Catch a Falling Star by Casey McKay: Brand new spanking author dishes out hot sex and hot bottoms


By Katherine Deane

This was a fun story with eroticism, spankings, humor, a little bit of drama, and a DD overtone.

Luke Summers, Hollywood Heartthrob, is taking a break from acting while working on his production company when he literally runs into a woman who is immune to his good looks and charm.

Molly Mackenzie, Mac, has grown up in the spotlight since childhood . Her grandfather is a movie producer, and her parents were both actors. She has a fiery personality, a chip on her shoulder, and is not impressed with Luke in their first meeting.

She had just been fired from her job as a writer for a cheesy sitcom, when she runs into Luke, and an old “friend” in the elevator.  The beautiful, feisty young woman is not in the mood to fawn all over the hunk. This makes Luke even more interested in her.

Luke emails Mac inviting her to dinner, and she begrudgingly accepts.

Things have been difficult for Mac. Her boyfriend dumped her and took all of her savings last year. Then Mac is sent a blackmail picture of her nude, demanding 1 million dollars. She doesn’t really want to go out on a date, but her friend talks her into it.

Luke is immediately drawn to Mac’s fiery personality, and the fact that she clashes with him. But he also likes to lead. He’s always had a tough time finding girlfriends who would let him lead, but who were also strong willed enough to keep him on his toes. And he sees this wonderful combination in Mac.

After he sees her doing some unsafe actions, he gives her a swat on her bottom, which turns into a sexy game of chase. Mac has always been fascinated with spanking, but had been turned down and called a freak the one time she had asked an ex – boyfriend to spank her. So she has never acted out her fantasy.

When Luke takes her to her bedroom for a sexy, fun spanking, Mac is so scared and unsure that she stops him. She explains that she is nervous and embarrassed. Luke firmly tells her that it is ok to ask for what she wants, and that he won’t laugh or judge her.

He gives her a nice, little fun spanking as foreplay; that is just light enough to get her aroused and let her get used to trusting him.

This is followed by a very nice sexual encounter afterwards. I appreciated the author’s use of condoms in this scene.

Mac tries to avoid Luke the next day, running from the possible new relationship, but Luke takes matters into his own hands, and forces a meeting with her. In what is becoming a recurring theme in the story, Luke tells Mac to ask for what she wants, instead of running away from her problems.

They decide to give a relationship a try, even though Mac is still hesitant.

Luke keeps pushing Mac to trust him, and ask for what she wants. She starts to trust him, but still won’t let him in on her biggest secret, that someone is trying to blackmail her with naked pictures of herself.

They mainly play with erotic spankings until one day, while vacationing in Greece, when Luke finally introduces Mac to punishment spankings. Though she hates it, she realizes that it was deserved and needed, and that she was finally able to release all the pain and guilt while over his knee.

Luke also teaches Mac to ask for quick maintenance or attitude adjustment spankings.  I like the consensual spankings he gives her, while reminding her she is not weird for wanting this in her life.

When Luke asks Mac to move in with him, she refuses. Not because she wants to break up, but because she still needs some space and time.  She is also still hiding the blackmail threat from him, trying to protect him and his career.

Mac tries to get everything taken care of on her own, but to no avail.  The pictures come out, and she hides in a bar, drowning her sorrows and guilt in alcohol. She feels so badly for hurting Luke, and doesn’t think she can face him. She has run away again, hurting Luke and her friends and family in the process.

Luke is relieved when her friend finds her, and brings her back safely. But he is also furious that she kept this from him, and ran when things got tough. He leaves her a message on her cell phone, “You don’t have to be afraid to ask for what you want.” And waits for her to make the next move.

I won’t give away the ending, but suffice it to say, I was very pleased with it.

This was a fun read, with great spankings and sex, a good plot, likeable characters, and a Happily Ever After Ending.

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