His Captive Mortal by Renee Rose – Passionate Sex and Spicy Spankings


Review by Meredith O’Reilly

Charlie, a vampire is cursed. When he meets Sasha, a fairy, he believes that she can help him break his curse. Sasha isn’t so sure if she can help Charlie, but Charlie is sure that she can. The sparks begin to fly between these two characters and Sasha soon finds herself over Charlie’s lap for a bare bottom spanking. Now along with figuring out the mystery as to how to break the curse, Sasha has to figure out why she gets so turned on from the spankings that Charlie gave her.

I really enjoyed this story. The relationship that forms between Charlie and Sasha was a blast to watch. I liked how Sasha started out skittish around Charlie and then he was able to coax her to see that they would make a great pair.

It was also fun to read about the paranormal aspects in this story. Vampires have been so overdone these past few years. When I found out that Charlie was a vampire, I thought that it would wreck the story. However, Ms. Rose wrote Charlie so well, that I ended up not minding that Charlie was a vampire at all.

Toss in some passionate sex scenes and spicy spankings and His Captive Mortal turned out to be an outstanding book. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to what Ms. Rose decides to write next.

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