Chasing Delia and Taming Kat by Aubrey Cara – Unique, Realistic Fiction that Makes you Feel Good


Review by Katherine Deane

I’m a fangirl for Aubrey Cara ;)

I realized something, when I was in between books a few months ago. I was telling a friend that I wanted to read something different; something fresh and funny; something that would make me say, “OMG, I can’t believe she said that!”

That’s when it hit me. “I need an Aubrey,” I told my friend seriously.

She didn’t laugh. She got it right away. We both have read and adored the stories written by Aubrey Cara.

Aubrey has a unique way of doing realistic fiction that just makes you feel good inside. Here are my two favorites.

Chasing Delia is a heartwarming story that shows us the wonderful romance between the heartbroken, “never trust another good looking man”, Delia; and the ever so hot, dominant, cop, Jake. They showcased beautiful imperfections and flaws, as they both grew to love each other. Throw in some amazing sex and spankings, emotional vulnerability and touching scenes, and some hilarious humor to lighten the mood. And there you have it- a brilliant story from Aubrey Cara.

Taming Kat is probably my favorite from Aubrey. Her main character, Kat, was an independent, strong willed, “take no crap from anyone” kind of gal- I loved her! Caleb was sexy and dominant- former military is always a favorite for me- rancher. I loved the realism, their sparks, the hot dominance and submission; his belt… yum! And once again, Aubrey brought her awesome humor to the table, with funny quips, and adorable minor characters.

I heard she has a new one coming out soon, and you can bet I am super excited.

It’s been a while. I need an Aubrey.


Chasing Delia

Taming Kat


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One Response to “Chasing Delia and Taming Kat by Aubrey Cara – Unique, Realistic Fiction that Makes you Feel Good”

  1. Tracy says:

    You didn’t read Aubrey’s ‘Mimi Mine’ yet? It’s awesome too! Something great to hold you over until the new one comes out.

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