Body Politics by Cara Bristol


CB_RACS3_BodyPolitics_coverlgReview by Sue Lyndon

When Stephanie meets Mark, she doesn’t want to be attracted to him – especially when she finds out he’s a member of the Rod and Cane society, an organization of men who spank their wives.  That kind of thing is against everything she stands for as the founder of WAN (Women Act Now).  She’s soon fighting a battle between her steadfast feminist principles and her body’s strong, traitorous sexual attraction to the sexy, dominant Mark.  As much as she doesn’t want to see him again, she can’t seem to stay away.

Mark is immediately smitten and drawn to Stephanie’s strong personality, as well as the softness he glimpses underneath her public face.  He longs to kiss her, hold her, and spank her.  As I was reading, I kept thinking “how in the heck is Mark going to convince Stephanie to let him spank her?”  It didn’t seem possible at the beginning…and yet the first spanking is a disciplinary spanking that felt completely authentic.  He gains Stephanie’s trust, as well as her reluctant consent.  Gradually, it becomes clear to Stephanie that the women of Rod and Cane aren’t brainwashed to submit to their husbands, but that it’s about choice – and part of being a feminist is supporting a woman’s right to choose what kind of relationship she enters.  She also finds being spanked by Mark makes her feel loved and protected.

Body Politics is my favorite of all the Rod and Cane books by Cara Bristol.  It was a pleasure to read.  If you enjoyed Unexpected Consequences and False Pretenses, you won’t want miss this installment in the series.  Body Politics is a sexy page-turner complete with disciplinary and erotic spankings, and it contains a whole lot of steamy sex between two unique, likeable characters with great chemistry.  5 stars!


5starBody Politics is available on Loose-ID, Amazon, Amazon UK, and Barnes and Noble.

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