Disciplinary Measures by Cara Bristol: Scorching HOT glimpse into the world of DD!


By Katherine Deane

What a fun, quick read, combining, Domestic Discipline, romance, hot sex and great spankings. I loved it! I just wish it would have been a little longer. I loved these characters!

Linc, the Dominant, sexy husband, who decides that DD just might save their marriage.

Regina, the strong, beautiful wife, who over-spends when stressed out.

Their sex lives and love for each other are amazing. The only thing that is standing in their way is the big issue of trust.

Linc doesn’t feel he can trust Gina (Regina).  After one too many lies about shopping trips, and  one too many huge credit card bills, he has had enough.  He fears for their marriage.  He fears for the woman he loves.

When he reads a column about the Rod and Cane Society, a society of men, who lead their women, and spank them when necessary, Linc decides to check it out for himself.

He learns that his job as leader of their family is to guide, protect, and empower his spouse.  He learns that he needs to be a better man, and lead by example. He learns to really listen to what Regina says and more importantly, what she doesn’t say.  He agrees to act without anger toward her stressed reactions, like shopping.

And it all starts with one very erotic spanking.

Their first spanking is hot as hell! Linc had decided to test Gina’s willingness to try spanking, by incorporating it into their already awesome sex life. And she reacts better than he could have planned.  His carefully timed swats, increasing in cadence and intensity, only serve to increase her arousal.  There is no shame, no second guessing – just raw passion. And it is beautiful!

Their discussion afterwards, about the spanking / sex combination is almost as erotic as the actual event itself.  This leads to some fun exploration in other areas.

Gina is beyond pleased with this new dominant side of Linc.  But she still has to hide her big purchases for the day.  This is some great foreshadowing for what is coming.

Gina views herself as a feminist, a woman of today, not realizing that one of her role models in the professional world, Elizabeth Alexander, is also a “spanked wife”.

When Linc brings up the possibility of DD, Gina is mortified.  My favorite line from this story, is when Linc says, “I accept responsibility for the success and happiness of this marriage.”

I love this line.

He explains that they can’t go on the way they have, with the fighting and the hurt. They agree to try DD for 6 months.

This story has some wonderfully written scenes that showcase DD as something that can help a relationship.  When Gina disobeys the rules, she gets punished.  And she accepts this because of her love for Linc.  She trusts him atoledo.com to lead, and to not abuse the power he has been given. She also feels guilty over the deceit.  I love the scene where she asks him for a spanking, because she feels so much guilt over lying about her huge purchases.

I also love how Linc grew into this role.  He understands that Gina gets stressed out, and needs his love and compassion, not just a hard handed disciplinarian.

The couple grows even closer because of their new relationship, but one big event threatens to ruin it all. I won’t give any spoilers, but will say that the scene was done perfectly, and made me love this couple even more.

The story had steamy sex scenes, scorching spankings, and wonderful romance and intimacy.

I loved it!

It was a fantastic addition to the DD series ‘Rod and Cane Society’.  I hope the author brings these characters back for more. I would love to see more of them.

This story has well-developed characters, a great story line, personal growth, romance, hot sexual encounters, including anal play, a dominant male who doesn’t let the power go to his head, a strong female who learns to trust herself and her partner, and a fun look into the world of domestic discipline.

4.5 stars! A must read for anyone who reads spanking fiction.

Check out Cara Bristol”s author page on Spanking Romance Reviews.


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