Legally Tied by Chelsea Dorsette – (RE-POST)


Review by Etta Stark

The two main characters in Legally Tied come together when the book’s hero, successful lawyer, Nick needs to hire an interior designer for his new home. Lyndsay, our heroine takes the job. It’s a clever set up for two characters to get to know one another better. It gives them plenty of opportunities to spend time together alone at his place as well as giving the heroine the opportunity to pump her client for information about his personal tastes and likes and dislikes.

During their first meeting, the reader can hear Nick’s filthy internal responses to Lyndsay’s questions about his ‘personal tastes’ which he is much too gentlemanly to say out loud. I loved his mental response to her question of “When would you like me to come?” Right now, all over his cock apparently.

Given that both characters fall for the other one pretty much at first sight, it takes an infuriatingly long time for either of them to do anything about it. In fact, it needs Lyndsay’s friend Jodi to drag Lyndsay along to a swinger’s party to finally get Lyndsay hotted up enough to make a move. Lyndsay at least has a good reason for not moving too quickly given that she doesn’t want to jeopardise a valuable account. I’m not sure why Nick is quite so coy. He is introduced to us as a ‘bad boy’ and we’re given to understand that he has had dozens of women. Maybe the fact that he likes her so much means that he doesn’t want to blow it. He mentally admonishes himself ‘not to let his cock run her off’. Is that an expression? I quite like it as something one should warn young men about “Don’t let your cock run her off, young man!”

Despite their slow start, once the characters do get a chance to interact with one another there’s real chemistry. The sexual interaction between the two of is nicely portrayed.

There is way too much exposition though. Frequently we get whole big chunks of information revealed in one lump. It would be nice if things were allowed to unfurl naturally sometimes. There is also a tendency to explain things to the audience that we already know. “Jodi was the one who introduced her to Nick Olsen last Saturday”. I know she was! I was there when it happened!

I think this book would have improved with less exposition and a lot more conversation because it’s when there’s plenty of dialogue that the book comes to life. The characters are well-rounded and believable. I totally wanted to see them get through their difficulties and get their happily ever after.

They have some difficult hurdles to get through before they can do that though. Firstly a violent act of revenge from some properly nasty villains threatens to end any chance of a relationship between the two of them. This part of the book is quite thrilling and given that Nick works as prosecuting attorney, it is totally credible that violent criminals would want to harm him

The biggest threat to their happiness however comes from inside their relationship and is over differences of opinion regarding parenthood. The conflict that the characters need to

face is nicely handled by the author.

In addition to the main characters, the supporting cast are nicely drawn. I particularly liked Lyndsay’s sex-obsessed friend Jodi and her army brother, Carl.

One thing I especially enjoyed in this book is all the interior decorating porn that comes with seeing Lyndsay do her job. It’s probably because I’m buying a house at the moment. I am just as likely to become excited by the idea of wallpaper charts or choosing fabric samples or shopping for ‘character pieces’ as I was by the sexy hot spanking action. Luckily Chelsea Dorsette delivers on both.

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