Desire in Any Language by Anastasia Vitsky


Mira2Review By Cara Bristol

For Mira, studying abroad to become a translator, life should be about studying and trying to pass her classes. Instead, she spends too much time partying and not enough time hitting the books. Then she discovers that her tutor – a woman just a few years older than herself – has a way of refocusing her students’ attention. The Rod of Love. Mira is horrified at first, but then fascinated by the prospect of being caned, and her discipline gradually takes on deeper meaning as does her relationship with her tutor.

Desire in Any Language deserves to be in a class of its own within the spanking fiction genre.  To relate the plot and story cannot begin to describe the uniqueness and literary quality of this novel. Yes, literary. Anastasia Vitsky writes beautifully of flawed, but sympathetic characters while weaving a universal story of friendship and love. While by no means a sad story, an underlying moodiness pervades this book, a current of melancholy that propels the story and Mira on her path of self-discovery. Desire in Any Language should be on everyone’s reading list, whether or not one reads spanking fiction.
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