Becoming a Lady by Adaline Raine – Medieval Spanking Romance


By Corinne Alexander

Set in medieval times, Anna is “ruined” one night when a group of men invade her village. In this era a young woman is expected to be pure to be wed. Anna’s parents’ show their disappointment by ostracizing the poor young woman.  She is treated like a slave in her own home, and even beaten by her cruel mother.

One day she is drugged and abducted by a strong, authoritative man, known only as Sir William.  He takes her from her village, and explains to her that it is no worse fate to be abducted, than it is to remain in a village that doesn’t want her.

Anna is feisty, and opinionated, smart, beautiful and quick to speak her mind.  She even dismisses one of Sir William’s orders, with her arms defiantly crossed over her chest as she tells him that she does not take orders. (I loved that small scene!)  A good trait in present time, but not so much in the medieval times this story was presented in.

Sir William promises to protect her from men with “evil intent” toward her.  (She really is a beautiful woman, once cleaned up and dressed in proper clothes, instead of dirty rags).  And he also promises to punish her for her obstinacy, which he does.  He has no problem taking the young woman over his knee and spanking her bare bottom.

The chemistry between them grows as the story progresses.  Even though Sir William won’t answer her questions, where he is from, why does he want her, what is going to do with her…, he takes very good care of her protecting her, and trying to teach her how to act like a lady.

Anna is confused by all the new attention she receives once outside her village.  She has never been called beautiful, has never really spoken to anyone except her younger sister, and cannot understand the growing need building in her.  She is attracted to Sir William, but doesn’t understand how to deal with this attraction, or how to act properly.  And the poor woman still suffers the “scars” from her past.

Unfortunately, these scars are opened up quickly when she discovers whom has paid so handsomely for her capture.  Her past threatens to swallow her alive, except for the care from Sir William.  If only he would accept her as his own. But that seems too much to hope for, for the distraught woman, who is now a prisoner, dressed in beautiful gowns, and living a new lavish life.

One of the big themes in the book is the matter of trust.  Sir William keeps telling Anna to trust him. But because of her past, and the new position she is in, she finds it hard to do so.  Sir William is a good man who is strong, honorable, and passionate. It just takes a while for Anna to see this, and for the reader to really get to know his motives.  Are his motives pure? Is he trustworthy? These are questions that continue throughout the story.

I won’t give away the ending, but I was very pleased with the HEA ending.

The characters were likable and I liked their progression.  However I was confused at different points throughout the story. It almost seemed a little rushed at times. While I liked this story a lot, and enjoyed the characters, I would have liked to have gotten more questions answered. I think that Becoming a Lady had tremendous potential as a great medieval spanking romance.  If the author had cleaned up a few of the confusing scenes, it would have been even better.

Overall, though, it was a good story, with a nice overall plot, and likable characters.


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