Hansel & Gretel: A Fairy Tale For Grown-ups by Dominic Ridler


By La Crimson Femme

Is this another titillating incest BDSM piece?  No.  It”s a deliciously well written fairy tale retold.  Hansel and Gretel did meet an evil old woman.  She wasn”t a witch.  She was something that rhymes with it but starts with the letter B.  The brother and sister are split apart as they are sold to cruel masters.

This story is a BDSM fantasy story which turns rape and slavery into something rather sweet and sexy.  It starts out with rough violations of two very innocent youths.  While this may be a bit hard for some people due to the younger age, forget about it.  It”s irrelevant.  This story explores the two sides of BDSM.  The same acts depending on the wielder of the implement and atoledo the intent makes all the difference in the world.  Anal sex can be a violent rape or a sexy seduction.  In this tale the reader is treated to both sides.

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Hard impact play can be both cruel and sexually stimulating.  It does depend on the mindset and how it is approached.  Mr. Ridler does a good job of this compare and contrast.  The switch back and forth between the siblings” point of view does a good job of showing how both suffer and then yield to erotic delights.  The journey to submission in this story is sweet.  The characters bear very little resemblance to the original fairy tale characters.  Mr. Ridler”s interpretation is very loose yet it sets up the right framework for a reader to immediately get into the story.  This book is more about the characters” experience than about the world building.  The erotic scenes are just the right graphic depiction to generate a good picture.  The different sexual permutations offers the reader a good variety.  For those who enjoy all sorts of partner combinations and exchange of power, this one will satisfy most of them.  This book is definitely going into my spank-bank.  Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a fairy-tale retold.



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