Delivering Kadlin by Gabrielle Holly – Fun, Quick Read

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p>Review by Katherine Deane

This was a decent story, fun and fast, with a nice amount of sex and spankings.

The main character was a brave, strong Viking named Bjorn whose job was to deliver a young woman named Kadlin (Hence the title) to the Jarl whom he worked for.  Kadlin was a young, beautiful woman who was sold to a rich Jarl, when her caretaker / Uncle could not afford to pay his debts.  It took me awhile to like Bjorn, because he seemed so uncaring about the plight of this poor woman who had in essence been sold like an animal, because her uncle could not pay his own debts.  When the author finally showed Bjorn‘s kind side, I was able to see him as a good guy, and not just a jerk who would do anything for money. Though I still felt I could have liked him more, if his duty had been one of life and death, and not just land acquisition.  But this was a fantasy story, so I went with it.  Bjorn fell in love with Kadlin after a very intimate act including spanking and passionate sex.  It became easier for me to like him after he started showing his softer side, and talking to her as a beloved partner instead of chattel. He showed genuine caring towards his new love, and decided not to take Kadlin to the Jarl.  This deceit put him in danger with the Jarl, and enabled me to see him as a good guy.

I liked Kadlin’s strength and resilience.  She was kind, and beautiful and brave, and showed her abilities for quick thinking and bravery several times throughout the book.   She also had a very sensual nature.  Her first spanking by the hand of her Viking captor, left her very emotionally and physically stimulated. This wonderful, light punishment only proved to arouse her more.  And Bjorn was only so happy to comply with her request.  This scene set the tone for a few more erotic encounters, with and without spankings.

This story was pretty well done, and had some decent spanking and sex scenes that I enjoyed thoroughly.  Their love making sessions were detailed well, and contained a few erotic bondage and spankings. I liked these scenes the most.  But I still felt like there was something missing. I felt like the characters were not quite connected as well as they could have been, and I felt a huge disconnect towards the end of the story.

The penultimate scene contained a very major conflict in which Kadlin did something very heroic, that enabled her to save her new love, Bjorn.  The scene was a little confusing, but seemed feasible, showcasing Kadlin’s intelligence and determination.  And Bjorn’s response was exactly how I would have envisioned. He was furious.

But there was a big jump between the scenes, from Bjorn’s angry travel home with Kadlin, to the next scene, their sudden wedding.  It was extremely jarring, and seemed unexplained.  This made it hard for me to celebrate their marriage, and left me wanting more.

Overall, it was a quick fun read.  With a little more character and scene development, this would have been a great story. As it was, it was still a good story. I enjoyed it, and gave it 3 stars.



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