Becoming Lady Amherst by Celeste Jones – Sweet Romance (Re-post)


Review by Casey McKay

There were so many things I loved about this book! I’ve read other books by Celeste Jones and I always appreciate the way she can interweave some humor into her story lines.

Sarah is a spirited American who, through a series of events, ends up the bride of Lord Amherst. I loved that Sarah started out as this spunky self-assured woman, but then we got to see more of her self-conscious side as she began to fall in love with Jeffrey and feared she was not good enough.

Ms. Jones did a wonderful job of characterizing and really making you love Jeffrey even though the entire book is told from Sarah’s point of view. Even in the beginning when Sarah is set on disliking Lord Amherst, he never comes across as harsh or unreasonable. It’s rare that I like a hero in a spanking romance from the very beginning, but Ms. Jones had me loving Jeffrey from the start!

I highly recommend Becoming Lady Amherst to any reader who enjoys a good spanking romance with a touch of humor.

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