Her Forbidden Cowboy by Maggie Carpenter


Review by Jane Henry

I was drawn to this book from the first words I ever heard uttered from the mouth of Scott Sampson – er, from the moment I first read his words in an excerpt, that is. But you get the idea. Then I saw the cover… Yep, I was sold. I needed to get to know this cowboy.

Pheeew, I was not disappointed.

Sexy, manly, bossy, knows his way around a paddle and a coil of rope? What’s not to like?

Her Forbidden Cowboy by Maggie Carpenter is a present-day cowboy spanking romance, and it was a total pleasure to read from page one.

Scott Sampson owns his own ranch, and is a successful, albeit humble, business man. But he’s ready to hang up his hat, because of the bickering, gossip, and nastiness of the people that work for and around him. Finally, one of the women who frequents the ranch pushes Scott over the edge and he decides he’s had quite enough of her attitude. He hauls her over his lap, puts her most decidedly in her place, and figures she’ll hate him forever, likely even sic her rich, influential father on him. But to Scott’s surprise, that’s not at all what happens.

Instead of coming to the ranch and telling Scott off for spanking Cathy, her father instead makes a business proposition to Scott, insisting that Cathy has done nothing but sing Scott’s praises.

That is just unbelievable,” he muttered. Starting up his car, he rolled slowly down the driveway and headed home, but bratty Cathy stayed with him as he drove, and when he pulled into his garage he sat for a minute, a frown crossing his brow. “Cathy Coleman, did I actually get through to you?” he muttered. “Is it possible I’m the first guy who’s stood up to you, and you dug it? Did you like that I put you over my knee?

That does, indeed, appear to be the case. Never has Cathy been with a man strong enough to stand up to her, and she finds herself deeply attracted to Scott’s dominant ways. Their story progresses, and we see that although Scott is indeed not a man to be crossed, he has a tender side to him as well. He lays out his expectations for her, including the most delicious of plans.

“You’re a real sweet girl, sugar, and that’s why I call you sugar, but you’re also spoiled, and that’s why I’m gonna be your strict daddy sometimes.”

Well, boy did that ever give me a tingle. Yummm.

I love me a strict daddy-type! I personally wouldn’t call this an intense age play book, but the D/s flavor with the occasional stern daddy? Oh, yeah. Sign me up.

Cathy and Scott begin getting to know each other, and Scott shows Cathy that he will indeed put her over his knee…and do all sorts of other delicious things. He’s into bondage, and very soon, so is she. Let’s just say Scott does not leave his rope at the ranch! He gets to see beyond Cathy’s exterior, and finds that she responds well to him being the strict daddy. She enjoys his no-nonsense attitude, and their chemistry is combustible.

There’s only one problem, though. Cathy’s well-to-do mother wants nothing to do with her daughter marrying a scruffy ranch hand, and her manipulative insistence on ruining their relationship makes life difficult for Scott and Cathy. It was fun to see the two of them teaming up to overcome the obstacles thrown their way, and chase their happily-ever-after.

I really enjoyed this story. It was a fun, sexy read, plenty of steam and tastefully done, without being intensely kinky or graphic. The sex scenes are hot, and I found all of the spanking scenes to be well done. I loved Scott Sampson, and could totally follow along with Cathy’s desire for a stern, sexy, down-to-earth cowboy to call her own from page one. If you’re looking for a sweet, sexy read, with mild age play elements, a lovable hero and sassy heroine, pick up a copy of Her Forbidden Cowboy.


Her Forbidden Cowboy: Cowboys After Dark: Book Twelve

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Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr8YUsVa5QA

Amazon Buy Link: http://amzn.to/21I7NBe

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w//1123627431


Maggie has often been listed in Amazon’s Top 100 Erotic Authors, and her books are consistently in the top ten, oftentimes landing in the #1 spot. The award-winning, His Willful Bride, held the position for several weeks. Warriors After Dark, a fantasy series that takes place in a mystical land where warriors have been trained in the art of sensual domination, started with the first book, The Warrior and the Petulant Princess, in the top three, the second book, The Warrior and the Mischievous Witch, winning Best Paranormal of 2015 from Spanking Romance Reviews.


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