A kaleidoscope of spanking delights: Spank! and Spank! 2, by Penelope Hasler and Becky Sharpe


by Emily Tilton

Short story collections never seem to get their due. It’s a shame, I think. I would think so, I suppose, since I first experienced, and fell in love with, spanking fiction in the short form, with Victorian erotica like the stories of The Pearl. There are a great many wonderful collections out there, but I want to bring SRR readers’ attention to two collections from the keyboards of Penelope Hasler and Becky Sharpe that are well worth your consideration.

To convince you of these stories’ merits, I want to deal with the styles of Hasler and Sharpe first of all, to give an idea of the sorts of spanking you’ll find in their stories. I want to call your attention to a stylistic trait in each writer that makes me value her work individually, as a way to understand why you might want not just to sample these collections, but to read them through.

In Hasler’s stories, arousal is punished. In “A New Dimension,” the first story of Spank!, the naughty boy found to have an erection after being spanked receives his reward; in “The Magic Book” the naughty girl whom the crop makes wet has her crime against modesty brought before her; in “Sabine” (the most wonderfully out there BDSM story in either book) the narrator ruthlessly, and hotly, chastises and exploits her slave Sabine’s wantonness: these characters are always justly chastised, and always to my panting delight. That little individual quirk in Hasler’s spanking fiction betokens a whole range of other individualities–above all about the way she enters into her characters’ mental states as they spank and are spanked–that create in her work a hotness that I find truly unique. Those mental states almost always center on the humiliation and embarrassment attendant on a sound spanking whether in the necessary preparations of costume and positioning, the discomfort of the punishment itself, or the corner-time afterward, and Hasler never fails to arouse when she lovingly describes each facet.

In Sharpe’s stories, the sex is on the surface in a different way: arousal isn’t punished, but rather rewarded. In “Detention,” for example, the schoolgirl heroine begs to be treated like a big girl, and is, by the headmaster, and loves it. In “The Princess and the Jailer,” all the parties involved in the imprisonment and punishment of Princess Delilah, including Delilah herself, have what might be called a sex-positive attitude that works to make the story hot in a very refreshing way. Sharpe’s style is more external than Hasler’s, but just as hot. The contrast between Hasler’s and Sharpe’s styles makes the alternation of their voices delicious.

These stories are so wonderful that I’m going to list them, to tantalize you, with a tease of synopsis-let for each.


  • “A New Dimension” (Hasler): A lovely Fm story where a wife discovers her husband’s spanking interests.

  • “Three Wishes” (Sharpe): A cute, funny, and seriously twisted fairy tale featuring Cinderella as you’ve never seen her. Lovers of The Winter Storm should eat this one up.

  • “Dressing Down” (Hasler): What The Devil Wears Prada should have been. Fashion, executive assistants punishing their bosses, humiliation. Enough said.

  • “Detention” (Sharpe): an older schoolgirl gets the punishment all we schoolgirl spankos really want.

  • “The Magic Book” (Hasler): An absolute gem of a fantasy-story about a book, a la The Neverending Story that takes the reader to realms of. . . spanking.

Spank! 2

  • “Like Mother, Like Daughter” (Hasler): A daughter discovers that her mum was once a schoolgirl spanking model, and feels the need to experience it for herself.

  • “Costume Party Catfight” (Sharpe): A dispute over the most creative costume at an office party leads to a humiliating display in the boss’ office.

  • “A Day in Court” (Hasler): A truly special tale of a spanking machine gone haywire. One of the funniest spanking stories ever written, I sincerely believe.

  • “Sabine” (Hasler):  A mistress gives an ultra-hot monologue concerning her treatment of her willing, though naughty, slave.

  • “The Princess and the Jailer” (Sharpe): Another wonderful fairytale from Sharpe full of twists, turns, punishments, and sex.

  • “The Maid” (Hasler): A lovely little historical in which an earl gives a servant her due.

  • Something else that I refuse to spoil, but for which you must read all the way to the very end of the book.


What I find most difficult to get across in this sort of review, in which I’m hoping to recommend this book to you for the hotness of its stories, is the very high literary quality of both authors’ work. Here’s a sample of Hasler’s from the beginning of “Like Mother, Like Daughter”:

It was nearly time. Lisa peeked through the blinds again, watching for the car’s approach. A pair of headlights appeared in the distance, swimming through the darkness – was this him? – but they carried on past the house and disappeared. She went back to pacing round the lounge.

As she paced she was both scared and excited by the knowledge that she was about to be punished. She had dreamt, many times, of being spanked over a man’s knee, but she was about to experience it for real. Would she enjoy it? Would he spank very hard? The thought that she was about to learn the answer to that second question made her heart pound in her chest like a drum.

The literary merits of the stories seem to me to heighten the emotional impact of the eroticism to such an extent that I think you may find yourself putting these anthologies on a very special place on your virtual shelf.

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Spank!  Spank! 2

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