Five Stars – Humbled had me Hooked!


By Dinah McLeodhumbled_full (1)

From the very first page, Renee Rose’s Humbled had me hooked. Like all of her historicals, she sets the scene perfectly. To begin Humbled a young peasant boy, Jean Claude, has been caught stealing—or rather, trying to steal—a pig. For this crime, he is to be sentenced to death. That is until eight-year-old aristocrat, Corrine, steps forward and takes the blame.

While she might think of it from time to time in passing, it is a debt Jean Claude can never forget. When the mobs of the French Revolution storm her home, he is ready. Immediately after her rescue he makes it clear that the way of life she’s known has fallen away—he is not her servant, but the master. When he must assert this point, he does so with the help of a stinging switch applied to her bottom.

Despite herself, Corrine feels an attraction growing for the courageous, handsome man who refuses to allow her to endanger herself. But theirs is a romance that can never be—he is just a blacksmith, while she’s the daughter of a Duc. They must put their feelings aside as they travel to New Orleans, where Corrine hopes to secure a better future.

I loved this book! From start to finish, the characters were engaging, fresh and completely real. It is packed with sexual tension, plenty of spankings and a fast-paced plot. Don’t start this one unless you’re planning on sitting for a while!


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