Captain’s Captive by Jayne Ripley


Review by Meredith O’Reilly

His Captive’s Captive was a thrilling, erotic sci-fi story that pulled readers in from page one.

This was a great story. I enjoyed how Ms. Ripley created a world of her own. From the evil Zon to the sweet Arlen. Each piece of technology that I read about was new and pulled me further and further in to the story.

I loved the tension Ms. Ripley created between Arlen and Rhihann. Arlen being the sci-fi version of a detective on the verge of solving a huge crime case captures Rhihann, who was attempting to steal his ship. It was cute to see the two end up putting aside their differences and work together to save the galaxy. There were a couple of times that I didn’t think the couple would make it, but they always did. The spankings that Arlen administered to Rhihann definitely helped at times.

Additionally, the villains that Ms. Ripley created were so evil. From the very first time that she introduces us to them, I disliked them. I was cheering for Arlen and Rhihann to shut down their cruel operations and bring them to justice!

If you’re looking for a sci-fi adventure, with a lot of love, look no further!

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