Late Blooming Lily by Bryony Kildare


Review by Leigh Smith


Forty-three and divorced, Lily Amis has put all her time and energy into building her business as a graphic designer. When her elderly aunt dies, leaving Lily responsible for cleaning out and selling her rural Montana home, it’s just a hitch in Lily’s well-organized life. She’ll be out of Montana in two months. Tops.

That’s what she thinks, anyway, until she meets Rob—the rancher next door. Rob tempts Lily on every level. His casual authority reawakens long buried dreams and desires, and when she discovers he finds the girlish submission in her heart every bit as exciting as she does, the banked fires of her sexuality reawaken to a roaring heat. Although she revels in the strict care and loving tenderness that he offers her, waking up to life forces Lily to face everything she’s left behind. When a fit of artistic inspiration causes Lily to defy both Rob and the orders of her new physician, kind but strict Dr. Mitford, Lily has quite a reckoning to face. Can Rob and Lily’s new love survive the pain that she has suppressed for so long?


Late Blooming Lily is the story of a middle aged woman who comes to Montana to settle her aunt’s estate.  She meets a neighbor to whom she is drawn and  with his help learns  that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

The characters are well developed and totally believable and you find yourself drawn into the story from the very beginning.

This is the first story I’ve read by Bryony Kildare and I enjoyed the way she managed to weave just the right amount of romance, dominance, spankings and erotica into this story.



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