely a physical or mental hurdle for sexual intercourse, she turns to a friend who introduces her to BDSM.  Kira is searching for a sadist to turn her pain to pleasure.

Lord Bryan Sutherland is one of the more sadistic Doms at Wicked.  He's actually an English Lord too!  In the previous book, he came across as a complete jerk.  Not sure how my view of him could change. With him as a lead character, my expectations were low.  How could this asshat be a decent Dom?  Of course he could be a very good sadist and wielding his instruments of pleasurable torture, but he's such a dickweed!

Ms. Mayburn completely shows a different side to Bryan.  I'm blown away.  Who is this man?  Totally not what I was expecting.  The character development and insights for both Kira and Bryan are great.  Their past really helps build how they are in the present.  What I'm most impressed by is Ms. Mayburn taking a different route for some of the plot “twists”.  She could have easily thrown in some outrage or miscommunication conflict.  Instead, she elects to bypass easy plot devices and bring in fresh interaction between these two leads.  For this, I'm ecstatic.  I loathe the tired trope of an outraged woman making her lover's past an issue for their relationship.

The really good stuff is the BDSM.  Oh my lord the scenes in here are delicious.  Ms. Mayburn blends reality with fiction so very well.  While the actual BDSM acts are easily plausible, the location and the “window dressing” is pure hedonistic fantasy.  The single tail whipping has me curious and wanting to experience it.  Wax play which is one of my favourite fetishes is also included.  Even better, there are a couple of hawt F/f scenes.  If fireplay were thrown in, it would have been a complete sexy meltdown for me.  The way Ms. Mayburn sets up her scenes, it shows she knows her stuff.  She's either been experimenting more in real life or doing a lot more research.  The reader enjoys the benefits of her hard work.  This delightful BDSM novel is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy SM and want to see what it's like with a sadist.4star


Taming Emma by Natasha Knight – So Erotic! So Hot!



By Katherine Deane

So erotic, so hot! I loved it!

Emma had agreed to give herself to a Dom for a weekend of sexual submission. When she accepted the money, she had no idea she would be standing blindfolded and naked in front of the potential bidders. And her nervousness skyrockets when she recognizes the voice of the nearest potential Dom, Luke Roark, her brother’s former best friend.

In an attempt to protect her, Luke buys Emma’s contract for the weekend, and takes her back to his place to teach her about BDSM and submission, falling in love with her during the process.

What I really liked about this book was the eroticism of the consensual spankings and sex. I like the occasional nonconsensual spanking, where the hero throws the woman over his lap as she kicks and screams, it’s hot! But this was way hotter! Watching Emma give her approval for each act, the emotions, and the thoughts she had to process through, gave it so much appeal.

There were erotic spankings, breast flogging, and anal play, which were all done very intimately keeping the emotional connection to keep it from becoming pornographic. It was erotic and beautiful. I loved this connection.

Unfortunately their pasts haunt each of them, making it difficult for them to remain together. They each run away because of their own fears and doubts. Until one day when they finally accept that their love is stronger than their past and their fears.

This book was so multi-faceted. Its great eroticism, engaging plot, and well defined characters, kept me reading with pleasure. I just wish it had been a bit longer. Luckily, the author left it open for potential new books. I hope to see some new stories coming from this one. I enjoyed it immensely.

4.5 stars for “Taming Emma”



Conquering Sabrina by Sara Curran-Ross – Action-packed thrill ride


p>by Katherine Deane

An action packed thrill ride filled with mystery, drama, eroticism and spankings.  I had a tough time putting this book down.

Sabrina has been having naughty dreams, the kind that include spankings and really great sex with a handsome French man.  But when she realizes her dreams may not be just dreams, her whole world changes

Sabrina was brutally attacked ten years ago, leaving her with no memory of her past.  Until she meets Raoul Valoire, the handsome French man who brings her past into the present.  Sabrina finds out that not only is she Raoul’ wife, but the bare bottom spankings and intense sex from her dreams really had happened.

Sabrina fights to find out the truth behind her brutal attack. Who attacked her, and why? Why was she fighting with her husband? Was there infidelity involved? And why did she submit to Raoul for the torturous sessions over his knee?

This story was very well written, and included some intense spanking scenes, along with some very erotic scenes.  I enjoyed watching Sabrina learn about her submissive desires, while fighting for control to be the worldly woman she thought herself to be.  And Raoul’s dominance and strength were very basiksolutions.com sexy.  I enjoyed his emotional pleas for Sabrina to remember their love. It enabled me to see him as more than just a handsome, stern leader, creating a vulnerability in him with which I truly could empathize.

The author’s introduction of not one, but two (or more?) antagonists kept me from getting bored, giving me just the right amount of mystery and danger to keep me excitedly reading.  I enjoyed the twists and turns, as the plot centered on the mystery of her attack. But the physical encounters between these two were what kept me eagerly turning the pages. There was one very edgy scene which included a maid – this was a huge f/f scene that was very erotic and quite well done.

Overall, this was a very well written story, with likeable characters, an engaging plot, erotic and disciplinary spankings which left me hot and surprisingly, satiated, and some very well done sex scenes to pull it all together.



The Finest Line by Catherine Taylor – Adventure, romance, danger and spankings


by Katherine Deane

A very well done, fast paced story with adventure, romance, danger, and a few very nice spankings.

Mairead Kavanagh, a party girl, and Olympic hopeful gymnast, keeps ticking everyone off. Her coach, her political father, her chauffer / body guard, and a very bad man who will do everything in his power to end her partying days- for good!

After a night of partying, and very foolish choices, Mairead wakes up in the hospital. Her friend is dead, her father is furious, and the public hates her.  Luckily, her chauffer, James is there to pick up the pieces, and get her safely home.  Mairead has had a tough time being around James, ever since he threatened to spank her five years ago. But she is also drawn to him.  James is good looking, strong, brave, and the only man Mairead has ever trusted to protect her.  She has day dreamed about that spanking for years.  When James finally administers the spanking she has dreamt of, they find their chemistry hard to ignore.  After Mairead follows James on his vacation, they embrace the difficult task of entering into a physical relationship. Unfortunately, someone else wants her in his life.

Mairead is a 22 year old, only daughter of a rich politician / single father.  She is spoiled and beautiful, reckless and passionate, intelligent and charismatic- I loved her! I appreciated the author’s ability to let me look so deep into this woman’s mind, that I could honestly feel her emotions and struggles.  She was a very likeable character, who was just a little misunderstood, confused, unloved at times, and sorely in need of firm, but loving guidance. That is where James Vaughn entered the picture.  A former British military man, several years older than Mairead, handsome, strong, capable, unyielding to compromise, he was the perfect complement to Mairead’s youth.

This story also had some very dark scenes, that could have ruined the whole story, if not done as well as they had been. But they were an integral part of the story, and I understood their need. One antagonist, a young man named, Mark, brought such contempt and mean spirit into Mairead’s life, that I couldn’t help but despise him.  He was a perfect picture of Lucifer- his charm, good looks, money, and power all coming together to hide a very bad heart.  I kept hoping Mairead would find a way to escape him, and finally

see the good in herself. And then Mark’s father entered the story.  He was so much worse than Mark, his evil heart knowing no boundaries, that he made Mark look like a boy scout.

My emotions were all over the place while reading this. I am very thankful that the author chose to keep the darker scenes from getting too dark, and also chose to go with my longed for HEA. Thank goodness! There were scenes that were so intense, that I would not have been able to keep reading if they had been harsher.  But the intensity was what made the story work. And the energy and excitement kept me turning page after page.  I also loved the lighter scenes.  Two words – pole dancing! What a brilliant way to add some fun, lighten up the story, and introduce a new twist to an already enjoyable plot.

I really liked this book.  The characters were well done, especially Mairead, her vulnerability, her intimacy, her stubborn will, and strength of character.  James was done well enough to be likable as the hero of the book. But honestly, my next favorite developed character was Mark.  And this is not because I liked him. I did not like him as a man.  But I loved the depth of his characterization.

Great plot, lots of action, fun spankings and sex, HEA, very fun “extra” activities to keep things from getting too dark, and very well developed characters.

4 stars for The Finest Line



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