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Spanking Round Table Discussion – Spanking for the mature adults?


You’re 30 and spanking is a big part of your life. It shapes how you behave in many ways, and strikes a chord when you read about others living the same way. But how will you feel about it when you’re 50, or 60, or 70? You won’t be the same person at those ages, and your relationship will grow and mature as the years pass by.



Where do you see your spanking relationship as you get older? What do you anticipate? What do you dread? How d

o you feel about others who are older and still have spanking in their lives? Is that too weird a mental picture? Please think about it and share your take on spanking as we grow older.


Fantasy vs. Reality – Spanking Round Table Discussion



Spanking Romance Reviews presents another Round Table Discussion.

Today's topic, posed by Anastasia Vitsky, is Fantasy vs. Reality.  Please check out the participants' thoughts…


Spanking Round Table Discussion: Domestic Discipline



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Round Table Discussion: Domestic Discipline

Host: Corinne Alexander

The topic of DD is near and dear to my heart. I have been in a DD relationship with my husband for a little over five years. It is something that I had to build up the courage to ask my husband for and took 9 years of marriage before I took the plunge. I haven’t always been, but I am now glad I waited.

When we married we already had three children between us so life was very busy. Even though we were both head over heels in love, because we dove right into what for many occurs when they are 10 years into marriage it took extra time to completely settle in and build that foundation of trust that is needed in DD. We had to weather a few storms before we were mature enough to fully embrace this beautiful dynamic. Once we did it was just that final thread that cinched our already happy marriage into harmonious bliss (It helps that I was finally being true to myself.)

What I have learned over the years is that DD relationships come in all shapes and sizes. It seems no two DD dynamics are alike. Even my own DD marriage has changed and evolved and even de-evolved many times over the years. As with all things in life the best framework for DD is one that understands life’s evolution and will change right along with it.

A simple definition of Domestic Discipline is that DD is a practice between two consenting adults where one partner gives authority to the other partner to a small or large degree depending on the agreement they have. This includes the authority to give rules & guidelines as well as consequences if those rules & guidelines are not followed. Some who practice DD give full authority to the dominant partner; while others have only a few agreed upon rules or goals in which the other has the authority to administer discipline for.

DD can be the foundation of a marriage; it can be an agreement between two friends, or a specific agreement between two people solely for this dynamic. While I have seen many different types of DD relationships most couples that I know personally are married or in long term relationships. This dynamic involves a lot of trust and a lot of communication so knowing your partner intimately first is usually best if you have plans to embark on this type of relationship. The biggest difference in “Domestic” discipline in comparison to other discipline lifestyles is that it takes place and extends to the domestic every day areas of the people who practice its lives.

We are all unique individuals. Our relationships are all unique as well. Your DD dynamic should fit like a glove for you (this will take time to develop.) The two of you are the only two that matter in your relationship, so what works for you, uniquely, is exactly what is best for you. Enjoy your individuality in this lifestyle and never compare yours with anyone else’s because each of us have different needs and no one way is the right way.

I chose DD as my topic to host both because it is a lifestyle I live with my husband and one that a huge degree of diversity to it. I am purposely being open with my introduction to DD in this post because I want to open the door to discuss the vastly different ways this dynamic can look household to household. While I am sure that we do not have representatives of every type of DD lifestyle in the discussion today I do not wish to leave anyone out. If you practice DD or know someone who does (or even if you don’t) please feel free to join in the discussion in the comment area of this post and each participant’s posts. We would love to hear from you! Please remember that this is a community building discussion circle so keep your comments kind and open minded. I personally very excited to read so many people’s different perspectives and experiences!


Feminism and Spanking- A Round Table Discussion





Welcome to this edition of our Round Table Discussion of Spanking Hot Topics!

Feminism and Spanking- I didn’t pose a question this week. I just wanted people to join in about this topic. As a spanko in a community of spanking author friends it’s a topic that comes up every once in a while. Can we still be feminists and want to be spanked? Can the spanker want to spank a woman and still call himself/herself a feminist?

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Please feel free to leave your two cents with all of our bloggers who participated this time around.

Round Table Discussion – Who Brought Spanking Into the Relationship?



Topic for Oct 18, 2013

Who brought Spanking into the Relationship?

Spanking means different things to many different people, and  is used for a variety of reasons.

– It can be used frivolously in a flirting tone.

– It can be used as foreplay, or along with sexual activities to heighten arousal.

– It can be used for discipline.

– It can be used for emotional and /or physical release.

These are just some of the reasons spanking can be used in a relationship.

It’s interesting to compare notes on the “How’s” and “Why’s” in spanking relationships.  But today, we would like to add in another dynamic:


Did your 'Significant Other' bring it up as something sexy?

Did you bring it up as a need for discipline or release?

Here are some very interesting, well ranged replies from women and men who have incorporated spanking into their relationships.

Come join in the fun!

You can reply here or on the blogs.

And please feel free to share your own experiences!

The next spanking topic is:

Nov 8, Feminism and Spanking,  Hosted by Casey McKay.

Thanks for joining us!

Happy spanks!

Here is the list of bloggers that have signed up for this week's event.  Enjoy! And please reply with your thoughts and experiences!

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Sign up for the next Spanking Round Table – Bringing Spanking into the Relationship



Hello fellow spankers, spankees, and Spankos! It’s time to gear up for another round of Spanking Hot topics!  Next week’s discussion is “Bringing Spanking into the Relationship”.

This is a wide open topic, and can include pretty much anything. Who brought it up? You or your significant other?  Was this a sexual thing? Discipline? How did the recipient take the request?

Now is your chance to open up.  We would love to hear from you.

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SRR has decided to try something new- a completely open discussion. No more cap.  Everybody is welcome. Authors, readers, bloggers…  If you have incorporated some sort of spanking into your life, tell us about it!

Here is the link for the sign up!


Sign up, get your post ready, and tell your friends!

Feel free to submit your thoughts and ideas to spankingcircle@gmail.com


Role Play – Spanking Round Table Discussion


new_tableRole playing is our hot topic today for the Round Table Discussion.  Check out what these community members have to say about it:

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Feel free to add your comments here, to this main site, or to post on your own blog and post the link in the comments.

The next topic will be be hosted by Katherine Deane:  Who Brought Spanking to the Relationship? on Oct. 18th.  Sign up here.


Upcoming Spanking Round Table topics & sign up


roundtable_graphic_first_weekSpanking Romance Reviews is gearing up for the next round table discussions.

We would love to have a wide range of voices for these topics.

Oct 4 – Role Play  

Oct 18 – “Who brought up spanking? You or spouse?”

If you are interested in doing a blog post email us at:

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We are doing this on a first come first serve basis for right now. In an effort to not overload the readers, we are capping the participation at ten.

If you have not had an opportunity to post on a round table discussion yet, please let the admin know. We will make every effort to get everyone included over these next few discussions.

If you have a blogger friend who is in the spanking community, please forward this to them as well. This is not just open to authors.

Thanks for joining us!


Round Table Discussion: Submission


Hi, it's N

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atasha! Welcome to our second Round Table Discussion. Today we're talking about submission. This topic didn't feel so black and white to me as I believe it means something different to each one of us so the question itself was open. Basically, define what submission means to you and write what feels right, what you'd like to share, what you're able to share.

We have quite a few participants this week. We even have a couple of men talking about this. I won't go on in this post, there's enough to read on the individual blogs so below are links to each. Take a moment and have a look. Comment if you like, we'd love to hear what you have to say. I know it's sometimes difficult to – I was a lurker for a long long time myself.

Corinne Alexander

Joelle Casteel

Viola DiMarzo

Trent Evans

Fiona of Sir Q and Me

Tara Finnegan

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Penelope Hasler

Natasha Knight

Casey McKay

Joseph McNamara

Adaline Raine

Renee Rose

Maddie Taylor

Our next Round Table Discussion will be led by Renee Rose. You know her, short black skirt, red sash, over the knee stockings, writes super hot spanking romance…

 She'll be chatting about Role Play. If you're interested in joining in on that discussion, please send an e-mail to spankingcircle@gmail .com



Round Table Discussion- Community, Spanking, and More!



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We are excited to bring together the spanking community as we discuss and celebrate our unique perspectives and journeys. Although we have a shared love of spanking we are each unique.

Our goal is to bring together the community and celebrate our differences and similarities alike. There is no one way in life, and the same is true with our desires. Our wish is for each one of us to discover our own true love and niche of self – expression.

We’re starting a Round Table Discussion Panel. A place where we can discuss some of the spanking topics we’re always talking about. The regular contributors include Adaline Raine, Casey McKay, Corinne Alexander, Katherine Deane, Natasha Knight, & Renee Rose. Each one of these remarkable women are excited to come together with a spirit of inclusion to delve into a topic they are passionate about.

We would like to welcome the community to sign up and join us as we discuss topics that you are equally passionate about. We will be coming together twice a month to explore a new topic. Topics will be posted in advance. 

Upcoming topic, September 20th-  Submission – in or out of the bedroom, or both?

Please email spankingcircle@gmail.com to sign up! 

Sign up is on a first come first serve basis. The only requirement to participate is that you have a blog and that spanking is a part of your life in some way. Participation is limited to 8-10 participants each circle. This will be an ongoing feature so there will be a chance for all who are interested to be involved.

So join us as we celebrate our love for spanking and our love for life. 


This week’s discussion is led by Corinne Alexander, who brings the following questions to the table:

  1. When did you first know you were interested in spanking, and the surrounding ideas that come with it?
  2. When did you finally cross over from fantasies to bringing it into real life? (Or has that yet to happen?)

Click the links for our author's responses. And feel free to leave your own reply in the comments! 

Casey McKay

Corinne Alexander

Katherine Deane

Natasha Knight

Renee Rose 

Adaline Raine


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