Breeder by @CaraBristol – a tender story with hot sex


By Renee Rose

Cara Bristol’s sci-fi romance Breeder is tender story about Omra, female breeder kept in an abusive containment center, who finds love and freedom when she’s chosen by Commander Dak, a ruling Alpha of the planet Parseon. Dak intends to simply impregnate her and hand her off to his beta partner, but instead finds himself fascinated with her from the very start, discovering much of the doctrine about females on his planet to be untrue. His beta, Corren, however, is threatened by Omra, moreover, he believes himself worthy of being an alpha himself, and has long been planning against Dak.

The story has excellent pacing–I found it hard to put down. ┬áThe story tension leads you through, between the plot with Corren, the political tension Dak faces, and his own despair over violating protocol by harboring a loving relationship with Omra. The sex scenes live up to everything we’ve come to expect from Cara Bristol–hot, descriptive, luscious. Dak’s obsession with performing cunnilingus on Omra was so appreciated, particularly the scene featuring mutual oral sex and simultaneous spanking–mmm mmm.

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For me, the book fell short in terms of the actual spanking and dominance/submission aspect. ┬áThere was so much potential here with the delicious master/slave scenario– a particular turn-on for me, but while it had all the perfect elements, they weren’t exploited. The two disciplinary spankings happened quickly–no time for fluttery build-up or anticipation. Dak was sweet to her from the very beginning, rarely using his dominant position to make her squirm. Of course, it made him an admirable hero, who I couldn’t help but fall in love with, but with the premise of the book, I expected more from this dynamic.

What it lacked in D/s, it made up for in excellent writing, world building, plot and sex. Another great book by Cara Bristol!


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