Another Writing Prompt Wednesday!


I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed all the participation and the great pieces you all have been writing.

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Minelle LaBraun was last week's winner of a $5 Amazon gift card from Renee Rose. This week's winner (drawn randomly from those who post a response to the prompt), will receive their choice of any of Patty Devlin's books.

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Each Wednesday Spanking Romance Reviews will host a writing prompt for your fun and entertainment.

  1. What is a writing prompt? A writing prompt is a line or two of a story or dialogue or a photo or anything that might inspire a story.
  2. What do I do? A writing prompt is meant to get your creative juices flowing with lots of free thinking and no editing. Once the prompt is posted, we suggest you give yourself a very limited amount of time,  say 10-15 mins, to free write based upon the prompt.
  3. Then what? Then post your response to the writing prompt in the comments. Responses are limited to 250 words…and yes, we’ll be counting.
  4. After you’ve posted your response, take a look at what others have written. See how many different ways a few words or a photo can be interpreted. Feel free to comment on their submissions too—in a friendly and encouraging way.
  5. Who can participate? Everyone! (Over 18, that is.) This is not just for the “professionals” out there. We want to see everyone give their writing muscles a workout. It’s fun. Give it a try.
  6. You said there would be prizes? Yes. Every week one random participant will be selected to receive a prize. ***Note*** anyone who would like to donate a book or other prize, please contact me celestejones215@rocketmail.com
  7. Any other rules? Of course!

Here is the list of no-no’s

  • No underage participants
  • No scenes of rape, incest or forced sex
  • No shameless self-promotion. We know it when we see it.
  1. Does it have to include spanking? No! Let your imagination run wild, but only for 250 words.
  2. Can it be silly? Yes, we encourage silliness.

Let's see what you all can come up with in response to this writing prompt: “Is that your phone?”

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32 Responses to “Another Writing Prompt Wednesday!”

  1. Cara Bristol says:

    “Is that your phone?”

    “No.” Michelle shook her head.

    Rebecca inclined her head toward the handbag on the chair. “Isn’t that your purse?”

    Michelle nodded. “That’s mine.”

    “Well, your purse is ringing.”

    The waitress appeared and set a Bottom Burner cocktail in front of Michelle and Rebecca. “I think somebody’s phone is ringing.”

    Michelle looked up at her. “Thank you,” she said, but made no move to answer it. The waitress shrugged and departed.

    “You’re really not going to answer it?” Rebecca looked at her. “Not even check who it is?”

    “I know who it is. It’s Jack.”

    The ringing stopped. Rebecca looked at the purse, then at Michelle. “Won’t your husband be mad?”

    The purse started to buzz, signaling a text coming through. Michelle lifted her Bottom Burner cocktail and took a sip. The fruity taste caressed her tongue, followed by a surge of heat. She set down the drink and fanned her flushed face. Her cheeks felt quite warm now—but not as warm as her bottom was going to be when she faced Jack.

    “Oh, he’ll be plenty mad,” she said.

  2. Jaye Peaches says:

    The meeting never started on time. People meandered in and helped themselves to coffee before choosing a seat around the conference table. The blinds were lowered, blocking out the mid-day sun and the air-conditioning blasted cold air above the heads.
    Everyone hated meetings and this one would be no exception.
    Scattered across the table were the usual collection of objects: notepads, tablets, smartphones and a rogue chewing gum wrapper. Laptops were banned.
    Colin kicked off the meeting with the usual run through of the agenda. Somebody yawned.
    There was a beep. Colin stopped mid-flow and stared at the table.
    “I thought I made it clear, phones to silent,” he reminded his team.
    “Mine’s off,” shrugged one guy.
    The beep went off again and all eyes fixed on a lone phone on the table by an empty seat.
    Colin walked around the table and picked it up.
    “Unlocked,” he remarked swiping the screen. “A message.”
    “For whom?” asked another.
    “I don’t know,” said Colin unable to contain his smile.
    There was a hubbub about the table. “What, gone on tell us.”
    Colin cleared his throat. “It says, I quote. Go to the restroom and take off your panties. Now.”
    There was guffaws and laughter about the table as Colin put the phone back on the table.
    The door to the conference room creaked open. Kirsty edged into the room, trying to look small as possible.
    “Sorry I’m late….”
    “Is that your phone?” asked Colin pointing at the device.
    Kirsty went red.

  3. Staying behind to help Richard after the meeting was a pleasure. Although technically not her boss, she often did work for the tall, muscular executive with the startlingly light blue eyes. He was gorgeous and she wanted him, badly. But he was always very professional and friendly, but that’s where it ended.

    Today, she’d dressed seductively in a sheer blouse, no bra and a tight pencil skirt that showed off her killer ass. As soon as the others left, she pulled off her conservative jacket that had covered her assets until now.

    Moving around the conference table she made a point to bend over with her ass pointed in his direction, stretching across the table to reach things on the other side. When she turned to face him she leaned low enough to give him an eyeful of her unbound, firm double D’s.

    As she stretched for the last remaining packet, she felt him come up beside her, his tented pants brushing against her hip. Suddenly, his hand came down hard upon her taut derriere.

    She moaned with pleasure as she looked at him over her shoulder. “How did you know I was a bad girl?”

    “Are you kidding? Spank me is practically written across your sexy ass.” He rubbed where he’d slapped, pressing firmly against her. “Do you want more, naughty girl?”

    “Oh yes, Sir. I just have one question. .. Is that your phone in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”

  4. Dinah Mcleod says:

    Nice, Maddie! Very descriptive!

  5. Dinah Mcleod says:

    “Is that your phone?” Chris asked, with another loud sigh. His third since he’d gotten into the car.

    “Yep,” she replied, tight-lipped.

    “Are you gonna get it?”

    Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his long, sandy bangs falling over his dark eyes that looked so much like her own. Thirteen. Everyone had told her it would be a bitch, and they weren’t lyin’. She reached down and picked up the ringing phone. She hit “reject” and set it down again without so much as a word. She knew who’d be on the other end: another bill collector, another snotty-nosed man, judging her when she admitted that she couldn’t pay. But he was probably fat, and being cheated on by his wife, so it all worked out. At least, that’s what she told herself.

    She knew Chris thought himself a man—didn’t all teenage boys? Especially those without fathers, like her son. His dad had been out of the picture now—she usually claimed he was dead, because it stopped conversation flat and didn’t garner the curious stares and awkward questions that —for three years now. Everyone told her she should start dating, get back out there again. They thought all she needed was a handsome, authoritative man to come into her life and set things right. The thought of having to meet someone and gain their interest was exhausting. She’d much rather go home and have a nice, hot bath and pretend to be someone else.

  6. Sounds like a great start to your next novel. I can see it now…

    A boy needs a man in his life. So get outta that tub, put some clothes on, for now and find a good, strong man who wants to help you raise your son. He will of course be an HOH and hold your butt to the flames, or in your case, cause them. A little dysfunction at first, but you both persevere and everything begins to gel until you get your HEA. Sigh.

    Another Dinah McLeon classic in the books, or e-reader as the case may be. When can we expect it to be released?

  7. Casey McKay says:

    Bev had just fallen asleep when a ringing sound jolted her awake. She looked around the dark dorm room trying to figure out what woke her.
    She heard the ringing again and saw Kim’s phone on her nightstand.
    “Hey,” she called out, “is that your phone?”
    Her roommate stirred and reached a hand out from her cocoon of blankets, silencing the ringing and dropping it to the floor. She rolled back over and immediately began softly snoring again.
    Bev let out a sigh and got to her feet. Her first month away at college was turning into a challenging experience. Her roommate barely spoke to her, and she couldn’t get the hottie in her history class, Jeff, to give her the time of day.
    Bev shoved her feet into her slippers and shuffled down to the lounge area. She doubted she would get any sleep now, so she decided to start her reading for next week’s classes.
    She stopped in the doorway of the lounge when she realized it wasn’t empty.
    Jeff sat in a chair at the table, books spread out before him. Bev felt her heart rate increase when he looked up and shot her a smile.
    “Late night studying?” he asked, “Come sit,” he pulled out the chair next to him.
    Bev could still hear the ringing, confused, she sat up in bed and recognized the sound as her alarm going off. She blinked in bewilderment, had it only been a dream?

  8. Holla Dean says:

    Sally’s back was pressed against the wall by his body. Mark’s tongue was in her mouth and she was gently sucking on it. One hand was squeezing her breast. She could feel the hard ridge of his shaft pushing against her. It felt like it was vibrating, even throbbing. Oh my, she thought to herself, he must really want me badly. Maybe this would finally be the time when he would take her and make her completely his.
    She slid one hand between them to touch him there and came into contact with a hard object, but it was not the shape she was expecting. It wasn’t his cock that was vibrating.
    Sally broke off the kiss. “Is that your phone?”
    “Mmm…mmm.” He replied in a non-answer as he lifted her blouse and then ducked his head down to capture the tight bud of her breast in his mouth.
    “Well, aren’t you going to answer it?” She hoped he wouldn’t. He’d been flirting and teasing her for weeks now, and the sexual tension had built up to the point where she was ready to explode.
    “No, I know who it is and I’m busy right now.” His head dipped back down to continue his ministrations.
    The cell phone had stopped vibrating but now the phone on his desk rang once and his secretary’s voice came over the speaker.
    “Mr. Wilson, your wife is on the phone, shall I tell her you’re occupied?”

  9. Patty Devlin says:

    Oh Gawd… so many great stories every week. I can’t get any work done cause I want to finish reading all these!

  10. Congratulations Jaye Peaches the random winner of this week’s prize, which is a book from Patty Devlin’s collection of great stories.

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