Submissive Suffragette by Amelia Smarts


Review by Jane Henry

I waited with bated breath for Submissive Suffragette. I love Amelia Smarts’ books, and I’d read a few excerpts on blog hops. I knew this book featured Carter, who I was head-over-heels in love with from The Unbraiding of Anna Brown. Submissive Suffragette features a younger Carter, who is every bit as dominant, sexy and lovable as I knew him to be.

I *loved* this book. The combination of headstrong, feisty Nalin, an honest, lovable character and her dominant, stern, but loving husband Carter make for amazing chemistry. Amelia Smarts was my introduction to western dd stories, and her books are not only an automatic one-click for me, but are also firmly in my “read over and over” pile.

Submissive Suffragette takes place during the suffragette movement in America, featuring prominent characters straight out of history, such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. One thing I loved about this book was the way complex questions were raised and answered. How does one champion for women’s rights, yet still balance the desire to submit to the authority of a strong man? How does a man protect his wife, and lead her, while allowing her the freedom to follow her heart? These questions and more are addressed in this fast-paced, captivating story of love, compromise, heartbreak, and redemption.

Nalin knows she wants to champion for women’s rights, and even goes behind her husband’s back to wear trousers, and attend meetings. Carter is none too impressed, and the book starts off right away with an argument, ironically, over Nalin being punished by Carter. She is working to earn rights for women, yet his stern ways end her belly-down over his lap. She’s torn, and tells him straight off the bat,

“You won’t spank me, Carter,” she repeated.

“Think what you like,” he said. “But you’re getting a spanking when we get home. A right smart one for your willful disobedience.”

Nalin protests, and Carter doesn’t want to strip her of what’s important to her. But as he wearily continues on, they both realize that her submitting to him is exactly what she wants, needs even.To her surprise, his expectation of her obedience makes her happy, and she hates the distance between them. She finally begs him to please take her over his knee, as he always has for disobedience. And he sets her to rights again.

Thus begins this moving, clever conflict that drives this novel. Carter is a traditional man, and desires her obedience, but he loves his headstrong woman. Nalin yearns to see women given the respect they deserve, but loves being taken care of and protected by her husband.

Carter loves who Nalin is.

She had always been a brazen little thing. All of five-foot-one to his six feet, she placed her hands on her hips and glared up at him without hesitation whenever they argued. She spoke her mind, and she spoke it often. Carter admired her pluck. She kept him honest and on his toes. Her sharp tongue and sarcastic wit often made him laugh. Her personality was fierce, but her body was soft and small. His wife was a walking, talking contradiction. He loved her deeply, despite— or perhaps partly because of— her combative spirit.

But he knows she thrives under his stern hand.

Nalin looked into his eyes. “Oh, Carter. You’re such a good man. I need you even though I say a woman shouldn’t need a man.”

“Thank you, darlin’. It sure is nice to hear you say that. And you’re a good woman. I need you too, you know?” He offered her a smile.

Nalin smiled weakly back at him and Carter kissed her forehead again. “Now,” he said, growing stern. “Speaking of needs. A certain young lady needs a spanking, doesn’t she?”

Nalin wants nothing more than to go to the women’s rights convention, and Carter reluctantly agrees. As they travel to the convention, and encounter various situations that challenge where they stand in the movement, they delve down into the issue that’s every bit as important today as it was at the turn of the century.

“By the way, I do believe women should have rights, but men are natural leaders. Women are submissive, or so they should be.”

“I’m not submissive,” she said, trying to convince herself.

Carter laughed heartily and resumed the mild spanking. “You are, honey, though I know you are loathe to admit it. Surely you see the irony in what you just said while enjoying getting your little ass spanked.”

Nalin most definitely saw the irony and had for months. She didn’t know how to respond. She felt confused by her desire to submit to her husband and her desire to be treated as a man’s equal.

Little does he know that he, too, will be pulled into the call to champion for women’s rights, and he becomes a reluctant supporter of their cause. I loved what Nalin said to the women about Carter:

Nalin addressed the suffragettes again. “He’s a good man, but he’s still a man. Bossy and ornery as all get-out, as you can see.” Carter’s eyes twinkled, and he bossed her further. “Come sit at the table, Nalin. Why are you still standing over there like someone might bite you?”

But Nalin and Carter have struggles of their own. They’ve tried for years to have a child, and have suffered many losses. Nalin struggles with her own self worth, not being able to bring a child to term. The two of them push through very real, heartbreaking struggles. As the reader, I smiled along with Nalin’s antics, swooned along with Carter’s unparalleled dominance, and cried with their struggles.

Heavily laced with heart-pounding moments, steamy “over the knee” sessions that are every bit as moving as they are sexy, and heartfelt emotions, this is another “must read” by Amelia Smarts.

From the author:

About the Lone Star Love Series

My latest release is part of my Lone Star Love series with Blushing Books. While writing The Unbraiding of Anna Brown, about lonely widower Carter and sweet, plainspoken Anna who lights his way out of a dark depression, I came to understand the woman Carter was mourning. Carter’s first wife, Nalin, was sharp, feisty, and different from Anna in just about every way. I felt that Nalin and Carter deserved their own story, which led me to write The Submissive Suffragette, Book One in the series. Missy Meets the Marshal (Book Three) is as much an action and adventure story as it is a spanking romance. In it you’ll find villains, bounty hunters, murder, and a conscientious lawman who makes a life-altering choice to follow his heart instead of the law. And while these three books do make up a series, they can each be read and enjoyed as standalones. I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I enjoyed writing them!


About The Submissive Suffragette

It’s the late 1800s and women are beginning to fight against the accepted roles of submissive housewife and mother. The suffragette movement is gaining ground. Nalin is one of these women. She is a devoted wife to Carter, and desperately longs for motherhood. But she is struggling to balance those desires with her belief that women need to be equal to men, and this starts, to her way of thinking, with the right to vote. She begins defying all the normal conventions – she wears pants instead of skirts to town, she cusses, she talks back to her husband. The consequences of her actions are that Carter takes a firm hand to her backside.

Carter, on the other hand, has always been quite happy with the status quo and is becoming more and more frustrated with Nalin’s constant defiance of all things considered lady-like. He has even come to believe that disciplining his recalcitrant wife is pointless. But her reaction to this declaration confuses them both.

Carter and Nalin both want children, but have so far suffered more than one devastating loss. They are both thrilled when Nalin again becomes pregnant. However, now she’s demanding to attend the suffragette convention in Dallas. Carter loves his wife, so despite his initial reservations, he agrees to see her safely to the convention and back again.

Their adventure takes a few twists and turns along the way. Will this couple safely and successfully navigate their way through these turbulent times and find the happily ever after they both deserve?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit erotic and spanking scenes. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.


Buy The Submissive Suffragette (Lone Star Love Book 1)


Also in the Lone Star Love Series

The Unbraiding of Anna Brown (Lone Star Love Book 2) – Hardened widower awakens from grief when met by a sweet, headstrong young lady in need of some old-fashioned discipline. http://amzn.to/1TxYUUJ

Missy Meets the Marshal (Lone Star Love Book 3) – A troubled woman in need of protection and discipline meets a tough marshal, whose job it is to provide both. http://amzn.to/1TOtHPU

About Amelia Smarts

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Historical Erotica and Erotic Westerns!

I’m an author of romance novels featuring domestic discipline/spanking. Usually my stories involve a cowboy, and they always involve a man’s firm hand connecting with a woman’s naughty backside. It’s important to me that I tell a good story in addition to portraying hot sex and discipline scenes. I write complex, flawed heroes and heroines who struggle and succeed in their journey to love and happiness.

I hold graduate and undergraduate degrees in creative writing and English, and I love the written word. If you’d like to talk books with me, feel free to drop me a note at amelia_smarts@yahoo.com. Happy reading!

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