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945807_10151841883510879_291303405_n What is it about a man’s hand buried deep into a woman’s hair, grasping her scalp possessively, that is so sexy?

I suppose I’ve answered my own question—it’s such a possessive move and so intimate. There’s also something primal about it. That whole caveman thing, I suppose.

In Lady Katherine’s Comeuppance, Lady Katherine has long dark hair which is the subject of much of Lord Winchester’s attention.

Here are a couple of excerpts where Lady Katherine’s hair got some good tuggin’. Enjoy!

His hands moved to her hair and began to remove the pins holding her tresses in place. He somehow managed to remove the pins in such a manner that her hair fell all at one time into long shimmering cascades down her back. When he stroked his hands the length of her hair her mouth went dry while her lady parts became instantly damp. “Shall I tell you a secret?” he asked, his voice a rasp of husky desire. She nodded. “The first day I arrived in London, I walked into this house unannounced and heard you talking in the parlor to a friend of yours.”

Her eyes, which had begun to droop with the sensuous feel of his hands on her hair, flew open and she strained to recollect the substance of their conversation. As though he had read her thoughts he filled in the missing information for her. “It sounded to me as though you planned to use your feminine wiles to convince me not to turn you out on the street.”

Her mouth gaped and she wondered what he intended to say, and do, next.

He picked up a hairbrush—her hairbrush—and stroked the bristles through her locks in a sensual caress.

“I was about to storm into the room and tell you what I thought of your plan, but when I looked around the corner of the door and saw you,” he paused and looked into the mirror to hold her gaze, “all I could think about was that I hoped you would.”

Katherine exhaled and smiled at him. “Really?”

“Yes.” He grasped her hair in a hank and tipped her head back, exposing her throat to the warmth of his breath as he whispered against her quivering flesh. “My other all-pervasive thought was my overwhelming desire to do this—” whereupon he buried his hand in the hair at the back of her head, turned her until their lips met and kissed her. Softly at first, his hand in her hair, masterfully holding her in place, then his mouth commanded hers to open. His tongue danced with hers and she responded to the invitation. Flames of desire built and spiraled throughout her body.

Lady-Katherine's-Comeuppance-FinalHer own hands buried themselves in the soft curls of his hair and she clung to him even as his hands pulled her closer.

[The next day, Lady Katherine recollects events from the night before.]

Katherine, bracing herself against the chair and staring into the mirror at her own passion filled expression could see Thomas, also bereft of clothing, as he stood behind her. His broad chest glistening with perspiration, his eyes enflamed with desire.

Desire for her.

He held her hair entwined through his fingers like a silken set of reins as he penetrated her feminine core from behind.

She had never felt so exposed. So vulnerable. And yet, so womanly. Her back arched and her pebbled nipples brushed against the chair as Thomas used her tresses to control her

movements while he thrust deep, so deep, into her.

In the mirror, she watched Thomas’ face contort with ecstasy. His obvious pleasure intensified her own. She strained against the dominance of his hold on her hair, her body writhing, her knees nearly buckling. Her grip on the chair her only lifeline as she soared higher and higher on the wings of pleasure.

Until finally, totally and completely, she gave herself over to the pleasure, to him, to his domination.

Her own moans were drowned out by those coming from behind her. She watched both their faces in the mirror as the two of them exploded in a shattering orgasm.

Lady Katherine’s Comeuppance is available at Amazon, Amazon UK, and Barnes and Noble.

Blurb: The House of Winchester is set on its ear when Thomas, a distant cousin of the recently deceased earl, arrives to assume his role as Lord Winchester. In addition to an elegant London home and a luxurious country estate, Thomas “inherits” Lady Katherine, the widow of the former earl. Lady Katherine, herself the daughter of an earl, is horrified that a barbaric American will not only be the new lord of the manor, but also responsible for her future support and livelihood. Lady Katherine is determined to maintain her position in society and equally determined to ignore the brash American. That is, until their passions override their good judgment.

When a scandal erupts and forces them to marry, Thomas uses both tenderness and discipline to prepare his wife to face society and regain her good name. Will this fine English Lady surrender to the American?

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  1. There is nothing that turns me on faster than a dominant man pulling my hair. I’m so glad that you included this in your book! So sexy! It makes me swoon every single time.

  2. Thanks, Corinne! It’s such a show of sexy dominance, isn’t it?

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