Born to Be Bound by Addison Cain – Your Panties Will Never Be Dry Again


Review by Lee Savino

Born to be bound Is one of my favorite books of 2016. Once I one clicked, I read it four times in as many days, finally kicking it off my kindle so I could get some life done. The writing is addictive, with a fast paced plot, the well-written post-apocalyptic world, the strong heroine Claire. Best of all, there’s a sexy, dominant alpha, anti-hero and fuckmeister, Shepherd.

But know this before you buy: This book is dark.

Claire is an Omega on the run. Omegas are weaker than Alphas or Betas, and go into a strong estrus or heat that attracts the stronger in their species. In this post apocalyptic ruin of a world, an alpha named Shepherd has risen from the ranks of feral prisoners to wreak havoc on Claire’s city. His chaotic and brutal rule sends Omegas like Claire into hiding. But it’s been months and now the hidden Omegas are starving.

So Claire goes to beg Shepherd for help, masking her scent and hiding her identity as an Omega. Her plan doesn’t work, though, because in the middle of his gang of Alphas, she goes into heat. To save her life, and satiate his own Alpha need, Shepherd claims her as his own.

And he fucks her. Again and again, and against Claire’s rational will, but not her body’s or natural instincts. As hard as she tried to fight it, everything in Claire’s nature wants to be claimed and bred by this alpha’s Alpha. In each scene, Claire tries to fight her own desire, and then ends up giving into Shepherd.
Claire is young and idealistic, the antithesis of the scarred and ruthless alpha, but Shepherd is realistic where she is naive. They are perfect opposites and their natural conflict makes their estrus-induced fucking even hotter. Shepherd keeps Claire her captive, giving her everything she needs, including the hard fucking her body craves.
I rooted for the anti hero, Shepherd the whole way through. He forces Claire to confront her true nature, he keeps her captive (and safe), and even though he manipulates her and takes away her choices…as a reader I felt he had a good reason to do all the things he did to Claire, even though she wasn’t on board with them. There’s a strong non-consensual theme here, but it’s pulled off so well I (as an avid reader of non-consent/reluctance themed romance) enjoyed the heck out of the power exchange.
The world building in this book is skillfully done, and the sex scenes are beyond amazing and balance the intense plot. Book one ends with a cliff hanger that leaves me hungry for book two but still satisfied.
This is a heavy, dark, non consent erotica at its best. It is not a sweet little fairy tale romance, and if you expect that it will leave you cringing and curled up in a ball, crying for your mommy. Don’t read Born to Be Bound unless you want a story that is a dark and brutal and beautiful in its intensity. There are sweet moments too be sure (especially when that alpha starts to purr) but Shepherd has ulterior motives and both he and Claire are trying to use each other. Only their lust is pure.
Bottom line: if you like darker reads and are okay with growly, scary awesome alphas who exert dominance whether their true mate likes it or not, buy this book. Read it, love it, rave over it, but in four days you may have to delete it off your kindle, or your panties will never be dry again.
Don’t say you weren’t warned. ;)

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