Caroline’s Rocking Horse by Emily Tilton: unashamedly erotic from start to finish


Caroline, a professor of English, and her corporate attorney husband, George, are a happy couple in that they love and respect one another, but any physical aspect to their marriage, only semi satisfactory in the first place has long fizzled out.

Caroline has her own naughty, secret world; A fantasy boarding school, with a very strict headmaster who is more than capable of keeping errant young girls under his control, with corporal punishment and humiliating sexual punishments. Caroline’s needs are met in her mind and by her own hand with the aid of some explicit Victorian reading material, until one day George happens upon her reading her erotica and self-pleasuring.

Following her cues, George spanks her for her deviant, selfish behaviour and Caroline confesses to her darkest desires, to be both disciplined and loved by her Daddy (ie her husband) for her inner naughty little girl.

Whether writing in her unique Victorian voice or in her contemporary voice, Emily Tilton is an incredible writer. She adds a richness of lyrics and imagery to the hottest, naughtiest erotica in a way that will literally leave you panting and wriggling in your seat.

Caroline’s Rocking Horse stunned me as age play is something I can be very ambiguous about. But the way Ms Tilton captured the voice of both the little girl, and the rational, intelligent woman behind it leaves the reader in no doubt that Caroline, while loving her fantasy world and losing herself in it completely at times, is completely adult and enjoys adult behaviours, completely removed my reservations and permitted, no demanded, that I lose myself in the eroticism of the book. I think it’s probably one of the most intensely erotic books I have ever read.

I should say that there isn’t a deeply involved story lest the reader be disappointed, but it’s unashamedly erotic from start to finish, and culminates in a very nice HEA.

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