Corner Time for Rachel, Excerpt from Claimed by the Beast


claimedbythebeast_full-2 copyI’m very happy to be here on Spanking Romance Reviews with my latest release, Claimed by the Beast. A huge thanks to Renee Rose, fellow author and friend.


Today I wanted to share a piece from the book which contains two firsts for Rachel: corner time and a butt plug. Really, two of my favorite things… This is not a punishment scene but more to establish their roles and to put Rachel in a submissive frame of mind for what Marcus has in store for her next…The scene begins from Rachel’s point of view and switches to Marcus’s at the break.


* * * *


“Corner?” she asked, taken aback. He’d never done something like this before. This would definitely be pushing her. When he spanked her, it was different. He was an active participant. But making her stand in the corner with her nose to the wall and her panties pulled down to leave her bottom exposed. “I… Marcus, I don’t think I can do that.”

Marcus rose to his feet, taking her hand in one of his. With the other, he turned her face up to his, his forehead to hers, his nose to hers, his face smiling, hers worried. “You can,” he said, walking her to the corner himself and setting her where he wanted her. “Nose touches here at all times,” he said, encouraging her forward with a hand at the back of her head. “Good girl. Now, one more detail.” With that, he moved a step back and his hands were at the hem of her panties. She covered them with hers.

“Wait, I’m…”

“Shh… you’re ready for this,” he teased, sliding a hand into her panties and searching for the wetness there. “More than ready. Naughty girl,” he said. “Put your hands at the back of your head now.”

She glanced once over her shoulder, met his gaze as he nodded, and returned her nose to the wall. She then reached her hands up and placed them at the back of her head. He took his time dragging her panties down over her hips, exposing her bottom but leaving the slip of cotton at the tops of her thighs.

“Beautiful,” he said, stepping back. “Don’t let those panties slide down,” he cautioned. “I’ll be right back.”

She listened as he climbed the stairs but was back just a few moments later. She expected him to come to her straight away, to touch her, to be with her, but when she saw him from the corner of her eye go into the kitchen and heard him pour himself a drink, she narrowed her eyes. He walked back into the living room, ignoring her altogether and sitting down on the couch. It took all she had to stay where she was when she heard him turn the TV on.


* * *


Marcus couldn’t care less what was on TV. His cock was hard at the vision Rachel made at the wall, her nose right up against it as he’d positioned her, her hands clasped at the back of her head which he imagined wouldn’t be comfortable for long, her panties down just far enough to expose her gorgeous ass. His hand twitched to spank the fleshy mounds, have them bounce with each one. Next time he’d do a preliminary spanking before setting her in the corner. Her ass should be at least a little pink which would be even prettier than the milky white smoothness.

He eyed the items he’d brought down with him. A butt plug and some lube. The thought of what he was going to do made him want to explode, but he had to be patient. Give her some time in the corner. Get her in the right place. So he sat back and forced himself to take his time and finish his drink. When that was done, he slid the plug and the lubricant into his pocket and walked over to her.

“Is it over?” she asked when she heard him approach.

“Not quite yet,” he said, setting his hands on either side of her hips, looking down at her lush bottom, kissing the back of her neck, her shoulder. “Put your hands up against the wall,” he said, holding onto her and pulling her gently toward him so she had to walk her feet a few steps and lean her torso forward with her hands up on the wall. “Take your feet just a little farther, Rachel. I have a surprise for you.”

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She made a small sound but moved her feet. He held the flat of his right hand against one butt cheek, rubbing and caressing there. “Just a few, just for a little color,” he said. He slapped her bottom with that. It wasn’t hard but she grunted and her body went forward, probably more from the surprise of it than actual pain. “Try to hold still,” he said, repositioning her and slapping her other cheek.

“Ouch,” she said, her voice small, but she managed to stay as she was.

He slapped each cheek a few more times, watching them bounce, turning them a nice, warm pink. He then stopped and caressed. She tried to rise up.

“Uh-uh. Not yet,” he said. He took out the lube and opened it. “Hollow out your back and lift your ass.”

She did as he said.

“Good girl. Now reach back and spread your cheeks open for me.”

Her body stiffened a little. “What?”


* * * *

I feel a little guilty to leave you right there but it is a teaser… I hope you enjoyed it. Although this book stands alone, its predecessor, Taken by the Beast is on sale for $2.99 now through New Year’s in celebration of the new release. You can find it by clicking here.

Blurb for Claimed by the Beast

More than a year has passed since Marcus, free at last from his harsh captivity, disappeared to lead a life of solitude. Rachel waits for him, clinging to hope, but her fear grows that the man with whom she shares an unbreakable bond is lost to her forever. Despair leads her to take risks with her life, and Elijah does his best to keep her safe, but he knows that only his brother’s return can truly heal her wounded heart.


Believing that he will only bring her pain and sadness, Marcus has vowed to leave Rachel on her own, telling himself that she will move on and find love and happiness in the arms of some other man. But when the dark shadows of the past engulf his family again and Rachel’s life is put in terrible danger, he is given no choice but to return and take back what is his.


Though overjoyed that Marcus has returned at last, Rachel cannot bring herself to believe that he will truly stay this time, and her doubts push her to defy him even as he fights to protect her. She soon learns, however, that he will tolerate no disobedience when her safety is at stake, and her defiance will be dealt with firmly. As she stands before him, bare and blushing with her well-spanked bottom on display, knowing there is much more to come, Rachel longs for her mate to claim her as his and his alone. But can he shield her from those who would do them harm, or will he be torn away from her yet again?


Publisher’s Note: Claimed by the Beast is the sequel to Taken by the Beast. It is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, elements of medical play and BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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The Blacksmith’s Daughter and The Constancia Compendium by Chris Bellows


by La Crimson Femme

The Blacksmith’s Daughter

Another tormented taboo story from Mr. Bellows will take the reader into a depraved world of sexual slavery.  The title of this book is misleading because it conjures images of a historical time.  The setting is current day with a couple of men who are good with metal works.

Mr. Bellows does an excellent job again with his deviant depictions.  The depravity which springs forth from his mind is guiltily pleasurable.  Only those with a dark side will truly revel in this sexual slavery story.  Sunny is a runaway who is directed to Dr. Samuels to help her.  Sunny’s tale of woe begins with how she’s been encased with iron fittings at her stepfather’s hands.  She can’t use her hands and she’s been hindered from walking.  The piercings she’s received are designed to arouse the sexual perpetrator and frustrate poor Sunny.  Sunny thinks Dr. Samuels will save her.  What she doesn’t realize, is that he’s there to make her physical restrictions even stricter and more perverse.

Mr. Bellows is a master of sadistic delights.  Each sexual enslavement should generate horror in the reader.  Instead, it heightens the reader’s arousal.  For those who fantasy about being subjugated in such a manner, it’s frightening yet extremely hot.  For those who lust after making such extreme body modifications to a female, it’s spank bank material.  To be able to make these obviously unrealistic changes to a body and then condition the sex slave to take it in the ass or orally at any time is fantastically stimulating.

Mr. Bellows’ technique of going back and forth between time periods to explain how Sunny’s enslavement begins in comparison to Dr. Samuels’ new enhancements is perfect.  The candid descriptions of how Sunny is abused by many different people in all sorts of combination is smoking hot.  It showcases Mr. Bellows’ creativity.  The switching point of view between Dr. Samuels and Sunny also helps enhance the story.  It helps develop the characters and shows just how sinister Dr. Samuels can be as well as how submissive Sunny becomes.

The BDSM in this story is dark fantasy.  If the reader needs to be told this isn’t to be taken for reality, then they should not be reading this book.  There are some parts to this story which can be done which makes this story that much hotter.  For example, the enemas are quite possible.  A posture collar is possible yet in the form Mr. Samuels creates for Sunny, not very probable.  The anal gang banging is quite possible.  Would it be pleasant and possible every day?  Most likely not.  What is really hawt which is left to the reader’s imagination is what happens to Sunny when Dr. Samuels is done with her.  The suggestion of breeding as well as forced lactation is deliciously erotic and makes a reader  yearn for a follow up on Sunny.  Perhaps a little short story where Dr. Samuels visits the breeding and lactating Sunny could be written.

This dark BDSM fantasy is recommended for those who enjoy the taboo and aren’t ashamed of it.


The Constancia Compendium

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Body modification, sexual torture, cbt and force feminization are all guaranteed elements in a Chris Bellows novel.  In this one, it’s three books together for some delicious depravity.  It is a book meant to be savoured.  Whilst I devour most books, this one, I chose to take my time because it is so lovely to read parts and then spend a little “alone” time to fully appreciate Mr. Bellows’ writing style.  There are three books in one collection: Lady Constance, Constancia Island and Behavioral Modification.


The first two parts of this book may come across a bit clinical.  It is from the perspective of a clinical psychologist researching how males have been modified by Lady Constance.  The researcher is given the deluxe tour of the facilities where Lady Constance and her helpers sadistically and sexually torture males.  The first book uses an interviewing style which could come across as dry.  It does not.  Mr. Bellows graphically describes what is done to each male.  How the male came to the clinic and more importantly, how the doctors and nurses came to the clinic.  It’s depraved and not for the those just starting their BDSM journey.  Are any of these body modifications possible?  Some, but for the most part, no.  This is a book for those who clearly understand the difference between reality and fantasy.  As a fantasy, it is so good.  Some may consider it porn.  I consider it a fantasy lovingly detailed with both physical and emotional responses.  It is amusing to see it from the aggressor’s point of view.  Most stories from Mr. Bellows are from the victim’s perspective.


For those who prefer to be in the minds of the male being forced into depraved acts and modified both mentally and physically, do not despair.  Book three, Behavioral Modification, treats the reader to Ted Dalton, cheating trophy husband.  Mrs. Dalton sends Ted for an intense training to her specification.  This is probably the hottest of the three for me because we get to see Ted’s change from beginning to end.  The humiliations he suffers as well as punishment are orgasmic for those into sissification.  The surgery performed upon him to Mrs. Dalton’s desires could be horrifying but Mr. Bellows does it so deliciously twisted.  Mr. Bellows’ trademark style of using well-endowed men and then denying them penile ejaculations is always a pleasure to read.

Mr. Bellows is creative and deviant.  His stories are for a specific niche of readers who enjoy femdom in a dark and wicked manner.  For me, his stories arouse, excite and satiate my warped kinky hunger.  This collection is definitely a keeper which I’ve already dog-eared my favourite parts to be re-read over and over again.  Highly recommended to femdom lovers who enjoy body modification and large subjugated males.



Took My Breath Away Blog Tour


Thanks Spanking Romance Reviews for hosting the Took My Breath Away Book Blog Tour today!TMBA_200x300

It’s Day 5 of the Took My Breath Away Book Blog Tour and I’m excited to be on Spanking Romance Reviews. If you miss any days of the book blog tour, you can find links to them here.

One day my roommate asked what I was writing so furiously and my response was something to the tune of “just a simple spanking.” A simple spanking, is there such a thing? Upon thinking about it, I would have to say no. Even just a teasing smack on the rear end has implications, from humor and teasing to flirting, a warning, or even foreplay. In the case of an unwanted swat, it could be the precursor to a fist to the jaw (Remember to tuck in that thumb, first! Or at least so I’ve heard ;) )

In the case of Logan and Christian, every time Logan’s hand lands, it is always good. In this snippet, Logan and Christian reminisce a little about the first time Logan spanked Christian. Ahhh, the good memories.

“I’ll unlock the door. Why don’t you drive in? We don’t have any close neighbors, but just in case someone saw your truck, we don’t want them calling my father.”

A cough of a laugh came from his left. “Uh, no. We definitely don’t want that.”

Once the truck was parked and the garage door shut, Logan hit the button that turned on the lights over the couches and they headed over there. There was, surprisingly, a little chill in the air so Logan turned on the space heater and put it on the coffee table. Christian wrapped his arms around him and pulled him down onto the sofa. “Do you remember the first time we came here?” he asked as he nuzzled Logan’s neck.

“Yep. You were stiff as a board. Afraid to relax when I sat down next to you. ’Til I spanked your tush.”

Book Description:

Took My Breath Away
Sequel to As Natural As Breathing

Length: Novel

Genre: Gay Spanking Romance

Series: All They Ever Needed

Sometimes taking control is what you need to do and sometimes the best thing you can do is give that control up.

In the summer between Logan’s junior and senior years of college, these two will find out more about each other and themselves than they imagined.

While unhappy to be missing four weeks of Christian’s company, Logan is thrilled to spend a month with his father’s relatives in New York. A naturally gregarious individual, he is used to winning people over and getting things right. Unfortunately, the Mannettes are not what he expects and for the first time in his life, he finds himself seriously doubting who he is.

Christian has regained some of his old self-esteem and is taking on new challenges. Besides growing in the relationship he has with Logan, he takes the time his boyfriend is away to learn more about domestic discipline. He learns a little online but it is actually Gregory, Logan’s father, where he gains most of his information. Including the fact that his natural strength puts him in a leadership position he isn’t expecting.

When Logan returns to a strong, self-assured Christian, it is with complete relief. As discussions turn to domestic discipline and they realize their true roles within their current and future relationship, both of them are able to let their inhibitions go and together their connection grows surprising Logan to an epiphany.

You can find Took My Breath Away here.

Thianna D

For Thianna D, reading and writing are as important as breathing and far more important than math or science. A storyteller from the time she could speak, she was always making up characters as a kid. As a teenager that turned to sci-fi and fantasy, as an adult to romance. It wasn’t until her fourth decade that she began writing erotic scenes within her stories.

Writing M/M came naturally to her; she wrote her first tale before ever having read one. “There is something about the amazing dynamic between two strong men falling in love and defeating anything thrown at them.” While she had written several BDSM stories involving men, As Natural As Breathing was the first full-length novel involving domestic discipline. In Took My Breath Away, its sequel, Logan and Christian further their relationship in very defining ways.

You can find out more of what is going on with her at:

Thianna D’s Blog

Thianna D’s Author Site




Tune in tomorrow to get the URL for the next stop on the Took My Breath Away Book Blog Tour. Now, get your entry for my giveaway:

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Hansel & Gretel: A Fairy Tale For Grown-ups by Dominic Ridler


By La Crimson Femme

Is this another titillating incest BDSM piece?  No.  It”s a deliciously well written fairy tale retold.  Hansel and Gretel did meet an evil old woman.  She wasn”t a witch.  She was something that rhymes with it but starts with the letter B.  The brother and sister are split apart as they are sold to cruel masters.

This story is a BDSM fantasy story which turns rape and slavery into something rather sweet and sexy.  It starts out with rough violations of two very innocent youths.  While this may be a bit hard for some people due to the younger age, forget about it.  It”s irrelevant.  This story explores the two sides of BDSM.  The same acts depending on the wielder of the implement and atoledo the intent makes all the difference in the world.  Anal sex can be a violent rape or a sexy seduction.  In this tale the reader is treated to both sides.

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Hard impact play can be both cruel and sexually stimulating.  It does depend on the mindset and how it is approached.  Mr. Ridler does a good job of this compare and contrast.  The switch back and forth between the siblings” point of view does a good job of showing how both suffer and then yield to erotic delights.  The journey to submission in this story is sweet.  The characters bear very little resemblance to the original fairy tale characters.  Mr. Ridler”s interpretation is very loose yet it sets up the right framework for a reader to immediately get into the story.  This book is more about the characters” experience than about the world building.  The erotic scenes are just the right graphic depiction to generate a good picture.  The different sexual permutations offers the reader a good variety.  For those who enjoy all sorts of partner combinations and exchange of power, this one will satisfy most of them.  This book is definitely going into my spank-bank.  Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a fairy-tale retold.



Secret Fantasies Fulfilled… And THEN Some! by JG Leathers


By La Crimson Femme

Intense BDSM modifications are never as depraved as from the mind of Mr. Leathers.  The latest story from the talented taboo writer is deliciously deviant. Alexander’s desire for bondage and discipline takes a dark turn when his wife decides to get involved.  Jessica decides she enjoys the total control of her husband.  Her ideas are all take from his fantasies.  Alexander’s dark secret are now becoming reality as Jessica follows through with severe body modification.

This story is not for the new to BDSM reader.  This is a BDSM fantasy filled with non-con, rape, slavery and extreme discipline.  For those who enjoy cbt and bondage, this is a story for you.  Mr. Leathers doesn’t pull any punches.  Each time the reader expects it to lighten up, it becomes more restrictive and intense.  The total loss of control Alexander experiences is heightened as Jessica adds more and more body modifications.

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Many of the piercings are similar to Laura’s evolution.  Some of them are terribly frightening yet the reader isn’t able to look away.  The dildo machine which Alexander is strapped to as well as the enema equipment is titillating.  Many of the tortures should not be sexually arousing yet they are.  Mr. Leathers’ writing style is rather factual and clinical at times.  There is very little sexual interaction, it’s more emotional subjugation which can be even more guiltily arousing at times.  This kinky taboo story is recommended to those who enjoy extreme tales of sexual torment.



Lady Katherine’s Conundrum- 5 Stars and a Hairbrush


It is not often that I like a sequel better than the first book. I loved Lady Katherine’s Comeuppance and expected to like the

Lady-Katherine's-Conundrum-Final (1)second installment of Lady Katherine and her new husband’s story just as much. Shockingly, I liked it more.


This book is about Lady Katherine and Thomas, newly married and returning to London after a summer in seclusion. The pain of being ostracized is fresh in Katherine’s mind, but the rumor mill has moved on to newer, fresher gossip. Lady Lorena Arnold, once a good friend of Lady Katherine’s, is the new target of gossip. Katherine is elated, not only because the spotlight has shifted off of her, but she views it as payback for how Lorena treated her.


That is what I loved so much about this book. It wasn’t just about a newly married couple (although, the scenes with Thomas are HOT- he is such a kinky gentleman), it was also about friendship. Any woman who has ever had friends will be able to relate to the betrayal Lady Katherine feels by Lady Lorena and then her subsequent need to want to see Lorena go down.


At one point I didn’t even know what I was rooting for. I wanted to see Lady Katherine get a little vengeance- even though she probably wasn’t being a very nice person (and was certainly going to get herself into trouble with Thomas). But I think that is a sign that Celeste Jones wrote an excellent book, she had me on Lady Katherine’s side- even if it wasn’t the right thing to do.


This was an excellent book about love, friendship, gossip, and forgiveness. Celeste, as always, also writes smoking hot spanking and sex scenes- I will never look at a hairbrush the same way again.


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The Housewife and the Film Star by Doris O'Connor


by Kristin Elyon

Have you ever felt something so outrageous? I mean so completely, totally and utterly not in your sphere of understanding yet it resonates with you so deeply, so profoundly, that you have no choice but to let it in? Embrace it? Well that is what this book has done to me. I could not put this book down. I read it in just shy of 24 hours. From the beginning and especially to the end I was captivated. This story, the people in this story, are so well written so real an

d completely jacked up. You have no choice but to care about them. Cry and weep with them. Hope beyond hope that some way some how things will work out and it does…beautifully! This book is 5+ stars for me!! Highly recommend!

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The Gift by Maddie Taylor – Fun and Sexy


By Dinah Mcleod

Maddie Taylor’s The Gift is easily an A-plus beach read! Or, for a cozy evening at home when you have a few hours to yourself. I highly By  “The Gift” to anyone who likes fun, sexy reads!

“The Gift” begins with physically gifted Erica Stevens meeting a handsome, no-nonsense detective who’s trying to solve a murder-kidnapping. She thinks there’s an instant attraction, but what would he want to do with some “crack-pot fortune teller”? She knows what they all think of her. Coop becomes a believer when Erica helps him by helping him solve the case, and is determined to know more about the sexy blond.

The things I loved best about this book is that it was fun and sexy (by which I mean a LOT of HOT sex scenes! Mmmm!) and the main characters were not your typical twenty-somethings. That made the book more interesting to me. Both of these characters have a past, and baggage, which makes them finding love all the more sweet.

Maddie Taylor also delivers a fast-paced plot, full of mystery and suspense! Don’t miss this one, you’ll regret it!

four_half_paddle_review4.5 spanking paddles
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Vote for 2013’s Best Spanking Romance!



We have compiled all the books receiving five stars here on Spanking Romance Reviews in 2013 and put together a reader’s poll. Please vote on your favorite book in each category. Voting ends December 31st. Please vote only once!

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Hot to Trot and Learning the Ropes by CP Mandara – Alluring Pony Play


By La Crimson Femme

Learning the Ropes by CP Mandara

Pampered Jenny is still in denial. She still thinks Daddy will come rescue her. She doesn’t believe Daddy sent her to Albrecht Stables. Mark, her trainer cares not. Mark trains her to his specifications.

Ms. Mandara includes more depraved training for Jenny. She’s disciplined and gagged as she learns what it means to be a pony girl. The kinky fetishes are pretty hawt. One which caught my attention is breathplay. I have mixed feelings about this one. For Jenny, it was terrifying. For me, since I enjoy breathplay, it makes me discomforted witnessing her fear. Yet I enjoyed that scene the most.

From a character development, both Jenny and Mark are still straightforward and easy to understand. The focus is on the erotic corruption of Jenny. This humiliating journey with pleasurable pain and public exhibition is delicious. Ms. Mandara’s pony play is alluring for those who enjoy being a pony and those who want a pony of their own. Those who enjoy someone getting their comeuppance, this is a book for you.



Buy today on Amazon



Hot to Trot by CP Mandara

Is this the conclusion of Jenny? Does she get rescued? No, Ms. Mandara continues with a cliffhanger at the end. Jenny is still stubborn and resisting. I enjoy non-con stories where the female keeps fighting. Mark seems to love it too. He tries to break her with some anal action.

A fan of anal busting, this scene really works for me. Ms. Mandara cranks up the heat with sexy sadistic sessions forcing Jenny to submit. This book is a teasing morsel. There is even a bit of f/f – just a hint of f/f. One can only hope the next book in the series will have more detailed and graphic female on female shenanigans.

The pony play training is also increasing which is good and depraved. The dehumanizing of Jenny is getting good. Between the mud, slop and bridle, will Jenny become a good little pony? Let’s hope not. Because it is much more fun to watch her be disciplined and fucked hard. The spanking she receives in this story is deserved and she enjoys it. Jenny’s guilty enjoyment of her cruel treatment is a nice touch. A little new added twist with a couple of new characters and Jenny’s father’s involvement keeps me hooked. Recommended for anal lovers who like their victims forced wide open when a nice reddened ass.

Buy today on Amazon

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