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Born to Be Broken by Addison Cain


Review by Lee Savino

Born to be Broken picks up where Born to be Bound left off: with Claire on the run and doing everything she can to fight the pair bond that ties her to the man she considers a monster. Shepherd is the biggest, baddest Alpha in Tholos, a post-apocalyptic city under a dome. Unfairly imprisoned in the Undercroft, a hellish place under the dome where people are sent to die, Shepherd will stop at nothing to wreak his revenge on the city that tried to destroy him. Smaller, weaker, but no less determined than her giant mate, Claire will do whatever she can to stop him.

 In this second installment of her brilliantly imagined Omega-verse, author Addison Cain gives us two main characters diametrically opposed to one another…and linked forever by a pair bond that makes them want each other every moment of every day.
The sex scenes are explosive.
They fight nonstop, Claire resisting Shepherd’s seduction, while he resists her attempts at his redemption. By the end we are still questioning who will win in the end: idealistic but naive Claire, or the barbaric and powerful dictator Shepherd. Will Shepherd destroy Tholos, or is his love for Claire enough to save it? If not, can love grow among the ruins?
I recommend this plot driven, exquisitely imagined book, the anti-romance that will satisfy a craving for a love story even while stalking a fine line between consent and non-consent.
This book is not a stand alone, and ends on a cliff hanger. And you will love it every step of the way.

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Featuring -
Owned by the Marine by Renee RoseHe may live next door, but he sure as hell wasn’t the boy next door.

When Marine Sergeant Rob Gentry moves into his new apartment, the last girl he wants to date is his neighbor. Smoking hot and so cute it makes his teeth hurt, she’s not his type. Too sweet. Too innocent. Too vanilla. …or so he thinks.

Exclusive Excerpt
She was looking through his bedside drawer—the one where he kept the kinky shit. Like lube and butt plugs and…yeah. She picked up a hand paddle and spun it around. He ought to be ashamed of himself. Instead, seeing her curiosity sent a fresh surge of lust kicking through him.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed? Getting some rest?”

She jerked and looked up with guilty surprise on her face. “Uh…is this yours?” She spun the paddle around like she admired the feel of it—not like someone who was revolted.

“Yep.” He raised an eyebrow, doing his best to look stern. “Do you need a demonstration?” He toed the door open and folded his arms across his chest.

Her full berry lips parted, tongue darted out to moisten them. Her nipples tented the thin fabric of her shirt. “Yeah.”


He hadn’t expected that answer.

A flush had crept over her cheeks and her eyes looked dilated.

Oh God. He’d been thinking about spanking her ripe little ass since the day he first met her. But no…it was a terrible idea. She had no clue what she’d be getting herself into. He shook his head. “Sorry Dimples. I don’t think you have any idea what you’re saying.”

Her chin kicked up a notch. “Don’t be so sure, Marine.”

Was that a challenge? His cock liked her sass. Too much. He should definitely not be getting spanky with this girl right now. “Nope. You need to get your rest.” He raised his eyebrows and jerked his head toward the bed, doing his best attempt at daddy-dom, which he didn’t even know was in his repertoire.

She held the paddle out to him. Her hand shook. “I need a demonstration.” Her voice cracked.

“Kaitlyn.” He made his voice sympathetic. “The last thing you need is to get mixed up with this sort of thing after what happened to you tonight.”

She swallowed. “I want to forget. I need to feel something different. I mean…I think I might like it. Please?”

He’d like to say it was just out of sympathy that he responded to her pleading, but his cock surged and strained against his pants because the idea of dominating his sweet little neighbor heated his blood.

This was such a bad idea.

Amazon: http://myBook.to/HEROtoKobo: https://goo.gl/Bm8640

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iBooks: https://goo.gl/5YebuL

Captain’s Captive by Jayne Ripley


Review by Laurel Lasky

I’m becoming a big fan of Jayne Ripley, this is the second book I have read and it’s great. Space pirates, hunky alpha undercover cop, cage fighting aliens and humans fighting until one is dead, gruesome alien criminals, and page turning adventures. Rhihann tries to steal a ship to pay off a good friends debt to a vicious criminal boss. Arlen captures her and so begins the story. They are forced to team up to stop the death fights and expose the criminals and bring them down. Then they are faced with the Zon’s (future Amazon, lol) who are intelligent robots who want world conquests and rule all beings. There is heart pounding suspense, hot erotic spanking and sex, romance and love. I enjoyed this immensely and recommend. 


Buy now on Amazon

June Spanking Romance Instagram Challenge– Please Join Us!


Instead of the Spank A-Z blog challenge, this June we’re hosting the Spanking Romance Instagram Challenge!! Here is the schedule and graphic. We would like to know if you are planning on /hoping to participate. We will create a Facebook group to provide Instagram help, and also to discuss a few ideas we are still working on. Please comment here if you’d like to be added!



Submissive Suffragette by Amelia Smarts


Review by Jane Henry

I waited with bated breath for Submissive Suffragette. I love Amelia Smarts’ books, and I’d read a few excerpts on blog hops. I knew this book featured Carter, who I was head-over-heels in love with from The Unbraiding of Anna Brown. Submissive Suffragette features a younger Carter, who is every bit as dominant, sexy and lovable as I knew him to be.

I *loved* this book. The combination of headstrong, feisty Nalin, an honest, lovable character and her dominant, stern, but loving husband Carter make for amazing chemistry. Amelia Smarts was my introduction to western dd stories, and her books are not only an automatic one-click for me, but are also firmly in my “read over and over” pile.

Submissive Suffragette takes place during the suffragette movement in America, featuring prominent characters straight out of history, such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. One thing I loved about this book was the way complex questions were raised and answered. How does one champion for women’s rights, yet still balance the desire to submit to the authority of a strong man? How does a man protect his wife, and lead her, while allowing her the freedom to follow her heart? These questions and more are addressed in this fast-paced, captivating story of love, compromise, heartbreak, and redemption.

Nalin knows she wants to champion for women’s rights, and even goes behind her husband’s back to wear trousers, and attend meetings. Carter is none too impressed, and the book starts off right away with an argument, ironically, over Nalin being punished by Carter. She is working to earn rights for women, yet his stern ways end her belly-down over his lap. She’s torn, and tells him straight off the bat,

“You won’t spank me, Carter,” she repeated.

“Think what you like,” he said. “But you’re getting a spanking when we get home. A right smart one for your willful disobedience.”

Nalin protests, and Carter doesn’t want to strip her of what’s important to her. But as he wearily continues on, they both realize that her submitting to him is exactly what she wants, needs even.To her surprise, his expectation of her obedience makes her happy, and she hates the distance between them. She finally begs him to please take her over his knee, as he always has for disobedience. And he sets her to rights again.

Thus begins this moving, clever conflict that drives this novel. Carter is a traditional man, and desires her obedience, but he loves his headstrong woman. Nalin yearns to see women given the respect they deserve, but loves being taken care of and protected by her husband.

Carter loves who Nalin is.

She had always been a brazen little thing. All of five-foot-one to his six feet, she placed her hands on her hips and glared up at him without hesitation whenever they argued. She spoke her mind, and she spoke it often. Carter admired her pluck. She kept him honest and on his toes. Her sharp tongue and sarcastic wit often made him laugh. Her personality was fierce, but her body was soft and small. His wife was a walking, talking contradiction. He loved her deeply, despite— or perhaps partly because of— her combative spirit.

But he knows she thrives under his stern hand.

Nalin looked into his eyes. “Oh, Carter. You’re such a good man. I need you even though I say a woman shouldn’t need a man.”

“Thank you, darlin’. It sure is nice to hear you say that. And you’re a good woman. I need you too, you know?” He offered her a smile.

Nalin smiled weakly back at him and Carter kissed her forehead again. “Now,” he said, growing stern. “Speaking of needs. A certain young lady needs a spanking, doesn’t she?”

Nalin wants nothing more than to go to the women’s rights convention, and Carter reluctantly agrees. As they travel to the convention, and encounter various situations that challenge where they stand in the movement, they delve down into the issue that’s every bit as important today as it was at the turn of the century.

“By the way, I do believe women should have rights, but men are natural leaders. Women are submissive, or so they should be.”

“I’m not submissive,” she said, trying to convince herself.

Carter laughed heartily and resumed the mild spanking. “You are, honey, though I know you are loathe to admit it. Surely you see the irony in what you just said while enjoying getting your little ass spanked.”

Nalin most definitely saw the irony and had for months. She didn’t know how to respond. She felt confused by her desire to submit to her husband and her desire to be treated as a man’s equal.

Little does he know that he, too, will be pulled into the call to champion for women’s rights, and he becomes a reluctant supporter of their cause. I loved what Nalin said to the women about Carter:

Nalin addressed the suffragettes again. “He’s a good man, but he’s still a man. Bossy and ornery as all get-out, as you can see.” Carter’s eyes twinkled, and he bossed her further. “Come sit at the table, Nalin. Why are you still standing over there like someone might bite you?”

But Nalin and Carter have struggles of their own. They’ve tried for years to have a child, and have suffered many losses. Nalin struggles with her own self worth, not being able to bring a child to term. The two of them push through very real, heartbreaking struggles. As the reader, I smiled along with Nalin’s antics, swooned along with Carter’s unparalleled dominance, and cried with their struggles.

Heavily laced with heart-pounding moments, steamy “over the knee” sessions that are every bit as moving as they are sexy, and heartfelt emotions, this is another “must read” by Amelia Smarts.

From the author:

About the Lone Star Love Series

My latest release is part of my Lone Star Love series with Blushing Books. While writing The Unbraiding of Anna Brown, about lonely widower Carter and sweet, plainspoken Anna who lights his way out of a dark depression, I came to understand the woman Carter was mourning. Carter’s first wife, Nalin, was sharp, feisty, and different from Anna in just about every way. I felt that Nalin and Carter deserved their own story, which led me to write The Submissive Suffragette, Book One in the series. Missy Meets the Marshal (Book Three) is as much an action and adventure story as it is a spanking romance. In it you’ll find villains, bounty hunters, murder, and a conscientious lawman who makes a life-altering choice to follow his heart instead of the law. And while these three books do make up a series, they can each be read and enjoyed as standalones. I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I enjoyed writing them!


About The Submissive Suffragette

It’s the late 1800s and women are beginning to fight against the accepted roles of submissive housewife and mother. The suffragette movement is gaining ground. Nalin is one of these women. She is a devoted wife to Carter, and desperately longs for motherhood. But she is struggling to balance those desires with her belief that women need to be equal to men, and this starts, to her way of thinking, with the right to vote. She begins defying all the normal conventions – she wears pants instead of skirts to town, she cusses, she talks back to her husband. The consequences of her actions are that Carter takes a firm hand to her backside.

Carter, on the other hand, has always been quite happy with the status quo and is becoming more and more frustrated with Nalin’s constant defiance of all things considered lady-like. He has even come to believe that disciplining his recalcitrant wife is pointless. But her reaction to this declaration confuses them both.

Carter and Nalin both want children, but have so far suffered more than one devastating loss. They are both thrilled when Nalin again becomes pregnant. However, now she’s demanding to attend the suffragette convention in Dallas. Carter loves his wife, so despite his initial reservations, he agrees to see her safely to the convention and back again.

Their adventure takes a few twists and turns along the way. Will this couple safely and successfully navigate their way through these turbulent times and find the happily ever after they both deserve?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit erotic and spanking scenes. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.


Buy The Submissive Suffragette (Lone Star Love Book 1)


Also in the Lone Star Love Series

The Unbraiding of Anna Brown (Lone Star Love Book 2) – Hardened widower awakens from grief when met by a sweet, headstrong young lady in need of some old-fashioned discipline. http://amzn.to/1TxYUUJ

Missy Meets the Marshal (Lone Star Love Book 3) – A troubled woman in need of protection and discipline meets a tough marshal, whose job it is to provide both. http://amzn.to/1TOtHPU

About Amelia Smarts

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Historical Erotica and Erotic Westerns!

I’m an author of romance novels featuring domestic discipline/spanking. Usually my stories involve a cowboy, and they always involve a man’s firm hand connecting with a woman’s naughty backside. It’s important to me that I tell a good story in addition to portraying hot sex and discipline scenes. I write complex, flawed heroes and heroines who struggle and succeed in their journey to love and happiness.

I hold graduate and undergraduate degrees in creative writing and English, and I love the written word. If you’d like to talk books with me, feel free to drop me a note at amelia_smarts@yahoo.com. Happy reading!

Author Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/author.amelia.smarts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmeliaSmarts @ameliasmarts

Blog: http://ameliasmarts.com/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/ameliasmarts

Amazon: amazon.com/author/ameliasmarts


Her Forbidden Cowboy by Maggie Carpenter


Review by Jane Henry

I was drawn to this book from the first words I ever heard uttered from the mouth of Scott Sampson – er, from the moment I first read his words in an excerpt, that is. But you get the idea. Then I saw the cover… Yep, I was sold. I needed to get to know this cowboy.

Pheeew, I was not disappointed.

Sexy, manly, bossy, knows his way around a paddle and a coil of rope? What’s not to like?

Her Forbidden Cowboy by Maggie Carpenter is a present-day cowboy spanking romance, and it was a total pleasure to read from page one.

Scott Sampson owns his own ranch, and is a successful, albeit humble, business man. But he’s ready to hang up his hat, because of the bickering, gossip, and nastiness of the people that work for and around him. Finally, one of the women who frequents the ranch pushes Scott over the edge and he decides he’s had quite enough of her attitude. He hauls her over his lap, puts her most decidedly in her place, and figures she’ll hate him forever, likely even sic her rich, influential father on him. But to Scott’s surprise, that’s not at all what happens.

Instead of coming to the ranch and telling Scott off for spanking Cathy, her father instead makes a business proposition to Scott, insisting that Cathy has done nothing but sing Scott’s praises.

That is just unbelievable,” he muttered. Starting up his car, he rolled slowly down the driveway and headed home, but bratty Cathy stayed with him as he drove, and when he pulled into his garage he sat for a minute, a frown crossing his brow. “Cathy Coleman, did I actually get through to you?” he muttered. “Is it possible I’m the first guy who’s stood up to you, and you dug it? Did you like that I put you over my knee?

That does, indeed, appear to be the case. Never has Cathy been with a man strong enough to stand up to her, and she finds herself deeply attracted to Scott’s dominant ways. Their story progresses, and we see that although Scott is indeed not a man to be crossed, he has a tender side to him as well. He lays out his expectations for her, including the most delicious of plans.

“You’re a real sweet girl, sugar, and that’s why I call you sugar, but you’re also spoiled, and that’s why I’m gonna be your strict daddy sometimes.”

Well, boy did that ever give me a tingle. Yummm.

I love me a strict daddy-type! I personally wouldn’t call this an intense age play book, but the D/s flavor with the occasional stern daddy? Oh, yeah. Sign me up.

Cathy and Scott begin getting to know each other, and Scott shows Cathy that he will indeed put her over his knee…and do all sorts of other delicious things. He’s into bondage, and very soon, so is she. Let’s just say Scott does not leave his rope at the ranch! He gets to see beyond Cathy’s exterior, and finds that she responds well to him being the strict daddy. She enjoys his no-nonsense attitude, and their chemistry is combustible.

There’s only one problem, though. Cathy’s well-to-do mother wants nothing to do with her daughter marrying a scruffy ranch hand, and her manipulative insistence on ruining their relationship makes life difficult for Scott and Cathy. It was fun to see the two of them teaming up to overcome the obstacles thrown their way, and chase their happily-ever-after.

I really enjoyed this story. It was a fun, sexy read, plenty of steam and tastefully done, without being intensely kinky or graphic. The sex scenes are hot, and I found all of the spanking scenes to be well done. I loved Scott Sampson, and could totally follow along with Cathy’s desire for a stern, sexy, down-to-earth cowboy to call her own from page one. If you’re looking for a sweet, sexy read, with mild age play elements, a lovable hero and sassy heroine, pick up a copy of Her Forbidden Cowboy.


Her Forbidden Cowboy: Cowboys After Dark: Book Twelve

Cowboys After Dark Series: Over 300 five star reviews/ratings on Amazon/Goodreads

When A Cowboy Loves A Woman

Spanking Romance Reviews:

Best Spanking Contemporary Western 2015


Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr8YUsVa5QA

Amazon Buy Link: http://amzn.to/21I7NBe

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w//1123627431


Maggie has often been listed in Amazon’s Top 100 Erotic Authors, and her books are consistently in the top ten, oftentimes landing in the #1 spot. The award-winning, His Willful Bride, held the position for several weeks. Warriors After Dark, a fantasy series that takes place in a mystical land where warriors have been trained in the art of sensual domination, started with the first book, The Warrior and the Petulant Princess, in the top three, the second book, The Warrior and the Mischievous Witch, winning Best Paranormal of 2015 from Spanking Romance Reviews.


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  • Facebook




Tevra Enslaved by Jayne Ripley – Mild Erotic Spanking and Panty-Melting Sex


Review by Laurel Lasky

Tevra Enslaved is a marvelous book. The author, Jane Ripley, invented a science fiction world that was so well-written I could believe it was real. The world had a planet run by a robotic race who enslaved humans and other aliens and treated them horrificly as workers or sex slaves. Tevra, a human who was captured with her crew and put on the auction block, was purchased by a strong handsome alpha who was also a shifter. They eventually worked together to free many slaves and escape to freedom. There was a hot sexy romance, mild erotic spanking, panty melting sex and complex characters with strong feelings and emotions. I found this to be a  Sci-Fi adventure with a heart pounding thrills. I couldn’t put it down once I started it.


Alien Catch Book Two

To own her, first he’ll have to survive her…

When Tevra Ivvo’s cargo ship is captured by the merciless Zon, she’s sold into the bustling slave market on Jaurlan. On the auction block, stripped nearly bare for inspection by the various human and alien bidders, Tevra must pretend to submit long enough to enact her final plan: killing the slave master unlucky enough to place the highest bid and getting herself and her crew off this godforsaken planet. And the handsome, powerful man who’s just bought her to warm his bed will never see the knife coming.

Master Gavron Dynaris, owner of the largest energy farm on Jaurlan, hates the slave system as much as he hates the Zon and has dedicated his life to his plan of bringing them down from the inside and freeing the people on the oppressed planet. He’s also hiding a secret. He’s a lycanari—a genetically engineered shape-shifting species that can transform into an Ancient Earth wolf—and if the wrong people were to learn what he is, he’d face an instant death sentence. But when he sees Tevra being sold at auction, he’s struck by her fierce pride…and his wolf is struck by the need to claim her. After winning her with an absurdly high bid, his struggle to get his headstrong bedslave to trust him begins, while his plan—and his true nature—must stay concealed. But it’s hard to keep secrets once she starts trying to stab him with dinner knives, and once she makes it clear she’ll die before she submits to him.

Until he gives her a good spanking…

Reader note: contains light bondage, strong SF erotic romance elements, and erotic spanking


The Beast’s Woman by Jordan St. John – Heart-Thumping Paranormal BDSM


Review by Laurel Lasky

I adore Jordan St. John’s books and The Beast’s Woman was awesome. The descriptions of the scenery of the areas in New Orleans set the scene for the misty paranormal world of shifters and voodoo, witches and more. The heroine is a sweet young woman with a talent for finding danger, a hero who is drool worthy and some evil bad people who are very creepy. There is a strong element of BDSM, spanking, erotic sex all told in a riveting heart thumping way which gave me goose bumps. Don’t start this at night because once you start you won’t be able to stop until it’s finished and then wish for more.


Up-and-coming investigative reporter Lucy McCall jumps at the chance to look into the story of the disappearance of several young women in New Orleans, but the situation quickly becomes personal after a good friend of hers is taken. A tiny voodoo doll left behind at each of the women’s homes serves as the kidnapper’s only calling card.

While snooping around her friend’s apartment in search of anything that might help shed light on what took place, Lucy is surprised to be confronted by a mysterious, darkly handsome man who demands that she stop pursuing the story. Her surprise turns to shock when the man takes her over his knee, bares her bottom, and spanks her soundly to drive his point home. Undeterred by the man’s stern warnings, Lucy continues her investigation, and soon she crosses paths once more with the very same man who so recently punished her in such a humiliating manner.

The last thing someone like Drake needs is a naïve, headstrong reporter sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, but Lucy proves more determined and resourceful than he expected. Knowing the terrible danger she faces while going it alone, Drake reluctantly agrees to accept Lucy’s help in his efforts to thwart the plans of the one responsible for the disappearances. But as she has already learned the hard way, her bare bottom will pay the price if she fails to do as she is told.

Drake has a dark secret of his own, however, and he stays in the shadows for a reason. When she discovers his true nature, Lucy is both terrified and filled with a desire more intense than anything she has ever felt before. Soon enough she finds herself crying out from both pain and pleasure as he punishes her, dominates her, and takes her harder than she had thought possible. Drake’s fierce lovemaking leaves her longing for more, but will he be able to keep her safe as they prepare to confront the evil stalking the city?

Publisher’s Note: The Beast’s Woman is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



Dancing with a Dom – Katherine Deane Nails This #BBW #BDSM Story


Review by Renee Rose
Katherine Deane took the heat up a notch in her latest book, Dancing with a Dom. Featuring a big bodied woman and a devastingly sexy ballroom dance star and all kinds of consensual domination, this book has it all!

The story was originally featured in the USA Today bestseller Bound, Spanked and Loved, and it’s even better now, because Deane has since added to the story, creating even more sizzle (I’m not kidding– two additional sex scenes!).  :)

The story is told in alternating points of view, with the heroine’s in a wonderfully deep first person, and the hero in third. It makes for an entertaining and rich read, full of laughs, sighs and scorching moments.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a quick sexy D/s read. Totally a summer beach read!

Buy now on Amazon (or FREE with KU)

Born to Be Bound by Addison Cain – Your Panties Will Never Be Dry Again


Review by Lee Savino

Born to be bound Is one of my favorite books of 2016. Once I one clicked, I read it four times in as many days, finally kicking it off my kindle so I could get some life done. The writing is addictive, with a fast paced plot, the well-written post-apocalyptic world, the strong heroine Claire. Best of all, there’s a sexy, dominant alpha, anti-hero and fuckmeister, Shepherd.

But know this before you buy: This book is dark.

Claire is an Omega on the run. Omegas are weaker than Alphas or Betas, and go into a strong estrus or heat that attracts the stronger in their species. In this post apocalyptic ruin of a world, an alpha named Shepherd has risen from the ranks of feral prisoners to wreak havoc on Claire’s city. His chaotic and brutal rule sends Omegas like Claire into hiding. But it’s been months and now the hidden Omegas are starving.

So Claire goes to beg Shepherd for help, masking her scent and hiding her identity as an Omega. Her plan doesn’t work, though, because in the middle of his gang of Alphas, she goes into heat. To save her life, and satiate his own Alpha need, Shepherd claims her as his own.

And he fucks her. Again and again, and against Claire’s rational will, but not her body’s or natural instincts. As hard as she tried to fight it, everything in Claire’s nature wants to be claimed and bred by this alpha’s Alpha. In each scene, Claire tries to fight her own desire, and then ends up giving into Shepherd.
Claire is young and idealistic, the antithesis of the scarred and ruthless alpha, but Shepherd is realistic where she is naive. They are perfect opposites and their natural conflict makes their estrus-induced fucking even hotter. Shepherd keeps Claire her captive, giving her everything she needs, including the hard fucking her body craves.
I rooted for the anti hero, Shepherd the whole way through. He forces Claire to confront her true nature, he keeps her captive (and safe), and even though he manipulates her and takes away her choices…as a reader I felt he had a good reason to do all the things he did to Claire, even though she wasn’t on board with them. There’s a strong non-consensual theme here, but it’s pulled off so well I (as an avid reader of non-consent/reluctance themed romance) enjoyed the heck out of the power exchange.
The world building in this book is skillfully done, and the sex scenes are beyond amazing and balance the intense plot. Book one ends with a cliff hanger that leaves me hungry for book two but still satisfied.
This is a heavy, dark, non consent erotica at its best. It is not a sweet little fairy tale romance, and if you expect that it will leave you cringing and curled up in a ball, crying for your mommy. Don’t read Born to Be Bound unless you want a story that is a dark and brutal and beautiful in its intensity. There are sweet moments too be sure (especially when that alpha starts to purr) but Shepherd has ulterior motives and both he and Claire are trying to use each other. Only their lust is pure.
Bottom line: if you like darker reads and are okay with growly, scary awesome alphas who exert dominance whether their true mate likes it or not, buy this book. Read it, love it, rave over it, but in four days you may have to delete it off your kindle, or your panties will never be dry again.
Don’t say you weren’t warned. ;)

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