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Greetings every

Get Your Ex Back Book

one and welcome to another Wild, Wonderful. Wacky, Writing Prompt Wednesday.

Last week's winner was Maddie Taylor and she received a copy of A Husband's Duty from Dinah McLeod. Thank you Dinah!

Get Your Ex Back Book

Okay, you all know the rules. 250 words. Nothing creepy. Winner is drawn randomly from the submissions.

This week's prompt:

“Did you knock on my door?”

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14 Responses to “It's Time for Writing Prompt Wednesday”

  1. Just to clarify…when I said ‘not creepy’ that was just shorthand for all the usual no-no’s—rape, incest, children etc. Not a commentary on anything that has been posted previously so if I stepped on any toes or confused anyone, sorry. Not my intention. :)

  2. The role of Maddie is being played by myself today as I suffer through the second day of my migraine. My pain is leaching into my writing I fear…

    The ice pick like pain stabbed into her brain as she stomped toward the door. Another 15-hour night shift, followed by a ticket on the way home, and now the bratty neighbor kid kept pounding on her door. To top it off, the fight with Justin still loomed over her, making it impossible to relax and fall asleep.

    Whipping the door open she snarled, “Did you just knock on my door, again?”

    “Good morning to you too, Madeleine.”

    “Justin, I thought-,” Miserable, her face crumpled as tears suddenly gushed forward in a seemingly endless stream of unhappiness. Stumbling to the nearest chair, she flopped into it, holding her aching head as she rocked back and forth wretchedly.

    “Another migraine, honey?” Justin soothed as he rushed to her side. Scooping her up in his strong arms he declared,

    “That’s it, Maddie, I’m putting my foot down. I’m in charge from here on out. For a nurse you do a lousy job taking care of your own health. So, you’re giving up that job before it kills you. Then, you’re marrying me as I’ve asked. And finally, you’d best get used to the idea of a spanking my girl because it is part and parcel of the package deal. I love you and will spend the rest of my days showing you, even if I have to prove it with the flat of my hand against your bare behind. Got it?”

    “I got it, Justin. But can the spanking wait until I feel better, I think I’m gonna puke.”

  3. “It’s like this, Michael, the spankings make me uncomfortable. They…I…don’t like the way they affect me. It’s like I’m turned on and in pain all at once. It’s confusing.”

    Michael scratched his beard and adjusted his glasses. “You don’t know whether to come or cry?”

    Leyla was surprised by her therapist’s choice of words, but she went with it. “Yeah. I guess that’s about the sum of it.”

    “Why not do both?”

    “Both? You mean cry while having sex?”

    “Aha. People involved in BDSM do that all the time. Which is not to say that spanking behavior is BDSM per se.”

    “I get it. I never thought of myself that way, that’s all.”

    “You have to admit, Leyla, sometimes you need a good spanking.”


    “Sometimes you’re self-destructive.”

    “Yes. I guess so.”

    “Sometimes, I, myself, would like to spank you.”

    That got her attention fully. Leyla had often fantasized about her handsome therapist. The idea of him spanking her totally turned her on. “You can’t.”

    “That’s right. I’m not your boyfriend, your husband, or even your brother. And, let’s face it, you broke up with the last boyfriend over the spankings.”

    “But…” You’re different, she wanted to say. Instead she whispered, “I sometimes wish you would…spank me, I mean.”

    “Did you knock on my door? Should I open it to potential mischief?” He cleared his throat and Leyla felt her cheeks go hot. “I couldn’t be your therapist, in that case.”

    “You’re fired.”

  4. Casey McKay says:

    “Knock Knock”
    “Did you knock on my door?” Molly asked.
    “You’re supposed to say ‘Who’s there?’” Chris replied.
    “Nah, that’s too predictable, everyone says ‘Who’s there?’ I’m switching it up!” Molly smiled at him
    Kids whizzed past them on the way to the slides. Molly took a step back so she didn’t get bulldozed by an over eager eight year old.
    “But it’s a Knock Knock joke,” Chris wasn’t dropping his argument, “You ruin it if you don’t say ‘Who’s there?’”
    “Fine, start over,” Molly said.
    “Knock knock.”
    “What’s the doorbell broken?” She collapsed into laughter.
    “You’re the worst,” Chris huffed. He kicked sand on her shoes.
    “Don’t kick sand at me. These are new shoes!” She stuck her tongue out at him.
    He rolled his eyes and folded his arms. They stood in icy silence.
    Jake ran up to the, out of breath.
    “Mr. Sanders, Ms. Lane! Lucy keeps cutting everyone at the slide,” he sang out.
    “Well, some girls don’t know how to follow rules,” Chris said.
    “Some boys can’t take a joke,” Molly snapped.
    Jake glanced between the two.
    “Um, okay, can someone just tell her to stop?”

  5. Bella Bryce says:

    (Not part of word count >> FYI – 16 is the age of consent for drinking, leaving school by choice and you know what in England)

    “Did you knock on my door?” Charles asked, not looking up from his book.

    “As if you’d notice, you bloody wanker. What on earth is your problem?” Olivia demanded, bursting into her father’s old study. As expected, Charles was sitting behind her father’s old desk, reading his old books.

    “And this is Dad’s study, not yours.”

    Charles closed the book and walked around the desk.

    “What did you just say?”

    “You heard me, you’re a bloody wanker, you are. Why did you tell the Headmistress I’m not to come home on weekends….”henceforth”? Olivia asked, referring to the letter in her hand.

    “Because I’m being seconded, Olivia, and there won’t be anyone here when you’re meant to come home on weekends, that’s why.”

    “What?” Olivia asked. “That’s fantastic, first I lose my parents, now I lose my guardian.”

    “You haven’t lost me, in fact, you’ve gained more of my attention than you’ve ever done before, having just heard the filthy words that just came out of your mouth. Perhaps Cheltenham Ladies College can do without Olivia Barnes,” Charles said, eyeing down his seventeen year old sister.

    “You wouldn’t dare. I need Cheltenham to get into Cambridge. I’m in Sixth Form, I’m nearly finished,” Olivia said, glaring.

    “And without me there is no Cheltenham. If you want to carry on attending a school most girls could only dream of glimpsing, you’ll get Dad’s cane. I’m driving you back tomorrow with a jolly good reminder of how a Cheltenham girl shouldn’t behave.”

  6. Dinah Mcleod says:

    “Hey!” Sarah called after the form retreating across her grass—despite the sign that clearly said “Keep off grass”! Some people were just animals!
    Her breath caught in surprise when the culprit turned toward her. From the tattered jeans and black hoodie pulled over his head she’d expected a kid, a teenager, maybe. But the person that looked back at her was all man. His jeans were baggy, but couldn’t hide the muscular legs. She could tell that he was in shape, and wished for a moment that he wore a tight-fitting t-shirt that could tell her just how well. Sure, it was thirty degrees out, but women had to suffer for beauty’s sake, right?
    The thought made her smile, loosening the furrows on her brow. “Did you knock on my door?”
    “Yep, sorry. Wrong house.”
    Damn it all to hell! Why did she have to have the wrong house? Why wasn’t he trying to sell magazines, or cookies, or freakin’ Bibles for all she cared? So long as she had a reason to invite him in…
    “You woke me up.”
    “Sorry,” he replied, his voice warm, if nonchalant.
    With a sigh, she gave a half-hearted wave and was turning to go back inside when his words stopped her. “Do you know Ella Harris?”
    “The old lady?” she asked.
    “She’s my grandmother. I was looking for her.”
    “Hmm, I think I have her number in here somewhere, if you want to come in and wait.”

  7. Sorry I’m late w/this but the winner is Patricia Green.

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