Guess What Day It Is!


I laugh every time I see that commercial with the camel going through the office asking people to guess what day it is.

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It's hump-day and that means Writing Prompt Wednesday! Wooohoooo.

Congratulations to Jaye Peaches who was the winner of last week's drawing. He selected Tough Choices from Patty Devlin as his prize. This week's winner will receive one of Dinah McLeod's books. Thank you Dinah! She's got several hot books out right now.

I'm not going to list all the rules. In the comments, in 250 words or less, post your response to this writing prompt:

“Come on. Just a little harder.”

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18 Responses to “Guess What Day It Is!”

  1. Jaye Peaches says:

    I wasn’t going to be first…. but here goes….

    His fingers slipped up her thigh and halted. Grasping the skirt end, he folded it back up like a napkin, neat and tidy. The panties were bright red. For a second he was tempted to lower them, instead he inhaled deeply and withdrew his hand.
    “It’s OK,” she said looking over her shoulder. “Just do it.”
    He was about to spank somebody for the first time and the excitement was palpable in both of them.
    He wondered how high he should raise his arm. This high… or maybe … this high?
    Did he come straight down or at an angle? He mulled over the options.
    Impatiently, she wriggled on his lap. It had been her idea. He had told her off for being rude to him in front of his friends. Back home, she had offered up her bottom for a brisk spanking. Far from turning her down, he was intrigued by the idea and minutes later he was sitting in a chair admiring the offering.
    His first smack landed and he was being too tentative.
    “Keep going,” she said encouragingly.
    The next ones left pink marks.
    She pressed down further into his groin with her own pelvis. What was she doing to him!
    The next made a bigger impression on both of them. She gasped and pushing the panties out of the way, he rubbed her smooth exposed cheek.
    “Come on. Just a little harder,” she said provocatively. He wasn’t sure whether he meant the spanking or something else.

  2. Dinah Mcleod says:

    Mine is a bit longer, but I thought I’d put it up here since I am not in the running this week. (I don’t want a copy of my own book! LOL)

    “Is this alright?” he asked, watching her closely for a reaction.
    “It’s fine, John.” She stifled a sigh. She knew he was eager to please, but damn. She couldn’t believe how long he was taking. Plenty of guys would have been happy to help her.
    “It’s…how do you hold this thing?”
    Anna closed her eyes, taking several deep breaths. Maybe she should have called someone else. John had seemed the perfect option to get the job done, but now…had he always been so clumsy, so uncertain? She’d never noticed before.
    When she opened her eyes, she saw the perplexity on his face, the tips of his ears red with embarrassment. She knew that he’d harbored a secret crush on her for years, which was why she’d chosen to call him. She was a private woman by nature, and didn’t want what she was doing to get around the office.
    “You’re doing it right,” she said, softly, kindly, taking pity on him. “Just put it in and…” She waited, as patiently as she could, trying to check her watch and be stealthy about it. She gasped as he plunged it in, and tried to lie perfectly still. “Don’t stop,” she said, when she felt him hesitate. “Come on. Just a little harder.”
    When he’d finished his job, he pulled out, looking spent and a bit frightened as though he’d actually done something. She tried to smile, tried to offer words of encouragement, but as soon as he was done, he practically faded before her eyes. All she could think about, all she could hope, was that this time it would work. She stared at the empty injector in his hand, now void of the semen it had carried, and prayed that this time she would get pregnant.

  3. Casey McKay says:

    250 on the nose! Boom!

    “Come on. Just a little harder.”
    Jen swallowed the insult that popped into mind.. “I’m pushing as hard as I can, Jared!” She yelled at him instead.
    He glared at her and she immediately regretted snapping at him, “Maybe we should switch sides,” he suggested.
    They had already switched sides three times and neither of them seemed to be able to push hard enough while the other pulled.
    She didn’t even like the damn couch and now they had it stuck in the stairwell of their apartment building.
    “I thought you measured?” Jen couldn’t keep the accusation out of her voice as she tried to slip under the arm of the couch without smacking into the railing.
    Jared grabbed her arm to pull her up.
    “I did measure,” he gave her a pointed look, “the stairwell. You measured the couch.”
    Oh, so it was her fault?
    “Well HOW did you measure?” Jen shot back at him, “I used inches.”
    She didn’t miss the smile pulling at her husband’s lips even as he tried to think up a comeback.
    “Just help me think of something to get it unstuck,” he said. Jared pulled her close and kissed her neck, despite her sweatiness from moving furniture.
    “Maybe some kind of lube?” She couldn’t think while he was doing that.
    “Couch lube?” He quirked an eyebrow at her.
    “Yeah, we can’t be the only ones in the market for couch lube.”

  4. Great job everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been available to cheer for you all day. Glad you were able to carry on w/o me.

  5. “Come on, just a little harder.”

    “But I’m tired. I can’t do anymore.” Flopping on her back she lay there all hot and sweaty, gasping for aid. Looking at the clock she realized they’d been going at it for an hour. She groaned, it was just her luck to have a husband whose energy was limitless.

    “What’s the matter with you? Are you sick?”

    “No, just tired.”

    “That’s because you stay up half the night on that laptop. If you’d get to bed on time you wouldn’t be so tired and could do it harder when I ask. New rule, young lady… Ten o’clock bedtime.”

    “Ten? That’s too early, Jake. I’m not a baby.”

    “No? You’re acting like one. And if you don’t stop whining, you’ll over my knee and have something to whine about.”

    “You’re just being mean.”

    “No, we both need this and you know that.” She pouted and stuck her tongue out at him.

    “OK, get your butt over here and straddle the big guy and try again.”

    “Even if I wasn’t tired I wouldn’t want to do it this way. It’s too big and hurts my ass.”

    “I can make a few adjustments so it won’t hurt.”

    “Hmph… OK.”

    “Good girl.” He patted her butt in encouragement as she climbed on. “You’ve got 20 minutes left on the exercise bike, then you can hit the showers.

    She sighed the seat was still too big but he’d made it better. She began to pedal harder. Letting her husband be her trainer was a big mistake.

  6. Bella Bryce says:

    “Come on. Just a little harder.”

    Elsie was already squeezing her husband’s hand as hard as she could.

    “Not my hand, love, PUSH harder,” he winced, as he felt his arm go numb.

    “Say it one more time and I’ll bite your bloody hand right off – OOOOWWWWWWWWWW!” Elsie retorted, sending visual daggers to James.

    Despite that his wife was in labour, James raised an extremely unamused eyebrow at Elsie. She looked up at him between her last push and her next bout of breathing excercises to realise she would probably get the ‘magic hour’ with their newborn and then it would be ‘magic hour’ for her. She couldn’t wait, in any case, since being pregnant for the last nine months meant she hadn’t had a proper smack over his knee in far too long. The sudden realisation and flashback to that look – the look she hadn’t really seen from James since the baby-hype had taken over – was enough to get her through the last push.

    “The clock is ticking Elsie. 60 minutes with our son and then you’re getting 60 minutes of staring at the floor.”

  7. Dinah Mcleod says:

    Oh, wasn’t it!! Always look forward to reading yours, Maddie. :)

  8. Congratulations to Maddie Taylor, this week’s winner of a book from Dinah McLeod!

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