Corner Time for Rachel, Excerpt from Claimed by the Beast


claimedbythebeast_full-2 copyI’m very happy to be here on Spanking Romance Reviews with my latest release, Claimed by the Beast. A huge thanks to Renee Rose, fellow author and friend.


Today I wanted to share a piece from the book which contains two firsts for Rachel: corner time and a butt plug. Really, two of my favorite things… This is not a punishment scene but more to establish their roles and to put Rachel in a submissive frame of mind for what Marcus has in store for her next…The scene begins from Rachel’s point of view and switches to Marcus’s at the break.


* * * *


“Corner?” she asked, taken aback. He’d never done something like this before. This would definitely be pushing her. When he spanked her, it was different. He was an active participant. But making her stand in the corner with her nose to the wall and her panties pulled down to leave her bottom exposed. “I… Marcus, I don’t think I can do that.”

Marcus rose to his feet, taking her hand in one of his. With the other, he turned her face up to his, his forehead to hers, his nose to hers, his face smiling, hers worried. “You can,” he said, walking her to the corner himself and setting her where he wanted her. “Nose touches here at all times,” he said, encouraging her forward with a hand at the back of her head. “Good girl. Now, one more detail.” With that, he moved a step back and his hands were at the hem of her panties. She covered them with hers.

“Wait, I’m…”

“Shh… you’re ready for this,” he teased, sliding a hand into her panties and searching for the wetness there. “More than ready. Naughty girl,” he said. “Put your hands at the back of your head now.”

She glanced once over her shoulder, met his gaze as he nodded, and returned her nose to the wall. She then reached her hands up and placed them at the back of her head. He took his time dragging her panties down over her hips, exposing her bottom but leaving the slip of cotton at the tops of her thighs.

“Beautiful,” he said, stepping back. “Don’t let those panties slide down,” he cautioned. “I’ll be right back.”

She listened as he climbed the stairs but was back just a few moments later. She expected him to come to her straight away, to touch her, to be with her, but when she saw him from the corner of her eye go into the kitchen and heard him pour himself a drink, she narrowed her eyes. He walked back into the living room, ignoring her altogether and sitting down on the couch. It took all she had to stay where she was when she heard him turn the TV on.


* * *


Marcus couldn’t care less what was on TV. His cock was hard at the vision Rachel made at the wall, her nose right up against it as he’d positioned her, her hands clasped at the back of her head which he imagined wouldn’t be comfortable for long, her panties down just far enough to expose her gorgeous ass. His hand twitched to spank the fleshy mounds, have them bounce with each one. Next time he’d do a preliminary spanking before setting her in the corner. Her ass should be at least a little pink which would be even prettier than the milky white smoothness.

He eyed the items he’d brought down with him. A butt plug and some lube. The thought of what he was going to do made him want to explode, but he had to be patient. Give her some time in the corner. Get her in the right place. So he sat back and forced himself to take his time and finish his drink. When that was done, he slid the plug and the lubricant into his pocket and walked over to her.

“Is it over?” she asked when she heard him approach.

“Not quite yet,” he said, setting his hands on either side of her hips, looking down at her lush bottom, kissing the back of her neck, her shoulder. “Put your hands up against the wall,” he said, holding onto her and pulling her gently toward him so she had to walk her feet a few steps and lean her torso forward with her hands up on the wall. “Take your feet just a little farther, Rachel. I have a surprise for you.”

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She made a small sound but moved her feet. He held the flat of his right hand against one butt cheek, rubbing and caressing there. “Just a few, just for a little color,” he said. He slapped her bottom with that. It wasn’t hard but she grunted and her body went forward, probably more from the surprise of it than actual pain. “Try to hold still,” he said, repositioning her and slapping her other cheek.

“Ouch,” she said, her voice small, but she managed to stay as she was.

He slapped each cheek a few more times, watching them bounce, turning them a nice, warm pink. He then stopped and caressed. She tried to rise up.

“Uh-uh. Not yet,” he said. He took out the lube and opened it. “Hollow out your back and lift your ass.”

She did as he said.

“Good girl. Now reach back and spread your cheeks open for me.”

Her body stiffened a little. “What?”


* * * *

I feel a little guilty to leave you right there but it is a teaser… I hope you enjoyed it. Although this book stands alone, its predecessor, Taken by the Beast is on sale for $2.99 now through New Year’s in celebration of the new release. You can find it by clicking here.

Blurb for Claimed by the Beast

More than a year has passed since Marcus, free at last from his harsh captivity, disappeared to lead a life of solitude. Rachel waits for him, clinging to hope, but her fear grows that the man with whom she shares an unbreakable bond is lost to her forever. Despair leads her to take risks with her life, and Elijah does his best to keep her safe, but he knows that only his brother’s return can truly heal her wounded heart.


Believing that he will only bring her pain and sadness, Marcus has vowed to leave Rachel on her own, telling himself that she will move on and find love and happiness in the arms of some other man. But when the dark shadows of the past engulf his family again and Rachel’s life is put in terrible danger, he is given no choice but to return and take back what is his.


Though overjoyed that Marcus has returned at last, Rachel cannot bring herself to believe that he will truly stay this time, and her doubts push her to defy him even as he fights to protect her. She soon learns, however, that he will tolerate no disobedience when her safety is at stake, and her defiance will be dealt with firmly. As she stands before him, bare and blushing with her well-spanked bottom on display, knowing there is much more to come, Rachel longs for her mate to claim her as his and his alone. But can he shield her from those who would do them harm, or will he be torn away from her yet again?


Publisher’s Note: Claimed by the Beast is the sequel to Taken by the Beast. It is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, elements of medical play and BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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  1. Laura Hunter says:

    I am so excited to see that the sequel to Taken By The Beast is available. I am going right now to download it. I am happy that I participated in The Winter Blog because otherwise I wouldn’t have known about this. After I download the book, I am going to subscribe to this author and a myriad of others. Lucky me!

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