Call Me Yours by Casey McKay (RE-POST)


Review by Etta Stark

Casey McKay has a knack for coming up with great characters. She writes believable people that you would happily spend time with in the real world. Especially her heroes who manage to combine charm with gleeful dominance and a preponderance to spank. Leo from Emmaline’s Groom, Wesley from Loving Lena, Trevor from Cursed Waters all just lovely. You know if I had to arrange some kind of sexy foursome with a bunch of fictional characters, those boys would be top of my list. I may have to go away and consider that sexy foursome scenario for a moment or two. Be right back.

So it was a bit of surprise therefore to find that in Casey’s fabulous new book, Call Me Yours, for a while I really didn’t think I was going to like the hero, Simon Westin at all. I mean sure he is kind and good-looking and liable to bring up spanking in his first proper conversation with a girl – something I applaud wholeheartedly – but boy, ‘sensible Simon’ has some serious bossiness issues.

The books heroine Caitlin – a former spoilt rich kid – needs to make her own way in the world now that she no longer has Daddy’s money to support her and takes a job as a phone sex operator. (When it’s first mentioned as an idea by her friend she asks exactly what I was thinking:Do people even do that anymore?”)

Simon isn’t having any of it though and immediately lays down the law. “I said no,” he tells her simply. “You aren’t doing that.”

Hold on just a minute there. I mean, sure, I get that maybe most guys wouldn’t be thrilled to have their girlfriends work in the sex business but at this stage in the story, Caitlin and Simon have been dating for less than 24 hours. What gives, Simon? You give a girl oral sex one time and now you think you get to dictate how she lives her life? Well, that’s not how things work in the real world, matey.

And you know what? I needn’t have worried. That’s not how it works in the real world and that’s not how it works here either. Like I said, Casey McKay writes great, believable characters.

Simon may not be happy about it but he learns to accept has to accept Caitlin’s decision. They negotiate, they make compromises and they deal with stuff. Just like real people.

And happily, when Simon gets to lay down the law about things he’s entitled to get shirty about (Caitlin almost accidentally burning the house down or getting wasted and trying to drive home for example), he’s as sexy as hell doing it.

So it turns out that I really like Simon after all. Phew. Simon can join in my fictional character orgy too if he likes.

Call Me Yours is a delightfully straightforward, engaging story about a girl getting it together with (literally) the boy-next-door. Their relationship is just adorable. Caitlin and Simon are just so perfect for one another. She needs some stability and order in her life. He needs a bit of chaotic fun.

They meet for the first time when Simon rescues a far too drunk Caitlin from the unwanted sexual

advances of a fellow partygoer. He takes her back to his house where she can sleep it off. Caitlin then spends the next three months avoiding the guy who washed puke out of her hair and threatened her with a spanking if she didn’t behave herself in future.

Caitlin really shouldn’t have avoided her cute, but dominating, neighbour for quite so long. She was missing out on lots of sexy sex and some pretty inventive punishments. Happily, once they get together, the pair seemed determined to make up for lost time.

This is an utterly charming and sweetly funny story about a couple of people coming together and getting to know one another better – often through sex and discipline. Casey has proven once again that in the world of character-driven spanky romantic fiction, she’s a tough act to beat.

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