Finding Their Bliss – Thianna D & Sarah’s Tutorial – Emily Tilton (RE-POST)


Review by Etta Stark

There’s been quite a buzz about Corbin’s Bend these last few months - at least on the bits of the internet where I like to hang out. A multi-author project spanning (for now) ten books set in the fictitious community of Corbin’s Bend - a housing development where spankings – both disciplinary and erotic – are the norm.

We have had to get by on just teasers and snippets for weeks. The Corbin’s Bend blog [http://blog.corbinsbend.com/] has been doing a great job giving us tantalising glimpses of life in this Spankophile Utopia. If spanking romances had the same budgets as Summer blockbuster movies, we’d have been seeing Corbin’s Bend billboard posters everywhere.

And now it’s here! May 7th saw the release of the first Corbin’s Bend book “Finding Their Bliss” by Thianna D, the second – “Sarah’s Tutorial” by Emily Tilton – hot on its heels with a release date of May 14th. The gates have been opened and we’re being welcomed in. It’s time for us to meet their neighbours.

As well as providing a story in its own right, Finding Their Bliss is responsible for laying the groundwork and introducing us to the prominent characters in the Corbin’s Bend community. By centering the story on Brent Carmichael, head of the housing board and one of the community’s founding members, Thianna has ensured that there are plenty of opportunities to explain the history and the set-up of the place without the story becoming too exposition-heavy.

The story itself is a delightful love story between Brent and newcomer Charmagne Michaels who is fleeing a former life made impossible by her ex-fiancé – a spoilt playboy who freaks out when he finds out that his girlfriend is into spanking. Charmagne has bought the only house in the area which doesn’t belong to the Corbin’s Bend co-operative, but that doesn’t stop the residents welcoming her with open arms. Although she was completely unaware of Corbin’s Bend’s very special charter when she bought the house, it turns out that she ended up in exactly the right place.

Emily Tilton’s book “Sarah’s Tutorial” is very different in style from Thianna’s, demonstrating how different writers can use their own voices while still staying within the project’s overall narrative and theme.

John Dunn a middle-aged History professor begins a torrid BDSM relationship with one of his students, Sarah Harshaw. There’s a lot of build-up to their relationship. A huge chunk of the book is given to a single encounter between the two of them in John’s study following Sarah’s attempted seduction. There’s barely any sex or spanking in this part yet the sexual chemistry radiates off the page as both characters give themselves the chance to assume the roles that they have always wanted to. And then there’s a ton of sex and spanking so don’t worry.

Although Sarah has grown up in a family where Domestic Discipline was the norm, she realises that her desires go far beyond this. She wants to be completely dominated. However, it turns out that even in Corbin’s Bend it is still possible to shock your parents and when the nature of their relationship comes to light, it looks like John and Sarah are going to have to forfeit the one thing that matters most.

Although very different, both stories were both engagingly romantic, brilliantly written and fun to read. I love the idea behind Corbin’s Bend and can’t wait to see where other writers will take it. Tara Finnegan, Cara Bristol and Maren Smith are among the veritable ‘Who’s who of spanking authors with forthcoming Corbin’s Bend books. I’ll be checking out all the new releases as they happen.

I have been completely won over by this little spanking community. In fact, I might put my name down for a house, there.

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