Five Stars- Claimed by the Beast, A Must Read


Cover FUllEver wonder what happens after the Happily Ever After? At the end of Taken by the Beast, the story of Elijah and Kayla, Elijah’s brother, Marcus, is reunited with his mate Rachel. Marcus had been held captive by scientists who were planning on using him as a human lab rat because he is a shifter. But Elijah and Kayla rescue him and he is reunited with Rachel. Happily Ever After…. or so we think.

When Claimed by the Beast opens Rachel is depressed and leading a reckless lifestyle. Marcus has left, he can’t get over the trauma from being held captive and watching his brother slowly die. He thinks it is better to leave Rachel to let her get on with her own life. Only, Rachel can’t figure out how to go on without him. She spent the entire time he was held captive wondering whether he was dead or alive, and now that she knows he is very much alive- she can’t have him.

Then comes the villain of the story. A scientist who gets his hands on some of Marcus’ DNA samples and uses them to track down Rachel. Only, in a twist of excellent story telling, Ms. Knight makes his motivation so human and relatable that you almost find yourself hoping he’ll find a happy ending… almost.

Marcus is forced to come out of hiding to protect Rachel, and the emotions the two go through while working through their fragile relationship are so raw and intense you won’t be able to stop reading.

It was no surprise to me that Taken by the Beast won Spanking Romance Reviews Best Paranormal Romance of the year. Claimed by the Beast is just as worthy of all of the accolades as it’s predecessor.


Do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of Claimed by the Beast today! It is not to be missed!

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Claimed by the Beast

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Taken by the Beast

Five Stars – Humbled had me Hooked!


By Dinah McLeodhumbled_full (1)

From the very first page, Renee Rose’s Humbled had me hooked. Like all of her historicals, she sets the scene perfectly. To begin Humbled a young peasant boy, Jean Claude, has been caught stealing—or rather, trying to steal—a pig. For this crime, he is to be sentenced to death. That is until eight-year-old aristocrat, Corrine, steps forward and takes the blame.

While she might think of it from time to time in passing, it is a debt Jean Claude can never forget. When the mobs of the French Revolution storm her home, he is ready. Immediately after her rescue he makes it clear that the way of life she’s known has fallen away—he is not her servant, but the master. When he must assert this point, he does so with the help of a stinging switch applied to her bottom.

Despite herself, Corrine feels an attraction growing for the courageous, handsome man who refuses to allow her to endanger herself. But theirs is a romance that can never be—he is just a blacksmith, while she’s the daughter of a Duc. They must put their feelings aside as they travel to New Orleans, where Corrine hopes to secure a better future.

I loved this book! From start to finish, the characters were engaging, fresh and completely real. It is packed with sexual tension, plenty of spankings and a fast-paced plot. Don’t start this one unless you’re planning on sitting for a while!


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The swell of two perky breasts… from Humbled by Renee Rose


We have a guest post today from Renee Rose on on her new French Revolution novella Humbled. Here’s the scoop:

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humbled_full (1)

Sentenced to die at age eleven for stealing a pig, Jean-Claude receives an unexpected reprieve when a young aristocrat girl takes the blame instead. When the mobs of the French Revolution fall upon her château years later, Jean-Claude knows he must save her and repay his debt, but as they begin their long flight to safety he makes it clear he is not her servant and he will deal firmly with any disobedience. Though he initially intends to send her off by ship, the beautiful, feisty Corinne inspires a fierce protectiveness in Jean-Claude that makes it hard to say goodbye.

Corinne is alternately infuriated and attracted to the handsome peasant who has no qualms about turning her over his knee and spanking her bare bottom when she steps out of line. When he ends up joining her on a ship to New Orleans, their futures become inextricably intertwined, but can a common-born blacksmith and the daughter of a lord find enough common ground to make a permanent match?

As they flee across the countryside, they try to stay out of sight of any groups of peasants or officials who might give them hassle. Here’s what happens when Jean-Claude realizes a group of men are approaching as Corinne is stepping out of the river where she was washing:

In a flash, he slid down the embankment, covering her mouth with his hand to muffle her scream as he yanked her back into the lee of the bank, the back of her dripping body crushed against his front.

The voices had quieted at her cry, as if the men were listening. She stood rigid now, her body trembling against his, the water on her skin dampening his clothes. She tried to turn her head, eyes bulging and frantic, like a filly about to rear. He swiveled her head so she could see it was him and darted his eyes to the bank to indicate the danger. She attempted a nod, and he loosened the hold on her mouth but did not release her.

The men were no more than 15 feet away now. She began to struggle to free herself and he turned her face toward his once more, giving her a severe look. She lifted her chin to point toward the ground about 5 feet away, where her clothing lay in a heap, visible to anyone who looked over.


He gave a sharp shake of his head and yanked her even closer to his body. She seemed to accept his decision, melting against his form as if she wished to disappear. He softened his grip, listening to the voices as they grew louder, though he grew increasingly distracted by the sight of water droplets trailing over the swell of two perky breasts just beneath his eyes. Their breathing synchronized, the beat of his heart hammering into her back, meeting the thunder of hers.

Do not move. Do not touch her other than to keep her safe.

His fingertips did not obey. They began to make miniscule circles on her upper arm, the largest gesture he dared considering their position. He was acutely aware of the fact that she could not protest, nor resist. He could press his advantage if he wished. He did not intend to, though his cock strained in his trousers against her low back. Her skin was impossibly soft, and she smelled fresh after her dip in the stream. The temptation to lick her neck came out of nowhere, but the voices grew louder and he held his breath, stilling to listen.

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Fantasy vs. Reality – Spanking Round Table Discussion



Spanking Romance Reviews presents another Round Table Discussion.

Today's topic, posed by Anastasia Vitsky, is Fantasy vs. Reality.  Please check out the participants' thoughts…


The Delicious Torment: A Story of Submission by Alison Tyler


By La Crimson Femme

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This is a must read book filled with delicious torment, just as the title promises.  Ms. Tyler lays her BDSM lifestyle wide open for anyone sneak a peek.  This book is highly recommended for those who love the anti-hero.  There is a little note from the author that Samantha is loosely based on herself.  For this, I’m completely blown away.

Samantha is an erotic writer who also moonlights a spa.  Her work hours are very flexible.  Her relationship with Jake is just passing the newness.  It’s hard to describe the plot in this book.  It’s more an erotic journey with relationship conflicts that exemplify what “it’s complicated” means.  Told from the viewpoint of Samantha, she talks to the reader and at times references ex-lovers.  The whole point of this story is Samantha’s relationship with Jake and his assistant, Alex.

Let’s discuss the characters.  I loathe Jake.  From the first few chapters, I want to scream at Samantha aka Sam to leave the controlling bastard.  He’s fucking nuts.  The urge to kick him in the balls is strong.  There is such a fine line between domestic abuse and BDSM displayed in this book that it’s very very difficult for people outside of the BDSM lifestyle to be able to distinguish.  Even I’m a bit hardpressed to make a decision one way or the other from a few glimpses of Jake’s control of Sam.  What the reader must understand, is this is a 24/7 TPE relationship.  This is key.  What really bothers me about this Jake’s behaviour is how he uses Alex with Sam.  What.The.Fuck.  Alex is Jake’s assistant, but it is very obvious they have history together.  I yearn to beat on Alex.  He’s a smug bastard who constantly shoves Sam into a bad light.  What kind of boyfriend is Jake to force Sam to accept discipline from someone like this?  Where’s the element of trust?  What the FUCK?  As the story develops, more information is revealed about Alex and Jake; it’s so messy emotionally.

What is wrong with Sam?  She is still independent and she knows she can leave Jake at any time, yet she doesn’t.  Each of these characters come across as baggage ridden and just so fucked up with flaws and insecurities.  Yet, they aren’t “too stupid to live”.  They are all too realistic and it makes a reader wonder who Alex and Jake really are in life.  Do they read this book and think – “this is how she sees us?”  My personal issue with Jake’s character is how he seemingly plays stupid games with Sam.  While Ms. Tyler insists through Sam’s proclamation that neither Sam nor Jake plays games, I don’t believe it.  It is more than mind fuckery in a scene.  Jake excels at mind games and twisting words.  Stereotypically, he’s a lawyer.  Somehow, Sam’s intention is always turned around and bites her in the ass.

The story flows up and down with the supernova hawt BDSM scenes.  There is enough downtime for a reader to recover before the next erotic scene takes place.  What Jake does to Sam is creative and so bloody arousing.  The BDSM in this story is superb.  The medical scenes are panty moistening goodness.  The punishment scenes are intensely gratifying.  The torment Jake puts Sam through when he forces her to pick her own punishment is sublime.  The tie in to Grimm Fairy Tale style punishment choices is a lovely touch and quite apropos since Sam is a writer.  Each one builds upon the previous, generating a heightened state of arousal for submissive BDSM readers who love D/s.  There isn’t a single BDSM scene in this story which didn’t turn me into a melted puddle of goo, despite my discomfort.

Ms. Tyler does an excellent job of showing how a dominant male exudes power through actions.  There is no mistaking who is in control here.  It’s not Sam, even when she tries to wrestle control away from Alex or Jake.  Jake always takes the power right back and Sam quickly yields into submission.  Sometimes, she’s not even sure why she’s responding.  Lest any reader fear that Sam can never say no, that is not the case.  There are instances where she says no and Jake accepts and stops.  The erotic power exchange here is quite fluid.  At times it’s a fast rushing river and other times it’s a tug of war power struggle.  This makes the tale more realistic and believable.  It gives the story more dimension and depth because it’s not so straightforward.

At the end of this story, Ms. Tyler turns me completely around and I’m accepting of Alex and in frightened awe of Jake.  My sympathies to Sam who will be more or less co-dominated by two strong men who rejoice in delivering corporal punishment as well as mind fucking.  When the story ends, it leaves the reader craving for more.  This book is highly recommended to BDSM lovers who want a meaty story with sadistic dominants and a conflicted submissive.  Buy this book now.

Mastering Maeve: A Review


Review by Corinne Alexander


Feisty heroine Maeve O’Reilly has just finished college & has returned home to work in her Grandmother’s hotel in Connemara, Ireland after not finding suitable employment right away. She plans to work just long enough to get on her feet and find other employment. Little does she know her Grandmother has other plans.

Enter Larry Willamson, a Texas rancher who is visiting with his Grandfather Lawrence to check out a potential investment opportunity in the hotel.  He finds himself equally fascinated and frustrated by the beautiful & hot tempered Irish woman.

Author, Tara Finnegan continues her trend of writing thoroughly entertaining, spunky, & rich characters in Mastering Maeve as she did in her debut novel My Naughty Little Secret. Rivaling her ability to spin characters like no other is her propensity to layer a rich tapestry of history into her books. I just can’t get enough of it.

Maeve and Larry’s chemistry was smoking. The schoolroom scene was as hot as it gets. There is great relationship development as the pair worked together & I thought Maeve’s reaction to the initial spanking was realistic.

My only caveat impeding a raving review was that the plot started meandering about halfway through and it felt like we were taking on a long and winding ride.

In the end I was left satisfied with a story well done. There’s a very special revelation at the end of the book that was a sweet surprise. I think all who read it will love it very much.



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Congratulations to the Best Spanking Books of 2013!!!!


Best Spanking Books of 2013!

2013 was a stellar year for spanking romance, with many, many memorable books. Before we get to the reader's choice awards, we have a few of our own picks from the five-star-reviewed books:

Most hilarious BDSM author:  Sheri Savill made us all laugh this year with her parody Bound for Disappointment.

Best Newcomers:  Casey McKay, Tara Finnegan and Emily Tilton all came on the scene this year, delighting us all with their five star books Cursed Waters, My Naughty Little Secret and The First Notebook of Emily Orn Wilkes, respectively.

Turned up the Heat:  Celeste Jones used to be demure, but she really ramped up the heat in 2013 with her Lady Katherine series and we are thrilled!

Colors outside the lines:  Both Anastasia Vitsky and Emily Tilton win this award for writing spanking fiction with totally original style and perspective

Authors who Never Disappoint: For beautifully written and steaming spanking fiction, look no further. We recommend any and all books by Kate Richards, Jade Cary and Sue Lyndon.

And now for the Reader's Choice Selections. Books were selected for vote based on five star reviews from Spanking Romance Reviews.  First and Second place were selected in each category.  And now (drum roll please) Introducing:

Best Historical Spanking Romance

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Domestic Discipline

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