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Mira’s Miracle: a feel-good story with a taste of age-play, F/f spanking and a large dose of love


By Renee Rose

If truth be told, I’m not much of a football fan. I spent the Superbowl with my laptop propped on my knees devouring Anastasia Vitsky’s latest book Mira’s Miracle while my surrounding family members bemoaned the dismal performance of the Broncos. I certainly enjoyed myself more than they did.

Featuring Mira, the main character from Spanking Romance Review’s 2013 Recommended Read Desire in Any Language, Mira’s Miracle is a stand-alone book, though reading the first book in the series makes it all the more pleasurable. It is also tied to Maren Smith’s Castle Series, as Mira’s girlfriend Hana takes her on a vacation to the BDSM castle of Ms. Smith’s creation.  Mira experiences punishment in the castle nursery and school room as Hana immerses her into a world of age-play and loving domination. She must work through some of her demons in the process, ultimately finding redemption through the love and support from the both tender and sultry Hana.

Always a beautiful writer, it has been said Ms. Vitsky writes spanking themed literary fiction rather than spanking romance. I had a writing instructor once make the distinction that romance has a “happily ever after” while literary fiction tends more to be “life sucks but we learned something”.  In Mira’s Miracle, while Mira does learn something, there is an overriding love, tenderness and buoyancy to the story that makes it more of a “happily ever after”. I adored the sensual sweetness between the new lovers, the gentleness even during harsh discipline and the overall message that love conquers all. Gone is the moodiness of Desire in Any Language. Even though Mira must still deal with personal trauma from a past that haunts her, there is an optimism and lightness to this book that made it a delicious pleasure in which to immerse myself.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a feel-good story with a taste of age-play, F/f spanking and a large dose of love.



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Five Stars- Claimed by the Beast, A Must Read


Cover FUllEver wonder what happens after the Happily Ever After? At the end of Taken by the Beast, the story of Elijah and Kayla, Elijah’s brother, Marcus, is reunited with his mate Rachel. Marcus had been held captive by scientists who were planning on using him as a human lab rat because he is a shifter. But Elijah and Kayla rescue him and he is reunited with Rachel. Happily Ever After…. or so we think.

When Claimed by the Beast opens Rachel is depressed and leading a reckless lifestyle. Marcus has left, he can’t get over the trauma from being held captive and watching his brother slowly die. He thinks it is better to leave Rachel to let her get on with her own life. Only, Rachel can’t figure out how to go on without him. She spent the entire time he was held captive wondering whether he was dead or alive, and now that she knows he is very much alive- she can’t have him.

Then comes the villain of the story. A scientist who gets his hands on some of Marcus’ DNA samples and uses them to track down Rachel. Only, in a twist of excellent story telling, Ms. Knight makes his motivation so human and relatable that you almost find yourself hoping he’ll find a happy ending… almost.

Marcus is forced to come out of hiding to protect Rachel, and the emotions the two go through while working through their fragile relationship are so raw and intense you won’t be able to stop reading.

It was no surprise to me that Taken by the Beast won Spanking Romance Reviews Best Paranormal Romance of the year. Claimed by the Beast is just as worthy of all of the accolades as it’s predecessor.


Do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of Claimed by the Beast today! It is not to be missed!

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Taken by the Beast

Five Stars – Humbled had me Hooked!


By Dinah McLeodhumbled_full (1)

From the very first page, Renee Rose’s Humbled had me hooked. Like all of her historicals, she sets the scene perfectly. To begin Humbled a young peasant boy, Jean Claude, has been caught stealing—or rather, trying to steal—a pig. For this crime, he is to be sentenced to death. That is until eight-year-old aristocrat, Corrine, steps forward and takes the blame.

While she might think of it from time to time in passing, it is a debt Jean Claude can never forget. When the mobs of the French Revolution storm her home, he is ready. Immediately after her rescue he makes it clear that the way of life she’s known has fallen away—he is not her servant, but the master. When he must assert this point, he does so with the help of a stinging switch applied to her bottom.

Despite herself, Corrine feels an attraction growing for the courageous, handsome man who refuses to allow her to endanger herself. But theirs is a romance that can never be—he is just a blacksmith, while she’s the daughter of a Duc. They must put their feelings aside as they travel to New Orleans, where Corrine hopes to secure a better future.

I loved this book! From start to finish, the characters were engaging, fresh and completely real. It is packed with sexual tension, plenty of spankings and a fast-paced plot. Don’t start this one unless you’re planning on sitting for a while!


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The Delicious Torment: A Story of Submission by Alison Tyler


By La Crimson Femme

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This is a must read book filled with delicious torment, just as the title promises.  Ms. Tyler lays her BDSM lifestyle wide open for anyone sneak a peek.  This book is highly recommended for those who love the anti-hero.  There is a little note from the author that Samantha is loosely based on herself.  For this, I’m completely blown away.

Samantha is an erotic writer who also moonlights a spa.  Her work hours are very flexible.  Her relationship with Jake is just passing the newness.  It’s hard to describe the plot in this book.  It’s more an erotic journey with relationship conflicts that exemplify what “it’s complicated” means.  Told from the viewpoint of Samantha, she talks to the reader and at times references ex-lovers.  The whole point of this story is Samantha’s relationship with Jake and his assistant, Alex.

Let’s discuss the characters.  I loathe Jake.  From the first few chapters, I want to scream at Samantha aka Sam to leave the controlling bastard.  He’s fucking nuts.  The urge to kick him in the balls is strong.  There is such a fine line between domestic abuse and BDSM displayed in this book that it’s very very difficult for people outside of the BDSM lifestyle to be able to distinguish.  Even I’m a bit hardpressed to make a decision one way or the other from a few glimpses of Jake’s control of Sam.  What the reader must understand, is this is a 24/7 TPE relationship.  This is key.  What really bothers me about this Jake’s behaviour is how he uses Alex with Sam.  What.The.Fuck.  Alex is Jake’s assistant, but it is very obvious they have history together.  I yearn to beat on Alex.  He’s a smug bastard who constantly shoves Sam into a bad light.  What kind of boyfriend is Jake to force Sam to accept discipline from someone like this?  Where’s the element of trust?  What the FUCK?  As the story develops, more information is revealed about Alex and Jake; it’s so messy emotionally.

What is wrong with Sam?  She is still independent and she knows she can leave Jake at any time, yet she doesn’t.  Each of these characters come across as baggage ridden and just so fucked up with flaws and insecurities.  Yet, they aren’t “too stupid to live”.  They are all too realistic and it makes a reader wonder who Alex and Jake really are in life.  Do they read this book and think – “this is how she sees us?”  My personal issue with Jake’s character is how he seemingly plays stupid games with Sam.  While Ms. Tyler insists through Sam’s proclamation that neither Sam nor Jake plays games, I don’t believe it.  It is more than mind fuckery in a scene.  Jake excels at mind games and twisting words.  Stereotypically, he’s a lawyer.  Somehow, Sam’s intention is always turned around and bites her in the ass.

The story flows up and down with the supernova hawt BDSM scenes.  There is enough downtime for a reader to recover before the next erotic scene takes place.  What Jake does to Sam is creative and so bloody arousing.  The BDSM in this story is superb.  The medical scenes are panty moistening goodness.  The punishment scenes are intensely gratifying.  The torment Jake puts Sam through when he forces her to pick her own punishment is sublime.  The tie in to Grimm Fairy Tale style punishment choices is a lovely touch and quite apropos since Sam is a writer.  Each one builds upon the previous, generating a heightened state of arousal for submissive BDSM readers who love D/s.  There isn’t a single BDSM scene in this story which didn’t turn me into a melted puddle of goo, despite my discomfort.

Ms. Tyler does an excellent job of showing how a dominant male exudes power through actions.  There is no mistaking who is in control here.  It’s not Sam, even when she tries to wrestle control away from Alex or Jake.  Jake always takes the power right back and Sam quickly yields into submission.  Sometimes, she’s not even sure why she’s responding.  Lest any reader fear that Sam can never say no, that is not the case.  There are instances where she says no and Jake accepts and stops.  The erotic power exchange here is quite fluid.  At times it’s a fast rushing river and other times it’s a tug of war power struggle.  This makes the tale more realistic and believable.  It gives the story more dimension and depth because it’s not so straightforward.

At the end of this story, Ms. Tyler turns me completely around and I’m accepting of Alex and in frightened awe of Jake.  My sympathies to Sam who will be more or less co-dominated by two strong men who rejoice in delivering corporal punishment as well as mind fucking.  When the story ends, it leaves the reader craving for more.  This book is highly recommended to BDSM lovers who want a meaty story with sadistic dominants and a conflicted submissive.  Buy this book now.

Lady Katherine’s Conundrum- 5 Stars and a Hairbrush


It is not often that I like a sequel better than the first book. I loved Lady Katherine’s Comeuppance and expected to like the

Lady-Katherine's-Conundrum-Final (1)second installment of Lady Katherine and her new husband’s story just as much. Shockingly, I liked it more.


This book is about Lady Katherine and Thomas, newly married and returning to London after a summer in seclusion. The pain of being ostracized is fresh in Katherine’s mind, but the rumor mill has moved on to newer, fresher gossip. Lady Lorena Arnold, once a good friend of Lady Katherine’s, is the new target of gossip. Katherine is elated, not only because the spotlight has shifted off of her, but she views it as payback for how Lorena treated her.


That is what I loved so much about this book. It wasn’t just about a newly married couple (although, the scenes with Thomas are HOT- he is such a kinky gentleman), it was also about friendship. Any woman who has ever had friends will be able to relate to the betrayal Lady Katherine feels by Lady Lorena and then her subsequent need to want to see Lorena go down.


At one point I didn’t even know what I was rooting for. I wanted to see Lady Katherine get a little vengeance- even though she probably wasn’t being a very nice person (and was certainly going to get herself into trouble with Thomas). But I think that is a sign that Celeste Jones wrote an excellent book, she had me on Lady Katherine’s side- even if it wasn’t the right thing to do.


This was an excellent book about love, friendship, gossip, and forgiveness. Celeste, as always, also writes smoking hot spanking and sex scenes- I will never look at a hairbrush the same way again.


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The Housewife and the Film Star by Doris O'Connor


by Kristin Elyon

Have you ever felt something so outrageous? I mean so completely, totally and utterly not in your sphere of understanding yet it resonates with you so deeply, so profoundly, that you have no choice but to let it in? Embrace it? Well that is what this book has done to me. I could not put this book down. I read it in just shy of 24 hours. From the beginning and especially to the end I was captivated. This story, the people in this story, are so well written so real an

d completely jacked up. You have no choice but to care about them. Cry and weep with them. Hope beyond hope that some way some how things will work out and it does…beautifully! This book is 5+ stars for me!! Highly recommend!

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Old Fashioned Christmas


By Dinah McLeod
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In one word, WOW. In two, SO AWESOME. But, I guess you guys will want more than that, so here it is. “Old Fashioned Christmas” by Nickie Flynn is the first book in a while that has kept me up to three in the morning, barely aware of the time. I finished it in one day, and was hooked from the very first page. Melissa Mitchell—AKA Moffett—works as a secretary at a Catholic school where the only nun in residence runs a tight ship. Having no family to speak of, when the invitation comes from her friend Terri to spend the holidays with her family, she accepts, though not without trepidation.

On the drive to see them, Terri informs Melissa of something she’s not a proud of—her brother, Joe, spanked her last summer! Her whole family, she adds, is very old-fashioned. Her brothers spank their wives, and yes, her brother still spanks her when he feels it necessary. She shocks Melissa into silence, but it isn’t for the reason Terri imagines. Melissa can hardly form words after she hears the word spanking. As long as she can remember, she’s had the desire to be spanked.

It isn’t very long before she meets Joe and Melissa and they hit it off right away. Very soon after, she is witnessing her first spanking as Joe whips his sister with the razor strap. As soon as Terri leaves, Joe lets Melissa know that he knows she’s there, hiding in the shadows and watching.

I’m going to leave the rest to your imagination, although I suggest you go buy this book to find out what happens next! You will not be disappointed. This book is so deliciously sexy that you will find your own breath hitching as you flip through the pages. Not to mention the spankings! They are hot and erotic and will leave you—like Melissa—asking for more.

Melisa also hides a secret that gives this book an edge of thrilling suspense. Trust me, this is one you don’t want to miss! If there is one negative thing I could say, it’s that it ends too soon! Luckily for all of us, Book 2 will be coming out next year, and I have to say, February cannot get here fast enough!

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The First Notebook of Emily Orn Wilkes – Smoldering Victorian BDSM


by Renee Rose

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I found EXPLORATIONS: The First Notebook of Emily Orn Wilkes, Secret Countess of Wessulk by Emily Tilton to be not only the hottest thing I have read in a long time, but also brilliantly executed. Like all of Ms. Tilton’s books, it is unusual. She does not spoon-feed you a formulaic romance with a Hollywood ending, but I assure you, it is worth diverging off the path to dip into anything Emily explores.

In this story, Miss Orn has agreed to marry Mr. Edmund Wilkes, a wealthy scion of a merchant family, in order to save her family, who had fallen upon financial ruin. Two days before her wedding day, Mr. Wilkes sends her a note, requesting she visit an establishment where he opened an account. The story follows Miss Orn’s visit to Smith’s, where she is fitted for her wedding undergarments by Mrs. Smith, who only takes the most fashionable and wealthy ladies for her particular “fittings.” As it turns out, the fitting involves Emily’s introduction to “the drama,” as they call it–her training at Mrs. Smith’s hand (and cane, strap and chastiser) to be a sexual submissive for her new husband.

A master of language and cultural nuance, Ms. Tilton elegantly captures the repression of Victorian times, to deliver a smoldering story of shame and trembling desire. I had no idea I could be so turned on by a femdom situation in what Ms. Tilton calls the The Samois Dynamic (from The Story of O) in which a woman is trained by another woman for her submission to a man.

This is a fascinating and scorching story. The language is dense, so it is not a quick read, but it makes it all the juicier as it will turn you on again and again. I, for one, can’t wait to read what happens when Miss Orn finally marries!

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Cursed Waters by Casey McKay – full of sex, spankings and the zombie apocalypse!

By Dinah McLeod

Roxy and Trevor didn’t work out the first time around. He thought she closed herself off after the death of her beloved grandmother, and she felt deserted when he moved for work. There’s a lot of unresolved anger and hurt between them, but there’s something else there, too. When Trevor comes back on the scene to help Roxy with some construction issues, they both feel all the things between them that were left unfinished, the things that were left unsaid.

First, I have to say that I loved this story. It was full of sex, spankings, fun and the zombie apocalypse! Yes, you heard me right. And I have to say, as I’m definitely not a zombie fan when I first realized what was going on I thought, “Uh-oh, should have read the description on this one first!” But no, author Casey McKay writing draws you in from the first sentence and makes her characters seem so alive they practically jump off the page!

I love, love, love Roxy, who, while she loves to be spanked and submits to punishment spankings, is as feisty and fearless, as sassy and independent as any heroine I’ve ever read. She is my new best friend, so there needs to be a sequel!

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This book also carries an air of mystery. Is Roxy’s tenant really an innocent (OK, crabby) old woman as she appears? What does Roxy’s grandmother have to do with all this? And why on Earth does Mrs. Grindle think she’s the key to ending the Apocalypse?

Find out the answer to all these questions and more! Casey’s book is chock-full of steamy sexy scenes that will have your panties dropping in no time! And believe me, she describes them vividly enough to give the imagination plenty to ponder. Great job, Casey!

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Little Dove by Erin M. Leaf


By Kristen Elyon

NOTE: This story does NOT have spanking in it

Right away I’m hooked into the story with two friends talking over coffee about something that shouldn’t be discussed in a coffee shop. It made me giggle because they were talking about something so serious and sexual and yet anyone could overhear them. Lila is a overworked girl who needs some time alone so her friend gives Lila her cabin for the snowy weekend. Once at the cabin Lila meets Theo (her long time crush) and he gives her the chance to change her life forever. He offers her the chance to relax and let someone else take control.

After a bit of talking and safe word usage, Theo ties her up with her own scarves and then makes little origami cranes that he puts all around her body, in perfect places to make her squirm. This part was simply beautiful. He used a mirror to show her how she looked so she could see how he saw her. She cried when she saw it and the emotion was so raw in that chapter, it was so extremely well done that I cried myself.

He continues to adorn her with some ties and bring her closer and closer to her orgasm. I think one of my favorite lines in the book is
“You’re killing me,” she croaked.
“No.” He shook his head. “I’m just making sure that when you fly, you remember it forever.”

That gave me shivers! Theo is really going all out! He has been ignoring his own desires just to make her have the best experience ever. He uses all of her own belongings to make the experience even more personal. From her scarves to her bobby pins… he truly takes the time and effort to make it an experience she won’t forget.

The characters were so well done, thought out and just perfect that I could have known them for all my life. I was able to really see into their lives instead of just “reading about it.” I was able to feel Lila’s emotion, her fear about trusting Theo… then the heat and passion once she finally said yes. The author did a fantastic job with the details in this story. I totally recommend this book to anyone who loves minor BDSM and romances. Five Wonderful Gold Stars!

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