Bound for Disappointment by Sheri Savill – a big laugh-fest


by the unknown reviewer

Endorphins are (according to my three minutes of internet research) hormones released by the body that help to improve your mood. These can be released through physical exercise, sex, and even hearty laughter.

Bound for Disappointment by Sheri Savill certainly helped me to release a large number of endorphins, and not for either of the first two reasons listed. Seriously, when was the last time you had a good hard wipe-the-tears-from-your-eyes and change-your-undies laugh?

Sure, sex is great, but can you share that with your sister or your friends? But, who doesn’t want to be part of a big laugh-fest?

With wicked satire and clever word use, Sheri Savill tells the story of Tara Febreze, erotica author in search of a real life dom…and through it all she is…Bound for Disappointment.

 Now, this was not a romance and there weren’t even any real spankings (though Sir Thong might disagree), so I can see how some readers of spanking fiction might be confused about why this book is being reviewed on a Spanking Romance site.

 How about because it’s a good book and you should lighten up and go read it?

 You’ll never be able to look at a gas tank the same way again.

NOTE: Join us to discuss this book at the Spanking Book Club this Friday, Aug. 16th, on Celeste Jones”s blog.

Five stars, 2 wet panties (because I peed!) [rating=5] [relatedratings=5]five_paddle_review_srr5star

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3 Responses to “Bound for Disappointment by Sheri Savill – a big laugh-fest”

  1. I think I peed a little reading this too. It was awesome. She’s hilarious!

  2. Sheri Savill says:

    Well damn! Just taken aback here. Thank you SO much, Unknown Reviewer. You truly made my year. THANK YOU!

    And thank you too, Natasha. :)

  3. Trent Evans says:

    Such a great review. I literally can’t read more than one or two paragraphs at a time before I am busting up laughing. It’s that good.

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