"Is This Your First Time?" Writing Prompt Wednesday


I finally got caught up on prizes. The winner from September 25 is Patricia Green and last week's winner was Ruth Staunton.

This week's winner (all winners are chosen by Random.org) will receive a copy of Isabella Kole's Accepting His Terms which comes out TODAY. You'll be the first one on your block to have the book!

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This week's prompt:

“Is this your first time?”

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11 Responses to “"Is This Your First Time?" Writing Prompt Wednesday”

  1. Jaye Peaches says:

    It was a crazy hobby. He daren’t even tell his friends about it. A month had passed since his last visit – work had been hectic and time consuming. Hovering by the door, he almost turned around and walked out. Then he caught a glimpse of her on the other side of the room. He didn’t recognise her – she was a newcomer.
    The effect on him was immediate. A cliché maybe, but her legs did go all the way up to her armpits. As she moved her hips swung rhythmically. She reached a chair, paused and then lowered herself on to with poise. He watched mesmerised as she crossed her legs. The ridiculously short skirt rode up and revealed the frilly lace trim of her black stockings.
    He couldn’t begin to describe her face. He was only aware that looking at it made him purr inside. She flicked open her notepad and tapped it with her pencil.
    He estimated there were about fifteen paces between him and the empty seat next to her. There were others milling around. Could he reach that chair before it was taken? He began to move and a chasm opened up, his legs went like lead and it took an eternity to cross the space.
    With relief he sat down next to her. She had been glancing around and now he caught her attention. She smiled at him.
    “Hi,” he said breathlessly. “Is this your first time?”
    She blinked nervously. “This is the poetry appreciation class?”

  2. “Is this your first time?”

    “Yes,” she breathed. He was so very handsome, just having his attention on her was making her heart race and her palms sweat. “I’m afraid I won’t be very good at it.”

    “Nonsense, you’ll be a natural. Plus, you have me as your guide.”

    He winked at her and she felt her heart flutter. You can do this, Maddie!

    “Just relax and get comfortable. Remember, you’re in good hands. I’ve taught women this particular skill for years. Ready to begin?”

    Nodding, she was done with talking, she just wanted to get on with it.

    “Okay, loosen your muscles, you’re too tense. Spread your legs wider, relax before me.” His arms slipping around her felt so good—so strong and muscular. She had a desire to please him, to make him proud and show him what a good student she could be.

    “Excellent, Maddie. You’re doing fine. Concentrate on your breathing, don’t tense up on me. Now, take your right hand and wrap it around the shaft, don’t worry about the head right now, we’ll get to that.” He guided her hand, showing her exactly how he liked it.

    Excited, she did as he commanded. Her palm and fingers curled around the smooth length. Her lips fell open in anticipation.

    “Breathe, now for the first stroke.”

    The next second it was airborne, they both watched as the little white dimpled ball sailed down the fairway. Her first golf lesson was off to an arousing beginning.

  3. Dinah Mcleod says:

    “Hey there, lovely.”
    Janet tried to ignore the guy who had been staring at her for the last half hour. Looked like he’d finally worked up the courage to come over and say hello. Couldn’t he see she was concentrating?
    “So, come here often?”
    No, apparently he could not. From the sound of it, he was fidgeting, wondering why she wouldn’t meet his gaze.
    “I mean, is this your first time?”
    Janet took aim and fired; once, twice, three times, straight to the heart. She lowered the gun and set it down before turning toward him. She took all of him in, slowly, in a glance. Then she let her eyes have the luxury of another one. He was cute, if you liked guys with longish hair and a surprisingly disarming smile. Which she did. “Does it look like it’s my first time?”
    He grinned despite her churlish tone. “No. Definitely not.”
    She relaxed a little. She was used to men running when they saw the gun, never mind how well she handled it. “So, do you come here to pick up chicks, or were you going to shoot something?” She winced as soon as the words left her mouth. That hadn’t come out right.
    He shook his head, his smile unstoppable. “I normally don’t come at all, so when I saw you, I thought it must be my lucky day.”
    She arched an eyebrow. So, he was a smooth talker, was he? “How lucky?”
    “I thought you’d tell me.”

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