Incomparable by Julia Talbot – good chemistry


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Ashe is a new bar manager and Nikolas is a performer. From the first time he sees him Ashe wants Nikolas but he is told repeatedly that Nikolas is out of his league. As sometimes happens Ashe”s casual way around Nikolas means Nikolas wants to know why Ashe doesn”t try to date him like everyone else has. When that conversation leads to dating both men seem to have a problem expressing what they want or even recognizing it. When an action Ashe takes causes Nikolas to run the other way it is really up to Nikolas to look deep inside himself and really see what he wants.

I really enjoyed reading Ashe – as he was such a down to earth and nice guy. Nikolas seemed a bit too full of himself for me at the beginning – and the childish way he reacts instead of communicating I”ll admit caused me to think perhaps he was not good enough for Ashe (instead of the other way around). However the two absolutely had chemistry. I thought the attempt to distinguish a bottom from a sub was pretty good – no matter what direction the story ultimately went it still did much to clearly differentiate for readers. A short interlude that made me curious to read more in this world!

3.5 stars



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