Constance Masters Makes a Soundtrack for The Man of Her House


 themanofherhouse_fullSRR: What’s your preference in fiction…domestic discipline or erotic spanking? Why?

Constance Masters: My first preference would be domestic discipline. That being said though it’s hard to not combine the two and I do like erotic spanking…a lot.

SRR: Did you read spanking fiction before you started writing it?

 Constance Masters: The simple answer would be yes. Before I found spanking fiction I used to study the backs of books, always choosing ones that I thought might contain a spanking or two or at least a dominant man if that’s all I could get. It was such a thrill when you came on one unexpectedly. Like most of us that enjoy spanking fiction I just about wore out those pages reading and reading.

SRR: Tell us about your current release

 Constance Masters:  The Title of my new release is The Man Of Her House. It’s a romantic spanking novel with domestic discipline theme. This one is published by Stormy Night Publications and the cover was of course done by Korey Mae Johnson.


When her abysmal grades leave her suspended from college for the semester, twenty year old Alyssa sees no option but to return to her childhood home, which she expects to find empty while her mother is away. It comes as quite a shock when a man she has never met waltzes

in as if he owns the place, introduces himself as Jesse, and informs her that he is living in the home at Alyssa’s mother’s suggestion while completing the repair work she hired him to do.

An even bigger shock soon follows when her refusal to listen to reason lands her over the admittedly handsome interloper’s knee for a sound spanking. Jesse informs her that she is welcome to stay in the house with him, provided that she behaves herself and pulls her own weight. Alyssa has other ideas and is fully prepared to make his life as miserable as she can until he throws in the towel on the whole idea.

Unfortunately for her, Jesse is more than ready to back up his warnings with a firm, work-hardened hand applied to her bare bottom as often as necessary.

Despite her wounded pride and her stinging behind, Alyssa finds herself excited by the idea of a man who cares enough to stand up to her and keep her in line. She begins to wonder if Jesse could come to see her as more than a naughty girl in need of discipline, but will her bratty attitude drive him away before romance can bloom, or will Jesse take her in hand and make her his own?


SRR: Who was the first person you told that you were writing spanking fiction? What was his/her reaction?

Constance Masters: The first person I told was my husband. He thought it was great at first and was happy for me and very proud. If I’m to be honest though he became a little paranoid when the reality set in. He typed Constance Masters into Google and it came up with spanking fiction. Obviously that was going to happen at some point but he’s a private man and old school. That was a long time ago now and he doesn’t worry so much now about people finding out. A lot of people know about my writing now anyway so there isn’t really anything to hide.

SRR: If you were asked to make a soundtrack for your novel, what songs would be on it?

1. This House Is Not A Home

 2. Dance With My Father sung by Luther Vandross

 3. Everything Has Changed

 4. Everything by Michael Buble with a slight change in the lyric of the first verse.

The lyrics now are…

 You’re the falling star, you’re the getaway car.

You’re the line in the sand when I go to far.

You’re the swimming pool on an August day.

And you’re the perfect thing to say.

 I would change the second line to “I’m the line in the sand when you go to far.”

SRR: If your book was turned into a movie, who would you choose to play the leading characters?

Constance Masters:  If my book was turned into a movie I think I would like Chris Hemsworth (Thor with shorter hair) to play the the male lead and for the female lead Molly Quinn (Castle’s daughter Alexis)

SRR: What is your favorite spanking implement?

Constance Masters: There’s nothing like the hand really is there?


As he opened the door Jesse’s blood started to boil. The peace he’d been feeling a few minutes before had melted away. Things were no better than before. Without even bothering to call her this time, he marched straight up the stairs.

“Alyssa! Alyssa open this door.” He rapped noisily when the music was suddenly turned up full blast.

“I can’t hear you!” Alyssa called through the noise.

“Then why did you answer?”

“I’m psychic!”

“Good, then you’ll know what’s about to happen next! You have to come out sometime.The longer you take, the worse it’ll be.”

“Kiss my ass!” she shouted over the top of the music.

Jesse shook his head before stomping up the hallway to his own room. He slammed the door without going inside, hoping his ruse would fool Alyssa. He crept back across the hallway silently to wait as long as it took.

Jesse listened intently when the music was suddenly turned down. “Jesse?” she ventured. “Are you there?” Jesse said nothing, trying hard to breathe noiselessly. When the door creaked open slowly, he pounced on his prey. She tried to slam the door again, but she wasn’t fast enough. He took her by the arm and marched her back into the bedroom.

“You are kidding me, Alyssa, aren’t you?” he asked incredulously when his eyes lit on the beer cans. He snatched up one of the open cans with one hand while holding her steady with the other. “You want to see how far you can push me? Well, you’re about to find out.”

“I don’t. I mean I wasn’t doing that!”

“Yes you were. I won’t put up with your games any longer, do you hear me?” He sat on the bed and stood her between his legs. His hands went to the button on her shorts.

“No!” she wailed.

“No feigning modesty now, missy. You were happy enough to parade your booty outside before for everyone to see.”

Tears of shame filled Alyssa’s eyes as the shorts were yanked to her knees. “I…” Before she knew it she had been bent over Jesse’s knee, and she was forced to hang onto his leg.

“Save it,” Jesse said, bringing his hand down hard on the cheeky target. “I tried to do things your way, I really did.”

The first smack had to have stung like the dickens, but he followed it with another. He was determined to get his message across this time. The skimpy thong she wore was no protection at all for Jesse’s hard slaps as he left several pink handprints on each thigh with one hand.

Alyssa was yelling within minutes of Jesse’s hand landing. “You stop that!” She kicked and fought and flung her hand back. “I didn’t do anything!” she wailed through ragged breaths.

“No, you didn’t unless you were being contrary. You didn’t clean up after yourself, you weren’t considerate at all. You took my beers and drank them when I specifically said no. You’re underage!”



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  1. Thanks for having me Renee :)

  2. Casey McKay says:

    Sounds like a cute premise. Nice excerpt, Jesse sounds like my kind of man :)

    Congrats on the new release Constance!

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