Correcting Kathy by Patricia Green: A Collision of mind, body, soul…and soup


By Katherine Deane

Correcting Kathy is a fun, quick read about a college professor and a coed, including romance, spankings, and a wonderful structure set up to stop a bad habit.

Professor Hal Emory is a former lawyer, who became a teacher at Holy Name College after a painful loss in his life.  He is handsome, intelligent, a bit of a brooder, and an all-around good man.

Kathy McGillicutty is a college junior, cute, energetic, sweet, and a little clumsy.  She is intelligent, but naïve, and prone to making rash decisions.  She also wears cute, holiday themed panties.

The two meet in the lunchroom in a collision of mind, body, soul…and soup.  In a very entertaining scene, Kathy bumps into Professor Emory, spills her soup all over him, then proceeds to slip, pulling him down with her.  I laughed pretty hard at the silliness, and loved their instant connection.  It was the perfect amount of light humor without being slapstick.

Kathy has a bad habit that she has tried desperately to quit for ages, smoking.  She knows it is bad for her, and wants to quit, but ends up grabbing for her cigarettes whenever she gets stressed out.  I loved the realism and the public service message in this.  We all have vices, and they can hurt us.

This is the reason for Professor Emory’s pain.  He lost a loved one due to a vice.  And he has decided to help Kathy with hers. He offers her aversion therapy.  Spanking. Though Kathy has never been spanked before, she is drawn to the idea, and since she wants to quit smoking, she agrees to give it a try.

Their first spanking session is very well done. Hard, authoritative, enough to let her know that he would be firm with her, but not enough to hurt or break her.

They develop feelings for each other, and try to form a quiet relationship.  Unfortunately, someone decides to make trouble for them.  Even though it is not technically against school policy for a student and teacher to date, it is frowned upon since the catholic school strives to showcase good morals and values.

Their relationship becomes even more strained when Kathy continues to make foolish choices in her attempts to get Professor Emory’s attention.  This was pretty fun to read. Kathy is so cute and naïve. I couldn’t help but laugh, while simultaneously saying, “Don’t do it, Kathy!” Her youth, energy and naivety were  refreshing in comparison to today’s  typical sexually mature young women. I adored her.

I loved this book and was sad to see it end so soon.  I hope the author decides to do another story with these characters. They were delightful!

4.5 stars for a great plot, well developed characters, fun and entertaining scenes, awesome spankings and sex, and an extra bit of kudos for the little public service announcement about smoking.


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