The Reddington Scandal – Exciting, emotional story


By Dinah McLeodreddingtonscandal_full

I am sure you will be as delighted as I was to find that Renee Rose has another Regency story out since her very popular The Westerfield Affair. This book, The Reddington Scandal centers around the lovable rake Teddy, who is much desired and known for his roving eye. He is known for being attracted to women who are unavailable, and such is the case when the story opens. Phoebe hears her sister being spanked by her lover, Teddy Fenton, and acts quickly when her sister’s husband comes home. She claims that Teddy is her lover, and that they will be married.

Quick on his feet, Teddy seconds her words, and finds himself—the consummate bachelor—married to a woman he hardly knows. Phoebe insists on a marriage in name only, but finds herself drawn to the irresistible charms of her new husband, despite herself. She is afraid to get attached to him, certain that their relationship will only lead to heartache.

Through Renee Rose’s wonderful storytelling, these characters come to life. You will cheer them every step of the way to finding their happily ever after. The story flows wonderfully, and is vividly descriptive, taking you back through the centuries where women who were naughty got their bottoms spanked—and Phoebe is no exception! And did I mention that you get to see the wonderful Kitty Westerfield again? That was enough incentive right there for me to read! This truly is an exciting, emotional story that I am certain I will read again soon.

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Five Paddlesnew_five_paddle_review

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Saturday Spankings


Check out 8 sentence teasers from your favorite spanking authors!

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Saturday Spankings


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roundtable_graphic_first_weekSpanking Romance Reviews is gearing up for the next round table discussions.

We would love to have a wide range of voices for these topics.

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British Billionaire Bachelor by Maggie Carpenter is Panties-flying-off-HOT!


essay writing service reviewsp id=”E68″>By Dinah McLeod

If you’re looking for a book that is HOT (and I’m talking panties flying off HOT!), a book that will keep you reading and wanting more long after the story has ended, can I recommend British Billionaire Bachelor by Maggie Carpenter?

When I started this book, I was running behind on my reading and about to go to bed. I thought to myself, I will just read a page or two to get started. Was I ever wrong! This book kept me reading until I couldn’t keep my eyes open—and when I woke up, I promptly went back! The writing is absolutely beautiful. Maggie Carpenter creates realistic, wonderful characters that you will root for every step of the way.

When “British Billionaire Bachelor” the beautiful, engaging Belle Somers recalls her sexual awakening, and her lover who have introduced her to the wonderful world of submission. It was a brief fling, but she clings to the tantalizing remembrances because she’s never found even one man to hold a candle to the lover living in her memories.

Until, that is, she meets handsome British Bachelor Simon Sinclair. From the get go, it’s clear that Simon is used to having his way, and that Belle will also have to yield to his rules. Simon needs a realtor to find him the perfect house in the States—little does she know that he’s asked around to get the name of a possible submissive! Simon is impressed with Belle, and hires her to work for him, sending her off from their first meeting with a secret provision. Inside he suggests that she might submit to his discipline, as he sees necessary to give it. Reading it brings back all her desire for a man who can dominate her and bring out the submission she longs to give—is it possible that this rich, worldly man could share the dark longing inside of her?

So begins “British Billionaire Bachelor”. There is plenty of spanking-action, enough to satisfy any spanko! Each sex scene is more incredible than the last, and described vividly for your reading pleasure! But this is not just a novel to get you hot and bothered—it also contains a wonderful, fast-paced plot that will keep you turning the page to find out what happens next! You won’t want to put it down, but that’s okay—Simon and Belle’s story is continued in a sequel that I am sure will be as sexy and exciting as the first! Get yours today!new_five_paddle_review

Five Paddles: [rating=5][relatedratings=5]

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It's Time for Writing Prompt Wednesday


Greetings every

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one and welcome to another Wild, Wonderful. Wacky, Writing Prompt Wednesday.

Last week's winner was Maddie Taylor and she received a copy of A Husband's Duty from Dinah McLeod. Thank you Dinah!

Get Your Ex Back Book

Okay, you all know the rules. 250 words. Nothing creepy. Winner is drawn randomly from the submissions.

This week's prompt:

“Did you knock on my door?”


Review for Acting Lessons – Setting The Stage For Love


******I’m trying some new formatting in my reviews, in an attempt to be more subjective and specific.  Instead of just one rating (of 1-5 stars), I will be rating specific items, like:

How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back Using Facebook

Level of heat for Sex, spankings, plot, characters….

Please let me know what you think. I would love some constructive feedback to make the review system even better!

-Katherine Deane********

I have always loved Kate, from The Taming of the Shrew and Kiss Me Kate.  She is an awesome character – vibrant, strong, willful, with some bad behavior added in.  Mmmm, if anyone has ever needed a spanking from a strong, hard handed man, it’s Kate.

When I read Acting Lessons, by Kathryn R. Blake, I came into it with the knowledge that this was a modern day version of Kiss Me Kate.  I went in expecting a harsh young woman, who challenged all authority, earning her plenty of spankings.

What I discovered was a deeper, more emotional, wonderfully done story.

Kate and Peter are an estranged couple, within days of making their divorce official.  Kate is a popular, vivacious actress who has made her mark, and is enjoying the life of stardom.

Peter is a critically acclaimed Director, who is also riding high on his successes.

Despite their successes neither of them has been truly happy since the separation.  Kate has lost weight, and isn’t sleeping well, and is getting sick.  Peter decides to take matters into his own hands, and attempts to get Kate back into his life, luring her in with an offer she can’t refuse.

A chance to star in the College Summer production of “Kiss Me Kate”.

Kate loves the idea of playing in this new role, knowing it will help the college especially the budding young actors in the theater camp. She is riding high on the idea of this new project until she realizes who will play opposite her…Peter!

This infuriates Kate and she can't stop herself from giving him a piece of her mind.

Peter reverts to his old way of handling things and takes her over his knee and gives her a sound spanking right in front of Kate’s agent.

I wasn’t so sure if I liked this semi-public chastisement, feeling that it embarrassed her, and disrespected her in front of her agent.  But I’ll be honest, and say my arousal outweighed my confliction, so I went with it. It was actually kind of fun to read.

Kate accepts the offer, and agrees to work with Peter, respectfully.

Their relationship shows some very good promise of reconciliation, when Kate and Peter make love, in a very sweet scene, that shows that the old fire is still there between them.  Much to Kate’s surprise she finds out that the Judge, being a sentimental man, wrote a clause in their paperwork, that should they come together before the end of the 6 month legal separation, it would be negated.

I liked that fun little twist. Unfortunately, it made the reconciliation attempts harder, because Kate believed she had been manipulated by Peter.

The rest of the story follows their journey, as they try to rekindle their old romance while continuing to have miscommunications and bad timing.

I was very grateful that the author showed Peter’s POV toward the end.  It enabled me to see that he wasn’t just a hard man, trying to push Kate under his thumb.  He actually did care, and worried about her health, and wanted her to be happy and healthy again.

The author also added in a great cast of secondary characters. My favorite is Thomas, Kate’s boyfriend during the separation.  I absolutely fell in love with Thomas, and his supportive measures with Kate.  He called the cops on Peter, when he thought Peter was abusing Kate.  He stepped aside, and offered friendship and counsel when Kate reconciled with Peter.  And Thomas did research on spanking, and offered to become a spanker, once Kate explained her needs.  I adored Thomas, and would love to see him in his own story someday.

This was a fun story that had plenty to offer:

  • The fantasy and realism of a spanking relationship.
  • Communication misfires and the ensuing emotions
  • Sweet, lightly done sex scenes.
  • Nice hard spankings – a few were even public or semi public!
  • And a wonderful HEA!

Sub ratings:

**** I have broken up the rating into sub categories:

Plot, Characters, Writing, Spankings, Heat level and Ending.

In this story, the few sex scenes are light, so giving it a lower paddle does NOT mean it is not well liked. It means the sex was sweeter, than something like a 5 paddle BDSM book with anal play.  More to the point, a 1 or 2 paddle, means I could give this to my grandmother without being embarrassed.  A 3 paddle story, I could give to my mother, but possibly not my mother in law.  A 5 paddle story? Mmmm I loved it, and will be talking about it online only, while using my pseudonym, so no one in my real life realizes how kinky I am. :)


Plot – 4 paddles.  new_four_paddle_review

The plot was fun and simple to follow, allowing me the time to really focus on the characters (and the spankings )

Characters – 4.5 paddles.  four_half_paddle_review

I was so thankful that Peter’s POV was done. Otherwise, I might have disliked him as an arrogant jerk.  Instead, I was able to see both their emotions and the turmoil still keeping them apart. Very well done.

Writing – 4.5 paddles. four_half_paddle_review

I really liked her writing style. It flowed smoothly, and was easy to read and understand. The author handles the contemporary and the theatrical colloquialisms wonderfully!

Spanking level – 3.5 paddles.  three_half_paddle_review

The level of spankings were right in the middle. Hard, but not too hard.  Hand and hairbrush seemed to be the most used implements.  These were well done, but not as harsh as some other DD books. I did give it an extra ½ point for the public spanking.

Sex heat level – 3 paddles.  three_paddle_review

*** Please remember, this is not my opinion of how well done the sex was written.  It is the heat level.  The level was right in the middle for me. There was enough to show me that the couple really did have a physical spark. And the scenes were done quite well.

Ending –  4.5 paddles! four_half_paddle_review

I love HEA’s, the cheesier the better! The culminating event in the book was fun and a little cheesy, and I adored it!  It also had a really good event that made it a truly HAPPY ending. But I won’t give that away.


Submission and Trust


I've always known that trust is essential to submission. That was kind of a given. But having read the recent Round Table Discussions, I really thought about that trust for the first time.

There was one comment in particular that Gemini made about the gift of Dominance. As a sub, I am completely and selfishly focused on myself and this was interesting to read. In my post, I spoke about struggling with submission – wanting to give it but being unable to. After reading what Gemini wrote, something clicked for me. When giving the gift of submission, you must trust that the gift of Dominance will be given in return. It's like you have to trust that the one you are giving your submission to can take it, can accept it and give you back what you need – his Dominance.

In Aching To Submit, the blurb reads that Sophie hadn't told her husband of her kink out of fear of rejection. Yes, that's one side of things, but there's also the other side. Maybe she wasn't sure or didn't trust that he could take it and give her back what she needed – his Dominance. The following snippet is a punishment scene, one of the few Sophie has received so far. It's at the end of this piece that she realizes that her trust was not misplaced – that Michael is more than capable of caring for her submission and offering her, in turn, the gift of his Dominance.

* * * *

 “Hold out your hands,” he said.

“You don’t have to bind…” she began.

“How many additional strokes do you think you deserve for speaking when you did not have permission to speak?”

She stared at him. “I’m sorry, Sir,” she said quickly. “I just…”

“Ten more, then. Another word and we’ll make it twenty on top of what you’re already going to get.”

She stared at him, her mouth open, but luckily too smart to keep talking.

“Hold your hands out,” he said.

She extended them to him and he bound them in front of her before sitting down on the chair. “Lay yourself across my lap,” he said.

Sophie took a step to his side and held on to his thigh as she leaned forward, then put her hands to the floor. Once she was situated, he trapped both her legs between his and pulled her tight to him. She then felt the weight of the belt as he laid it over her low back.

“I like you like this,” he said, his hand circling her buttocks, then pressing on the base of the plug before dipping down into her pussy. “You’re wet, Soph, even for your punishment you’re wet. But pain before pleasure and this is going to hurt. Are you ready?”

how to get your ex back

“I don’t know, Sir,” she said, her voice wavering.

He chuckled and slapped her ass once, then caressed softly before repeating the motion on the other cheek. The caress was just momentary and only heightened her anxiety as she knew the strike that followed would be sharp and quick.

“Ow,” she said, already squirming.

“Oh, honey,” he said and she could hear the smile in his voice, “this is nothing compared to what’s coming.”

He slapped harder and she struggled against each one, but with her hands bound as they were and her legs trapped between his, it was useless. When he picked up the belt, however, she shoved her full weight against him, trying to get free, panic overriding everything else.

Michael pulled her to him, holding her tight by her waist. “Shh, it’s okay. You’re okay, Soph. It’s me. You can take this; you’ll feel better for it.”

“Easy for you to say,” she cried.

“Do you want to stop?” he asked, surprising her.

She turned her head to meet his eyes. “No.”

Her eyes, which had been dry until then, suddenly filled with tears that overflowed onto the carpet beneath her. “I don’t want you to stop. I’m just scared. I think I made a mistake. I think I should have chosen a different belt,” she cried.

He laughed out loud, but it wasn’t cruel. In fact, as he did it, he hugged her to him, rubbing her back. “Baby,” he began, “you think I’d have let you get away with that?” he asked. He was massaging her low back.

That was the moment she understood that he wouldn’t have let her off the hook.

Goose bumps covered the flesh over her entire body as this realization settled upon her. She exhaled and closed her eyes, relishing the release, the knowledge that she was safe here in his arms and that she could lean on him, that he would carry her. That he could carry her.


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Friday Afternoon by Sylvia Ryan


By La Crimson Femme

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Children are the death of a sex life. Many times the baby's first wail is the death keel to a lover's bond. Many marriages dissolve as children replace the spot reserved for a lover. Can this book get any more depressing? Oh wait, this one monologue below from Mia captures how having children will destroy a person's life.

For me, their birth marks the threshold that took a deliriously happy, newly married me to
a violent end, to a cessation of everything. My career, my marriage, who I’d always been as a
person. It was like falling down while water-skiing, bone-jarring and suffocating. Despite the
sheer joy of my new baby girls, their birth created the tiniest gap in what has subsequently grown
into a rift between Levi and me. (p. 7) 

Reading this passage only affirms my decision not to have children. These parasitic money pits seem to wreak havoc without a thought. Levi and Mia have been married for a long time. With twin daughters, their previously exuberant sex life slowly disappeared until it died a quiet death. The start of this book is excessively demoralizing. Mia hold her own self-pity party as she creates psycho stories in her head regarding her husband cheating on her. Women like Mia disappointment with their juvenile behaviours and inability to communicate effectively with their husband. Why people think their lover is a mind reader never fails to baffle me.

Fortunately, Mia married a sane man with the heart of gold. Instead of leaping to a defensive stance, he helps his wife feel sexy again. Because it's his job to make it right, not her job to make him feel wanted. Did you see how that works? I applaud Ms. Ryan with her subtle writing because it's exasperatingly accurate to real life. The first third of this book is very difficult for me personally to get through because I'm feeling pity for the beleaguered husband. Too many of my male friends experienced this at the hands of a batty wife. Not sure if I could continue with this story, I plow forward.

Ms. Ryan quickly switches over to some hot afternoon delight. What she's written isn't a 101 on how to get your groove back on, but it's pretty damn close. For lovers who've lost their spark, check this book out. It's an easy guide on how to jump start a mostly dead sex life. Ms. Ryan also injects her funny sense of humour. One particular discussion between Mia and her best friend about shaving can cause a reader to do a spit take. Read that section with a drink at your own risk.

“I’m just sayin’ men prefer baby smooth, not pussy-fro.” (p. 28)

Pussy-fro? This is a phrase I need to remember.

Ms. Ryan does a great job of showing how two lovers can reconnect. It's not just the sex. It's the quality time spent together which makes the difference. Building the bonds back through trust and intimacy makes a difference. It even impacts their attitude and others can sense it. Good sex is a great confidence booster. Kinky sex just cranks it up a notch. Levi's increasingly kinky play is hawt and so enjoyable to read. His dom qualities reappear and this erotic contemporary romances ends on a high. It leaves the reader wanting more. What will happen now that a bet has been won? Curious readers want to know! This short romance tale is recommended for lovers who need a little catalyst to spark their love life back to existence.

three_half_paddle_review3.5 paddles


Round Table Discussion: Submission


Hi, it's N

how to get your ex back

atasha! Welcome to our second Round Table Discussion. Today we're talking about submission. This topic didn't feel so black and white to me as I believe it means something different to each one of us so the question itself was open. Basically, define what submission means to you and write what feels right, what you'd like to share, what you're able to share.

We have quite a few participants this week. We even have a couple of men talking about this. I won't go on in this post, there's enough to read on the individual blogs so below are links to each. Take a moment and have a look. Comment if you like, we'd love to hear what you have to say. I know it's sometimes difficult to – I was a lurker for a long long time myself.

Corinne Alexander

Joelle Casteel

Viola DiMarzo

Trent Evans

Fiona of Sir Q and Me

Tara Finnegan

how to get your ex back

Penelope Hasler

Natasha Knight

Casey McKay

Joseph McNamara

Adaline Raine

Renee Rose

Maddie Taylor

Our next Round Table Discussion will be led by Renee Rose. You know her, short black skirt, red sash, over the knee stockings, writes super hot spanking romance…

 She'll be chatting about Role Play. If you're interested in joining in on that discussion, please send an e-mail to spankingcircle@gmail .com



Five Paddles: Aching to Submit by Natasha Knight


by Tara Finnegan

When I read a book by Natasha Knight there are certain things I have come to expect:

1.       Hot as hell spankings and sex scenes.

2.       Well written story to capture my interest.

3.       Likeable characters that I can really identify with.

4.       A hot dominant man.

Aching to Submit has all that and so much more.  It’s a journey that many a submissive and/or spanko will identify with, including the lumps and bumps along the road. It will speak to anyone who has either come out or still harbours a secret fantasy.

The opening scene has a very hot image of a young woman, Sophie, positioning herself over a desk, bottom bared for a punishment she desperately craves, but it’s not going to come. Its heart rending and poignant, rather like the song in Les Miserables, Only in my Mind.

We get to follow Sophie a little bit more and we can sense her loneliness. She is carrying a sadness from her childlessness, a secret guilt from her desire for submission which she feels makes her dirty, and she is incredibly isolated, being displaced from her native America to Amsterdam due to her husband’s work and his gruelling travelling schedule.  All this results in Sophie’s shutting off from her husband.

We also get to see Michael, heartbroken and scared. As a divorcee, he can see the signs of a crumbling marriage and he is at a loss about how to get through to Sophie. He is also wracked wirh guilt as he feels he has caused her isolation and depression. He seems to be a tender, loving and indulgent husband.

Sophie’s need to submit becomes all pervasive to the point where she almost loses her sense of reason. She is aware of a BDSM club in Amsterdam and she stakes it out for a time before finally garnering the courage to go in. She is excited about what she sees but decides to keep away out of duty to her husband. But of course the draw is too strong and she returns. Kyan, the club leader sees her confusion and befriends her, even offering her the punishment she feels she needs, but Sophie rejects his offer, realising that Michael is the person she wishes to submit to. She is finally ready to tell him her secret.

At the same time, Michael becomes aware of Sophie’s secret trips to the club and is devastated by her rejection of him. Finally it all comes out in the open and Michael punishes Sophie for her deception. We get some beautiful insights into both Michael’s and Sophie’s thoughts as both grow into their new roles and their relationship strengthens with their newfound openness and trust. And we also get to witness the positive effect it has on their sex life!

I don’t want to add any spoilers, but suffice to say, as you’d expect from any of Natasha Knights books you’ll be gasping for breath at the eroticism of the steamy, smoking sex and spankings which are generously offered throughout.

Top marks, five out of five stars from me, for everything, sex, spankings, story and readers emotional involvement with the characters.

My favourite Natasha Knight book to date, and that is really saying something.new_five_paddle_review

Buy now on:

 See Natasha Knight's author page on SRR

how to get your ex back

See Tara Finnegan's author page on SRR


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