Over the Knee – A Sexy Anthology of D/s stories


Review by Katherine Deane

Holy cow, this book was jam packed with awesome quick sexy stories. One recommendation to readers:

Don’t read this when sitting in a church parking lot, waiting to pick up kids. I was so turned on I almost grabbed the pastor on his way out to his car. “Spank me, Pastor J. I’ve been so naughty.” Hehe, I guess it doesn’t work that way in the real world.

But man, these stories got me going – in such a good way. They were each short enough to be read in one sitting. I realized if I read them before bed, I had the BEST dreams. (And my hubby appreciated the stories too ☺ )

Ashe Barker’s In the Eyes of the Law was the shortest of the bunch, but one of my favorites. I loved her vivid descriptions of the reconnection between ex-spouses.  Since he was the head of mall security, and she has just been caught accidentally shoplifting, it was wide open for some sexy punishment. He was former military, and she had divorced him, even though she still loved him.   The plot, along with their reconnection was beautiful. And that first spanking in his office? So yummy! I love the thrill of being caught, but still having the consideration of being behind closed doors. Their further sex and reconnecting time was awesome!

Another of my favorites was, Dolly Watt’s A Private Education. This story about library assessor and a wealthy earl with a private library full of sexy books, was absolutely to die for. When she started reading the personal journals of the past Lord- including the punishments he gave his female staff- (including graphic pictures) she found herself aroused and willing to explore.  Opening up for lots of kinky playtime. But it also had a sweet plot and really fun ending. Oh my goodness. This one was full of naughty words that I usually don’t like- but this time, because of how well it was written- I loved it!  This one gave me a lot of new fantasies, and opened up some desires of my own.

Katy Swann’s, Kneel for You, was about a journalist who goes into a BDSM club to get her real story. I loved the chemistry between her and Eddie- the crush from work, who just happens to be a sexy Dom. This one was super yummy!  I really liked the addition of the club scene. And there were a few minor characters that caught my eye as well.

Spicing it Up, by Lily Harlem, was about a couple in a D/s relationship that they wanted to keep hidden.  There was a lovely element of danger of being caught in a few very sexy scene, during a dinner party with friends. Very yummy!

Silk and Decadence by Wendi Zwaduk, was fun and sexy. A server in a restaurant goes to a hot BDSM club in the hopes of catching the eye of the hottest Dom there- who just also happens to be her real life boss at the restaurant.  That first spanking he gives her, while they are both masked, is so sensual and wonderful! The plot was sweet too. I enjoyed watching the two try to work out who each other was.

Lucy Felthouse’s Properly or Not at All was “holy shit on a shingle” hawt! When a husband hurts his wrist and can’t continue their favorite kink – spanking, the wife has to come up with other ways to distract him. Lots of yummy sex, tons of fun distraction, self spanking, all leading up to a fantastic final scene.

All the stories were well written; had fun, engaging plots and sexy main characters. Spankings, floggings, whippings, oral sex, anal sex, dominance, submission, dirty talk- it was all there. And I loved it.  Each story gave me the kink I desired, and left me happy and fully satisfied at the end.  This was a fantastic anthology.  

If you like stories with different levels of heat, BDSM, sexy D/s, short enough to read one in a sitting, then this is the anthology for you.

Just don’t read it in front of anyone. Take it from experience.  ;)  


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