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Wren’s Redemption by Katherine Deane – An Engaging Love Story


Review by Leigh Smith

The story Wren’s Redemption by Katherine Deane begins with Wren Montgomery trying to make a comeback in the gymnastics world after an injury. She is her own worst enemy and her Physical Therapist recommends another coach/trainer to help her make a comeback. She learns that it is Jonathon Reilly, the one person she doesn’t want around.

Wren is a feisty young girl with a heart of gold.  Her mouth and sassiness make her the ‘bad girl’ of the gymnast world.  Jonathon Reilly, who once coached Wren’s team and who she blames for her ‘fall from grace’, is a totally committed coach and the one man who can bring her back to her full potential – if she will only let him.

You can’t help but fall in love with Wren and Jonathon.  Katherine Dean’s character development makes you feel Wren’s grit and rebelliousness and Jonathon’s commitment to the sport and to Wren Montgomery. So many of Wren’s antics are relatable they made me giggle, wince and cheer her on even when I knew they wouldn’t end well.  Jonathon’s ability to ‘take her in hand’ will make you green with envy

Make no mistake, this is a love story and one that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.



The Don’s Daughter by Renee Rose – Hellishly Hot Sex


Review by Casey McKay

I have loved the Bossman Series since the first book, but I think Renee Rose outdid herself with this one. She had me hooked from the very beginning, the opening scene introduces us to Summer—the Don’s daughter—swinging herself around a stripper pole. In walks Carlo, her dad’s right hand man. He’s a member of the mafia family, but he’s also close with her family. Carlo is a frequent guest at Sunday dinner, he’s known Summer a long time, and now he’s getting an eyeful.

And so their story begins. Summer begs Carlo to keep her secret. Carlo has an internal conflict about it. Sure, his first loyalty should be to Don Al, Summer’s dad, but he also realizes that now is his chance to help Summer out. He’s noticed that she’s been unhappy lately and he’s worried she’ll spiral out of control (as if finding her stripping wasn’t a big enough clue). They come to an agreement and then the heat really kicks up a notch.

I absolutely love how Renee Rose can make characters that would otherwise be unlikable, lovable. The first, more obvious one, is Carlo. He’s a mobster, but you love him anyway. Somehow it becomes okay and even understandable as you read this series. More notably, I love that I loved Summer from the very beginning. She is a spoiled Mafia Princess. It would have been really easy to hate her. I would probably hate her in real life. But even when she lashes out and gets kind of bratty, you understand it. She has a good heart and she’s trying to make everyone else happy—which is the exact thing that’s making her crazy. Who can’t relate to that?

I’ve been trying to put my finger on the exact reason why I love this book even more than the other two Bossman books, but I don’t think it is any one thing. The characters, the story line, the passion and the hellishly hot sex all compile to make a book you won’t want to put down. A book that stays with you after you read it. If you’re looking to be engrossed in a book, then look no further!

Here’s an encounter between Summer and Carlo right after he finds her at the strip club:

She gripped his shirt, her beautiful copper-brown eyes bright with tears. “You can’t tell him. Please don’t tell him.”

If she had any idea how much her tearful begging turned him on, she’d run back for the protection of that jackass bouncer in a heartbeat. Or she should, anyway.

He forced himself to ignore his growing hard-on. Her skimpy outfit didn’t help matters. But then, he’d always had a difficult time keeping his thoughts pure when it came to Summer La Torre. Gesù, when he’d seen her thrashing her hips around up on that stage… But turned on or not, the fact that the don’s daughter was taking her clothes off for money was a serious problem. He suspected the reason behind it would be even more unsettling than catching her in the act.

He covered her little fists with his hands. “Summer, you know where my loyalty lies. I can’t keep this from him.”

“Please, Carlo, you have to.”

Damn, she was cute when she turned those puppy dog eyes on him. But no, he couldn’t let this go. “Listen, doll, what you were doing in there” —he jerked his thumb toward the strip club— “isn’t right. You need someone to straighten you the fuck out.”

Summer blinked rapidly.

“You’ve been a hot mess ever since you broke up with your douchebag boyfriend.”

Her eyes widened, as if shocked that he’d noticed she hadn’t been herself for the past five months. Tears spilled from her eyes and streaked down her face. He looked away before he went soft on her.

The damn bouncer stood in the doorway, watching them.

“I don’t want my dad to know. Please don’t tell him.” The puppy-dog eyes pleaded. “I quit, okay? You heard me quit, right? I won’t go back, I promise.”

He shook his head, steeling himself against the urge to give her anything and everything she asked for. Don Alberto would kill him for keeping something important like this from him. Hell, Don Alberto would kill him just for having seen his daughter practically nude. Besides, Summer needed help. She’d lost her way and allowing her to keep going down this path of self-destruction wouldn’t do her any favors. She needed to be taken in hand, in a big way.

“I’m sorry, doll. You need guidance. If you ask me, someone needs to take a belt to your ass to teach you a lesson in self-respect.” Okay, he didn’t even know where that came from. It must be the Catholic school-girl outfit tweaking his inner dom.

Unbelievably, she gazed up at him with her big doe eyes and said, “Okay.”

He cocked a brow. “Okay?”

She swallowed. “You can do it.”

Why did she actually look hopeful about the prospect?

His cock surged against his pants and his suit jacket suddenly felt too hot. He stared at her, trying to deny the appeal of bending her over and lifting that miniscule plaid skirt of hers to deliver a spanking. “You want me to punish you?”

She nodded.

He pushed her back against the car, pinning her too-thin body between the BMW and his larger frame. She released his shirt and he grasped her wrists, pulling them together, tucked against his chest.

She’d stopped breathing. Her nipples protruded through her blouse and her lush mouth opened.

God, how he wanted to take it, possess her glossy lips. Own her. He forced some self-control. “No, cara mia. I can’t.”

Her face fell. “Why not?”

He pictured her ass bared for him, his little princess to punish and protect. His gaze slid away, down the row of cars, and one corner of his mouth kicked up as he considered the truth. “I’m afraid I would like it.” He looked back down at her and she flushed, eyes dilating. Her chest rose and fell, drawing his gaze down to her apple-sized breasts.

“You would like punishing me?” Her voice cracked.

He looked her square in the face. “Yeah.”

Damn if she didn’t look excited. Fuck if she didn’t push her abdomen back at his bulging cock, rocking her pelvis up. A low growl rose in his throat.

“I guess I’d prefer it that way.”

Oh, this was too. Fucking. Tempting.

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Bound by Casey McKay – A Demanding but Thoughtful Dom and a Bit of Intrigue


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Review by Renee Rose

Erotic romance author Casey McKay has hit her stride with her new BDSM series. Bound, the third in the series, is a wonderful story about a romance in motion. Melissa has been dating Martin, the owner of an exclusive BDSM club for ten years. Despite their incredible chemistry, she’s still running scared–certain he’s going to break up with her at every turn and resistant to his continued suggestion of marriage.

So many romance stories are about new love. I think it can be harder to write about a couple who already have history, but McKay handles it well. She introduces external conflict, in the form of a stalking photographer who brings up PTSD in Melissa, who had been forced into sexual slavery in her early twenties. The internal conflict revolves around the heroine’s own sense of self-worth related to her past, which causes her to continually push Martin away.

Martin is a perfect dom– a blend stern and unyielding while they’re “in scene,” tender and caring when they’re not. And yet the couple’s relationship is a 24/7 Dominant/submissive relationship, which means the lines between scene and no scene are blurred.

I want to share with you the opening scene, which begins with Melissa not being able to sleep and trying to initiate sex with Martin in the middle of the night. I immediately fell in love with Martin after reading this scene:

Martin looked down at her, but judgment seemed to be the furthest thing from his mind. A look of concern crossed his features as he blinked out of his foggy haze. “I’m telling you it’s time to sleep.”

“I can’t.” It was a plea, the closest thing to a whine that would ever cross her lips.

“So you’re disobeying me?” His face darkened.

She almost argued with him, her chest tightening that he was disappointed with her. She wasn’t disobeying him, but she couldn’t make herself fall asleep. Then she realized why he was asking. “Yes,” she agreed.

“Hands,” he barked.

Melissa stretched her arms over her head and wrapped her hands around the wrought iron headboard. Martin secured her wrists in the handcuffs that permanently hung there. Something was already slipping into place, making her feel calm and he’d barely touched her. She was already nude, having shucked her clothes before attempting to seduce him. He rose from the bed, just a pair of boxer briefs clinging to his body.

Martin opened the closet door and rustled around before coming back to her. “Up.” He motioned for her to lift her legs in the air as he doubled over his belt.

She barely held back a groan. He could have at least left her hands free if he was going to force her to hold her legs up. But she had asked for this, beggars couldn’t be choosers. She promised herself she’d skip yoga in the morning, her core would be getting a workout tonight.

“Keep them up, or you’ll get extra,” he warned.

Bastard. He already knew she’d never be able to keep them raised the whole time. He did this on purpose. She wanted to call him names, but at the same time liquid gushed between her thighs. He knew exactly what she needed. And that was the very thing that was keeping her awake. “Yes, Master,” she murmured when he seemed to be waiting for a response.

His lips tilted up in the slightest of smirks, then he raised the belt and cracked it down across her ass.

Fire. Fire lit up her skin. She forgot to breathe. She barely could anyway with the angle her legs were in. The belt cracked again and she let out a shriek, her breath whooshing from her body as the second line of fire burned across her ass. The third one came quickly and she bucked her hips. Pulling on the restraints and twisting to the side. She rested on one hip and thrashed, the edges of the cuffs biting into her skin.

“Up.” Martin sat back on his heels, waiting patiently with the belt in his hand for her to get back in position.

It took another few seconds, forcing air in and out of her lungs before she rolled back and raised her legs again.

“What do you say?” He raised an eyebrow at her and waited.

It was their signal. He was asking her what she wanted to do. If she told him to stop now, he would—no questions asked. “More, please.”

He pushed her legs back further, wrapping his hand around the back of one knee. The stretch was uncomfortable, but his hand there meant she couldn’t move again, she felt grateful for it. “Three more, those you were already getting,” he explained. “Then the extra.”

“Thank you, Master.” She bit her lip as he swung the belt at full force. It jarred her, pushing her up the mattress despite his hold on her.

He swung again.

Her ass felt like one big, giant welt. A throbbing mass of pain. It shot right to her core.

Two more in quick succession and she hissed a curse out between her teeth.

“Almost done,” Martin assured her as he rubbed the leather over her abraded skin. He lifted the belt, adjusted his aim, and then swung.

She bucked her hips and pushed against him with her legs when the belt smacked her upper thighs. “Wait!” she yelled.

He lashed her again, in the same exact spot, not heeding her cry. But then he threw the belt to the floor.

She heaved out a sigh as he lowered her legs.

“Open up, buttercup.” He winked at her as he shoved his underwear down his hips.


Yum, right?  The entire book has this sensitivity the push and pull of play vs. real life, dominance and caring. I recommend every book in this series–they just keep getting better and better!  If you enjoy your BDSM with a thoughtful but demanding dom, hot scenes and a taste of intrigue, Bound is the book for you!




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