Conquering Sabrina by Sara Curran-Ross – Action-packed thrill ride


p>by Katherine Deane

An action packed thrill ride filled with mystery, drama, eroticism and spankings.  I had a tough time putting this book down.

Sabrina has been having naughty dreams, the kind that include spankings and really great sex with a handsome French man.  But when she realizes her dreams may not be just dreams, her whole world changes

Sabrina was brutally attacked ten years ago, leaving her with no memory of her past.  Until she meets Raoul Valoire, the handsome French man who brings her past into the present.  Sabrina finds out that not only is she Raoul’ wife, but the bare bottom spankings and intense sex from her dreams really had happened.

Sabrina fights to find out the truth behind her brutal attack. Who attacked her, and why? Why was she fighting with her husband? Was there infidelity involved? And why did she submit to Raoul for the torturous sessions over his knee?

This story was very well written, and included some intense spanking scenes, along with some very erotic scenes.  I enjoyed watching Sabrina learn about her submissive desires, while fighting for control to be the worldly woman she thought herself to be.  And Raoul’s dominance and strength were very basiksolutions.com sexy.  I enjoyed his emotional pleas for Sabrina to remember their love. It enabled me to see him as more than just a handsome, stern leader, creating a vulnerability in him with which I truly could empathize.

The author’s introduction of not one, but two (or more?) antagonists kept me from getting bored, giving me just the right amount of mystery and danger to keep me excitedly reading.  I enjoyed the twists and turns, as the plot centered on the mystery of her attack. But the physical encounters between these two were what kept me eagerly turning the pages. There was one very edgy scene which included a maid – this was a huge f/f scene that was very erotic and quite well done.

Overall, this was a very well written story, with likeable characters, an engaging plot, erotic and disciplinary spankings which left me hot and surprisingly, satiated, and some very well done sex scenes to pull it all together.



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One Response to “Conquering Sabrina by Sara Curran-Ross – Action-packed thrill ride”

  1. Sara says:

    Thank you for a wonderful review. Glad you enjoyed reading my novel Conquering Sabrina.

    Sara :)

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