Correcting Kathy by Patricia Green: A Collision of mind, body, soul…and soup


By Katherine Deane

Correcting Kathy is a fun, quick read about a college professor and a coed, including romance, spankings, and a wonderful structure set up to stop a bad habit.

Professor Hal Emory is a former lawyer, who became a teacher at Holy Name College after a painful loss in his life.  He is handsome, intelligent, a bit of a brooder, and an all-around good man.

Kathy McGillicutty is a college junior, cute, energetic, sweet, and a little clumsy.  She is intelligent, but naïve, and prone to making rash decisions.  She also wears cute, holiday themed panties.

The two meet in the lunchroom in a collision of mind, body, soul…and soup.  In a very entertaining scene, Kathy bumps into Professor Emory, spills her soup all over him, then proceeds to slip, pulling him down with her.  I laughed pretty hard at the silliness, and loved their instant connection.  It was the perfect amount of light humor without being slapstick.

Kathy has a bad habit that she has tried desperately to quit for ages, smoking.  She knows it is bad for her, and wants to quit, but ends up grabbing for her cigarettes whenever she gets stressed out.  I loved the realism and the public service message in this.  We all have vices, and they can hurt us.

This is the reason for Professor Emory’s pain.  He lost a loved one due to a vice.  And he has decided to help Kathy with hers. He offers her aversion therapy.  Spanking. Though Kathy has never been spanked before, she is drawn to the idea, and since she wants to quit smoking, she agrees to give it a try.

Their first spanking session is very well done. Hard, authoritative, enough to let her know that he would be firm with her, but not enough to hurt or break her.

They develop feelings for each other, and try to form a quiet relationship.  Unfortunately, someone decides to make trouble for them.  Even though it is not technically against school policy for a student and teacher to date, it is frowned upon since the catholic school strives to showcase good morals and values.

Their relationship becomes even more strained when Kathy continues to make foolish choices in her attempts to get Professor Emory’s attention.  This was pretty fun to read. Kathy is so cute and naïve. I couldn’t help but laugh, while simultaneously saying, “Don’t do it, Kathy!” Her youth, energy and naivety were  refreshing in comparison to today’s  typical sexually mature young women. I adored her.

I loved this book and was sad to see it end so soon.  I hope the author decides to do another story with these characters. They were delightful!

4.5 stars for a great plot, well developed characters, fun and entertaining scenes, awesome spankings and sex, and an extra bit of kudos for the little public service announcement about smoking.


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Angela Sargenti on calm, stern men who punish

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p>Spanking Romance Reviews is pleased to welcome Angela Sargenti today to talk about spanking fiction and her book So Spankable!

Renee Rose: What’s your preference in fiction…domestic discipline or erotic spanking? Why?

Angela Sargenti: I love them both, but I probably lean toward domestic discipline. It’s just fun to read, and all those calm, stern men giving lectures as they punish just does something to me.

Renee Rose: Do you see a difference between spanking fiction and BDSM? What is it?

Angela Sargenti: I do think there’s a difference between spanking fiction and BDSM. It’s true that there’s quite a bit of overlap between the two genres, but to me, the term BDSM implies the more hardcore stuff, which can scare some people away from reading spanking erotica/romance. I mean, there’s a vast difference between a simple OTK and being chained to the ceiling of a dungeon taking a bullwhipping.

Renee Rose: Tell us about your current release.

Angela Sargenti: My current release is So Spankable! published by House of Erotica. It’s my third book with them, and like the others, is a collection of short stories. Although there are serious moments in all three stories, the overall mood is one of playfulness and romance. For instance, Vince in “The Art of Forgiveness” takes Miranda down to the Water Lily room at his museum to spank her there, because he knows she loves the paintings. He’s struggling with his sexual identity and takes it out on her, but it helps him work through his feelings so they can come to terms with their relationship

Renee Rose: When you’re not writing, what else do you like to do?

Angela Sargenti: I love to watch baseball and am a big fan of the Oakland A’s. I also have a lot of hobbies. I’m currently making myself a Steampunk outfit. I also have a huge dollhouse I’m trying to fix up, which includes a mad scientist’s lab and an attic where two lovers meet clandestinely to dance to Victrola music. I want it to be all Goth and romantic, but I’m very far from being done.

my author picture

Renee Rose: I am in a spanking relationship, but it’s all for fun (although I do like it quite hard.)

Angela Sargenti: I’d flip that second question around and say I use my imagination to come up with stuff to use in real life. Not everything, though. I write about menage and cheating a lot, but we’re totally monogamous. It’s just fun to try to figure out what makes people tick.

Renee Rose: What is your favorite spanking implement?

Angela Sargenti: This big, heavy antique ebony hand mirror we bought at an antique fair. (photos enclosed.) Told you I like it hard.My Paddle

Renee Rose: Spanking is a hot topic that pushes people’s buttons. They either like it or they don’t. What do you think makes it hot, both positive and negative?

Angela Sargenti: I have no idea what makes it hot. It just is.

So Spankable!

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Angela-R.-Sargenti/e/B002XPPFRI

My zombie blog: www.afteroldjoe.wordpress.com

My erotica blog: www.angiesargenti.blogspot.com

My Twitter account: http://twitter.com/angiesargenti

Facebook Author Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Angela-R-Sargenti-Author/

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/angiesargenti

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/angiesargenti/

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So Spankable Excerpts

The Art of Forgiveness

By the time he marched me out to one of the exhibit halls in just my stockings and heels I was over it, over worrying who might see me, even when we had to pass through three or four other halls to get to the right one. He steered me to the left and I gasped as we turned the corner.

“The Water Lily room?”

I glanced at him, but he was busy fighting off a grin. He walked me over to a big solid bench made of cool, smooth wood and he pulled off his belt and sat down.

“Come on. Get over my lap.”

He started warming me up by hand, and when you’re a dancer you learn to block out a lot of pain, so this was nothing to me. The mini spotlights from the track lighting focused right on our little bench and I felt like I was onstage again at last, that this was all part of a scene, a beautiful, surreal scene.

I almost heard the applause of the audience and I said, “You won’t give a damn about ballerina porn when I get through with you. You’ll be glad when you see it. You’ll want to see it then. You’ll even want to do it.”

Those Little Tricks of Life

“Take my belt to Sally,” he told me. “You bust her ass good with my belt.”

I shook my head.

“Eddie, you ain’t even got no belt,” I told him.

“Yes I do. I wore it special.”

He pulled up his shirt to show me and sure enough, he had a thin little black leather belt threaded through the loops. He pulled it off and handed it to me, eager for some action.

“What do you want me to whip her for, Eddie?”

“What are you, some kind of method actress or something? Just beat her ass, for chrissakes. For the fun of it.”

Adam’s Apple

“What kind of new toy did you get?” I ask. “You can go get it if you want.”

Adam helps me up and smacks my butt for good measure.

“You go get it,” he tells me. “It’s in the top drawer of my nightstand. I think I want you to top me now.”

I squeal a little, all giddy with excitement because he hardly ever wants me to punish him. I run up the stairs and find his new toy, a nice short leather strap embossed with hearts.

When I come back, he’s already bent pants-down over the back of the couch.

“I tried it out on my leg the day I got it,” he tells me. “It leaves cute little heart-shaped welts.”

I rub his bottom before I get started and say, “Let’s see if it leaves cute little heart-shaped bruises, too. Adam Sanger, you’ve been a very naughty boy.”


Destiny’s Chance is a fantasy at its romantic best!

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By Corinne Alexander

After a freak accident leaves her best friend dead, Destiny Grable survives. However, fate has intervened and Destiny finds herself reincarnated into her best friend Zoe’s body. Destiny has found a second chance at life, but not at all in a way that she could have ever predicted. One moment she’s driving in a car with her best friend and the next she’s waking up in the hospital with Zoe’s ex-boyfriend Chance taking care of her.  To make matters worse all of her old feelings for Chance are as str[rating=5]ong as ever. Fighting between her desire for Chance and her loyalty to Zoe, Destiny is conflicted to say the least.

Zoe’s estranged boyfriend, Chance Everett, has committed himself to bringing Zoe home just long enough for her to get on her feet and then it will be time for both to move on once and for all. Chance and Destiny have been friends pushed together by Zoe, but Destiny couldn’t help but develop more than a little crush on Chance along the way. What Destiny doesn’t know is that Chance harbored a crush of his own. Chance can’t help noticing how much Zoe has changed. Her aloof nature seems to have disappeared into a woman filled with life that hums as she cooks gourmet meals, engages is compelling conversation, even her laugh has changed. Destiny is falling more in love with chance by day. The chemistry between them is inflamed by sharing a bed & the discovery of Zoe & Chance’s treasure trove of spanking implements. The tension; both sexual and the irresistible pull these characters have for one another all while trying to fight it is intoxicating. The sex & erotic spanking scenes are hot, hot, hot! Rooting for them through it all is Destiny’s empathic and clairvoyant sister, Laura, who recognizes Destiny immediately. She also recognizes true love when she sees it and is not going to let Destiny give up her chance at happiness.

The story and characters had a depth that held my interest from page one. I could not help, but feel connected to each one of them, including Destiny’s sister Laura.  In fact I connected so much with Laura that really hoping there will be a sequel in store for us featuring her as the lead character. Her story much be told! The mystical theme was fascinating. I am intrigued by the idea that true love can be so fated that one could be reincarnated into another’s body just to fulfill that destiny.  I really enjoyed how different this story is from author, Cara Bristol’s other work. It’s a nice contrast to the contemporary domestic discipline novels that the author has written in the past.  I, of course, am a big fan of both genres of spanking novels.

Destiny’s Chance is a fantasy at its romantic best. Are these star crossed lovers willing to take a chance and fulfill their destiny? You will have to read the book to find out and I highly recommend it!



#SpankeeDoodle Dandy – 12 F*R*E*E Spanking Stories and chance to win huge prizes!


spankee doodle banner

For those in the northern hemisphere, summer is here! What better way to celebrate summer vacations than to give (or receive) a sizzling hot spanking? After the rousing success of Love Spanks and Spank or Treat, Anastasia Vitsky and her team of spanking fiction authors have returned to bring you a collective Spankee Doodle Dandy story extravaganza.  It’s love and kisses for adults, and we do mean adults!

Even better, participation could earn you a GRAND PRIZE!

Many authors will also be offering a contest on their individual blogs.  Your comment on their blogs automatically enters you in both the main contest and the individual contests!

What’s the catch?  Absolutely nothing!  We love writing for you and want to thank you for your readership.  Perhaps someone might get a spanking or two, but that’s a reward rather than a catch, right?  ;)

Here are the rules:

  1. Visit each blog between the Thursday, June 20th and Sunday, June 23rd to read the posted stories and excerpts.
  2. Leave a comment answering the story question on each blog.  You will receive one entry per blog for the grand prize drawing.  You will also be automatically entered in that author’s individual contest, if he or she has one.
  3. If you have visited all of the blogs, visit Ana’s blog to sign up for FIVE bonus entries to the grand prize.
    Deadline is midnight EST (UTC -5) on June 23rd!!
  4. If you successfully completed the Love Spanks or Spank or Treat challenge and visited all of the blogs for either challenge, you may add “VIP” phpaide.com to your comments.  You will earn THREE bonus entries toward the grand prize.  (Yes, we will be doing this again.  Yes, if you successfully complete the Spankee Doodle Dandy challenge you can become a VIP for our next activity!)
  5. Visit any of the participating blogs on Thursday, June 27th to find out the lucky winners.  Will it be you?

Like these events? Want to support your friendly spanking fiction authors? Become a Spankee Doodle Ambassador! In exchange for promoting this event, you will receive one extra prize entry, AND you are still eligible to participate and win prizes! To find out the details, send an email to ana_stasia2007 at yahoo dot com, with the subject line “Spankee Doodle Ambassador”.



Anastasia Vitsky

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Kate Richards

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Maren Smith

Penelope Jones

Renee Rose

Starla Kaye

Sue Lyndon

And introducing our first-ever guest participant:

Joey Gallo

Spankee Doodle Ambassadors!

Adaline Raine

Ami Starsong
Casey McKay
Corinne Alexander
Danita Minnis
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Katherine Deane

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Thianna D

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Catch a Falling Star by Casey McKay: Brand new spanking author dishes out hot sex and hot bottoms


By Katherine Deane

This was a fun story with eroticism, spankings, humor, a little bit of drama, and a DD overtone.

Luke Summers, Hollywood Heartthrob, is taking a break from acting while working on his production company when he literally runs into a woman who is immune to his good looks and charm.

Molly Mackenzie, Mac, has grown up in the spotlight since childhood . Her grandfather is a movie producer, and her parents were both actors. She has a fiery personality, a chip on her shoulder, and is not impressed with Luke in their first meeting.

She had just been fired from her job as a writer for a cheesy sitcom, when she runs into Luke, and an old “friend” in the elevator.  The beautiful, feisty young woman is not in the mood to fawn all over the hunk. This makes Luke even more interested in her.

Luke emails Mac inviting her to dinner, and she begrudgingly accepts.

Things have been difficult for Mac. Her boyfriend dumped her and took all of her savings last year. Then Mac is sent a blackmail picture of her nude, demanding 1 million dollars. She doesn’t really want to go out on a date, but her friend talks her into it.

Luke is immediately drawn to Mac’s fiery personality, and the fact that she clashes with him. But he also likes to lead. He’s always had a tough time finding girlfriends who would let him lead, but who were also strong willed enough to keep him on his toes. And he sees this wonderful combination in Mac.

After he sees her doing some unsafe actions, he gives her a swat on her bottom, which turns into a sexy game of chase. Mac has always been fascinated with spanking, but had been turned down and called a freak the one time she had asked an ex – boyfriend to spank her. So she has never acted out her fantasy.

When Luke takes her to her bedroom for a sexy, fun spanking, Mac is so scared and unsure that she stops him. She explains that she is nervous and embarrassed. Luke firmly tells her that it is ok to ask for what she wants, and that he won’t laugh or judge her.

He gives her a nice, little fun spanking as foreplay; that is just light enough to get her aroused and let her get used to trusting him.

This is followed by a very nice sexual encounter afterwards. I appreciated the author’s use of condoms in this scene.

Mac tries to avoid Luke the next day, running from the possible new relationship, but Luke takes matters into his own hands, and forces a meeting with her. In what is becoming a recurring theme in the story, Luke tells Mac to ask for what she wants, instead of running away from her problems.

They decide to give a relationship a try, even though Mac is still hesitant.

Luke keeps pushing Mac to trust him, and ask for what she wants. She starts to trust him, but still won’t let him in on her biggest secret, that someone is trying to blackmail her with naked pictures of herself.

They mainly play with erotic spankings until one day, while vacationing in Greece, when Luke finally introduces Mac to punishment spankings. Though she hates it, she realizes that it was deserved and needed, and that she was finally able to release all the pain and guilt while over his knee.

Luke also teaches Mac to ask for quick maintenance or attitude adjustment spankings.  I like the consensual spankings he gives her, while reminding her she is not weird for wanting this in her life.

When Luke asks Mac to move in with him, she refuses. Not because she wants to break up, but because she still needs some space and time.  She is also still hiding the blackmail threat from him, trying to protect him and his career.

Mac tries to get everything taken care of on her own, but to no avail.  The pictures come out, and she hides in a bar, drowning her sorrows and guilt in alcohol. She feels so badly for hurting Luke, and doesn’t think she can face him. She has run away again, hurting Luke and her friends and family in the process.

Luke is relieved when her friend finds her, and brings her back safely. But he is also furious that she kept this from him, and ran when things got tough. He leaves her a message on her cell phone, “You don’t have to be afraid to ask for what you want.” And waits for her to make the next move.

I won’t give away the ending, but suffice it to say, I was very pleased with it.

This was a fun read, with great spankings and sex, a good plot, likeable characters, and a Happily Ever After Ending.

Buy now on


Amazon UK

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Incubus Moon by Penny Alley – A fantastic thrill ride

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p>By Katherine Deane

Wow, what a fantastic thrill ride – horror, adventure, personal growth, hot sex, passion and love!

Now, I will be honest. I went into this story, knowing almost nothing about it. All I knew was the title, the author (an awesome spanking romance author whose books I love!), and a thumbs up from Patricia Green, whom I also adore.  That was enough for me.

What I found was a balls to the wall, horrifying yet mesmerizing, engaging story that had me glued to the edge of my seat one moment, and throbbing with desire, the next.

The interesting thing, was that there were no spankings. But this story was so incredibly satisfying that it scratched every spanking itch I have- without the spankings.

This is one of the most intensely satisfying books I have read in a long time. Even without the spankings.

My congratulations goes out to Penny Alley (Maren Smith).

Well done. Very well done!

Here is the rest of my review.


I went through so many emotions while reading this story. I cried after a few scenes, they were so well done.  The passion and energy built to such a high crescendo, there were times I couldn’t breathe. Then the author relaxed the pace, and built up the characters some more, giving more insight into their lives. It was an emotionally charged thrill ride of passion and horror that pushed my limits and kept me reading into the late hours of the night. I had trouble putting the book down.  And I can honestly say, I went into this book, blind.  The first chapter was so terrifying and vivid that I had to rethink my nighttime reading habits. It was deliciously frightening. And it got even better from there.

The main character, Veda, and her village are attacked on the night of an Incubus Moon.  Succubus and Incubus Horde savagely attack everyone, using the humans for their sexual release, also breathing in their life essences, and killing them. All but Veda die agonizing deaths.

Veda awakens to find herself barely alive, her throat ripped out, her body ravaged and sore. She panics when she is picked up by another set of Incubi, who claim that they are not evil like the others.

Emen, an Incubus leader of a Settlement, promises that Veda is safe, and promises to protect her. But Veda has a horrid realization that she is becoming one of them. She yearns to feed like them. She is crippled by overwhelming, powerful lust and hunger, and agonizes that she is turning into what she despises most.  She fears herself and loathes what she is becoming. Veda turns into the monster she most fears and hates.  It consumes her, yet she fears hurting the humans, and begs for help.

She finds herself drawn to Scar, an early antagonist in the story, who satiates her sexual needs, and gives her pain during their interactions. Veda not only accepts this, she revels in it, because she wants to be punished for what she is feeling and becoming. So she keeps punishing herself, by going to Scar, and pushing him to be rough with her.

These scenes were intense and hot.  I loved them.

The settlement in which they live is inhabited by both succubi / incubi and humans.  They have learned to help and trust each other. This is out of necessity since the Incubi need the humans for their life essence, and the humans need their strength to keep out invading hordes of incubi.

As intense as the action scenes are, the sex scenes are even more intense! We are talking about sexually driven demons, so the sex is carnal, lusty, highly passionate, and breathtakingly erotic.

Veda is torn between two alpha males, as different as night and day. Both offering her the energy and physical and sexual release that she needs, but in completely different ways.

Emen, the leader of the group, is dark colored, strong, firm, loving, kind hearted, and romantic.  He falls in love with Veda’s beauty and compassionate nature.  He leads with firm compassion and understanding, but still makes difficult decisions based on the good of the many.  He takes Veda into his care to protect her from those that might hurt her, and to protect her from herself.  Though he falls in love with her quickly, he allows her the freedom to look elsewhere for her sexual and physical needs if she needs them.

Scar, is the bad boy of the group, a loner, light in color, prideful, arrogant, strong, quick tempered, passionate.  He falls in love with Veda’s strength and anger. He likes it when Veda fights him, and their sexual encounters are raw and animalistic.  Veda goes to Scar whenever she needs to hurt. And Scar provides her with pain in order to help her get past her moment of internal pain. Theirs is a relationship of fire, pain, and raw energy.  Scar pushes Veda to the very edge of her physical and emotional desires, because he understands her needs.  And the pain he gives her alleviates her own pain.

Veda is so confused by her feelings for each man. She needs them both- each for something different and she loves them each, differently.  They are fire and ice, each doing something that the other can’t.  The whole relationship has a beautiful set-up for ménage, which I would have loved to have seen.

Veda is so upset by her transformation, and blames herself and the demons who did this to her. She has a very difficult time coming to grips with all of this.

This leads to one of my favorite quotes from a story, when Emen explains that Veda does not have to continue being a victim, that she can be stronger than she realizes possible. He offers to help Veda learn to control her hunger and urges. He also offers to help her learn to safely feed from humans without killing them.

“A victim of circumstance does not a victim forever make.”

I loved this quote.

Another recurring theme in the story is redemption.  Even though Veda condemns and hates the Horde for what they did to her village, she has conflicting emotions and desires to accept the Settlement Incubi as good. She always tries to see the good in everyone, confusing her even more. Demons are demons.

There is one really cool scene, when they come across a cricket like creature, a spikey.  Emen and Scar want to kill it, explaining that the spikey is dangerous, and will kill other people when it gets older.  But Veda stands her ground, saying they can’t hold this young demon responsible for crimes committed by its family, just like the Incubi from the Settlement can’t be held accountable for the Horde’s actions. They agree to take the young Spikey with them. Veda finds out his name is Keegee, and cares for Keegee as if he were her son.

The plot is amazing. There are so many twists and turns. An antagonist at every turn.  A bad guy who is actually a good guy.  A good guy who has a very bad past. Even Veda ends up doing something horrible, that she feels she can never atone. But they still band together, forging stronger bonds, to protect themselves from the Horde.

This book was brilliantly done.  If anything had been changed, it could have easily fallen into the category of abuse, rape, and horror.  But instead, it was exciting, invigorating, erotic, dangerous, and horrifyingly titillating.

I loved this book!

I wish I could give it more than 5 stars.



Truckee Wolves: Toxic by Belinda K McBride


Review by La Crimson Femme

Another wonderful tale from the talented Ms. McBride.  In Toxic, there are shifters, tampered humans and a mysterious nefarious corporation.  This could be a simple tale of soul mates finding each other.  Instead, in classic Ms. Bride style, the reader is treated to an interesting world with interesting characters.

Ms. McBride teases us with a little strip show as she stingily tosses us tidbits of this new world she”s created.  The reader learns a little about Abraxas.  This group is after Briony and her brother, Kendall.  What happen to these kids?  The reader can make a few educated guess, but nothing is confirmed.

Ms. McBride adds in some shifters and great sexual tension.  With a damaged pack, it seems Briony”s little family will fill in the gaps.  This is where Rico, the hunky wildlife ranger comes in.  The surprising kinky interludes between Rico and Briony are smoking hot.  Ms. McBride is a cock tease as she keeps hinting with more D/s scenes yet stops right before it is realized.  She saucily builds up her secondary characters too.  This little taste makes the readers hunger for more.  It”s a lovely set up for the next book in the series.  Will it be focused on Briony”s mother or brother?  Or will the readers be treated to a hawt ménage between Rico”s alpha, his beta Sage and Briony”s mother?  One can only hope.

This tale is a fast read keeping the reader turning page after page.  There are more questions than answers at the end of this story.  This smexy paranormal romance is recommended for kinky readers.


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