Fitting in – a Shades of Cinderfella Story


by Jo Smutdickted

Fitting In┬áby Silvia Violet is sort of a Shades of Cinderfella story. Mason, a bartender, is working to save up some money so he can finally complete his college. His life isn”t terrible – in fact it isn”t really anything. It merely is. Gray and Jack are two hot cops who have a yen for the hot bartender. Mason thinks it is all about a one time three way – but Jack and Gray feel very differently. The sex might be flaming hot with passions running high – and it will be up to Jack and Gray to make sure Mason doesn”t run away!

This is a very hot story – it is full of yummy MM goodness with plenty of kink to satisfy your cravings. I did struggle at first to keep Jack and Gray straight, especially as both are commanding men. However they sorted out after a while – and anyway I like both so it was all good.

When it comes to fantasy fiction of the non elves and high priestess kind I don”t really care how realistic the actions of the people would be – and here that”s a good thing because I couldn”t imagine cops acting the way Jack and Gray act, especially as they don”t know Mason and have a lot to lose. I did think some of the misfiring in the communcation department would have been resolved with just a little more chat – but these are guys and not everyone is comfy with sharing. I loved how confident and comfortable the two were with each other because it made it more believable that a third would work. There really isn”t any of the situations that sometimes occur in threesomes where 2 1 = 1 1 and 1 1 but never quite makes it to the whole total of 3. Not so here – that was the part I enjoyed the most and it made the story really fun to read!


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