Lily Harlem likes big, calloused hands for her spanking scenes…find out what else she likes


SRR: Tell us about your current release

My current release is a collection of 10 of my short stories called Stories for When the Sun Goes Down, and yes, there are two spank happy tales in there. I Promise to Surrender and Stable Manners. All good fun!SFWTSGD_cover

SRR:  was the first person you told that you were writing spanking fiction? What was his/her reaction?

I haven’t told anyone outside of my writing friends and they all write the same kind of kinks so it certainly wasn’t a shock to them. One day I’ll tell everyone, maybe, but not right now. I’m enjoying writing and not being worried about what people who aren’t into the genre or the lifestyle think about my words and stories. The last thing I’d want is to feel anxious about a new plot or scene because I’m concerned about how so-and-so might react. I guess that’s why pennames evolved, they give an author complete freedom to write what is in their head without being judged.

SRR: If you were asked to make a soundtrack for your novel, what songs would be on it?

I’ve got lots of spanking in lots of novels and novella’s, but for my sound track I’m going to pick Slap Shot which is one of the books in my Hot Ice series http://www.lilyharlem.com/hot-ice.html (they don’t have to be read in order). In this novel the captain of fictional Vipers hockey team, Rick ‘Ramrod’ Lewis is getting a birthday pole dance from Dana, his new love interest, and as it comes to an end he just can’t help revealing his fondness for a good bit of spanking fun. (Saucy excerpt at the end of this post.)

In the book I actually mention the artist that Dana picks to dance to. Rather than a heavy beaty song she goes for the soulful voice of Norah Jones, and when writing I imagined her twirling round the pole to ‘Broken’. I love the strumming and the lazy flow of this song, it matches her drifting movements and the sweep of her dark hair and the graceful way her long limbs wrap around the metal.

I also like the first few lines of ‘Broken’, it sums up both Rick and Dana well, they’ve both had a rocky past and have finally come together.

“He’s got a broken voice and a twisted smile,
Guess he’s been that way for quite awhile,
Got blood on his shoes and mud on his brim,
Did he do it to himself or was it done to him?”

There’s another part of the book were the music would really have to knock up several levels to keep up with the action. Rick has a crazed female fan and things get pretty scary when she tracks down where Dana lives. ‘Going Under’ by ‪Evanescence‪ ‬ has the perfect amount of madness, threat and obsession that has Dana running for her life and Rick battling to save her.

At one point in the book my sexy couple see a live Country and Western performance before enjoying some more slapping fun. The spanking is actually in time with the background music (they’ve sneaked away somewhere private while the show is still going on) and I imagine something like Shania Twain’s ‘I’m Gonna Getcha Good!’ Shania even looks like Dana in the video!

SRR: If your book was turned into a movie, who would you choose to play the leading male?

Oh, soundtrack and casting, this is fun! Okay, for Rick it has to be Joe Manganiello, I’ve even had a few readers say they think he’s perfect for the part. He’s big and brooding, has a seriously sexy smile that he reserves for special people, and those hands, oh, my, they give me weak knees! Check out my Pinterest page with details of my Hot Ice heroes.

SRR: What is your favorite spanking implement?

I like big, calloused hands the best when I’m writing a spanking scene, but I have been known to stray to a hairbrush in The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita

https://www.totallybound.com/the-unwholesome-adventures-of-harita?author_id=128 and a paddle with the heroes initials on in Sexy as Hell (which by the way has serious amounts of spanking both the hero and heroine getting very red bottoms) http://www.harlemdae.com. The initials are cool and leave an imprint on Zara’s buttocks which Victor just adores.

Thank you so much for having me visit today, here’s a little snippet from Slap Shot, to whet your appetite…

* * * *

His hands slid down my upstretched shoulders and his fingertips skimmed the outer curves of my breasts. I shivered at his light touch. I was desperate for more. My pussy was dampening at every scent, sound and caress.

His lips touched between my shoulder blades, his small tuft of facial hair a delicious scratch. I arched as his hands dipped into the hollow of my back.

“Rick,” I murmured, impatient for more.

His big palms suddenly cupped my butt cheeks and he began deep, circular movements pushing and feeling all the flesh on my ass. When he moved them on the outer part of the circle the skin in my cleft stretched taut.

“You have a fabulous ass,” he murmured, stooping and kissing the small of my back. “It’s the perfect roundness and softness.” He curled his fingers into the lace at my hips and dragged my thong down my legs.

I lifted each heel in turn so he could remove it. My pussy was so wet I was surprised moisture wasn’t running down my leg.

His fingers ran down my cleft and over my tightly puckered hole. I jerked forward.

“Shh,” he soothed. “It’s all good, Dana.” He continued his exploration and found the entrance to my pussy. I widened my stance. Wanting him to touch me there was more than a longing, it was an absolute necessity. I would die if he didn’t. I needed him in me…now.

I whimpered as he slipped through my damp folds but didn’t push in. “Rick, please.”

His lips were on the top of my thigh, licking and kissing the crease to my butt. His fingers were teasing me, the way I had him. Not pushing in and not touching my clit either.

A long, low moan of frustration rumbled from my chest, but turned to a cry of joy when his thick finger suddenly entered me high. I clenched around him, squeezing and clamping, grabbing the wonderful filling sensation.

“Ah, fuck, you feel so good every time,” he murmured. “Lord, give me strength.”

I hooked my foot around the pole, spreading myself wider, and he treated me to another finger. Greedily I clasped around it, pulling it inside me as I shoved my mound forward, searching for a connection with my clit. I found it, cool metal shoved up against the sensitive bundle of nerves and I ground harder.

Suddenly a sharp sting bloomed across my left buttock and a slap pealed through the air, overriding the music and ringing around the room.

“Ow, what the…?” Startled, I started to turn.

I couldn’t.

His mouth was at my temple, his chest against my shoulder blades keeping me tight up against the pole. “Shh,” he soothed, palming the burn in my butt. “It’s okay, it’s going to be amazing, just stick with it.”

His body heat left me and another heated slap, my right buttock this time, hit down. As it seared across my skin, he curled his fingers inside me and stroked over my G-spot.

“Ow, ow, ow,” I panted, the sting making a beeline for my pussy, heating it and increasing the want.

“Oh baby, it’s so pretty, you’re going pink already.”

“But, Rick, I…” My hips were writhing, claiming the wonderful pressure he was applying to my sweetest point. Oh, I didn’t need much more, it was so fantastic, his fingers were so damn clever. And the pole, the cool pole was just right against my clit.

“I want to make you red,” he breathed into my ear.

His words washed over me, a blur amongst the cacophony of other sensations.

“I want to make your ass all pretty and red and then fuck you from behind,” he murmured. “So I can watch your glowing skin tremble for me. Tremble while I fuck you. Fuck you really hard.”

I heard those words loud and clear and Oh. My. God. I should have guessed a guy that overdosed on testosterone would have his fair share of kinks.

Lily Harlem Bio

I’m well and truly British having lived in Scotland, England and now Wales. In what feels like a former life I worked as a trauma nurse in London. A move to the countryside forced me to re-think my career and after attending a creative writing course at the local university I now write erotic romance full time.

Most of my stories are set in the modern day. Often they have a sporting twist (Hot Ice /Scored). Menage a trios presses my buttons too – SharedEscape to the CountryThe Glass Knot (to name a few) as does using Britain as a setting for my novels, though I often skip to the USA for a change of scenery.

While my books are basically romances with the bedroom door left well and truly open, I do like to throw in a bit of kink – Cold Night, Hot Bodies is role-play, Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse features voyeurism,Stockholm Surrender includes bondage, Green-Eyed Monster a well-loved strap-on. Phew, the list goes on…

I went through a dark stage last year and this showed in my work, so if you want something a bit heavier check out That Filthy Book or Anything for Him (both co-written with Natalie Dae) or Dangerous to Know which is pure erotica and explores whore fantasy. I dabble in BDSM (The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita) and have one m/m novel under my belt, High-Sticked. My latest self published release, Breathe You In is a softer romance dealing with love, loss and hope and has several erotic scenes that are super heavy on the emotion. Already it’s romping up the Amazon charts and is sweeping the board with 5* reviews.

In terms of publishers, my first book hit the shelves thanks to Totally Bound, I then went on to also write for Ellora’s Cave, Xcite and Mischief at HarperCollins. I also self-publish, something I enjoy doing very much as I have complete freedom to move a story in the direction I want it to. Scored and The Glass Knot have been great successes for me in terms of self-publishing and I hope to continue doing this in the future as well as working with my established publishers.

When I’m not writing I’m usually on the beach with my dog. I love to walk, I get lots of ideas strolling along, plus it helps stave off writer’s bum! Lovely Mr Harlem walks with me when he can but his work takes him away frequently, this suits us though, it means I’m left to my imagination and the voices in my head can talk as loud as they want!

Feel free to friend me, like me, read or pin with me, here are my links. I’m usually around, chatting and blogging somewhere on the web.

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3 Responses to “Lily Harlem likes big, calloused hands for her spanking scenes…find out what else she likes”

  1. Lily Harlem says:

    Thank you for inviting me over to the Spanking Romance Blog today, it’s great to be here!


  2. I’m in the midst of reading this and I am enjoying it very much. The writing is wonderful. After each story (or at least the ones I’ve read) there is little explanation about the inspiration for the story, which I’ve never seen before but I think is very interesting.

    • Lily Harlem says:

      Thanks Celeste, the little notes in Stories for When the Sun Goes Down were just something that came to me, each story has a story behind it, and as a reader I’m always interested in authors inspiration or reasons for writing so I just decided to add mine in.

      OH – and I should point out to everyone, that if Slap Shot has tickled your fancy then the first book in the Hot Ice series, HIRED is currently FREE – details on my blog!


      Lily x

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