His Lordship’s Apprentice by Etta Stark: A light-hearted and Sweet Read (RE-POST)


Review by Casey McKay

Violet Plover is the downstairs maid at Lord Hardcastle’s manor. She was forced into taking the position after her father’s health was complicated. Although, Violet is now resigned to her lot in life she still manages to try to have some fun. Her curiosity about the Lord of the manor, who also happens to be a magician, is the first thing that gets her into trouble. But through a turn of events Lord Hardcastle discovers that she has a background in the theater and would be a perfect addition to his magic act.

I really enjoyed this endearing story about a woman who is down on her luck and ends up having her dreams come true. Etta Stark shows a promising start with her first book. The characters were very believable and Lord Hardcastle and Violet have a chemistry between them from the very beginning. It wasn’t a typical historical romance as the hero was a magician and the show business theme was the backdrop. I loved that part of the story, it made it more than just the typical Lord and servant story it could have been.

A few things that were true to life that I really appreciated: At one point Lord Hardcastle corrects Violet’s behavior during one of their rehearsals and then realizes that if he spanks her before a show, she may have trouble fitting into the tight spaces their act requires. I thought this was a good detail to address, it made it seem more real. And it was a cute device to use to build to the spanking she is promised when their tour is over.

Another thing was Violet’s relationship with another maid named Franny. They are shown to be very good friends at the beginning of the book and then as Violet’s relationship grows with Lord Hardcastle Franny ends up becoming jealous and angry with Violet. I liked this story arc and also thought it seemed very real. I liked how all of the characters changed and grew as the story went on.

Overall I found this to be a light-hearted and sweet historical romance. I am looking forward to more great things from Ms. Stark!
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Claimed by the Beast by Natasha Knight – Life After the HEA (RE-POST)

NOTE: As you may know, SRR lost all its reviews from 2014, so this is a repost of a book from that time period).
Ever wonder what happens after the Happily Ever After? At the end of Taken by the Beast, the story of Elijah and Kayla, Elijah’s brother, Marcus, is reunited with his mate Rachel. Marcus had been held captive by scientists who were planning on using him as a human lab rat because he is a shifter. But Elijah and Kayla rescue him and he is reunited with Rachel. Happily Ever After…. or so we think.

When Claimed by the Beast opens Rachel is depressed and leading a reckless lifestyle. Marcus has left, he can’t get over the trauma from being held captive and watching his brother slowly die. He thinks it is better to leave Rachel to let her get on with her own life. Only, Rachel can’t figure out how to go on without him. She spent the entire time he was held captive wondering whether he was dead or alive, and now that she knows he is very much alive- she can’t have him.

Then comes the villain of the story. A scientist who gets his hands on some of Marcus’ DNA samples and uses them to track down Rachel. Only, in a twist of excellent story telling, Ms. Knight makes his motivation so human and relatable that you almost find yourself hoping he’ll find a happy ending… almost.

Marcus is forced to come out of hiding to protect Rachel, and the emotions the two go through while working through their fragile relationship are so raw and intense you won’t be able to stop reading.

It was no surprise to me that Taken by the Beast won Spanking Romance Reviews Best Paranormal Romance of the year. Claimed by the Beast is just as worthy of all of the accolades as it’s predecessor.

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of Claimed by the Beast today! It is not to be missed!


Exclusive Preview of new #Ageplay Her Hollywood Daddy


“You need a spanking.”

“I do?”

He slapped her bottom and immediately rubbed away the sting.

Okay, maybe she didn’t mind it so much. He repeated the action several times, warming her skin without really hurting her.

She sighed, giving herself over to him.

“I need you to remember who is in charge of you when we’re at that meeting.” He continued his slapping and rubbing, until she began to welcome it. He began to pick up the speed, omitting the rubbing in between. “You have been a naughty girl. You will go in and act contrite. You will say very little. I’ll do the talking. Understand?”

“Yes,” she gasped, the intensity beginning to pick up.

“Your agent and your mother will probably be there. Who is in charge of you?”

She hesitated, understanding his question. Did she really trust him to run her life? Wasn’t that Julie and her mom’s job? It frightened her to have to please all three of them. How would that work?

Joel stopped spanking her. “Are you in or out?” he asked.

She lay there, frozen. Was she going through with this, in the light of day? Her mother would think he’d brain-washed her. Her agent would be furious about the pay cut. Should she let them try to negotiate with the studio and forget about this crazy arrangement with Joel? But if she backed out, would the studio still take her? Would Antonio? Or did that all hinge on Joel’s support?

She stood up and snatched up her clothes, running back to his bedroom. She yanked them on, hopping on one foot, then the other, her vision blurred with tears. His drapes were open, showing another spectacular view of the ocean. She heard the sound of his footsteps coming down the hall. She ducked down, sitting on the carpeted floor between the bed and the sliding glass doors, pressing the heels of her hands to her leaking eyes. She didn’t even know why she was hiding—it was absolutely ridiculous—but her brain was too jumbled to make sense of anything.


She held her breath.

“It’s okay, baby. We just need to talk.”

Was it absurd that she wanted him to find her but didn’t want to answer? She sniffed, giving away her position.

He walked around the bed and gazed down at her. She didn’t know what to expect. Would he be stern? Business-like? She didn’t dare look at him.

“Baby-girl,” he said softly, “everything’s going to be all right. I promise.” He squatted beside her. In the next moment, he pulled her into his arms, cradled like a child. “You’re scared and you’re feeling pulled in too many directions. You’re a pleaser by nature and you’re not sure you can please everyone.”

She couldn’t believe he nailed it. She burst into tears, burying her face in her hands.

He cradled her head to his chest, rubbing her ear with his thumb. “Shh. It’s going to be all right.”


“I know it’s tricky, baby, but we’ll work it out. I promise.”

She sniffed, embarrassed her tears were wetting his chest.

He held a tissue to her face. “Blow,” he said.

She tried to take it from him, but he refused to give it.

“I said, blow, little girl,” he said, but his voice was gentle.




Joel held Marissa, pouring his strength into her. He hated that he hadn’t been able to head off this breakdown—he’d been trying to help her through it with the stress-relief spanking, but now he feared he’d backed her into a corner.

He wanted to tell her she didn’t have to do this with him, that he’d still help her get back on the movie, regardless. Except he couldn’t make himself say it. He truly did believe she’d be better off here, with him. He wanted to help her get her life back together. If he let her walk away now, she’d walk right back into the mess she left. He had no confidence in her finding her way out, when she hadn’t even been able to show up on time, even under the threat of being fired. And if he was completely honest, he would admit he didn’t want to give up this extremely hot opportunity for fantasy-fulfillment with her. He hadn’t dated anyone since his divorce and it suddenly felt like his heart had started beating again. He cared again. He desired again.

He rocked her, stroking her hair until the tears stopped.

“I think I do need that spanking now,” she sniffed.

He stilled. Had he heard that right? Hell, yeah! Not one to ever let a spanking go un-delivered, he maneuvered her into the face-down position. Her butt looked so cute in her tiny cut-offs, but he’d have to be careful not to leave marks on any part of her thighs because they didn’t cover much.

He spanked her with the jean shorts on first, just because they were too sexy not to spank over. When she began to wriggle, he requested she pull them down.

She reached back and shuffled her shorts and panties down. He closed his eyes to keep the mental picture. It was one of the most submissive poses—the lowering of panties while already over the lap. His cock strained against her hip, but he had no intention of getting his own needs met this morning—this was for Marissa. He kept it light, planning to give her enough time to settle into it.

She relaxed over his lap, not offering much protest in the form of wiggling or dodging. Gradually, he picked up the intensity. She began to gasp and jerk under his hand. He kept it at that level until she whimpered.

“Just a little more, baby girl. I want to be sure we get all your endorphins flowing.”


He picked up the intensity just a little more and her head jerked up, her back arching as she squeezed her cheeks together. “Stay in position,” he warned.

“Is it enough?” she asked.

He bit back a laugh. “It’s enough when your Daddy says it’s enough,” he said firmly, still spanking hard.

“It hurts,” she whined, rolling her bottom from side to side like she might swim away.

“I know, baby. You’re being a very good girl right now staying on Daddy’s lap for your paddling.”

She moaned.

He delivered five more full-strength swats and then brought his hand to rest on her warm skin. “It’s over, baby. Come up for some sugar.”

She scrambled to turn around and he cradled her again, wiping her tears. She nestled into him, as if eager for his tenderness. He loved being able to give her what she needed.


Her Hollywood Daddy

Hollywood starlet Marissa Sparks’ career teeters on the brink of implosion. Her mansion is nearly under foreclosure, her rockstar boyfriend left her for a supermodel, and her habits of partying all night, drinking to excess and taking prescription drugs get her fired from her current picture. Her only hope is to convince Joel Sutherland, her co-star and one of the movie’s producers to give her another chance.

Joel knows Marissa has talent and a sweet, submissive nature, but believes her mother and sister are a terrible influence. All she needs is a strict daddy to take her in hand and give her some firm over-the-knee discipline and loving guidance. When she shows up at his door begging for his help, he agrees to advocate for her return to the movie on one condition: she must move in with him and live as his Little until filming is complete.
Marissa submits to Joel’s dominance and seems to thrive under his structure and protection, but he isn’t sure if it’s all a ploy to stay in the movie. She is, afterall, a talented actress and could be faking everything. At the end of filming, she might just pick up and walk out his front door, taking his heart with her.
Publisher’s Note:  This book contains elements of ageplay, including spanking and erotic sex scenes.

Her Hollywood Daddy

Meet Tabitha Black, Author of Masters of the Castle: Sharing Silver


Spanking Romance Reviews invited Tabitha Black in today to talk about her writing and her latest release Sharing Silver.

SRR: What’s your preference in fiction…domestic discipline or erotic spanking? Why?

Tabitha Black: I actually adore both. Spanking for discipline and spanking for erotic purposes are completely separate things in my world, but they both have their place. One is more severe, the other more sensual… but then again, I find both arousing. Must be the masochist in me.

Do you see a difference between spanking fiction and BDSM? What is it?

Tabitha Black: There is definitely a difference. Spanking fiction is just that – a story wherein spanking takes place, either for disciplinary or erotic purposes… or both. Whereas BDSM is so much more; the voluntary power exchange, the contemporary scene and all the amazing activities it encompasses, things like needles, edge play, orgasm control, wax, fire, bondage etc. Up until recently, I wrote mostly spanking fiction, usually in historical settings, where the power exchange wasn’t really voluntary, in fact it was more derived from the circumstances the heroine found herself in. In ‘those days’, women had fewer rights and were often subject to domestic discipline, simple as that. Being forced to marry someone who believes in spanking for punishment is one thing (even if you do end up enjoying it!); living in today’s world and voluntarily giving up control to someone, including submitting to their punishment(s) where applicable, is a different thing entirely. Both have their appeal, although after writing several historical DD novels, writing Silver opened up a whole new avenue of opportunities for me to explore – things I’ve done but hadn’t necessarily been able to write about. Yet.

Did you read spanking fiction before you started writing it?

Tabitha Black: Yes and no. I actually started writing little spanking stories for myself long before I knew that anyone else out there was as ‘into it’ as I was. I thought there was something wrong with me. Later, thanks to the Internet, I discovered that I actually wasn’t alone, and in fact others were writing spanking fiction and even selling it online. As I’d always wanted to be a writer, and had always been fascinated by the genre, the next step was basically a foregone conclusion.

Tell us about your current release?

Tabitha Black: Maren Smith is something of an idol of mine – her Castle series is just so very, very hot. Her male characters, especially, are so easy to fall in absolute, panty-soaking lust with. So when the idea for an auction scenario came up, and it was suggested that we set it at the Castle, I was dancing with joy. I’d always wanted to write a ménage, so I asked for her permission to use her characters; Masters Travis and Trevor. She agreed and helpfully supplied all the notes she had on the twins until then, and I took it from there. I’d say it’s very intense and explicit ménage BDSM with all sorts of scenarios; spanking, paddling etc… but also fireplay, knife play, orgasm control and more. Sharing Silver (published by Blushing Books) is definitely my favourite of my own books so far.

Who was the first person you told that you were writing spanking fiction? What was his/her reaction?

Tabitha Black: That is a brilliant question, and one I’ve never thought about. I’m not ‘out’ to my family, so it would have to have been my partner at the time, who was also my Master. Now all my kinky friends know, but while my vanilla family and friends know I write erotica, they have no idea what genre. This year it’s been ten years since I had my first spanking novel published. Time flies when you’re having fun!

If you were asked to make a soundtrack for your novel, what songs would be on it?

Tabitha Black: Probably the entire playlist I listened to while writing it. Marilyn Manson, Rammstein and definitely Ordo Rosalius Equilibrio – I discovered their music just as I started ‘Silver’, and it fit so well they’re even mentioned in the book, playing during the fireplay scene.

Are you currently or have you ever been in a spanking relationship? Do you use real life experiences in your books?

Tabitha Black: Yes and yes. Where I last lived, I was very active in the local BDSM scene and was lucky enough to have a Dom who embraced my natural curiosity and allowed me to try pretty much anything I saw which interested me – including more high risk things (like cutting, suspension bondage) he didn’t have enough knowledge about to do himself. He was always there, watching, but generously allowed me to share some amazing experiences with some amazing people, so it goes without saying that some of those will make it into my writing. A lot of Silver’s play sessions with the twins were based on real life things I’ve done. Having said that, I have also played on the very extreme side of the spectrum, and I’m not sure how readers would receive all of the things I’ve tried, so I do pick and choose. Wouldn’t want to freak anyone out – well, not too much, anyway.

What is your favorite spanking implement?

Tabitha Black: That might possibly be the hardest question anyone’s ever asked me – maths questions excluded. They all have their uses, I suppose. It depends on the situation and the Dom/me, but I am fascinated by and terrified of the sjambok in equal measure. It’s the only implement that will actually leave proper marks on my ‘cast iron butt’ – and the sensation is extremely distinct and unique. Not for the faint of heart.

Spanking is a hot topic that pushes people’s buttons. They either like it or they don’t. What do you think makes it hot, both positive and negative? 

Tabitha Black: Wow, another very interesting question. I’ve never really thought about it, but now that you’re forcing me to, I’d say that it’s because for so long it was seen as something bad, a punishment, something to fear which could be inflicted upon you by authority figures, be they your parents, teachers or husband. The idea of being aroused by it is, therefore, to some degree ‘unnatural’. Having said that, there have been ‘spankos’ for as long as there’s been spanking (if historic literature and paintings are to believed) so there have always been people who found themselves oddly aroused by it. These days, everyone is so politically correct, and women have had to fight so hard for equal rights, no-one can imagine any woman willingly seeking out a situation where her husband has the authority and can – and does – discipline her. (I’m obviously aware that there are plenty of female Dominants, but for this interview I’m talking from a purely maledom M/f perspective, please forgive me.) Men, too, are taught these days that to hit a woman is a Bad Evil Thing – and if it’s non-consensual, it definitely is – but I think for people who don’t share our proclivities, the whole concept just seems wrong. From the outside looking in, it’s very difficult to distinguish between consensual BDSM and plain domestic abuse.

What projects are you working on at the present?

Tabitha Black: I’m currently writing the first in what will hopefully become a contemporary BDSM series, along similar lines to Silver; edgy, intense, realistic and loosely based on some of my own experiences. The setting alone is far more involved than I’ve ever done before – I’ve even had to draw a map! – but I’m really enjoying being able to lose myself in the contemporary genre without having to research timelines, costumes and implements all the time.

Thank you so much for hosting me!

Sharing Silver (Masters of the Castle)

It’s been six months since her vanilla marriage ended in divorce, and Sylvia is craving some fun and excitement – not to mention kink. So when her friend Rosa tells her about a slave auction being held at her workplace, the Castle, Sylvia throws caution to the wind and signs herself up to fly all the way to America to be sold off to the highest bidder under the nickname Silver. Gorgeous twin Castle Masters, Travis and Trevor, can have any girl they choose – and frequently do. The only downside to topping female guests, however, is the fact that there’s never enough time to build trust. So when Trevor hears about the auction, he decides it’s time to be selfish, and he and his brother set about looking for a plaything they can do whatever they want with – a girl with as few limits as possible.

When Silver and the twins meet, the chemistry is instantaneous and palpable. But all too soon, something more begins to develop between the three. What should have been a few days of physical excitement turns into an emotional roller coaster – not only for Silver, but for Travis and Trevor as well.

Overwhelmed by the events at the BDSM resort – and her feelings – Silver tries to get to grips with her past, as well as the fact that she’s rapidly falling in love with the two biggest playboys in Ohio.

In turn, Travis and Trevor are smitten by the mysterious girl from Australia, but whenever they try to get closer emotionally, she clams up. Can the twins make her see what she means to them before it’s too late, and Silver gets back on the plane home?



“So, I see you’re for sale.” He reached out a finger and stroked the ribbon around her throat.

The throbbing between her legs was growing, and Silver shivered at his touch, despite herself. “Why?” she asked, hoping she sounded more confident than she felt. “You buying?”

“Perhaps. If I see something I like.”

The way he said it, the way his eyes were devouring her as he said it, that single fingertip still tracing the velvet on her skin…

“Er, where’s the bar?” she blurted out, desperate to break the spell.

“I can take you, if you like. Have you had a drink yet today?”

“Only coffee.”

“Of course.” She almost groaned as his finger left her throat. “Come on then.”

Silver trotted obediently at his heels like a loyal little puppy dog, inwardly cursing herself all the way. So much for playing hard to get. You’re just like all the other girls after all, damn you. The first man to touch you since Stephen, and you’re practically climaxing in public.

“What’s your poison?” Trev moved aside once they had reached the bar, allowing her to speak directly to the bartender.

“Wait,” the girl said, “hold your arm under this.”

“What’s that?” Silver asked, as a scanner was run over her wrist.

“She’s checking to make sure you haven’t had any drinks yet today. Can’t have you taking leave of your senses.” Reaching out, he took a lock of her hair and twirled it casually. “Very pretty.”

“Thank you. Um. Can I have a glass of red, please? Merlot? Or maybe a Pinot if you have it?” Silver stammered to the girl behind the bar, trying to ignore the little jolts of electricity his touch was shooting directly to her scalp.

“Which do you prefer? We have both.”

“Pinot, please.”

The glass, when it arrived, was disappointingly small. “That’s it?”

“You shoulda ordered something stronger,” he said with a grin.


“A Long Island iced tea. Lots of bang for your buck there, in every sense of the word.”

“This is fine, thank you.” Silver let the girl stamp her arm and took a deep, grateful swallow, wondering how the hell she was meant to get through the evening sober.

“Well they wouldn’t want you barfing up on stage,” Trev said, as though he could read her mind.

She chuckled. “Barfing. So American.”

“Why? What do you call it?”

“We have lots of words for it, but barfing isn’t one of them. Puking is probably one of the most common expressions.” Well isn’t this a sexy conversation, she thought ruefully. It was a moment before she realised that he was staring at her. “What?”

“You have such an adorable accent,” he said slowly, “I was just wondering what you sound like when you’re begging to be allowed to come.”


Sharing Silver (Masters of the Castle)


Tabitha Black Contact info:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/BlushingTabitha

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlushingTabitha

Blog: http://tabithablack.blogspot.com/

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Tabitha-Black/e/B00FADLNLC


Mimi Mine by Aubrey Cara: #Ihaveaseriouscrushonafictionalcharacter


By Morganna Williams

Mimi Mine by Aubrey Cara is freaking awesome. Ms. Cara combines humor, heat and emotion in such away its a struggle to stop reading because you’re so captivated by the journey. A beautifully told story that follows Mason and Mimi on their journey to find themselves, each other and ultimately love. A  wonderful read. On another note we need to find a way to turn Mason into a real boy then clone him several times cause…YUMMMM! #Ihaveaseriouscrushonafictionalcharacter

Buy now on Amazon

Cassie and the Fire Captain by Katherine Deane: Utterly Sexy


Review by Etta Stark

Women love a man in uniform. There’s a whole dating site based on this premise, come to think of it. (Although to be fair, I believe uniformdating.com is also based on the premise that men love a woman in uniform too. As do same-sex couples.) I’m not sure if the uniform part of one’s profile on that website is limited to the obvious professions of policeman, soldier and firemen, or if the existence of any kind of uniform entitles one to subscribe. I mean there must be people with a thing for postmen, hotel doormen and crossing guards, don’t you think?

To be honest, I don’t get the uniform thing. I’m too much of a hippy to date a soldier and too much of an anarchist to date a policeman. No way am I getting between the sheets with the Filth.

Firemen, though, are a whole different proposition. I totally get the appeal of firefighters. On the one hand they do a big, brave macho job, leaping fearlessly into perilous situations like actual proper legitimate superheroes. They carry axes about as part of their day job, for goodness sake. On the other hand, they rescue helpless babies in danger. Not to mention the fact that a large proportion of a firefighter’s job is education-based. You’d be dating a guy whose working day involved him going round primary schools encouraging six-year olds to try his hat on. That’s all kinds of adorable.

So what I’m saying is that I was fully on board with firefighters being romantic heroes before I even started reading Katherine Deane’s Cassie and the Fire Captain.

This book just took it to a whole new level.

The Fire Officer in question is Eric Waters (which is seriously unsexy name, by the way. Is ‘Eric’ one of those considered-really-spoddish-in-UK names - like Percy – that you Americans apparently think is quite cool? The prince in The Little Mermaid was called ‘Eric’. He was pretty cool).

Eric has transferred from the big city to a small everyone-knows-everyone town in the South. He meets Cassie for the first time when he attends a road traffic accident at which Cassie is already present.

Cassie displays a rather foolhardy attitude towards her own safety at the scene of the accident when she leaps into the crashed vehicle and rescues a box full of kittens. She’s brave and adorable and exhibiting the sort of irresponsible self-endangerment that can earn a girl a stern telling-off from an alpha male like Eric. “He couldn’t decide if he wanted to kiss her for her bravery or turn her over his knee for being so reckless.” Well, stick around Mr Firefighter. I have a feeling that sooner or later you are going to get to do both.

Cassie is a great heroine. She’s sassy and spunky and all those other words beginning with ‘s’ that describe the sort of girl who has a well-deserved spanking happening in her near future. She has a bucketful of attitude and an enthusiastic attitude towards practical jokes.

Eric and Cassie are clearly hugely attracted to one another from the start. Although Cassie tries to rebel against Eric’s high-handed dominant attitude, she is obviously turned on by the prospect of someone calling her out on her unruly behaviour. And he can’t resist the tiny little spitfire who seems determined to push every button possible in order to earn herself a spanking.

Cassie’s pranks mostly just make Eric laugh but occasionally go too far and stray into “You’re in

serious trouble now, young lady” territory. Like when Cassie and her friend decide to give one of the fire trucks and impromptu (and rather risqué) makeover when they think that Cassie’s friend is being cheated on by Eric’s second-in-command. Given that both of the girls are in disciplinary relationships with their men, you’d have thought they might have anticipated where their actions might land them. Katherine Deane delivers wonderfully on the girl’s joint punishment. It’s a very hot read.

I love the relationship between Cassie and Eric. I particularly enjoyed how quickly Cassie accepts Eric’s authority. Given her headstrong nature I half-expected her to spend most of the book pushing him away but luckily she’s way too smart to do that. This is a girl who knows a good thing when she sees it. Even if the good thing does involve her getting her backside spanked on a pretty regular basis. I don’t think I could date Eric, mind you. For one thing, he has fairly intractable views about swearing. “I won’t tolerate rudeness or bad language,” he says. Fuck that shit.

Katherine Deane has a real knack for writing original, well-drawn characters. Cassie is a wonderful combination of femininity and feistiness. She’s totally bonkers. And she burps like a pro. She is also, like Claire in Katherine Deane’s previous book The Coach’s Discipline, very into all things sports and fitness. (As I suspect the author herself is. She certainly seems to know what she’s talking about.) Cassie and Eric’s first day out together includes a spot of rock climbing. Anything that involves ropes and harnesses and carabiners sounds like an excellent way to get to know one another. “Our first date, and we’re already tyin’ each other up,” says Cassie. Start as you mean to go on, sweetheart.

There’s so much to enjoy in this book. Spankings! Kittens! Sexy Firemen calendar photo shoots! Condom-based balloon art! More spankings! Katherine Deane doesn’t shy away from dealing with more serious emotional issues either – both Eric and Cassie both have family issues which they need to address and the misunderstanding that threatens to jeopardise their entire future together is deftly handled. The couple are a wonderful influence on one another. Particularly in the way that Eric gets Cassie to use her playful and imaginative nature as a force for good rather than mischief.

I took far too long to get round to writing in this review. This was due to pesky real life getting in the way rather than any lack of enthusiasm. Cassie and the Fire Captain came out weeks and weeks ago. You’ve probably all read it by now. (If you haven’t then you certainly should). Because of that, I had to re-read the book in its entirety before writing this in order to refresh my memory. Well, I probably, didn’t have to, I remembered it pretty well, but once I’d read the first paragraph, it was impossible not to just devour the whole book from beginning to end. Again. Even on the second reading, I was completely transfixed. I’ll probably read it again very soon. It’s just so very charming and romantic and funny and utterly sexy. Immersing myself in the lives of Cassie and Eric was an absolute joy. I can’t wait to read whatever Katherine Deane writes next.


The Conquered Brides Collection: Thumbs Way Up!!!


By Morganna Williams

The Conquered Brides Collection by Renee Rose, Sue Lyndon, Korey Mae Johnson, Dinah McLeod and Ashe Barker is a wonderful read. Each and every story is an awesome read. Don’t miss this collection of Medieval books from some of the best authors in the genre.

In Commanding the Princess by Korey Mae Johnson we meet the very brave Princess Susanna left in an untenable position by her unscrupulous uncle. She has a lot to learn given her drastic change in circumstance but the hero is more than up to the task of teaching her about life, love and discipline. I thoroughly enjoyed Susanna’s story which is told engagingly with heartfelt emotion.

We meet Daisy in The Knight’s Seduction by Renee Rose. Daisy has been through more than enough to keep her from ever trusting a man. Can her gallant Knight teach her to trust through his loving discipline? A fabulous story full of romance and spanking. Daisy’s story will hook you from the beginning.

The Widow is Mine by Ashe Barker is another great read filled with emotion.  Tally’s Knight teaches her about herself and all the love she has to give. This one has a little more bdsm flavor. Fantastic read.

Conquering Lady Claire by Sue Lyndon has a little twist as Claire’s Knight has been ordered to wed and bed his overlord’s sister, the very stubborn Lady Claire. Of course our naughty heroine can’t make things too easy on the hero. Terrifically told story.

Last but certainly not least we have Kidnapped and Claimed by Dinah McLeod. Cecily has always been royalty can she learn to live the life of a commoner? Cecily will go on a journey of self discovery helped along the way by a loving hand applied where it will do her the most good. Another delightful read.

The Conquered Brides Collection was full of spanking, intrigue, danger, spanking, love, romance, hot heroes, spanking, feisty heroines and scorchingly panty melting sex from beginning to end. Thumbs way up!!!!

Buy Links: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, All Romance Ebooks

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