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Review- Surrender Your Grace by Maddie Taylor


surrenderyourgrace500X750-72dpi #1Cici finds herself in a compromising position with a young man named Andrew. He is supposed to be courting her sister, but her sister deems him unsuitable as he is the younger brother of a Duke and she would prefer the Duke.

Andrew will not stand by and let Cici's reputation become tarnished so he takes the naïve, young woman to be his wife. He is immediately drawn to his timid bride, and is pleasantly surprised to find she is nothing like her conniving sister.

Cici is overwhelmed after becoming Andrew's wife. She discovers he is in charge of multiple estates, which she would have a hand in overseeing the staff.

Her stress is only compounded when Andrew's brother dies in an accident, leaving Andrew to become Duke. Now Cici is the wife to a Duke and she has hardly even adjusted to just being a wife.

I absolutely loved this book from start to finish. Andrew and Cici are thrown into a marriage that easily could have left them to lead separate lives. But Andrew decides he wants to try to court his new wife and see if they can find love between them. He has a very dominant nature and I was worried at first that he was going to come across as mean or harsh because Cici's character is introduced as a sweet, shy girl. Maddie Taylor does a great job of setting the stage for the characters to fall in love.

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Andrew starts their new relationship off by spanking his wife he hardly knows. He has explained to Cici that he needs her to be obedient and obey his rules. When he realizes that she seems nervous at the thought of being spanked, he takes her over his knee to get it out of the way.

I thought it was genius that Cici discovers she likes being spanked. It turns her on and it gave the book a sexier feel than if she would have just been afraid of her husband and afraid of being punished. She still wants to stay in Andrew's good graces, but luckily for the reader she finds herself in trouble more often than she'd like.

This was a great story about two people trying to make a marriage of circumstance work. If you like historical romances, you will love this book. It had a few plot twists I didn't see coming. There were tender moments and other times when I found myself laughing.

The spankings were hot, as was the sex. I feel like if Andrew and Cici were written in a more contemporary time they would probably be frequenting a BDSM club rather than attending balls and running a Dukedom.

I give Surrender Your Grace 5 Stars and highly recommend to any spanking romance lover.new_five_paddle_review


Yes, It's Another Writing Prompt Wednesday


I'm going to be traveling  a bit this week so might not be able to respond to everything as quickly as I would like, but that does not mean you all should slack off. I will be back!

ex gf

This week's writing prompt was inspired by Patricia Green's comment on Facebook.

how to get your ex back

Write 250 words using this prompt—- Off like a prom dress.

Thanks for playing! Oh…and there will be a prize. I'm not sure what. But it will be good and you'll want it.


My Naughty Little Secret: Smart, Sexy, Modern Day Romance With a Twist!


My Naughty Little Secret

Review by Corinne Alexander

Siobhan Brennan is the epitome of an independent woman. She is feisty with a touch of that brash wittiness that only the Irish can do so well. Siobhan grew up in a small fishing village in Ireland. She moved to London to make her way in the world by her own merit. Siobhan was lucky to find a house with two incredible roommates, Claire and Tara. They make a fun loving trio who have a lot of laughs and have grown to be true friends.

After getting the shaft on a deserved promotion at her previous job and finding herself at the cheated on end of a long term relationship, Siobhan is looking for a fresh start in her career at least, love can wait. She is offered an interview at Banbury’s, a prestigious department store in London, and lands the job in short order.

Michael Henrii is the new head of Banbury’s buying department. He is confident, gorgeous, and more than a little self assured.  Siobhan is attracted to him immediately, but is determined to dislike him. She knows his type. He’s arrogant, cocky, and way too self assured for her taste. In her eyes he is a man who probably gets what he is after far too often.

Siobhan finds herself all too quickly on the fast track to more responsibility at Banbury’s catching her a bit off guard as she was not expecting to take on so much so soon. She proves herself up to the task though continued run in’s with Michael leave her confused about his motives and intentions. It doesn’t help that scene’s of him as a stern schoolmaster keep creeping into her thoughts unbidden. Before she realizes what happened she finds herself agreeing to a date with him. After a wonderful date the heat level rises when she goes home with him for the night. I needed a cold shower after those delectable scenes.

Siobhan was on cloud nine after the satiating night and morning they shared. However, Siobhan’s inner conflict over Michael’s stern, bossy, yet incredibly sexy ways comes to a head at lunch.  Determined to pay the bill even though she has agreed to allow Michael the honor she slips the waiter payment under the guise of visiting the ladies room. Michael is furious. A clash of wills ensues with Siobhan lashing out and Michael being quietly stern; reining in his fury until they get back to Siobhan’s house.

“You think this is about you paying for lunch? Maybe it started that way Siobhan, but honestly, the way you yelled and swore, you were like a three year old having a tantrum. With a foul mouth like that, you deserve a good spanking.”

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Uh oh, he really shouldn’t have said that. The headmaster image was back in my head in a flash and boy, was I ready to play out the role of the naughty schoolgirl. The thought was really hot. I could feel something deep inside me stirring an awakening of my true self.”

I’m sure you can guess what happens next and this takes their relationship to a whole new level.  Something awakens inside of them that they just can’t squelch or deny. The flames engulf as they begin to explore this lifestyle that they stumbled into. Without giving anything away I am going to say it is HOT, HOT, and SCORCHING HOT! As you read their sizzling exchanges and conflicts they hit along the way you will be pulled along. Siobhan’s fear of commitment along with the normal ups, downs, and doubts that come with this type of relationship keep you on your toes, and wow, just wait for the incredible plot twist that comes out toward the end of the book! You will be so glad you decided to pick up this book.

My Naughty Little Secret is a smart, sexy book that is told in first person and vacillates between storytelling and action. I really enjoy author Tara Finnegan’s refreshing take of modern day romance with a twist. She does it so well that it’s believable yet is still sexy as hell. Her characters are real, entertaining, and relatable in every way. Yet the heat factor is STEAMY! The plot is as good as the spanking and sex scenes which are off the charts good. So mark my words you are going to want to read this one!
new_five_paddle_review Buy Today: Amazon, AmazonUK, Barnes and Noble, Blushing Books, All Romance eBooks, Kobo

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