Candi’s Debt by Aubrey Cara – Gripping, Gritty and Scorching Hot


Review by Renee Rose

Candi’s Debt is the best book I have read in a long time.  It might be my  favorite D/s/Spanking Romance/BDSM/ageplay book ever.  I have to say when I started reading it, the grittiness of both characters made me hesitate, but I trust Aubrey Cara. I’ve loved all her other books, so I figured I would love this one, too.  Boy, was I right. It’s my favorite book by Ms. Cara. I stayed up late into the night reading, and it was the first thing I grabbed when I woke up in the morning. Now that I’m finished, I can’t wait to read it again. Yes, it’s that compelling.

First of all, the writing is top notch. If I were to pick it apart as an author, I’d tell you this–Ms. Cara gets all the mechanics right. The verbs are so strong they punch you in the nose. The characters are vivid, their voices are unique. The descriptions put you solidly in the scenes.

But even without all that, I’d love this book. The story is right up my alley–a hot, dominant ex-military turned gun-for-hire hero and a scrappy, down-on-her-luck numbers genius heroine. Neither one is looking for a relationship, but their worlds keep colliding and the attraction is inescapable. The suspense sequences as both Hank and Candi tangle with the bad guys are thrilling. Hank is a swoon-worthy bad-ass. I might want him to be my next DaddyDom Book Boyfriend, except he’s so intense I’m a little intimidated by him.

The way Hank takes charge of Candi turned my knees weak. The D/s scenes were scorching hot–I’m pretty sure my Kindle burst into flames a few times while reading this book.  If you’re looking for an action-packed book with the most alpha of heroes, look no further.  Aubrey Cara never disappoints, but this one really hit it out of the park!

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