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Lily Harlem likes big, calloused hands for her spanking scenes…find out what else she likes


SRR: Tell us about your current release

My current release is a collection of 10 of my short stories called Stories for When the Sun Goes Down, and yes, there are two spank happy tales in there. I Promise to Surrender and Stable Manners. All good fun!SFWTSGD_cover

SRR:  was the first person you told that you were writing spanking fiction? What was his/her reaction?

I haven’t told anyone outside of my writing friends and they all write the same kind of kinks so it certainly wasn’t a shock to them. One day I’ll tell everyone, maybe, but not right now. I’m enjoying writing and not being worried about what people who aren’t into the genre or the lifestyle think about my words and stories. The last thing I’d want is to feel anxious about a new plot or scene because I’m concerned about how so-and-so might react. I guess that’s why pennames evolved, they give an author complete freedom to write what is in their head without being judged.

SRR: If you were asked to make a soundtrack for your novel, what songs would be on it?

I’ve got lots of spanking in lots of novels and novella’s, but for my sound track I’m going to pick Slap Shot which is one of the books in my Hot Ice series http://www.lilyharlem.com/hot-ice.html (they don’t have to be read in order). In this novel the captain of fictional Vipers hockey team, Rick ‘Ramrod’ Lewis is getting a birthday pole dance from Dana, his new love interest, and as it comes to an end he just can’t help revealing his fondness for a good bit of spanking fun. (Saucy excerpt at the end of this post.)

In the book I actually mention the artist that Dana picks to dance to. Rather than a heavy beaty song she goes for the soulful voice of Norah Jones, and when writing I imagined her twirling round the pole to ‘Broken’. I love the strumming and the lazy flow of this song, it matches her drifting movements and the sweep of her dark hair and the graceful way her long limbs wrap around the metal.

I also like the first few lines of ‘Broken’, it sums up both Rick and Dana well, they’ve both had a rocky past and have finally come together.

“He’s got a broken voice and a twisted smile,
Guess he’s been that way for quite awhile,
Got blood on his shoes and mud on his brim,
Did he do it to himself or was it done to him?”

There’s another part of the book were the music would really have to knock up several levels to keep up with the action. Rick has a crazed female fan and things get pretty scary when she tracks down where Dana lives. ‘Going Under’ by ‪Evanescence‪ ‬ has the perfect amount of madness, threat and obsession that has Dana running for her life and Rick battling to save her.

At one point in the book my sexy couple see a live Country and Western performance before enjoying some more slapping fun. The spanking is actually in time with the background music (they’ve sneaked away somewhere private while the show is still going on) and I imagine something like Shania Twain’s ‘I’m Gonna Getcha Good!’ Shania even looks like Dana in the video!

SRR: If your book was turned into a movie, who would you choose to play the leading male?

Oh, soundtrack and casting, this is fun! Okay, for Rick it has to be Joe Manganiello, I’ve even had a few readers say they think he’s perfect for the part. He’s big and brooding, has a seriously sexy smile that he reserves for special people, and those hands, oh, my, they give me weak knees! Check out my Pinterest page with details of my Hot Ice heroes.

SRR: What is your favorite spanking implement?

I like big, calloused hands the best when I’m writing a spanking scene, but I have been known to stray to a hairbrush in The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita

https://www.totallybound.com/the-unwholesome-adventures-of-harita?author_id=128 and a paddle with the heroes initials on in Sexy as Hell (which by the way has serious amounts of spanking both the hero and heroine getting very red bottoms) http://www.harlemdae.com. The initials are cool and leave an imprint on Zara’s buttocks which Victor just adores.

Thank you so much for having me visit today, here’s a little snippet from Slap Shot, to whet your appetite…

* * * *

His hands slid down my upstretched shoulders and his fingertips skimmed the outer curves of my breasts. I shivered at his light touch. I was desperate for more. My pussy was dampening at every scent, sound and caress.

His lips touched between my shoulder blades, his small tuft of facial hair a delicious scratch. I arched as his hands dipped into the hollow of my back.

“Rick,” I murmured, impatient for more.

His big palms suddenly cupped my butt cheeks and he began deep, circular movements pushing and feeling all the flesh on my ass. When he moved them on the outer part of the circle the skin in my cleft stretched taut.

“You have a fabulous ass,” he murmured, stooping and kissing the small of my back. “It’s the perfect roundness and softness.” He curled his fingers into the lace at my hips and dragged my thong down my legs.

I lifted each heel in turn so he could remove it. My pussy was so wet I was surprised moisture wasn’t running down my leg.

His fingers ran down my cleft and over my tightly puckered hole. I jerked forward.

“Shh,” he soothed. “It’s all good, Dana.” He continued his exploration and found the entrance to my pussy. I widened my stance. Wanting him to touch me there was more than a longing, it was an absolute necessity. I would die if he didn’t. I needed him in me…now.

I whimpered as he slipped through my damp folds but didn’t push in. “Rick, please.”

His lips were on the top of my thigh, licking and kissing the crease to my butt. His fingers were teasing me, the way I had him. Not pushing in and not touching my clit either.

A long, low moan of frustration rumbled from my chest, but turned to a cry of joy when his thick finger suddenly entered me high. I clenched around him, squeezing and clamping, grabbing the wonderful filling sensation.

“Ah, fuck, you feel so good every time,” he murmured. “Lord, give me strength.”

I hooked my foot around the pole, spreading myself wider, and he treated me to another finger. Greedily I clasped around it, pulling it inside me as I shoved my mound forward, searching for a connection with my clit. I found it, cool metal shoved up against the sensitive bundle of nerves and I ground harder.

Suddenly a sharp sting bloomed across my left buttock and a slap pealed through the air, overriding the music and ringing around the room.

“Ow, what the…?” Startled, I started to turn.

I couldn’t.

His mouth was at my temple, his chest against my shoulder blades keeping me tight up against the pole. “Shh,” he soothed, palming the burn in my butt. “It’s okay, it’s going to be amazing, just stick with it.”

His body heat left me and another heated slap, my right buttock this time, hit down. As it seared across my skin, he curled his fingers inside me and stroked over my G-spot.

“Ow, ow, ow,” I panted, the sting making a beeline for my pussy, heating it and increasing the want.

“Oh baby, it’s so pretty, you’re going pink already.”

“But, Rick, I…” My hips were writhing, claiming the wonderful pressure he was applying to my sweetest point. Oh, I didn’t need much more, it was so fantastic, his fingers were so damn clever. And the pole, the cool pole was just right against my clit.

“I want to make you red,” he breathed into my ear.

His words washed over me, a blur amongst the cacophony of other sensations.

“I want to make your ass all pretty and red and then fuck you from behind,” he murmured. “So I can watch your glowing skin tremble for me. Tremble while I fuck you. Fuck you really hard.”

I heard those words loud and clear and Oh. My. God. I should have guessed a guy that overdosed on testosterone would have his fair share of kinks.

Lily Harlem Bio

I’m well and truly British having lived in Scotland, England and now Wales. In what feels like a former life I worked as a trauma nurse in London. A move to the countryside forced me to re-think my career and after attending a creative writing course at the local university I now write erotic romance full time.

Most of my stories are set in the modern day. Often they have a sporting twist (Hot Ice /Scored). Menage a trios presses my buttons too – SharedEscape to the CountryThe Glass Knot (to name a few) as does using Britain as a setting for my novels, though I often skip to the USA for a change of scenery.

While my books are basically romances with the bedroom door left well and truly open, I do like to throw in a bit of kink – Cold Night, Hot Bodies is role-play, Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse features voyeurism,Stockholm Surrender includes bondage, Green-Eyed Monster a well-loved strap-on. Phew, the list goes on…

I went through a dark stage last year and this showed in my work, so if you want something a bit heavier check out That Filthy Book or Anything for Him (both co-written with Natalie Dae) or Dangerous to Know which is pure erotica and explores whore fantasy. I dabble in BDSM (The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita) and have one m/m novel under my belt, High-Sticked. My latest self published release, Breathe You In is a softer romance dealing with love, loss and hope and has several erotic scenes that are super heavy on the emotion. Already it’s romping up the Amazon charts and is sweeping the board with 5* reviews.

In terms of publishers, my first book hit the shelves thanks to Totally Bound, I then went on to also write for Ellora’s Cave, Xcite and Mischief at HarperCollins. I also self-publish, something I enjoy doing very much as I have complete freedom to move a story in the direction I want it to. Scored and The Glass Knot have been great successes for me in terms of self-publishing and I hope to continue doing this in the future as well as working with my established publishers.

When I’m not writing I’m usually on the beach with my dog. I love to walk, I get lots of ideas strolling along, plus it helps stave off writer’s bum! Lovely Mr Harlem walks with me when he can but his work takes him away frequently, this suits us though, it means I’m left to my imagination and the voices in my head can talk as loud as they want!

Feel free to friend me, like me, read or pin with me, here are my links. I’m usually around, chatting and blogging somewhere on the web.

Lily Harlem Links

Website http://www.lilyharlem.com/

Blog http://www.lilyharlem.blogspot.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/lily_harlem

Facebook http://en-gb.facebook.com/people/Lily-Harlem/100003519563064

Facebook author page

Constance Masters Makes a Soundtrack for The Man of Her House


 themanofherhouse_fullSRR: What’s your preference in fiction…domestic discipline or erotic spanking? Why?

Constance Masters: My first preference would be domestic discipline. That being said though it’s hard to not combine the two and I do like erotic spanking…a lot.

SRR: Did you read spanking fiction before you started writing it?

 Constance Masters: The simple answer would be yes. Before I found spanking fiction I used to study the backs of books, always choosing ones that I thought might contain a spanking or two or at least a dominant man if that’s all I could get. It was such a thrill when you came on one unexpectedly. Like most of us that enjoy spanking fiction I just about wore out those pages reading and reading.

SRR: Tell us about your current release

 Constance Masters:  The Title of my new release is The Man Of Her House. It’s a romantic spanking novel with domestic discipline theme. This one is published by Stormy Night Publications and the cover was of course done by Korey Mae Johnson.


When her abysmal grades leave her suspended from college for the semester, twenty year old Alyssa sees no option but to return to her childhood home, which she expects to find empty while her mother is away. It comes as quite a shock when a man she has never met waltzes

in as if he owns the place, introduces himself as Jesse, and informs her that he is living in the home at Alyssa’s mother’s suggestion while completing the repair work she hired him to do.

An even bigger shock soon follows when her refusal to listen to reason lands her over the admittedly handsome interloper’s knee for a sound spanking. Jesse informs her that she is welcome to stay in the house with him, provided that she behaves herself and pulls her own weight. Alyssa has other ideas and is fully prepared to make his life as miserable as she can until he throws in the towel on the whole idea.

Unfortunately for her, Jesse is more than ready to back up his warnings with a firm, work-hardened hand applied to her bare bottom as often as necessary.

Despite her wounded pride and her stinging behind, Alyssa finds herself excited by the idea of a man who cares enough to stand up to her and keep her in line. She begins to wonder if Jesse could come to see her as more than a naughty girl in need of discipline, but will her bratty attitude drive him away before romance can bloom, or will Jesse take her in hand and make her his own?


SRR: Who was the first person you told that you were writing spanking fiction? What was his/her reaction?

Constance Masters: The first person I told was my husband. He thought it was great at first and was happy for me and very proud. If I’m to be honest though he became a little paranoid when the reality set in. He typed Constance Masters into Google and it came up with spanking fiction. Obviously that was going to happen at some point but he’s a private man and old school. That was a long time ago now and he doesn’t worry so much now about people finding out. A lot of people know about my writing now anyway so there isn’t really anything to hide.

SRR: If you were asked to make a soundtrack for your novel, what songs would be on it?

1. This House Is Not A Home

 2. Dance With My Father sung by Luther Vandross

 3. Everything Has Changed

 4. Everything by Michael Buble with a slight change in the lyric of the first verse.

The lyrics now are…

 You’re the falling star, you’re the getaway car.

You’re the line in the sand when I go to far.

You’re the swimming pool on an August day.

And you’re the perfect thing to say.

 I would change the second line to “I’m the line in the sand when you go to far.”

SRR: If your book was turned into a movie, who would you choose to play the leading characters?

Constance Masters:  If my book was turned into a movie I think I would like Chris Hemsworth (Thor with shorter hair) to play the the male lead and for the female lead Molly Quinn (Castle’s daughter Alexis)

SRR: What is your favorite spanking implement?

Constance Masters: There’s nothing like the hand really is there?


As he opened the door Jesse’s blood started to boil. The peace he’d been feeling a few minutes before had melted away. Things were no better than before. Without even bothering to call her this time, he marched straight up the stairs.

“Alyssa! Alyssa open this door.” He rapped noisily when the music was suddenly turned up full blast.

“I can’t hear you!” Alyssa called through the noise.

“Then why did you answer?”

“I’m psychic!”

“Good, then you’ll know what’s about to happen next! You have to come out sometime.The longer you take, the worse it’ll be.”

“Kiss my ass!” she shouted over the top of the music.

Jesse shook his head before stomping up the hallway to his own room. He slammed the door without going inside, hoping his ruse would fool Alyssa. He crept back across the hallway silently to wait as long as it took.

Jesse listened intently when the music was suddenly turned down. “Jesse?” she ventured. “Are you there?” Jesse said nothing, trying hard to breathe noiselessly. When the door creaked open slowly, he pounced on his prey. She tried to slam the door again, but she wasn’t fast enough. He took her by the arm and marched her back into the bedroom.

“You are kidding me, Alyssa, aren’t you?” he asked incredulously when his eyes lit on the beer cans. He snatched up one of the open cans with one hand while holding her steady with the other. “You want to see how far you can push me? Well, you’re about to find out.”

“I don’t. I mean I wasn’t doing that!”

“Yes you were. I won’t put up with your games any longer, do you hear me?” He sat on the bed and stood her between his legs. His hands went to the button on her shorts.

“No!” she wailed.

“No feigning modesty now, missy. You were happy enough to parade your booty outside before for everyone to see.”

Tears of shame filled Alyssa’s eyes as the shorts were yanked to her knees. “I…” Before she knew it she had been bent over Jesse’s knee, and she was forced to hang onto his leg.

“Save it,” Jesse said, bringing his hand down hard on the cheeky target. “I tried to do things your way, I really did.”

The first smack had to have stung like the dickens, but he followed it with another. He was determined to get his message across this time. The skimpy thong she wore was no protection at all for Jesse’s hard slaps as he left several pink handprints on each thigh with one hand.

Alyssa was yelling within minutes of Jesse’s hand landing. “You stop that!” She kicked and fought and flung her hand back. “I didn’t do anything!” she wailed through ragged breaths.

“No, you didn’t unless you were being contrary. You didn’t clean up after yourself, you weren’t considerate at all. You took my beers and drank them when I specifically said no. You’re underage!”



Amazon UK 



Breeder, sci-fi romance and spanking? Cara Bristol spills all!


We're interviewing Cara Bristol today about her new sci-fi spanking romance Breeder.  Welcome, Cara!CB_Breeder_coverin

Spanking Romance: You’re known for your contemporary domestic discipline novels and erotic paranormals. What made you decide to write a sci-fi novel? Have you written science fiction before?

Cara Bristol: I chose the science fiction genre because I could not tell the story any other way. Breeder evolved from an idea in which law made slaves of women. Obviously, a contemporary setting would not work. When I started writing fiction many years ago, I wrote sci-fi Twilight Zone-ish stories with a twist at the end. But then I switched to mainstream contemporary fiction, and it wasn’t until this story that I returned to science fiction. It’s great to be back!

Spanking Romance: Is that how you would describe Breeder, Twilight Zone-ish with a twist?

Cara Bristol: No. I would describe it as sci-fi for people who don’t normally read sci-fi. I created an alien world (setting), but my characters are humanoid. There are enough similarities to our world to make contemporary romance readers feel comfortable, yet enough dissimilarities to make it interesting. My goal is to engage my readers in such a way that they can’t put the book down. If they gasp, “oh no!” as they read, I will consider Breeder a success.

Spanking Romance: What is Breeder about?

Cara Bristol: Breeder is about an alien society (planet Parseon) that enslaves its females. Parseon values women so little that men pair up with each other for companionship. With the exception of sex for procreation, men are not supposed to have sex with women. The hero, Dak, acquires a breeder to produce a son. As Alpha, Dak is one of five ruling Commanders who embody Protocol, the law that has defined social status and enslaved its females. He falls in love with a breeder the law has forbidden him to want. The law that he’s responsible for enforcing. His love for Omra jeopardizes his relationship with his partner, the command of his province, and the political stability of the entire planet. The stakes are very high.

Spanking Romance: Does Breeder involve spanking? How do you incorporate spanking and/or domestic discipline into science fiction?

Cara BristolCara Bristol: Yes, it does contain spanking and domestic discipline. Parseon is a violent society in which punishment—including public flogging of males and females—is the norm. Besides being sci-fi, Breeder is also a non-con domestic discipline story, although the DD relationship is not the focus as it is with my Rod and Cane Society novels. The story of Breeder is much broader—it’s about a man and woman’s fight against their society to be together. Writing sci-fi did allow me to be freer with the expression of spanking. I created alien spanking implements, and of course, noncon is a nonissue.

Spanking Romance: Besides being science fiction does Breeder differ in other ways from the other novels you’ve written?

Cara Bristol: In several ways, actually. First, as I mentioned, DD occurs in the book but it is not the focus. Second, the story is much more violent than any of my other books. I had to write a lot of physical scenes like fights and battles. Third, it contains some M/M contact, which I haven’t written before. Fourth, the setting plays a far greater role. And, fifth, Breeder is my longest book to date – about 62,000 words. Breeder is my tenth stand-alone published title (I also have two anthologies with other authors), but it contains a lot of “firsts” for me.

Spanking Romance: Are there any similarities to what you’ve written in the past?

Cara Bristol: It involves one man and one woman in a domestic discipline relationship who love each other very much. There is spanking and hot sex. So the usual Cara Bristol fare!

Spanking Romance: Is there a message to Breeder?

Cara Bristol: There is. The message centers upon acceptance and tolerance. As a society we are too quick to judge and denigrate that which we considered to be deviant behavior. We have a lot of rules for right and wrong that are not based on reason, individual needs or even the collective good.

Spanking Romance: Do you see yourself writing more science fiction?

Cara Bristol: Absolutely. Breeder is book one of a series; I just haven’t decided whether it will be three books or five.

Spanking Romance: Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about Breeder?

Cara Bristol: Just that subtlety and nuance matter and have meaning. I put a lot of thought into this book—it’s definitely a “show” rather than a “tell.” Pay attention to what the characters do. Even little things mean something. And then sit back and enjoy the story. Thank you for having me today!

Breeder Blurb

To secure his legacy, Commander Dak, a ruling Alpha of planet Parseon, purchases Omra, a breeder slave. He intends to impregnate her, produce a son, and hand her off to his anointed beta partner. As Dak and Omra discover a sexual bliss banned by law, he begins to question the traditions and ways of his people, causing him to jeopardize his command and endanger the life of the woman he has come to love.

Breeder contains M/F and M/M sexual practices and domestic discipline.

Breeder Excerpt:

If not for the sneeze, Dak would have exited the musty, dank corridor. But the muffled sound caught his attention. When he squinted into the darkened cell, he spotted a female crouched on a straw mat in the corner. He hadn’t noticed her on his way into the Breeder Containment Facility; the habitation unit had appeared empty.

Dak turned to the BCF director and sighed. “What about her?”

The beta’s already crooked mouth drooped farther in distaste. “My apologies, Commander. You don’t want that one.”

Sival’s disparagement piqued Dak’s interest. The director’s opinion had proven worthless; none of the breeders he’d preselected for inspection had rated close to satisfactory.

“I would like to see her,” Dak insisted.

“Very well, Commander.” Sival saluted and opened the habitation cell with a master entry card. Dak stepped into the small enclosure. The director followed, and the metal gate clanked shut.

The naked female drew into a tighter ball and tucked her face deeper into the crook of her arm. Other breeders had preened as soon as they’d noticed him and his chest-insignia identification. He wasn’t just an alpha. He was the Alpha.

This breeder’s lack of respect and failure to adhere to Protocol by acknowledging his presence struck him as odd. Dak frowned. “Is she mentally deficient?”

Sival tightened his lips. “No, stubborn, ill behaved. She would not befit an Alpha Commander.” He nudged the female’s hip with the toe of his boot. “Rise to your feet.” She did not respond, and he moved to prod her again. Dak forestalled him with a wave and grasped the female’s arm.

“You will stand.” He hauled her upright. She averted her face, so he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. Tangled hair the color of black heating stones fell back from an oval face to reveal eyes like the Parseon moon. The glimmer of intelligence that sparked within the violet depths aroused his interest more than anything else he’d seen so far. Nature had bestowed the Parseon people with an exceptionally strong immune system so that they rarely required medical intervention, but breeders by nature were weak, and so many of the ones he’d seen had seemed dull or ill or both. This one’s skin, when unsmudged by grime and dirt, probably glowed like the pale sands of the Ospian Sea. He supposed, as breeders went, she wasn’t unattractive, although the stench emanating from her was. His beta would throw a fit if he dragged such a creature into their domicile.

“Why is she so filthy?” he asked.

“She refuses to bathe.”

As Dak scrutinized her facial features for shape and symmetry, he noted little imperfection or dysgenics other than her lack of hygiene and her gender. When cleaned up, she would please the eye, but to bear his sons, it mattered more that she be healthy and strong.

He released her face, stepped back, and assessed her from head to toe. He exceeded the height of most males, alphas included, while she stood smaller than the average female. The top of her head failed to even meet his shoulder. She was thinner than other breeders too, although her chest bore an abundance of fatty breast tissue. In the chill of the cell, her nipples had puckered to hard points. Despite the coolness, he was experiencing a rise in temperature. A dormant lust chose that moment to kindle, causing heat to coil in his abdomen and groin. He could not remember the last time he’d experienced such a spontaneous reaction—if he ever had. With the pads of his fingers, he probed the sides of her neck for swollen areas. The way she trembled under his touch aroused a sliver of sympathy. Breeders lacked courage, and uncertainty frightened them. Not all alphas and their betas treated breeders well. If he chose her, she would be adequately fed and housed. His command consumed his time and energy, which left his beta alone for long stretches. A breeder would relieve Corren of household chores and provide him with a physical outlet as well.

“What is she called?” Dak asked.

“Her sire named her Omra.”

Peace, it meant.

He parted Omra’s lips with his fingers and slipped a digit into her mouth, running it along her upper gum line to check the solidness of her teeth. At a flash in her eyes, he jerked his hand away a centisecond before she snapped her jaws together, so that her incisor only grazed the tip of his finger.

Sival’s face reddened. “Commander, I apologize. I will have her flogged.”

“Unnecessary. I will take care of it.” He unclipped the sudon from his belt.

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Sadey Quinn talks kink: Embrace whatever label you're comfortable with


What’s your preference in fiction…domestic discipline or erotic spanking? Why?

Reading-wise? I love edgy BDSM fiction. I can get into the romantic domestic discipline stuff on occasion, but holy hell, give me a book with a sex slave and a rough-tough Master, and I’ll dive right in.

Writing-wise? I like to switch it up. Writing domestic discipline comes pretty naturally for me. This is at least partly due to it being a personal fantasy (getting spanked for a reason is soooo hot).

I also really like writing BDSM fiction, and I write shorter stories with erotic spankings.

 Do you see a difference between spanking fiction and BDSM? What is it?

There are spankophiles who would say they don’t practice BDSM. There are domestic discipline enthusiasts who will swear up and down that what they do isn’t BDSM, either.

BDSM has elements of dominance and submission, and of sadism and masochism. All that stuff is present in spankings. Really, if you take the B (bondage) out of BDSM, that’s the only thing that pure spankings and pure domestic discipline is missing.

Even in the realm of BDSM, there are kinksters who have their personal limits. Some subs don’t want to be tied up, but they enjoy a good spanking, perhaps in front of their friends at a club. What makes them different from a spankophile?

When you get down to it, it’s like ordering drinks at a bar when there’s a tequila special. Your girlfriend orders a tequila sunrise. You get a margarita. Your husband takes his tequila straight. Everyone’s drinking tequila, just in slightly different ways.

Label yourself what you want. If you’re enjoying fun, kinky sex, then you’re doing well. Be happy, safe, and respectful, and embrace whatever label you’re comfortable with.

 Did you read spanking fiction before you started writing it?


I’ve had spanking and humiliation fantasies since…well, since before it’s appropriate to actually mention. Reading erotica online taught me that I wasn’t a complete freak, and there were others who shared my fetish.

Erotica was a big part of my sexual awakening. I’m not at all surprised I ended up writing it.


Tell us about your current release 

Title: Bad Girl Good

Genre: spanking, domestic discipline



Publisher: Sea and Sky

 Who was the first person you told that you were writing spanking fiction? What was his/her reaction?

My brother.

He was amused.

(And NO, he doesn’t read my books! Or my blog! Eek!)

I’m fairly straight-forward about telling people I write erotica. I’m not ashamed of it, and honestly most of my friends just think it’s quirky and kinda cool.

When you’re not writing, what else do you like to do?

My favorite non-writing activity is, hands-down, sex. When I’m not writing about sex or having sex, I’m reading or cookin’ up some delicious food. I’m a great vegetarian cook (though I’m not actually vegetarian) and can make some really yummy curries. I’m also new to Austin, Texas, so I spend time exploring the amazing restaurants, parks, and music this town has to offer.

Are you currently or have you ever been in a spanking relationship? Do you use real life experiences in your books?

There’ve been elements of spanking and BDSM in nearly all my relationships. I’m sexually submissive, so when it comes to the down n’ dirty, I submit in the bedroom. I’m also a masochist, so spanking definitely pushes the right buttons for me.

I’ve never been in a domestic discipline relationship, and I’m still undecided if I’d want that in my life. It’s a fun fantasy, though!

My stories are absolutely influenced by my real-life experiences. Some of the sex scenes in Bad Girl Good are pretty much directly out of my own bedroom.

When my stories aren’t influenced by real world experiences, more often than not they’re born out of my fantasies. Most sexy scenes in were results of fantasies of mine. I find I write best when I really love what I’m writing.

 What is your favorite spanking implement?

Hands! They’re personal. A hand can really hurt, but it can also gently caress, squeeze, and pinch!

Implements are fun, too. My erotic favorite is the flogger, and for punishments? Probably the dreaded wooden spoon. I hate hate hate (love love love) the wooden spoon…

Spanking is a hot topic that pushes people’s buttons. They either like it or they don’t. What do you think makes it hot, both positive and negative? 

Spanking sounds, to the uninformed, a whole lot like abuse. If it doesn’t turn someone on, I can totally understand why they’d be squeamish. No sane, good person would want to be an abuser, or want to be abused (in a bad way).

Domestic violence is a huge problem. It’s the number one cause of injury to adult women under the age of 44. Sometimes it really is hard to tell the difference between a consensual Dom/sub relationship and an abusive one. Sometimes, the reason it’s hard to tell is

because that line can get blurry.

It’s great to get informed about SSC (safe, sane, and consensual) and RACK (risk aware consensual kink) practices so that, when confronted by someone who is worried about abuse, you can intelligently inform them about fun spankings, consensual domestic discipl

ine, and BDSM.

Kinky sex is all well and good until someone gets [actually] hurt. It’s important to educate ourselves! There are some great links in the resources section of my website, and countless other sources of information on the internet.

Excerpt, Bad Girl Good:

Todd placed his hand on the small of my back as I unlocked the door. Once inside, the door shut behind us, he backed me against the wall and kissed me. My knees felt weak, but he held me in place.

“This is going to take massive willpower on my part, but I think you need a little punishment before we go further.”

I looked up into his eyes and saw he was serious. Dead serious.

“For last night?” I asked, my voice quivering.

“Yes.” He ran a hand through my hair, pulling it away from my face. “I’d like to punish you for a few other things as well, but I think we’ll start slow.”

“Are you going to…” I couldn’t form the words. Was he really going to spank me? Like a child?

“Yes, sweetie. I’m going to spank you. C’mon.”

He held my hand and led me to the couch. He took a seat on the center cushion, right on the edge, and I stood awkwardly beside him.

“Bend over my lap.”

I put my hands over my face. “This can’t be happening.”

“It’s happening.” He grasped my wrist and tugged me forward, pulling me over his lap. I fell into place, embarrassed beyond belief. This was Hot-Todd, who I’d had a crush on forever, and he had me laying across his lap like a little girl.

It was mortifying.

He placed a hand on my ass, hooking the other around my waist. I cringed, and settled my hands on the floor, trying to support some of my weight.

“I know this is hard to accept right now, Chloe,” he said, “but if you give it time, you’ll understand why I’m doing this.”

He swatted me once, sharply. It barely hurt at all, but I cried out in surprise. He paused before spanking me again. Then he rubbed my bottom before beginning anew, spanking again and again. I squeezed my eyes shut and moaned.

“You’re hardly feeling anything through your dress, are you?”

“It hurts,” I lied, hoping to assure him that he was getting his point across.

“Oh? Somehow I doubt that.” He lifted my dress up over my ass.

“Todd!” I struggled against him, but he held me tight.

“Relax.” He spanked me hard, over my panties, and I shrieked at the stinging pain. “In the future, we’ll discuss lying.”

“I wasn’t lying—Oh!” I gasped as he spanked me hard. “Holy shit! Todd! That hurts!”

“It’s supposed to. Watch your mouth.”

He continued, firmly spanking my ass, as I struggled to maintain a shred of dignity. I was wiggling over his lap, kicking my feet, and groaning in pain. He spanked my right cheek over and over in the exact same spot until I couldn’t take it anymore. I flung my hand back to shield the blows, but he caught my wrist and pinned it against my lower back.

“Please, Todd,” I whimpered, trying to hold back tears. “It hurts too much.”

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Angela Sargenti on calm, stern men who punish

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p>Spanking Romance Reviews is pleased to welcome Angela Sargenti today to talk about spanking fiction and her book So Spankable!

Renee Rose: What’s your preference in fiction…domestic discipline or erotic spanking? Why?

Angela Sargenti: I love them both, but I probably lean toward domestic discipline. It’s just fun to read, and all those calm, stern men giving lectures as they punish just does something to me.

Renee Rose: Do you see a difference between spanking fiction and BDSM? What is it?

Angela Sargenti: I do think there’s a difference between spanking fiction and BDSM. It’s true that there’s quite a bit of overlap between the two genres, but to me, the term BDSM implies the more hardcore stuff, which can scare some people away from reading spanking erotica/romance. I mean, there’s a vast difference between a simple OTK and being chained to the ceiling of a dungeon taking a bullwhipping.

Renee Rose: Tell us about your current release.

Angela Sargenti: My current release is So Spankable! published by House of Erotica. It’s my third book with them, and like the others, is a collection of short stories. Although there are serious moments in all three stories, the overall mood is one of playfulness and romance. For instance, Vince in “The Art of Forgiveness” takes Miranda down to the Water Lily room at his museum to spank her there, because he knows she loves the paintings. He’s struggling with his sexual identity and takes it out on her, but it helps him work through his feelings so they can come to terms with their relationship

Renee Rose: When you’re not writing, what else do you like to do?

Angela Sargenti: I love to watch baseball and am a big fan of the Oakland A’s. I also have a lot of hobbies. I’m currently making myself a Steampunk outfit. I also have a huge dollhouse I’m trying to fix up, which includes a mad scientist’s lab and an attic where two lovers meet clandestinely to dance to Victrola music. I want it to be all Goth and romantic, but I’m very far from being done.

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Renee Rose: I am in a spanking relationship, but it’s all for fun (although I do like it quite hard.)

Angela Sargenti: I’d flip that second question around and say I use my imagination to come up with stuff to use in real life. Not everything, though. I write about menage and cheating a lot, but we’re totally monogamous. It’s just fun to try to figure out what makes people tick.

Renee Rose: What is your favorite spanking implement?

Angela Sargenti: This big, heavy antique ebony hand mirror we bought at an antique fair. (photos enclosed.) Told you I like it hard.My Paddle

Renee Rose: Spanking is a hot topic that pushes people’s buttons. They either like it or they don’t. What do you think makes it hot, both positive and negative?

Angela Sargenti: I have no idea what makes it hot. It just is.

So Spankable!

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Angela-R.-Sargenti/e/B002XPPFRI

My zombie blog: www.afteroldjoe.wordpress.com

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So Spankable Excerpts

The Art of Forgiveness

By the time he marched me out to one of the exhibit halls in just my stockings and heels I was over it, over worrying who might see me, even when we had to pass through three or four other halls to get to the right one. He steered me to the left and I gasped as we turned the corner.

“The Water Lily room?”

I glanced at him, but he was busy fighting off a grin. He walked me over to a big solid bench made of cool, smooth wood and he pulled off his belt and sat down.

“Come on. Get over my lap.”

He started warming me up by hand, and when you’re a dancer you learn to block out a lot of pain, so this was nothing to me. The mini spotlights from the track lighting focused right on our little bench and I felt like I was onstage again at last, that this was all part of a scene, a beautiful, surreal scene.

I almost heard the applause of the audience and I said, “You won’t give a damn about ballerina porn when I get through with you. You’ll be glad when you see it. You’ll want to see it then. You’ll even want to do it.”

Those Little Tricks of Life

“Take my belt to Sally,” he told me. “You bust her ass good with my belt.”

I shook my head.

“Eddie, you ain’t even got no belt,” I told him.

“Yes I do. I wore it special.”

He pulled up his shirt to show me and sure enough, he had a thin little black leather belt threaded through the loops. He pulled it off and handed it to me, eager for some action.

“What do you want me to whip her for, Eddie?”

“What are you, some kind of method actress or something? Just beat her ass, for chrissakes. For the fun of it.”

Adam’s Apple

“What kind of new toy did you get?” I ask. “You can go get it if you want.”

Adam helps me up and smacks my butt for good measure.

“You go get it,” he tells me. “It’s in the top drawer of my nightstand. I think I want you to top me now.”

I squeal a little, all giddy with excitement because he hardly ever wants me to punish him. I run up the stairs and find his new toy, a nice short leather strap embossed with hearts.

When I come back, he’s already bent pants-down over the back of the couch.

“I tried it out on my leg the day I got it,” he tells me. “It leaves cute little heart-shaped welts.”

I rub his bottom before I get started and say, “Let’s see if it leaves cute little heart-shaped bruises, too. Adam Sanger, you’ve been a very naughty boy.”


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